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Indian Authorities Investigate $270,000 Crypto Exchange Scam

Indian authorities are reportedly investigating a cryptocurrency exchange scam that allegedly duped 43 investors out of more than $270,000 through supposed cryptocurrency investments. According to local news outlet Milenium Post, the Economic Offence Wing of the New Delhi Police is now investigating the operators of the Pluto Exchange, after receiving a complaint from 43 investors […]

Former Contractor Avoids Jail Time After Mining Crypto on Government Supercomputers

A former government contractor in Sydney avoided jail time after hijacking processing power from state-owned supercomputers for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Scammers Defy Canadian Authorities’ Attempt to Issue Warning

Authorities in Canada have launched a poster campaign warning locals about a crypto scam involving the use of bitcoin ATMs.

Spanish Crypto Ponzi Scheme Freezes Accounts of 120,000 Investors

Spanish crypto Ponzi scheme Arbicorp froze the accounts of more than 120,000 investors after discovering an error in trading bot that led to overpayments.

U.S. DOJ Charges Two Over $16.8 Million Crypto Phishing Campaign

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicted two Russian nationals for allegedly running a near $17 million cryptocurrency phishing campaign that defrauded both crypto exchanges and their customers. According to the DOJ’s official statement both individuals, Danil Potekhin and Dimitrii Karasavidi, created numerous websites mimicking those of legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges and lured users onto […]

Cardano co-founder CEO Charles Hoskinson Slams YouTube Over Fake Channels

IOHK CEO and ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson slammed YouTube for failing to shut down cryptocurrency giveaway scams.

DeFi Protocol bZx Recovers $8 Million in Crypto Stolen in Third Exploit

Decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol bZx has revealed it managed to recover the over $8 million worth of cryptocurrency that an attacker stole from it earlier this week. On Twitter, the protocol’s official account announced it recovered the funds without providing the community with a lot of details. According to CoinDesk, a spokesperson for the […]

Binance Sued by Crypto Exchange for Allegedly Facilitating Laundering of Stolen Bitcoin

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Fisco has sued leading crypto exchange Binance for allegedly facilitating the laundering of $9 million in bitcoin. According to a 33-page complaint filed in the Northern California District Court on September 14, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is accusing Binance of “aiding and abetting” the laundering of 1,451 BTC – then worth $9.4 […]

Bitcoin Engineers Rediscover Major Blockchain Vulnerability on Decred

Bitcoin engineers have rediscovered a major blockchain vulnerability found in 2018 on the software that powers the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin Core. The vulnerability was discovered on Decred (DCR). The vulnerability was first found by Bitcoin protocol engineer Brandon Fuller. Called INVDoS, short for inventory out-of-memory denial-of-service attack,  it could see an attacker create malformed Bitcoin […]

DeFi Protocol bZx Loses $8 Million in Third Exploit

Decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol bZx has suffered a third exploit, and this time the attackers got over $8 million in cryptocurrency by duplicating assets. The exploit, according to the bZx team, allowed the attackers to use flawed code to duplicate assets or increase their balance of interest-bearing tokens on bZx, dubbed iTokens. After noticing […]

Singaporean Man Caned Over $267,000 in Bitcoin Theft

A Singaporean man has been sentenced to three years in prison and 12 cane strikes after pleading guilty for his role in the theft of $267K from a bitcoin investor.

DeFi Exit Scam Vanishes with $20 Million two Days After Launch

A supposed new liquidity mining pool on the decentralized finance ecosystem, YFDEX.Finance (YFDEX) has allegedly pulled an exit scam, leaving with $20 million worth of investors’ funds merely two days after launch. The supposed DeFi project ran a two-day campaign heavily promoting itself on social media, even incentivizing cryptocurrency giveaways on Twitter to get more […]

Binance to Assist in Recovering Crypto Stolen From Crypto Exchange ETERBASE

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance is set to assist hacked crypto trading platform ETERBASE in recovering funds hackers stole from its hot wallets earlier this month. In an announcement on Twitter, where ETERBASE revealed it will continue operating despite being hacked for millions worth of cryptocurrency, it also revealed that its investigations show a “big part” […]

IRS Offering $625,000 to Anyone Who Can Crack Monero’s Privacy Network

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is offering participants $625,000 in order to crack Monero’s privacy network.

Netwalker Ransomware Group Demands $7.7 Million in Bitcoin From Electricity Firm

The Netwalker ransomware group has hit the sole electricity provider for the city of Karachi, K-Electric, with a ransomware attack and is demanding a $7.7 million bitcoin ransom. According to BleepingComputer, K-Electric is Pakistan’s largest power supplier and serves 2.5 million customers. It employs 10,000 people and since yesterday, customers have been unable to access […]

Bitcoin Wallet Holding $700 Million Has Been Under Attack by Hackers For Years

A new report by Vice details a bitcoin wallet holding over $700 million in BTC has been under attack by hackers for the last several years.

MetaMask Now Available for iOS and Android

ConsenSys has announced that MetaMask Mobile, which is a mobile app that combines the features of a non-custodial Ethereum wallet and a Web3 (DApp) browser, is now available for both iOS and Android. Here are the things that the mobile version of MetaMask allows you to do: Manage your digital assets (there is support for […]

New Malware Uses Tor and Bittorrent to Mine Crypto and Steal Funds

ESET researchers claim a previously undocumented malware family is using the Tor network and Bittorrent protocol to infect user computers, mine crypto and steal funds.

US Air Force Renews Contract With Chainalysis For Nearly $800K

The US Air Force has agreed to a third contract with blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis for nearly $800,000.

Hackers Hijack Twitter Account Linked to India’s Prime Minister to Ask for Crypto

A Twitter account linked to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hijacked by hackers who used their access to trick users into sending them cryptocurrencies. According to Nikkei Asian Review, the hackers managed to hijack the account used for Modi’s personal website and the Narendra Modi mobile application, which has over 2.5 million followers. […]

Authorities Raid Bithumb, South’s Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has reportedly seized Bithumb, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, for alleged fraud related to a $25 million token sale. According to a report published by the country’s oldest newspaper, the Seoul Shinmun, Bithumb’s offices have been raided by authorities over the alleged pre-sale of its native BXA tokens. The firm […]

Suspected North Korean Hackers Move $140,000 in BTC After U.S. DOJ Moves to Seize Funds

Suspected North Korean hackers have moved 12 bitcoins, worth about $140,000, from one of the 280 cryptocurrency accounts the U.S. Department of Justice has targeted for seizure. The transaction was spotted by cryptocurrency transaction monitor Whale Alert, with the service pointing out that one of the inputs in the transaction “has been listed by the […]

CipherTrace Builds Monero-Tracing Tool for U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace has claimed in a press release it has developed the “world’s first” Monero (XMR) tracing fools for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Monero is a privacy-centric, open-source cryptocurrency launched in 2014 that rose to prominence thanks to its privacy enhancements over other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It uses ring signatures, […]

Ethereum Classic Suffers Third 51% Attack in a Month

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain has suffered its third 51% attack this month, as hackers haven ow reorganized over 7,000 blocks on its blockchain, equivalent to two days’ worth of mining. Mining firm Bitfly, the parent company of the Ethermine mining pool and the first to spot the 51% on ETC earlier this month, was […]

‘DDoS-for-Bitcoin’ Group Attacks Financial Services Including PayPal and MoneyGram

Over the last few weeks a group of cybercriminals has reportedly been launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against financial service providers while demanding bitocin payments as extortion fees for the attacks to stop. This type of attack, according ot ZDNet, is known as ‘DDoS-for-Bitcoin’ and was first seen in the Summer of 2016, […]

Reddit Community Member Issues Warning Over Copy and Paste Crypto Scam

A Reddit user has warned the community about a crypto scam involving the use of the copy and paste function when attempting to send funds through exchanges.

U.S. DOJ Files Lawsuit to Seize Crypto Tied to North Korean Exchange Hacks

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit to seize funds from 280 accounts across various cryptocurrency networks, tied to alleged North Korean hackers and their accomplices. According to the Wall Street Journal, the North Korean hackers stole over $250 million worth of cryptocurrency from “over a dozen virtual exchanges,” and used a Chinese […]

Tesla Employee Thwarts $4 Million Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

Electric carmaker Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has thwarted a $4 million bitcoin ransomware attack against its assembly facility, the “Gigafactory,” thanks to a loyal employee who refused a bribe from a ransomware gang. According to Wired, 27-year-old Russian national Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov approached a Tesla employee he had met back in 2016 in July of this […]

Binance Ramps up Efforts Against Crypto Fraud With New Alliance

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has ramped up efforts against cryptocurrency fraud with the launch of the so-called CryptoSafe Alliance in partnership with data privacy company Oasis Labs. According to CoinDesk, the CryptoSafe Alliance is being called the first in the industry of its kind. It will start offering post-mortem analyses of any hack or breach […]

Darknet’s Largest Market Allegedly Exit Scammed to Steal $30 Million in BTC

The largest darknet marketplace selling illicit goods is believed to have pulled an exit scam on its users, as it has now been offline for four days without a word from its administrators. $30 million worth of bitcoin were under its control. According to anonymous journalist, the darknet’s largest market, Empire Market, has been […]

South Korean Crypto Exchange Coinbit Seized Over Wash Trading Allegations

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinbit has reportedly been seized by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for allegedly inflating its trading volumes via wash trading. According to South Korea’s oldest newspaper, the Seoul Shinmun, Coinbit’s offices have been raided by authorities for the alleged wash trading. The cryptocurrency trading platform is said to have manipulated its […]

North Korean Hacking Group Uses LinkedIn to Target Cryptocurrency Firm

The North Korean hacking group Lazarus has reportedly used the Microsoft-owned platform LinkedIn to target an unnamed cryptocurrency firm’s system administrator. According to a report published by ZDNet, citing cybersecurity researchers from F-Secure, the Lazarus group managed to infect a cryptocurrency organization as part of a global campaign that targeted businesses in at least 14 […]

Ransomware Hackers Using Binance to Exchange BTC for Cash: Report

A new report by Forbes suggests that crypto ransomware users are leveraging leading exchange Binance to convert bitcoin into cash.

Cybersecurity Firm Issues Warning Over Hidden Monero Malware on AWS Marketplace

Cyber security firm Mitiga has issued a warning to AWS clients after discovering a hidden Monero mining malware in a AWI product.

UK Farmer Found Guilty in $1.9 Million Bitcoin Extortion Scheme

A UK farmer has been found guilty in a £1.5 million bitcoin extortion scheme which involved threatening Tesco to contaminate baby food with shards of metal.

Former Uber CSO Charged Reportedly Paid $100,000 in Bitcoin to Hide Massive Data Hack

Former Chief Security Officer Joseph Sullivan has been charged with paying $100K in bitcoin to hackers in order to cover up for a massive data breach.

ETC Labs Unveils Multi-Stage Plan to Thwart Future 51% Attacks

ETC Labs has unveiled an action plan to protect the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network against future 51% attacks, weeks after the network was hit with two attacks that saw hackers steal millions of dollars worth of Etc. According to a Medium post from the organization, it is investing more resources, both human and financial, to […]

Tokyo Court Orders Seizure of Cryptocurrency Tied to Coincheck’s $530 Million Hack

The Tokyo District Court has ordered the seize of cryptocurrency tied to the $530 million hack cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck suffered back in 2018. The move comes two years after Coincheck saw hackers access its wallets and steal over $500 million worth of NEM (XEM) in what became the cryptocurrency space’s biggest heist to date. A […]

Kucoin Warns against Phhsing Scheme Incentivizing Deposits

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has issued a warning to its users, regarding a pushing scheme set up by impersonators who are trying to incentivize deposits on a fake platform. According to an announcement the firm published, it has received reports from users regarding a website using its trademark to ask users for deposits to specific addresses. […]

Binance Helps Take Down Ukrainian Cybercriminal Group Laundering $42 Million

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has helped the Cyber Police of Ukraine take down a large-scale money laundering network on the darknet. According to a joint press release issued by Ukrainian authorities and the exchange,  the cybercriminals distributed ransomware and washed hacker funds to the tune of $42 million over a period of two years. The […]

Two Token Projects Seemingly Exit Scam Shortly After Listing on Uniswap

Two small token projects appear to have gone down shortly after getting listed on decentralized exchange Uniswap, after investors poured funds into them. As first reported by The Block both projects – (NUGS) and the Nexeum Protocol (NEXE) – disappeared. The first projects, China-based, blamed going down on a “smart contract bug,” claiming […]

Bitcoin vs Quantum Computers: Real and Imagined Fears

Crypto enthusiasts have long-held fears of the future that quantum computing might bring. But are those fears overblown? Quantum computers are a near-perfect embodiment of Arthur C. Clarke’s third law, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” A fully functional quantum computer would be orders of magnitude more powerful than any conventional supercomputer in […]

German Authorities Seize $30 Million in BTC and BCH From Movie Piracy Site

German authorities have seized over €25 million ($29.6 million) worth of bitcoin and bitcoin cash from the alleged programmer of a movie piracy website called According to a press release prosecutors sent out, the movie piracy website ran for five years and in that time reportedly distributed over 880,000 pirated copies of films. It […]

Bitfinex Offers up to $400 Million for Return of Bitcoin Stolen in 2016 Hack

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is offering rewards up to $400 million for the return of the nearly 120,000 bitcoins that were stolen from its wallets back in 2016. According to an announcement the trading platform published, Bitfinex will give both the person who connects it with the hackers responsible for the security breach, and the […]

U.S. Authorities Seize $6.5 Million in BTC and USDt From Alleged Ponzi Scheme

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has seized about $6.5 million worth of bitcoin and Tether’s USDt stablecoin from the administrator of the alleged crypto Ponzi scheme “Banana Fund.” Following an investigation conducted by the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), a forfeiture suit against the cryptocurrency account holding the funds of the Banana Fund’s unnamed administrator […]

Travel Giant CWT Pays $4.5 Million in Bitcoin to Ransomware Hackers

CWT, a U.S. travel management firm that posted revenues of $1.5 billion last year and claims to represent over a third of companies in the S&P 500, paid $4.5 million in bitcoin to hackers who extorted them after infecting them with ransomware. According to Reuters, the attackers used a ransomware strain called Ragnar Locker, which […]

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Suffers Block Reorganization Because of a Single Miner

it suffered in January 2019. The recent reorganization was caused by a single miner. The blockchain reorganization was confirmed by the Twitter account of ETC and of the founder of Ethereum Classic Labs James Wo. It occurred at block 10,904,146 and was not labeled as an attack, as the miner behind the reorganization was seemingly […]

Alleged 17-Year-Old Twitter Hacker Owns Over $3 Million in Bitcoin

The 17-year-old accused of hacking Twitter on July 15 to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway, Graham Ivan Clark, reportedly owns over $3 million worth of bitcoin, according to his attorney David Weisbrod. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Weisbrod revealed Clark has over 300 BTC, worth over $3.3 million, on Saturday in a court hearing, […]

Microsoft: In 2019, Cryptojacking Attacks Decreased 40% From 2018

A recently-released security report by Microsoft—titled “Microsoft Security Endpoint Threat Summary 2019″—says that “cryptocurrency mining encounters are down 40% from 2018.” Microsoft points out that “as the value of cryptocurrency rises and falls, so does the mining encounter rate.” It then explains how cryptojacking attacks work: “Attackers inject mining software into an unsuspecting user or […]

Chinese Authorities Reportedly Rarest 27 Key PlusToken Executives

Chinese authorities have reportedly arrested all 27 key executives allegedly running the massive PlusToken cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, in an operation led by the country’s top police agency, the Ministry of Public Security. According to Chinese financial news outlet CLS, the investigation led to the arrest of another 82 core members of the Ponzi scheme, which […]

Hackers Steal One Million Customer Emails From Crypto Hardware Wallet Maker Ledger

Hackers have managed to breach the e-commerce database of popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker Ledger, and stole one million emails from it. The emails are, at least yet, not for sale on the darknet. According to a notice Ledger published, on June 14 a researcher participating in its bounty program unveiled a potential security breach […]

International Fugitive Carlos Ghosn Used Bitcoin to Pay Smugglers

The son of former Renault and Nissan head Carlos Ghosn paid smugglers 63 BTC ($500K) in order to help his father escape house arrest in Japan. 

Canadian Regulator Warns Against Crypto Site ‘Set up in Order to Steal Money’

The Manitoba Securities Commission has warned against a cryptocurrency website it says was “set up in order to steal money,” advising investors against depositing in it.

400 Bitcoin Ransom: What Happened When a UK Football Club Refused to Pay It

According to a report published yesterday (July 23) by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, ransomware is a significant issue for sports organizations.

Hackers Who Hijacked Twitter Accounts to Promote a Bitcoin Scam Saw DMs from 36 Accounts

The hackers who last week compromised Twitter in a breach that saw the hijack high-profile accounts to promote a bitcoin scam have accessed the direct messages of 36 accounts.

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Sues YouTube over Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is suing the Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube for allowing scammers to use his name and image in bitcoin giveaway scams similar to those that were promoted after Twitter was hacked.

Latvian Authorities Seize $126,000 in Cryptocurrency Bust

Latvian state police seized $126,000 in crypto-assets following the bust of a cybercrime ring responsible for large-scale money laundering. 

YouTube Denies Liability for Cryptocurrency Scams and Impersonators

YouTube lawyers have countered Ripple and CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s lawsuit by saying the video streaming platform is not liable for cryptocurrency scams and impersonations generated by third parties. 

Twitter’s Hackers Tried to Launder Collected BTC Via Gambling and P2P Platforms

The hackers that attacked Twitter and managed to access its internal systems to hijack dozens of high-profile accounts have started to move their funds to peer-to-peer platforms and gambling websites to launder the collected BTC.

Former Wirecard Exec in Hiding Holds Significant Sums of Bitcoin: Report

Former chief operating officer for now-disgraced payments firm Wirecard has reportedly gone into hiding in Russia and brought “significant sums” of bitcoin with him.