Crypto Investment Products See Largest Inflows in 8 Months With $BTC, $XRP, and $SOL Standing Out

Institutional investors have shown renewed interest in the cryptocurrency space after six consecutive weeks of outflows, with the past few days showing the largest inflows the space has seen since July 2022, of $160 million. According to a recently published report from CoinShares, Bitcoin was the primary beneficiary for these inflows, with $127.5 million being […]

Crypto Fear and Greed Index Surges to Highest Level This Year Amid Rising Optimism

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index, which serves as an aggregate for investor confidence and attitude towards the market has reached its highest level this year, indicating growing optimism and confidence among cryptocurrency investors. The index which ranges from 0 to 100 and is based on factors such as volatility and trading volume, has surged […]

Crypto Market Surge Leads to $320 Million in Liquidations

The price of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) has over the last 24 hours surged significantly to surpass the $26,000 mark in a move that saw the crypto sector greatly outperform other risk assets, including equities markets. Bitcoin got a helping hand today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the United States […]

Binance Market Share Hits New All-Time High, Even As BUSD Plummets

The month of February was volatile for cryptocurrency prices and saw trading volumes increase, although they have remained at historically low levels. Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest digital assets by market capitalization, moved up 0.02% and 1.21% respectively, while Binance has remained the leading cryptocurrency trading platform by trading volume. According to CryptoCompare’s latest […]

$1.3 Billion Digital Asset Management Firm Says Crypto Market Set for Largest Ever Bull Cycle

Crypto markets are set for unprecedented growth over the next few years, according to Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer of Bitwise Asset Management, who during a recent interview expressed his optimism for digital asset markets, stating he is “especially bullish on the next three years.” During a recent interview on The Wolf of All Streets […]

Crypto Investment Products’ AUM Surge as Sector Continues to Outperform Traditional Investments

Cryptocurrency investment products have continued to see positive growth in the early months of 2023, with total assets under management (AUM) reaching a record high of $28.3b billion in February, up 5.25% from the previous month, at a time in which digital assets keep outperforming traditional investments. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Digital Assets Management Review […]

Little-known Cryptocurrency $TRU Surges Nearly 60% in a Week After Massive Whale Starts Accumulating

A little-known cryptocurrency has seen its price surge nearly 60% in a week after a massive crypto whale accumulated around $1.18 million worth of the cryptocurrency, whose current market capitalization is below the $100 million mark. According to data from blockchain monitoring service Lookonchain, the cryptocurrency whale bought earlier this week 7.32 million TrueFi ($TRU) […]

Little-Known Cryptocurrency Sees Price Surge Over Listing on Binance’s Innovation Zone

A little-known cryptocurrency that is currently held on the blockchain by just over 7,000 wallets, has seen its price surge after it was listed on leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s Innovation Zone. The price of Synapse ($SYN) moved up well over 30% in intraday trading after the Binance listing was announced, but it has since returned […]

Cardano ($ADA) Records Highest Returns in 18 Months as Its DeFi Sector Grows

The price of Cardano’s native token $ADA has recorded its highest returns in 18 months in January of this year after its price rose 58.9% to $0.39. Its performance was the best it has seen since August 2021, and made it one of the strongest assets by performance among the top digital currencies. According to […]

PayPal Held Over $600 Million in $BTC, $ETH and Others at End of 2022, Filing Reveals

Fintech giant PayPal held, as of December 31, 2022, a total of $604 million in various cryptocurrencies on behalf of its customers, including Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Litecoin ($LTC), and Bitcoin Cash ($BCH). The holdings were revealed in its annual report, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The lion’s share of PayPal […]

Crypto Spot Trading Volume Sees Largest Percentage Rise in Two Years: CryptoCompare Report

Spot trading volumes in the cryptocurrency space rose 57.9% to $860 billion, the highest percentage increase since January 2021, according to a report published by leading crypto data provider CryptoCompare. CryptoCompare’s recently published Exchange Review report for January 2023 details that so-called Top-Tier exchanges – those with a grade between AA and B according to […]

Crypto Investment Products’ AUM Surges as Investor Confidence Returns: CryptoCompare Report

The total assets under management for cryptocurrency investment products has surged by 36.8% in the month of January to $19.7billion, the highest recorded assets under management (AUM) since May 2022, as investors’ confidence returns. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Digital Asset Management Review report, bullish sentiment on the market was fueled by a short squeeze that […]

Percentage of Long-Term Bicton ($BTC) Holders Hits New High, Data Shows

The percentage of Bitcoin ($BTC) investors holding onto the flagship cryptocurrency for longer periods of time reached a new all-time in December of last year, as HODLers are weathering the bear market while waiting for a trend reversal. According to data from leading digital asset market data provider, cryptocurrency markets have seen a “surprisingly positive […]

When Does the Crypto Market Open? Does It Close?

Many new investors in cryptoassets, particularly those who have previously traded in stocks, have questions about when the crypto market opens and whether it even closes, and on what days it operates.  Read on to find out more about the operating hours for crypto markets and if there are any significant changes in trading between […]

DeFi Total Value Locked Experienced Its First Yearly Decline in 2022: Report

The total value locked (TVL) on decentralized finance protocols fell 24.7% last quarter to $74.3 billion, marking the second-largest quarterly decline for the novel financial services industry, behind only the quarter that saw the Terra ecosystem collapse. The decline has meant that DeFi recorded its first-ever yearly decline in total value locked, losing 76.4% of […]

Financial Giant Société GénÉrale Withdraws $7 Million in DAI From MakerDAO Vault

France-based multinational financial services giant Société Générale has withdrawn $7 million in the cryptocurrency-backed stablecoin DAI from MakerDAO, out of a vault that has a debt ceiling of $30 million in DAI. As The Block reports, Société Générale was approved to start a MakerDAO vault last year after a vote from the decentralized autonomous organization’s […]

Crypto Market Panic Leads to Significant Investment Product AUM and Volume Declines: Report

In 2022, cryptocurrency investment products’ assets under management (AUM) and average daily volumes saw a significant decrease due to the current state of panic in the cryptocurrency market after the collapse of FTX and rumors of similar problems at other exchanges. Average daily volumes have dropped by 74.1% to $203 million in 2022, compared to […]

Peak Crypto Market Negativity Could Be a Bottom Signal, Historical Data Suggests

Negative sentiment in the cryptocurrency space hitting new highs has historically been a bear market bottom signal, and as the cryptocurrency community faces doom and gloom it’s possible prices may stop dropping. According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, the cryptocurrency community is dealing with a plethora of negativity that has helped cryptocurrency prices plunge over […]

Binance CEO: Exchange Assets Are Backed One-to-One, No Liquidity Crunch

The CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, has recently defended that the exchange holds customer assets backed one-to-one that it isn’t facing a liquidity crunch during a run on the bank. During an interview with CNBC Squawk Box hot Aaron Sorkin, Zhao defended that Binance does not have a liquidity crunch and […]

Bitcoin Exchange Netflows Hit Record Outflows of Over 91,000 $BTC

After the collapse of FTX on November 8, centralized exchanges experienced a series of outflows as investors become concerned about the safety of their deposits on these platforms. In November, BTC netflows recorded the largest negative flow in its history, with a netflow of -91,363 BTC, worth over $1.6 billion. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Exchange […]

Crypto Investment Products’ Trading Volumes Surged in November, Data Shows

The average daily aggregate trading volume of cryptocurrency investment products has surged 127% in November to $139 million, the highest volumes recorded since June 2022. Volumes rose in the wake of FTX’s collapse, which helped volatility in the space explode. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Digital Asset Management Review report, the surge in trading volume seen […]

Pantera Capital on Impact of FTX Collapse on Crypto Market

Recently, Joey Krug, Co-CIO of crypto investment firm Pantera Capital, talked about how the collapse of SBF’s FTX empire had affected his firm and the impact he expects it to have on the crypto space in the short, medium, and long term. The following video from Wall Street Journal nicely summarizes how FTX went bankrupt: Krug’s […]

Buying the Dip: Bitcoin ($BTC) Wallets of Varying Sizes Keep Accumulating During Bear Market

While during the last cryptocurrency bear market holders across different wallet sizes were panic-selling their assets, during this bear market, we are seeing a consistent accumulation in almost all accounts as $BTC holders are buying the dip. According to CryptoCompare’s 2022 Outlook Report, Bitcoin users with over 10,000 $BTC in their wallets have also seen […]

Goldman Sachs Starts Classifying $BTC, $ETH, $ADA, $SHIB and Other Cryptocurrencies

Goldman Sachs is set to start classifying the cryptocurrency industry in a bid to standardize the way the financial industry sees the nascent space, meaning the Wall Street giant will be classifying Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Cardano ($ADA) and even meme-inspired assets like Shiba Inu ($SHIB). According to a report from CNBC, the investment bank […]

More Institutions Are Holding Crypto Despite Falling Volumes, Survey Finds

A survey conducted by Fidelity Investments has found that nearly 60% of institutional investors said they were invested in digital assets in the first half of the year, despite institutional investment products’ trading volumes dropping to a two-year low. According to Bloomberg, Fidelity Investments survey found that four-in-fie investors believe that investment portfolios should include […]

Institutional Crypto Investment Products’ Trading Volumes Drop to Two-Year Low

The daily aggregated trading volume of institutional cryptocurrency investment products has fallen to a two-year low at a time in which the prices of most cryptoassets kept on trading sideways during the bear market. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Digital Asset Management Review report, digital asset products have seen their assets under management (AUM) start to […]

$XRP Price Chart Forms Bullish ‘Golden Cross’ Pattern As Analysts Predict Upward Movement

The native token of the XRP Ledger, $XRP, has recently formed a bullish ‘golden cross’ pattern, which is formed when an asset’s short-term moving average crosses above its long-term moving average. Golden crosses are seen as a potential indicator for major price rallies. Analysts on social media have pointed out that XRP’s 50-day moving average […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) Traders are Preparing for a ‘Big move’, Says Popular Analyst

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has said that Bitcoin ($BTC) traders are preparing for a “big move” on the market, at a time in which the flagship cryptocurrency’s volatility has dropped below that of the stock market’s benchmark index, the S&P 500. In a tweet shared with their over 140,000 followers on the microblogging platform, popular […]

Bitstamp and Uniswap Receive Highest Grade in Cryptocompare’s Exchange Benchmark Report

CryptoCompare, the leading institutional digital asset data provider and FCA-authorized benchmark administrator, has launched its updated Exchange Benchmark, which now also assesses the risk associated with decentralized exchanges (DEXs). According to a press release the firm shared, trading activity on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges has skyrocketed, to the point that in certain instances DEX volumes surpass those […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) Trading Into $BUSD Surges Nearly 80% Over Binance’s Stablecoin Conversion

The cryptocurrency ecosystem endured a market-wide sell-off last month over macroeconomic factors that continued to weigh down risk assets, including equities. The fall was reflected in spot trading volumes, which rose significantly last month. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Exchange Review report, BTC spot trading into BinanceUSD ($BUSD), the stablecoin issued by leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, […]

Google to Accept Crypto Payments for Cloud Services via Coinbase

Google has said it will start letting some customers pay for cloud services using cryptocurrencies in early 2023 thanks to a partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase, which will facilitate the payments through Coinbase Commerce. According to CNBC, the deal was announced at Google’s Cloud Next conference and may lure in blockchain-native companies to Google in […]

Bitcoin Holders Withdraw $700 Million in $BTC off Exchanges in Impressive Vote of Confidence

The amount of Bitcoin ($BTC) being held on cryptocurrency trading platforms has dropped to a four-year low after nearly $700 million worth of the flagship cryptocurrency were withdrawn from trading platforms in a single day. According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, on September 30 bitcoin holders moved a whopping 34,723 BTC off of cryptocurrency exchanges […]

$BTC: Crypto Analyst Explains Why Bitcoin ‘Could Easily Get’ to $25,000 This Month

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed that they believe that the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) could “easily” get to the $25,000 mark this month based on historical returns. The anonymous host of the InvestAnswers YouTube channel has told his over 440,000 subscribers on YouTube that October is a historically bullish month for BTC, which to […]

Institutional Investors Short $BTC While Betting on $XRP, $ADA, and Multi-Asset Products

Institutional investors have, throughout the month of September, added to bets against the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) by buying up products shorting BTC, while also betting on products offering exposure to $XRP, $ADA, and multiple assets. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Digital Asset Management Review report, for the first time in two years, the average daily […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) Trading Into Binance’s Stablecoin $BUSD Rose Nearly 400% YTD: Report

Bitcoin ($BTC) trading into Binance’s stablecoin BinanceUSD ($BUSD) has risen by 394% year-to-date after rising 0.44% in the month of August to 2.14 million bitcoin in trading volume, as the leading cryptocurrency exchange’s stablecoin sees its importance rise. According to CryptoCompare’s August 2022 Exchange Review report, year-to-date BTC/BUSD trading volumes have risen a whopping 304% […]

‘Rich Dad’ Author Says Investors ‘Need to Get Into Crypto’ Ahead of ‘Biggest Economic Crash’

Robert Kiyosaki, the highly successful author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of personal finance books, has said that investors “need to get into crypto” ahead of the “biggest economic crash in world history.” “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, which is one of the top 10 personal finance books of all time, “advocates the importance of […]

Institutional Investor Bets on Cardano ($ADA) Quadruple as Bitcoin Shorts Grow

Institutional investor bets on Cardano-based investment products, offering them exposure to $ADA, have quadrupled from last week, at a time in which inflows to short Bitcoin products are rising significantly. According to CoinShares’ Digital Asset Fund Flows report, digital asset investment products saw outflows totaling $63 million over the last week, marking the fifth consecutive week of […]

$ETH-Based Investment Products Leading Bounce-Back in July, Says CryptoCompare Research

After a months-long drawdown for most top cryptocurrencies marked by large losses and high-profile contagion events, in the month of July digital assets investment products longing crypto recorded gains. The 21Shares short Bitcoin ETP was the only one reporting losses. That’s according to CryptoCompare’s July 2022 Digital Asset Management Review, which details that in July […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) Could ‘Outperform’ in H2 As It Moves ‘Toward Global Collateral’, Bloomberg Analyst Suggests

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone has suggested that the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) could “outperform” other assets in the second half of the year as it moves “toward global collateral” with performance aligned to that of Treasury bonds or gold. In a post shared on the microblogging platform Twitter, McGlone noted that Bitcoin “may be […]

Fears of Contagion in Crypto Market Have Peaked for Now, Says Citi Research

A report published by Citi analysts has revealed that fears of contagion in the cryptocurrency market have peaked for now as numerous indicators in the space have started easing, at a time in which numerous market makers and brokers are making counterparty exposure disclosures. As CoinDesk reported, Celsius Network recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy […]

What Will ‘Lead the Next Bull Run in Digital Assets’, Explains CryptoCompare Research

In a newly published report researchers from leading digital asset data provider CryptoCompare have noted that while the space has undoubtedly entered a bear market there are factors they believe will trigger the next bull run in the future. CryptoCompare’s 2022 Q3 Outlook report does into detail on the cryptocurrency space«s performance during the second […]

Crypto Market May Have Already Bottomed, Says FTX Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried

Sam Bankman-Fried, the popular CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the well-known crypto billionaire behind Alameda Research, has revealed he believes that the cryptocurrency market bottom may have already been reached. In a video interview with the CEO and co-founder of Real Vision founder Raoul Pal that first aired earlier this month, Sam Bankman-Fried noted […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Says Once Vasil Hard Fork Date Is Announced ‘This Puppy Will Rip!’

At 7:36 a.m. UTC on Wednesday (July 20), on crypto exchange Binance, the price of Cardano’s $ADA token hit an intraday high of $0.5476, which is the highest it has been since June 12. Currently (as of 6:31 p.m. UTC on July 20), $ADA is trading around $0.5122. Since June 13, when crypto lender Celsius announced on […]

$BTC: Recent Sell-Off ‘Almost Exclusively’ Carried Out by Short-Term Holders, Says Coinbase Research

In a newly published research report, Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has suggested that the recent Bitcoin ($BTC) sell-off has been “almost exclusively” been carried out by short-term speculators, rather than by long-term holders. In its report, Coinbase noted that its on-chain data suggests those holding BTC for six months or more have not been selling […]

Crypto Investment Firm Exec’s Advice to Investors: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

Alex Tapscott says that the current bear market provides opportunities for companies and investors.  Alex Tapscott is “an entrepreneur, author and seasoned capital markets professional focused on the impact of Bitcoin, blockchain and other digital assets on business and financial markets.” He is “the co-author of the critically acclaimed non-fiction best-seller, Blockchain Revolution, which has […]

Kevin O’Leary Warns Massive Capitulation Event Is Coming to Crypto Market

Celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC TV series “Shark Tank“) is predicting that a massive capitulation event is coming for the crypto market.  On July 6, during an interview on YouTube series “Meet Kevin”, O’Leary claimed that the crypto markets are in danger of a massive capitulation event that will trigger further panic […]

Nervous Crypto Investors Jump From BTC to USDT in June, Says Latest Exchange Report

Cryptocurrency investors have been moving away from Bitcoin ($BTC) and into leading stablecoin USDT as cryptocurrency prices plunge, according to data from CryptoCompare’s latest Exchange Review. The report details that Bitcoin and Ethereum ($ETH) closed the month of June at $19,908 and $1,070 after falling 37.4% and 44.9% respectively, recording their largest monthly drop since […]

$BTC: CoinShares CSO Says ‘We Will See New All-Time Highs in Bitcoin’ by July 2024

On Monday (July 11), Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at digital asset investment firm CoinShares, shared her latest thoughts on Bitcoin during an interview with CNBC. The CoinShares CSO’s comments were made during a conversation with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, co-anchor of “Squawk Box“, CNBC’s signature morning program. Demirors told Sorkin: “For us at CoinShares, […]

Fidelity Investments’ Director of Global Macro Explains Why “Bitcoin Is Cheap”, Says Ethereum “Could Be Close to a Bottom”

On Friday (July 8), Jurrien Timmer, Director of Global Macro at Fidelity Investments, shared his thoughts on the valuations of Bitcoin and Ethereum. In March 2021, Timmer published a 12-page research paper on Bitcoin (title: “Understanding Bitcoin: Does bitcoin belong in asset allocation considerations?”). Timmer started by saying that he intended his paper to serve as “a brief […]

Crypto Analyst Explains Why ‘Altcoins Could Drop 45–50%’

On Saturday (July 8), popular pseudonymous analyst and trader “Crypto Capo” (“@CryptoCapo_” on Twitter) explained why he believes that altcoins could fall another 45-50% from current price levels. The “U.S. Dollar Index” (DXY)—which is “designed, maintained, and published by ICE (Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.)”—is “an index (or measure) of the value of the United States dollar relative to a basket of foreign currencies”. […]

Institutional Investor Demand Drives Coinbase Bitcoin ($BTC) Price Premium Up

The so-called Coinbase Premium index has turned positive for the second time since April of this year amid a cryptocurrency market recovery that has seen the space’s market capitalization briefly surpass the $1 trillion mark, showing $BTC buying pressure is growing. According to Ki Young Ju, CEO of cryptocurrency analytics firm CryptoQuant, Coinbase’s Bitcoin price […]

How to Transfer Crypto from Binance to PayPal: Step-by-Step

PayPal is a fintech giant that started offering users the ability to buy, sell and store crypto in October 2020. It has well over 400 million users and partly thanks to its reputation and battle-tested security, users have always wanted to be able to transfer crypto from Binance to PayPal. On June 7th, 2022 PayPal […]

Bank of America Loses 50% of Its Active Crypto Users as Bitcoin Posts Worst Quarter in a Decade

The number of active cryptocurrency users at Bank of America has fallen by more than 50% from its peak during the height of the cryptocurrency bull market as cryptocurrency prices plunge and Bitcoin posts its worst quarter in more than a decade. According to Bloomberg, the bank’s cryptocurrency users dropped below the 500,000 mark in […]

Chief Economist of Coinbase Institute Explains ‘Recent Decline in Crypto Markets’

On Tuesday (July 5), Cesare Fracassi, Chief Economist of the Coinbase Institute, explained the “recent decline in crypto markets” in a research report titled “Coinbase Institute Research: Crypto Prices and Market Efficiency”. Fracassi’s report, which was published earlier today on the Coinbase blog, started by saying that “over the last eight months, the market capitalization […]

Crypto Industry Players Say Market Correction Is ‘Healthy’ Despite Historic Selloff

Some industry experts are pointing to the recent crypto crash as a “healthy” correction for the market even though many investors are in too much pain right now to be able to agree with this view. According to a report by Fortune, industry players are reserving a positive outlook for cryptoassets despite the recent market […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) Just Had Its Worst Quarter in Over a Decade, Data Shows

The price of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) has posted its worst quarterly performance in more than a decade, as in the second quarter of this year it lost around 58% of its value, going from $45,524 to just under $19,000 at the end of the three-month period. According to data from CryptoCompare, as first […]

One Bitcoin ETP Is Continuing to Do Well Despite Bear Market: CryptoCompare Report

According to the latest edition of CryptoCompare Research’s “Digital Asset Management Review“, in June, one Bitcoin ($BTC) ETP’s assets under management (AUM) managed to hit an all-time high despite the current crypto bear market. The ongoing crypto bear market saw the price of BTC plunge from around $69,000 back in November 2021 to around $19,000 […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) and Other Cryptos Undergoing a Bear Market of ‘Historic Proportions’, Analysts Say

Analysts have noted that Bitcoin ($BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are currently undergoing a bear market of “historical proportions” that has seen the digital asset space endure the “largest capital outflow event in history.” According to analysts from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode, the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market may be the worst one on record, as its […]

Crypto Whale Accumulation ‘Behind the Scenes’ Triggers 900% Surge for Embattled Asset

Cryptocurrency whales accumulating the embattled native token of Celsius Network, $CEL, led to a surge of more than 900% for it after a major sell-off driven by macroeconomic factors and the platform halting withdrawals. According to leading blockchain analytics firm Santiment, shark and whale addresses moved “behind the scenes” to accumulate the cryptocurrency after $CEL […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Buys $BTC and $ETC Dips, “Long Term You Just Have to Stomach It”

Kevin O’Leary, a celebrity investor known as “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC TV series “Shark Tank,” has revealed he is buying cryptocurrency price dips and adding to his Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) positions, while commenting on how to deal with the crypto market sell-off. Speaking to Business Insider, O’Leary revealed he sees the crypto market […]

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