Crypto Roundup

President Donald Trump, Fed Chair Jerome Powell Talk Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Facebooks Libra

Daily crypto recap: U.S. President Trump, Fed Chair Jerome Powell talk Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and Facebook’s Libra; SEC qualifies second crypto project’s Reg A+ application in as many days.

$55 Million of Venture Capital Announced in One Day; Binance Launches Binance Margin Trading

Today’s crypto news: $55 million in venture equity announced in one day; SEC approves first-ever token offering; and Binance launches Binance Margin Trading. 

Binance Singapore Exchange Opens; Goldman Sachs Launches Second Cryptocurrency Team

Daily crypto recap: Binance Singapore opens; Goldman Sachs launches second cryptocurrency-devoted team; and Circle-owned Poloniex rolls out fiat on-ramp connectivity.

Court Receives Evidence Against Bitfinex, Tether; ShapeShift Launches Crypto Platform

Daily crypto news: Bitfinex, Tether served New Yorkers longer than claimed, NYAG alleges; ShapeShift unveils new hardware-secured, web-based platform; and Singapore tax agency proposes to rid cryptocurrency transactions of GST.

European Central Bank Exec Worried for Regulators as Bitcoin, Other Blockchains, Hit Record-High Hashrate

Daily crypto recap: Bitcoin, other blockchains, hit record-high hashrate; European Central Bank exec says the development of Facebook’s Libra “is out of the question, and Nouriel Roubini threatens BitMEX with lawsuit.

Facebook’s Blockchain Lead on ‘Misunderstandings’; Cardano in Cryptocurrency Regulatory Push

Daily crypto recap: David Marcus on “misunderstandings” surrounding Libra cryptocurrency; Cardano Foundation joins push to create cryptocurrency regulatory guidelines; and Liquid exchange selling Telegram’s Gram token.

Circle CEO Tells Business Mogul to Get Schooled Up on Bitcoin; Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Mixer Hits Testnet

Daily crypto recap: Circle CEO in heated CNBC interview; $1 billion in STOs coming to Tezos blockchain; and zero-knowledge Ethereum mixer, Heiswap, unveiled.

U.S. Lawmakers Want Facebook to Halt Libra Plans; Hayes, Roubini, Do Battle in Taipei

Arthur Hayes, Nouriel Roubini, exchange verbal blows in the ‘Tangle in Taipei’ debate; Facebook receives letter from U.S. lawmakers calling for a moratorium on Libra’s development; and $822M invested in blockchain startups for 1H19.

ErisX Wins License for Crypto Futures Exchange; Binance Futures Unveiled

Crypto daily recap: ErisX obtains license to clear physically-delivered cryptoasset futures contracts; BitMEX CEO talks to Bloomberg about Bitcoin; Nouriel Roubini’s keynote as critical as ever on cryptocurrency; and Binance Futures unveiled at Asia Blockchain Summit.

Bitcoin Network as Secure as Ever; BitMEX Annual Volumes Hit $1 Trillion

Top daily news in crypto: Blockchain Capital’s Spencer Bogart on Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra; Bitcoin hash rate and mining difficulty at record highs; and BitMEX annual volumes reach $1 trillion.

Bitcoin Price to Settle, Says Novogratz; $1.2 Billion Polkadot Closes Private DOTs Sale

Day’s top crypto news: Novogratz sees bitcoin settling; Polkadot DOTs sale closes in line with a $1.2 billion valuation; and Gemini opens Chicago office.

Apple Users Score Crypto-Friendly Options; Trio Close Venture Equity Rounds

Hottest daily crypto news: Opera gives Apple iOS users more crypto-friendly solutions; crypto VC spree continues with trio of announcements; and a world-leading stock exchange prepares for Ethereum ERC-20 trading.

NFL Players Keep Buying Bitcoin; Binance Chain to Hard Fork

Today’s top crypto news: LedgerX wins regulatory nod on physically-settled bitcoin futures; NFL players continue to buy up bitcoin; and Binance Chain prepares for major hard fork.

Facebook to (Again) Front Congress over Libra; Top Bitcoin Analyst on Block Reward Halving Effect

Today’s top crypto news: Facebook’s Libra set for another Congressional hearing; Bitcoin analyst on ‘block reward halving’ effect; and Coin Metrics reports on Kin blockchain.

Zcash Blockchain Set for Redesign; Facebooks Calibra to Hire Head of Data Science

Today’s top crypto headlines: Zcash blockchain set for major redesign; Facebook’s Calibra posts for Head of Data Science; Binance DEX gets first stablecoin trading pair.

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