Basic Attention Token

The Basic Attention Token (ticker: BAT) is the native currency used in the privacy-centric Brave browser. The cryptocurrency was designed using Ethereum ERC-20 token standard, and is at the heart of the browser’s ad economy.

The BAT is used to reward Brave users for seeing ads that respect their privacy, and by advertisers to reach the browser’s users. Users who earn tokens can hold them, or use them to tip others or reward content creators. Both the browser and the ERC-20 token were developed by Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla and the creator of JavaScript.

While the token is only used within the Brave browser for now, its creators have hinted it’ll be rolled out to other browsers in the future.

Altcoins Shine: $MANA, $BAT, $LDO See Large Inflows Despite Bitcoin’s Jitters

Cryptocurrency investment products saw minor outflows over the past week as investors became seemingly hesitant on the market ahead of Bitcoin’s upcoming halving event, while volume rose from $17 billion to $21 billion, and various altcoins saw significant inflows. According to CoinShares’latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, investment products offering exposure to the flagship cryptocurrency […]

Covid-Resistant Basic Attention Token ($BAT) Flying High During Crypto Market Correction

On Friday (November 26), despite the crypto markets experiencing corrections due to renewed concerns over Covid-19 variants, one altcoin seems immune to the disease that has 93 out of the top 100 cryptoassets currently suffering losses. That altcoin is Basic Attention Token ($BAT). Here is how Binance Academy describes it: “Designed by one of the […]

Brave Browser to Add Decentralized Exchange Aggregator to Grow BAT’s Use

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has revealed plans to add a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator to its platform in a bid to bring the decentralized finance (DeFi) space closer to its millions of users. According to an update to its roadmap, Brave is planning on enabling token swaps through a decentralized exchange aggregator built on Brave, […]

Crypto Card Game Splinterlands Announces Support for Brave’s Basic Attention (BAT) Token

Cryptocurrency card game Splinterlands has announced support for privacy-centric Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave Browser Faces Criticism After Adding New Exchange Widget

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser is facing criticism after it added a new cryptocurrency exchange widget for, which by default gives users the option to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH). is a website known for being pro-BCH. Bitcoin Cash was a cryptocurrency created back in August 2017 through a fork of the original Bitcoin (BTC) […]

Privacy-Focused Brave Browser Adds Dark Web Access to Its Services

Brave has updated its privacy-focused browser with Tor integration, allowing users to access the service from dark web portals. for increased security.

Brave Browser Starts Protecting Users Against Crypto Phishing Scams

Support CryptoGlobe and Brave by trying out the Brave browser. The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has announced it incorporated the open-source solution from cybersecurity firm PhishFort to protect its users against cryptocurrency phishing attacks. Phishing attacks essentially involve tricking a victim into giving up personal information, usually by getting the victim to access a website that looks […]

Japanese Brave Browser Users Will Soon Start Receiving BAT Tokens

Japanese users of the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser will soon start receiving BAT tokens for seeing privacy-respecting ads while browsing the web, if they opt-in to the Brave Ads program. According to an announcement published by Brave, the result of a partnership between the browser’s creator and Japanese cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer, a new wallet called “Integrated […]

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Integrates Crypto Exchange Gemini

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has announced it partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to let users buy, sell, store, and earn crypto while browsing the web.

Brave and bitFlyer Partner to Develop Crypto Wallet and ‘Expand the Recognition of Cryptocurrencies’

bitFlyer, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Japan in terms of trading volume, has partnered with Brave Software, the organization behind the popular privacy-centric Brave browser, to launch a new cryptocurrency wallet and “’expand the recognition of cryptocurrencies’.”

Basic Attention Token Whales Soaking Up Total Coin Supply, Report

Basic attention token (BAT) whales have entered an accumulation phase over the past week, adding nearly six percent of the coin’s total supply to their wallets.

Developers Fork Crypto-Powered Brave Browser to Remove Adware, Affiliate Links

A group of developers has created a fork of the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser to create a version of it without any adware such as sponsored images, without any affiliate links, and without its Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Brave Browser Adds 1.5 Million Monthly Active Users in Two Months

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has added 1.5 million monthly active users (MAU) in the months of April and May, taking its total monthly active user base to 15.4 million.

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Launches Privacy-Centered Zoom Competitor

Brave Software has announced the launch of Brave Together, a privacy-focused video conferencing service to compete with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Has Nearly 5 Million Daily Active Users

Brave Browser announced reaching 13.9 monthly active users and 4.8 million daily active users in April, marking an eleven percent increase over March 2020. 

Most Brave Browser Users Don’t Use Its Crypto Features, CEO Reveals

Most users of the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser don’t actually take advantage of its crypto features, according to CEO Brendan Eich.

Brave Browser Rolls Out Full Binance Widget Support for Desktop Devices

Brave Browser has announced integration for leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance across all desktop devices. 

Over Half a Million Publishers Are Looking to Earn BAT With Brave

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser now has over 500,000 verified publishers looking to earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) from users. According to data from tracking platform BATGrowth, the number of verified Brave browser publishers – those who have verified with the browser to received their BAT rewards – hasn’t stopped growing since launch. Currently, data […]

Crypto Rating Council Evaluates Three New Cryptocurrencies as Securities

The Crypto Rating Council, a collection of US-based crypto firms that promotes regulation in the industry, has released ratings for IOTA, Basic Attention Token and USDCoin. 

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Adds One Million Users in a Single Month

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has reportedly added one million new users in March, according to its head of marketing Des Martin.

Brave’s BAT Tokens Can Now Be Redeemed for Real-World Rewards

Brave software, the organization behind the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser, has announced a partnership with the TAP Network, allowing its users to redeem Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards for “real-world rewards.”

Brave Browser Surpasses 4 Million Daily Active Users

Crypto-powered privacy-centered web browser Brave has surpassed 4 million in daily active users. 

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Integrates Wayback Machine to Bring Back Dead Pages

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has integrated the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine into its platform to bring back dead pages from websites that give their users an error message.

BAT Still Stuck Under Important Levels, But Strength Growing Price Analysis

BAT hasn’t pumped quite as hard as some other altcoins in recent weeks, despite being a proven contender during past rallies. But the HTF indicators are looking bright.

Hong Kong Free Press Promotes Brave’s BAT as a Tipping Method

The Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), a non-profit Hong Kong-based news website covering local affairs, has started promoting the Brave browser and its basic attention token (BAT) as a tipping method to support it.

Apple Recommends Crypto-Powered Brave Browser as One of Its ‘New Apps We Love’

Apple has recommended the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser as one of the “New Apps We Love” on its Hong Kong app store, marking another milestone for the privacy-focused browser.

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Triples Its User Base in Just One Year

The cryptocurrency powered Brave browser has surpassed 10 million monthly active users after coming out of beta in October thanks to the press coverage it received.

Google Searches for the Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Surge After Its 1.0 Release

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser came out of beta this week and as soon as it did mainstream media coverage helped interest in it grow, so much so Google searches for it surged.

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Enables Its Privacy-Focused Ads on iOS Devices

Those using the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser on iOS devices can now earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) for seeing privacy-centric ads while surfing the web.

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser and Everipedia Partner to Increase Brand Awareness

Brave Browser and blockchain-based encyclopedia Everipedia have announced a partnership in an effort to promote both brands. 

The Internet Inventors’ Trilemma; How Can Blockchain Help Solve It?

As a global society, we have become reliant on the internet. It is a tool that fuels almost every aspect of our lives. However, it is a dynamic and evolving tool, but that evolution is not always for the better. Interestingly, the internet was only proposed thirty years ago, by Tim Berners-Lee, yet, its creator has a few concerns.  

Brave Browser Enables Its Privacy-Focused Ads in 20 More Countries

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has enabled its privacy-centric ads that lets users earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) in 20 more countries with a new update.

Basic Attention Token Strong During Bitcoin Volatility, No Sign of Stopping – Price Analysis

BAT is looking stronger with each breakout to new levels. This powerful uptrend shows no concern with what Bitcoin is doing, and no real warnings of any flagging in strength.

Basic Attention Token Bucks the Downtrending Market, Will It Last? – Price Analysis

As BAT closes in on a clear historical resistance level, we may see at least a pause in its strong uptrend. Some signs of exhaustion are appearing for the medium/short term trend, and a correction here would not be surprising.

Privacy-Focused Crypto-Browser Brave Logs More than 8 Million Users

Privacy-focused Brave browser boasts more than 8 million active monthly users, with 2.8 million daily users. In addition, the opt-in advertisements have generated a 14 percent click-through rate versus the industry average of 2 percent. 

Basic Attention Token Breaks Out, Leaves Historic Support in Dust – Price Analysis

BAT is breaking level after level, as it moves away from a couple months of consolidation. Like many other popular altcoins, BAT seems to have found a bottom and begun a new uptrend.

Basic Attention Token on the Rise as Resistance Approaches – Price Analysis

BAT has been breaking levels on the way up after reversing from a deep bottom. This uptrend looks set to continue, according to the indicators.

Brave Proposes Crypto-Fueled Fully Decentralized VPN

Brave Browser, the group behind the BAT token, has announced a proposal to create a fully decentralized virtual private network. However, some community members are concerned that too much anonymity may lead to illicit web hosting.

Basic Attention Token on Track for New Uptrend – Price Analysis

BAT is by now a classic altcoin with a proven ability to perform on the charts, not to mention a working product. After an extensive bottom-finding mission, it seems the token is pointing up again.

Crypto-powered Brave browser tops competitors in Japan’s Google Play Rankings

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has recently topped its competitors on the Google Play store in Japan, becoming a leading mobile browser in the country.

Brave Browser’s Latest Version Lets Users Withdraw Their BAT Tokens

The latest version of the cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser now lets users withdraw the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) they earn through the Brave Ads program.

Basic Attention Token Price Predictions: Where’s Brave’s BAT headed?

Ever since the Brave browser was launched users have been making Basic Attention Token (BAT) price predictions trying to guess where its cryptocurrency is headed. The token was initially sold through an initial coin offering (ICO).

Brave Browser Enables Its Privacy-Focused Ads in Three More Countries

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has recently enabled its privacy-centric ads that lets users earn tokens while browsing the web in three new countries, meaning they’re now available in seven countries.

Brave Browser Users Will Soon Be Able to Tip BAT on Reddit and Vimeo

Those using the popular cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser will soon be able to use its Basic Attention Token (BAT) to tip other users on social media platform Reddit and on the video sharing platform Vimeo.

Gab’s Brave Browser Fork Uses Bitcoins Lightning Network Instead of BAT

Gab, a purportedly uncensored social media microblogging platform, is reportedly looking to fork the Brave browser to create a “free-speech browser” and, in the future, a “free-speech marketplace and app store,” both powered by bitcoin.

Brave Browser Starts Letting Users Earn BAT for Seeing Ads on Its Beta Version

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser, which has been allowing its users to earn its Basic Attention Token (BAT) for seeing ads on its developer channel, has recently rolled out the feature to the Beta version of the browser.

Basic Attention Token Teams Up With Amazon, Starbucks, Apple Partner TAP Network

TAP Network, a crypto advertising ecosystem affiliated with some huge companies like Apple, have partnered with Brave/BAT to offer access to their ecosystem.

Brave’s BAT Jumps Over 12% After Being Added to Coinbase Earn

The Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) has recently seen its price jump over 12% against the US dollar, after Coinbase added it to its Earn program, which helps users learn about cryptocurrencies by rewarding them with tokens.

Brave to Roll out Its Privacy-Focused Ads Beyond Its Own Browser: Report

The privacy-centric, cryptocurrency-funded Brave browser is reportedly going to roll out its ads to other browsers and apps by releasing a software developer kit in the second half of this year. This will help other programmers use its privacy-protecting ads.

Circle Invest Lists Basic Attention Token, Following Coinbase’s Listing

The Circle cryptoasset exchange and trading desk, owner of the U.S.-based Poloniex exchange, will list the Basic Attention Token, shortly after Coinbase lists the token. BAT is the Brave platform’s utility token to facilitate advertisement payments.

Basic Attention Token Creator Hints At Huge Partnership, At Least 80 Million New Users

Brendan Eich, creator of the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has dropped hints that a major content publishing website is in talks to adopt BAT usage and payments, during a recent interview with the well-known cryptocurrency-related podcast What Bitcoin Did.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Surges Over 19% After Getting Listed on Coinbase Pro

On Friday (2 November 2018), crypto exchange Coinbase announced that its trading platform for professional/experienced traders, Coinbase Pro, had added support for cryptoasset Basic Attention Token (BAT).

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