Crypto Facilities Announces Litecoin Futures Trading

London-based cryptocurrency exchange Crypto Facilities have announced today that they are launching a Litecoin derivative product.

French Regulator AMF Updates Warning on Illegal Cryptocurrency Companies

The AMF, France’s financial markets regulator, has issued a warning against crypto-related companies offering illegal cryptocurrency derivatives contracts. The French regulator noted that the questionable crypto-related domain names listed ...

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Spreading Real Crypto Adoption at CryptoCompare MJAC Conference
Opinion Op-Ed

Spreading Real Crypto Adoption at CryptoCompare MJAC Conference

When we're at coferences, we often ignore those who work at the venue and provide various services. Hownever, these people are often enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and you might just find investors who would gladly take advantage of the situation to learn a little more about digital assets. This article is dedicated to these working class heroes whom Satoshi Nakamoto would definitely want us to integrate in the decentralizing financial revolution..

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