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What Is Real-World Asset Tokenization? The Next Institutional Megatrend

Written by: Itai Avneri is the Deputy CEO & COO at INX. He is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in both finance and technology. As the Deputy CEO & COO at INX, he is responsible for heading INX’s unique offering as the only exchange that offers cryptocurrency, security tokens, and primary […]

What is Proof of Reserve Audit Method – Explained

Written by: Shilika Jain, who worked with industry greats in Business Development at CoinMarketCap and Binance, and worked with over 50+ projects including Dapps, DeFi protocols, NFT projects, L1’s and exchanges. FTX crash is one of the black swan events in the crypto industry. It was not just customers who faced increased losses, but the […]

Polkadot’s Q4 Report Highlights Web3’s Accelerated Growth & Innovation

The Polkadot ($DOT) network says it ended 2022 on a high, reporting multiple key developments that took place in the fourth quarter as well as strong developer momentum.  Polkadot, which is a multichain blockchain ecosystem that intends to serve as the foundation of Web3, took a key step in terms of boosting the decentralization and […]

Does Dogecoin Have a Cap or Supply Limit?

Dogecoin ($DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 as a joke by its developers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Despite its origins, DOGE has gained a significant following and has even been used for charitable causes and as a form of payment for goods and services. One question that many people have about […]

Does Binance Have Deposit Limits?

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, but every time you make a crypto trade, the site gets a cut. Some services also charge you fees when you deposit your cryptocurrency or have a minimum deposit amount. Given the exchange’s popularity, many wonder whether Binance has deposit limits or charges fees on […]

Mercado Pago Expands Cryptocurrency Services to Mexico

Mercado Pago, the bank of Mercado Livre, the largest marketplace in Latin America, is now looking to expand the platform’s cryptocurrency trading to Mexico, as reported by local media. Mercado Libre, listed on the Nasdaq, launched in 2021 an integration with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. The company even added 150 bitcoins to its balance […]

Switching to Renewable Energy Can Improve Crypto Mining Dramatically

Crypto mining requires huge amounts of electricity and is becoming less profitable due to the cryptocurrency market downturn. To avoid a mining ban and continue to earn, miners are switching to green mining to get the cheapest energy possible. Bitcoin mining requires more and more energy because of increasing difficulty in opening each subsequent block. […]

New Legislation Calls for All Gold Mined in Brazil to Be Tokenized on a Blockchain

A new bill in progress in Brazil calls for all gold mined in the country to be tokenized on a blockchain, as a way to bring transparency to the sector and make irregular mining difficult. The project was presented by Federal Representative Joenia Wapichana, who highlights that about half of the metal mining in the […]

NFT Startups & Brands: You Need PR Crisis Response Plans

By Aaron Vick Some folks say “any news is good news” but is that really true?  Most recently, the NFT space saw one of the biggest brands, Azuki, face enormous scrutiny when one of the project founders admitted on Twitter that he had abandoned a number of prior projects.   Then, Zagabond continued to double […]

4 Strategies for Merchants Accepting Cryptocurrencies in a Bear Market

Growing cryptocurrency adoption pushes merchants worldwide to introduce new payment methods. According to Coinmap, almost 30,000 venues use various cryptocurrencies as a method of payment around the globe. The list of such venues includes cafes, groceries, shopping, e-commerce shops, transport, lodging and nightlife. Honestly speaking, the question of how to start accepting cryptocurrency as a […]

What is the Blake256r14 Algorithm? Blake256r14 Coin List

Cryptographic hash functions are vital security components of current computers. They form a key part of digital signatures, message authentication codes, and other security protocols. So far, there are four series of cryptographic hash functions generally known as Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA). These are SHA-0 (published in 1993), SHA-1 (published in 1996), SHA-2 (published in […]

NFTs: The Next Musical Revolution

Article by Aaron Vick & Taeghan Rice Music is the next artistic medium to embrace the use of NFTs.  I’m sure you’ve heard the stories and seen the behind-the-scenes documentaries showing us the sweat and tears that went into any musical artist trying to get signed to a label.  The struggles endured by artists on […]

Complete Guide to Crypto Gaming Tokens

Written by: Simon, a crypto analyst from Footprint Analytics, focus on blockchain data such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi. Data source is Footprint Analytics. Although “gaming” is the first part of GameFi, “finance” is the main reason for its rapid growth. GameFi is still in the early stages of growth and games within that space are […]

Grinding the NFT Community to Death

Written by: Aaron Vick | Muti-X Founder, Web3 Futurist, Technology Evangelist, Author of Inevitable Revolutions: Secrets and Strategies for a Successful Business & more NFT projects are amazing technological and behavioral case studies in feeding addictive behavior& gamifying the race to be early members of a project.  Why would anyone want to be early in the project? Well, for […]

Which Cryptos Will Survive a Bear Market?

Table of Contents: Which Cryptos Will Survive a Bear Market? Contagion in the Crypto Market Why Choose Cryptos That Will Survive the Bear Market? How to Pick a Balanced Crypto Portfolio Which Cryptos Should You Pick? How to Identify the Best Cryptos How to Conduct Due Diligence on Cryptos Crypto White Paper Analysis The Project […]

Crypto Lending: Everything You Need to Know

Written by: Dmytro Bobriakov. Dmytro is an investor with more than 10 years of experience in the field of financial analysis who has worked for all the Big Four companies in managerial roles Cryptocurrencies have proven to be useful for several reasons over the past few years. The assets started primarily as a means of sending […]

The CBDC Dilemma: Finding the Perfect Balance Between Privacy and Control

Written by Alexander Vasiliev, co-founder and CCO of the global payment network Mercuryo As the crypto industry matured, stablecoins have become the go-to way for market participants to exchange between “standard” cryptocurrencies and digital assets pegged to fiat currencies. Since anyone can issue a stablecoin, governments worldwide have raised concerns over the potential risks to […]

Britcoin: a Booster for the UK’s Economy?

Written by: Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director at CEX.IO  Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) have become the center of focus for many governments, seeing as how their integration can fundamentally change existing payments ecosystems worldwide.  CBDCs are operated by respective federal banks and only five countries have deployed their versions of these digital currencies so far […]

5 Tools You May Find Useful in Your Crypto Trading Journey

Written by Renat Rashevsky. Renat is a cryptocurrency writer and enthusiast. He is in love with blockchain technology and willing to help people learn more about it. Important information: This is a guest post. Please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could […]

The Joys and Hardships of Building a Web 3.0 Social Dapp Platform

Written by: Alex Siman, founder of Subsocial – a Polkadot-based decentralized social network platform I’ll start with answering a question: why do we need decentralized social decentralized applications (dapps) in the first place? Well, the way we communicate has changed greatly since 2004-2006, when Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the other Web 2.0 social networks were […]

What Does The Digital Pound Mean For Britain?

Written by: Konstantin Anissimov, executive director of the international cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO. Graduated the Executive MBA program at the University of Cambridge. His area of responsibility at CEX.IO includes customer relationships with institutional and VIP-clients, overseeing the creation of the company’s development strategy, new products, markets and partnerships. As a member of the board of directors, Konstantin is […]

Crypto Gambling with Stellar – Now on 1xBit

Stellar is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, serving as the main crypto choice of many users due to its security, low costs, and reliability. Developed by the Stellar Development Foundation, XLM is now more than six years old, and its adoption quickly grew over the years, especially among small and medium businesses. And now, […]

The J’JO Investment Service Will Be Launched in Mid-May

Tallinn, Estonia: A startup headquartered in Estonia is launching the J’JO Investment Service, which aims to provide ordinary users the opportunity to professionally invest in the cryptocurrency market. Every year, the influx of new participants in the crypto market is increasing significantly. Most of these users are unskilled private investors who, when encountering the market […]

TeraBlock Gears Up for an IDO After Raising $2.4 Million

After having raised $2.4 million in funding, the cryptocurrency trade automation exchange TeraBlock is gearing up for its IDO. The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is set to go live May 11th on BSCPad. TeraBlock raised funding from noted crypto investors including Blocksync Ventures,, AU21, MarketAcross, BTX Capital, CryptoDormFund, Brilliance Ventures, Magnus Capital, and others. […]

Ripple (XRP) Price Surge in April Pushed Daily Trading Volume at Crypto Exchange Bitrue Up 400%

As the entire cryptocurrency market soared higher in recent weeks to allow Bitcoin (BTC) to hit fresh record highs, cryptocurrency businesses are also reaping benefits from the high interest in trading digital assets recently. The California-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue is one of the platforms that has enjoyed strong growth in recent months amid the surge […]

The First Token Burn in BTC-Alpha’s History Went Successfully

A historic event took place on BTC-Alpha, a European-based cryptocurrency exchange. The first token burn of the exchange’s native tokens, ALP Coins, went successfully. They burnt 1,000,000 tokens according to the trading volumes of ALP throughout the entire existence of the exchange, and also all the ALPs paid for its products and services. Vitalii Bodnar, […]

$RAZE Token Successfully Finishes a Launch Combo: Triple IDO and Multiple Listings

Raze Network, a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol, is set to announce the strategic listing of its Raze token on popular decentralized finance (DeFI) platform, Uniswap as well as Balancer. This listing closely follows its recently completed triple IDO event on three launchpads.  The yet-to-be confirmed listing on Uniswap took place on April 16, 2021, at […]

ConsenSys Project, Virtue Poker Raises $5 Million in A Strategic Investment Round

Virtue Poker, has completed an investment round of $5 million, with investors like Pantera Capital, ConsenSys, DFG Group, and Jez San from funFair.

How Is XRP Lawsuit Now And Where Can I Trade XRP?

XRP, a cryptocurrency that is primarily built for transactions, which can be purchased on crypto exchanges. XRP derives from Ripple, a payments platform designed for the rapid settlement of transactions and affordable cross-border remittances, which aims to supplement and redefine the current financial system. Why a suitcase between the SEC and Ripple? Ripple has been […]

Don-Key Attracts $2 Million From Leading Investors To Fund Its Social Yield Farming Platform

Following a successful private funding round from notable investors, Don-Key is pushing to launch a unified liquidity provider and yield farming platform to ensure shared benefits for every member, especially for newcomers arriving in the DeFi arena. Innovative Platform Aims To Maximizing Yield Farming Returns Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a driving force for innovation in […]

How Decentralized Service Level Agreements Could Help With Hedging Infrastructure Risk

This article looks at how decentralized service level agreements (SLAs) could help with hedging against infrastructure risk, such as delegation risks with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains. Blockchain technology has allowed for users to transact and send value in a “trustless” environment by removing third-party middlemen. The most basic example of this is Bitcoin, which allows anyone […]

Let it Burn – Why Token Burns Are Seen As a Good Thing

Although it sounds quite aggressive, there is no actual fire involved with token burning. Instead, it involves taking a certain number of tokens out of circulation with the purpose of boosting the scarcity and potentially the value of the tokens remaining. Burning tokens and coins is effectively a deflationary mechanism which doesn’t hurt holders of […]

How Blockchain Forensics Is Maturing the Crypto Industry

For many years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects have gotten a bad reputation among mainstream audiences and also in the eyes of regulators and authorities. Bitcoin has been frequently associated with cybercrime and terrorism finance, although data has often suggested that the U.S. dollar is much more prevalent in these activities. Bitcoin’s pseudonymous nature and […]

Crypto Lending Explained: Here’s Why Interest Rates Are so High

Written by: Matt Johnes, a crypto trading bots enthusiast and a content writer at TradeSanta. (My final goal is to help readers find what they need, understand what they find, and use what they understand appropriately). Summer 2020 saw a DeFi boom, the platforms that enabled their clients to lend and borrow a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, […]

What are Differences in Technical Solutions Between Crypto Exchange and Traditional Exchange?

Written by: Dmytro Volkov, CTO of the international cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO. A crypto exchanges technical infrastructure has much in common with traditional exchanges and trading firms. Trading stocks, commodity contracts, cryptocurrencies or any other financial instrument requires basically the same technical solutions and faces very similar problems. However, there are some notable differences. Hardware and […]

A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Triangular Arbitrage

Written by Evan Francis, CEO & co-founder of Coygo Inc. which provides tooling for professional cryptocurrency trading and insights. A cryptocurrency advocate since 2010, Evan has years of experience working as a software engineer in fintech before leaving his corporate job to pursue a full-time venture in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. Most traders have heard […]

Opinion: CBDCs Will Have a Positive Impact on Crypto

Written by: Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director at CEX.IO Central banks are increasingly looking into CBDCs (in fact, 65% of the BIS’s respondents are actively researching state-backed crypto). Now the question is: what benefits does a central bank digital currency provide to the state, and how would a CBDC impact Bitcoin and the current banking system? […]

5 Tips to Protect Your Cryptoassets by Securing Your Browser

Wirrten by: Dmytro Volkov, CTO of the international cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO. He has over 15 years’ work experience in IT, including over 10 years in financial markets. Author of trainings on financial and tech topics. Speaker at industry-wide conferences.  2020 has been a year filled with threats for crypto owners, not the least of which were frauds and hacking […]

Bitcoin vs Bullion: Which Is the Best Store of Value?

While Bitcoin might currently be considered a novel way of storing value, precious metals — specifically gold — have remained a fungible, private, and stable method of storing value for thousands of years.

Bitcoin Arbitrage 2020: Are There Still Profits to Be Made?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency arbitrage has changed a lot over the years. As more trading bots and institutions try their hand at arbitrage, so does the strategy to try and capitalize on profitable arbitrage opportunities. The big question everyone has is “are there still profits to be made?” and I’m here to tell you that the answer is a resounding yes, but you’ll need to work for it and use the right tools.

Sub-accounts in Crypto: What They Are and How They Work

The term can refer to multiple email addresses linked to one user or secondary accounts tied to a primary account with a financial institution or a bank.

German Court Rebukes 1 Trillion ECB Quantitative Easing Program

A German court has ruled that the European Central Bank’s (ECB) quantitative-easing program is not backed by European Union treaties and have issued a three-month ultimatum to rectify the controversial measure.

Crypto Tax Reporting: The Ultimate Guide For Algorithmic Traders

In most countries around the world, the income generated from investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin needs to be reported on your taxes. This type of tax reporting is no different from stocks, equities, or other forms of property. However, for cryptocurrency traders, especially high-volume ones, the process can become tedious. In this guide, we break down crypto taxes, how they work, and the step-by-step approach you can take to properly file your taxes.

Finance 2.0 Glimpses the Event Horizon as China Launches Digital Yuan Pilot

China’s announcement to locally launch its digital Yuan is set to be a major catalyst that drives legacy financial systems into the era of bitcoin and decentralised money.

How Bitcoin Is Changing Online Businesses

Bitcoin has been around for more than ten years now. During this time, there was a lot of noise about how the future of this cryptocurrency was bleak. Governments and banks warned against the use of this “bubble that was going to burst” and advocated regular means of transaction processing.

DeFi Sees Its Biggest Month Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was one of the defining trends of 2019 in the cryptosphere and, despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is showing no signs of slowing down. Registering tremendous growth since the beginning of the year, DeFi maintained its growth trend even during March, registering the biggest month for the ecosystem so far.

Top Crypto-Related Things to do During Quarantine

While on the lockdown, you probably eat more than usual, stress out reading the news and spend long hours in front of your crypto charts. But this lockdown can make up for the delay in all the things you have always wanted to do.

Privacy Coins May Have ‘Communication Issues’

Many cryptocurrency projects claim to offer financial privacy. But just masking transaction data isn’t useful on its own, and privacy coins will fail if they don’t provide the mechanisms necessary for true privacy.

Crypto is Feeling the Impact of Coronavirus, But Should We Be Panicking?

Anyone watching the news over the last few weeks would be forgiven for thinking we’re right in the middle of some kind of apocalyptic nightmare. Every single news channel seems to have a ticker of live events, recording cases, and mortality in real time. 

Top 15 Crypto Lifehacks

In any industry, being a newbie means that you will inevitably make some mistakes. In crypto, mistakes equal monetary losses, which is twice as disappointing.   

Malta. Crypto Regulations That Made Blockchain Island Flourish

Malta was one of the first jurisdictions to regulate cryptocurrencies and things worked out well. Find out why.

What Exactly Is Facebooks Libra Cryptocurrency? What Are Its Challenges?

The new decade is set to launch with one of the most ambitious cryptocurrencies yet, with the social media giant Facebook’s ‘Libra’ expected to start trading in a few months. The new coin certainly has the muscle behind it: in fact, it has an entire Libra ‘Association’ 

Will 2020 Be the Year of Enterprise Blockchain?

Amid the extreme hype of the ICO boom, many corners of the blockchain sector seemed convinced that enterprises would rush to embrace the technology. Blockchain was touted as the solution to any and all business problems, finding use cases across almost every industry sector. 

Breaking Down How Crypto Exchanges and Order Books Work

Cryptocurrency exchanges process hundreds of millions of dollars worth of trades every day for millions of traders across the world. Most of us know how to fund our accounts and place orders to buy or sell the assets that we want, but do you really know how exchanges and order books work? Having an understanding of the mechanics behind order books can be a useful tool for traders to quickly assess a market and see what other traders are doing and thinking.

How to Buy Bitcoin in China If It Is Banned? | Crypto-Geography

A third of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges are based in China and they have accounted for the lion’s share of Bitcoin transactions in the first half of 2019. Due to regulations introduced in the last year, Bitcoin is teetering on the edge of getting banned and the Celestial Empire is no longer the king of the crypto jungle. This is how events escalated.   

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Trading Phenomenon

There was a time, about 10 years ago, when people used quite interesting tools to trade Bitcoin (BTC): PayPal and Liberty Reserve, eBay and Tor, forums and even the mining hardware Bitcoin Core. 

What to Know About the 5AML Directive and Its Influence on the Crypto Market

We’re at an inflexion point. Cryptoassets have existed for a little over a decade, but relevant legislation is still in its early days and lacks consistency. For instance, cryptocurrencies have not been regulated by UK law until very recently. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies have finally come into view by British regulators. 

5 Costly Tech Mistakes Crypto Beginners Make

Admittedly, mining or trading cryptocurrency can be a volatile endeavour, but it can also be profitable and rewarding if you know what you’re doing.

How Chapter 11 can Keep Your Crypto Wallet from Being Drained

Due to its novelty and highly volatile nature, cryptocurrency raises a number of issues when it comes to bankruptcy litigations. To a recent poll conducted by INSOL International, only some 5% of insolvency practitioners answered that they had a “comprehensive or practical/working understanding” of cryptocurrency. 

Traditional Payment Processing Companies Are Increasingly Focusing on Crypto

More than two decades after the dot-com bubble ushered in a new era of digital commerce, the payment infrastructure is still very much in flux. That reality is even more prevalent as 2020 approaches, and the cryptocurrency movement is offering a new tool and a unique complication into today’s approach to executing payments. 

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