BitMEX Co-Founder Explains Why He Is Bearish on Cardano ($ADA)

In a recent interview with Jessica Walker, co-host of Coin Bureau, Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX, shared his insights on the current state and future of cryptocurrencies, focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the broader market. Hayes, known for his articulate and outspoken commentary on the crypto industry, provided a comprehensive overview […]

Cardano’s DeFi Boom: ADA’s Total Value Locked Skyrocketed in Q4 2023

The Cardano ($ADA) ecosystem has been seeing significant growth, particularly in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), as the total value locked (TVL) on its decentralized applications keeps on surging. According to a recent Messari report, the increase in Cardano’s total value locked was around 166% quarter-over-quarter and an impressive 693% year-over-year. This growth catapulted […]

Crypto Investment Products See Over $1 Billion Inflows in a Single Week Bolstered by BTC, ETH, and ADA

Investment products focusing on the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) have attracted over $1 billion of inflows over the past week, with total inflows for cryptocurrency investment products being of $1.11 billion, supported by Ethereum ($ETH) and Cardano ($ADA) products. According to CoinShares’ Digital Asset Fund Flows report, these inflows have, coupled with recent price rises, […]

$ADA: What Analysts Are Saying About Cardano’s Explosive Price Growth Potential and HODLer Support

Two insightful observations—one from crypto analyst Ali Martinez and another from blockchain analytics firm IntoTheBlock (ITB)—provide a fascinating glimpse into Cardano’s current market position and the steadfastness of its community. Let’s explorethese insights, breaking down complex market analysis into understandable pieces and exploring what it means for both seasoned and novice investors. Deciphering Cardano’s Descending […]

CyberCapital Foudner Suggests Cardano ($ADA), Algorand ($ALGO) and Others Follow Solana’s Lead on Transaction Fees and Bot Activity

The founder of cryptocurrency fund CyberCapital has recently made a notable statement in the blockchain community by suggesting that Cardano ($ADA), Algorand ($ALGO) and similar alternative layer-1 blockchains should take inspiration from Solana ($SOL). In a post on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter), CyberCapital founder Justin Bons contended that the criticism directed […]

Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard on 2023 Milestones and Vision for the Future

In the Cardano Foundation’s “Activity Report 2023,” CEO Frederik Gregaard reflects on the organization’s progress and outlines its future direction. Drawing inspiration from former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, Gregaard emphasizes the importance of public trust and consent in the value of money, a principle that guides the foundation’s efforts in advancing the Cardano […]

Crypto Analyst Predicts Cardano ($ADA) Price Could Soon Surge to $8

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has recently noted that the price of the native token of smart contract platform Cardano, $ADA, has been in a pattern that mirror its price behavior of late 2020, before the cryptocurrency entered a bull run that saw its price move to a $3 high. In a post shared on the […]

Beyond Hype: Deciphering the Cardano ($ADA) vs. Ethereum ($ETH) Debate

The blockchain space buzzes with countless platforms vying for prominence. However, two names consistently hold the spotlight: Ethereum, the established innovator, and Cardano, the meticulous challenger. Both strive to revolutionize how we interact digitally, but their approaches and strengths diverge significantly. Understanding these nuances is crucial for navigating this dynamic landscape and making informed investment […]

Cardano ($ADA) Touted as a Top Contender in Cryptocurrency’s Future by Influential Analyst

A popular cryptocurrency analyst and influencer has recently highlighted Cardano’s unique position in the cryptocurrency world, and pointed to its use cases to make a bullish case for its native token $ADA, suggesting it could be one of the top cryptocurrencies in the future. In a video analyzing the smart contract platform, popular cryptocurrency influencer […]

Cardano ($ADA) Outshines Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot in Key Metric

The popular smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) has maintained its top stop in cryptocurrency development activity, outperforming other major digital assets including Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH). That’s according to data from on-chain analytics firm Santiment, which noted that the “blockchain of blockchains” Polkadot ($DOT) and its public pre-production environment Kusama ($KSM) came in second […]

$ADA: Analyst Forecasts 1,300% Price Rise for Cardano, Citing Historical Pattern

The price of the native token of smart contract platform Cardano, $ADA, could soon surge as much as 1,300% to trade at a new all-time high of $7 if history is to repeat itself for the cryptocurrency. According to a post on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter) posted by popular cryptocurrency analyst […]

‘ADA Whale’ Explains Cardano’s ($ADA) Potential Attraction for Institutional and TradFi Investment Funds

Recently, in a comprehensive thread on social media platform X, ADA Whale, a prominent Cardano ecosystem analyst, outlined the reasons why institutional and traditional finance (TradFi) investors should consider exposure to Cardano ($ADA). 1. Institutional Interest in Crypto ADA Whale began by noting that more institutional and TradFi money is expected to flow into crypto […]

Crypto Capital Venture Founder Foresees Potential ‘Mega Altcoin Run’ Led by Cardano (ADA)

Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, has recently revealed he is optimistic about a potential surge in altcoins in the near future, basing his positive outlook on a favorable outcome for Coinbase in its ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Last summer, the SEC took legal action against […]

Cardano Investment Products Attract $3.7M, Outperforming Other Altcoins but Trailing Behind Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrency investment products offering investors exposure to the smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) saw significant inflows of $3.7 million over the past week, but failed to keep up with the inflows seen for BTC, ETH, and multi-asset investment products. According to CoinShares’ latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, cryptocurrency investment products saw $151 million of […]

Cardano ($ADA) Price Poised for Major Surge, Popular Analyst Reveals Bullish Pattern

In a compelling update, a widely-followed cryptocurrency analyst has recently suggested that Cardano ($ADA), a popular competitor to smart contract platform Ethereum ($ETH), could soon see a significant upward surge. In a video shared on the Google-owned video-sharing website YouTube with his over 2.3 million subscribers, analyst Guy Turner noted that ADA is showing bullish […]

Why is the Price of Cardano (ADA) Down Today?

The price of the smart contract platform Cardano (ADA) is down by more than 8.7% over the last 24-hour period, and more than 11% over the past week. The cryptocurrency’s price seemingly dropped due to a specific factor affecting the wider cryptocurrency market. Available market data shows that Cardano is currently trading at $0.56 per […]

Cardano (ADA) Maintains Crypto Development Crown as its DeFi Sector Grows, Data Shows

The popular smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) has maintained its top stop in cryptocurrency development activity after surpassing the “blockchain of blockchains” Polkadot ($DOT) and its public pre-production environment Kusama ($KSM). That’s according to data from on-chain analytics firm Santiment, which noted that Avalanche ($AVAX) followed in fourth place, ahead of other major digital assets. […]

Cardano Foundation Launches Blockchain Education Program with Brazilian Energy Giant Petrobras

On 20 December 2023, the Cardano Foundation announced a significant initiative in blockchain education, partnering with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned energy giant. This collaboration marks the first time the Cardano Foundation’s blockchain education program will be utilized by Petrobras, aiming to enhance the understanding and adoption of blockchain technologies. Petrobras, officially known as Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., […]

IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson Celebrates Cardano’s High Network Activity, Mocks ‘Ghost Chain’ Narrative

Yesterday, Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), addressed the growing concerns regarding Cardano’s network capacity. His comments come amidst a broader discussion about the platform’s scalability and utility, challenging previous narratives that labeled Cardano as a ‘ghostchain.’ On 18 December 2023, Hoskinson took to social media platform X (formerly known as […]

Crypto Analyst Recommends DCA Strategy for Heavily Hit Cryptos, Focuses on $ADA and $MATIC

Kara Szabo, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community, recently shared her investment strategy amidst the market’s downturn. Szabo’s Investment Strategy In a tweet dated 18 December 2023, Szabo suggested a proactive approach to investing in cryptocurrencies that are experiencing significant price drops. She mentioned increasing her holdings in ADA and starting a DCA strategy […]

Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem Surpasses $400 Million in TVL as ADA Price Soars

The total value locked on Cardano’s decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols has recently soared past the $400 million mark over the price of the network’s native token, ADA, surging more than 11.8% over the last seven days, and more than 74% over the past month. According to data from decentralized finance protocol tracker DeFiLlama, the total […]

Altcoins Including ADA, BONK and DOT Outshine Bitcoin as Crypto Market Adds $60 Billion in a Day

Amid a wider cryptocurrency market rally that has helped the price of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) near $43,000, altcoins including Polkadot (DOT), BONK, and Cardano (ADA) have outperformed most other assets as the market added over $60 billion in market capitalization. The price of Bitcoin is, at the time of writing, trading at $42,900 […]

Cardano’s Impressive Growth: 79.7M Transactions, 1307 Projects, 9.1M Native Tokens

In the latest Cardano weekly development report released on 8 December 2023, IOG shared a comprehensive overview of its recent advancements and ongoing projects, reflecting a robust and dynamic growth trajectory. The report encapsulates both key highlights and cumulative statistics to date, illustrating the significant strides made by the blockchain platform. The development team successfully […]

Cardano Community Honors Ada Lovelace’s Legacy at the End of a Week That Saw the ADA Price Surge by 56%

The connection between Cardano and Ada Lovelace is quite significant and intentional. Cardano, a blockchain platform known for its emphasis on scientific philosophy and research-driven approach, is named after Gerolamo Cardano, a Renaissance mathematician. However, the cryptocurrency that operates on the Cardano blockchain is named “Ada” in honor of Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace, born on […]

Cardano (ADA) Price Soars 14% in a Week, Signals ‘Historically Bullish’ Trend

As the price of the smart contract platform Cardano (ADA) surgs by more than 14% over the past week, the cryptocurrency’s network has been seeing a “historically bullish” signal as the total number of ADA addresses drops. According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, the total number of ADA addresses dropping is a “good sign,” as […]

Cardano’s Large Transactions Reach New Highs, Signaling Growing Interest from Whales and Institutions

The Cardano network has seen a significant increase in the volume of transactions exceeding $100,000 as these consistently reach new highs, indicating institutional investors and whales’ growing interest in Cardano and its native cryptocurrency ADA. According to popular cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, over the last three months there has been a significant increase in ADA […]

$ADA: Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Foresees Cardano’s First Ecosystem Bull Run, Drawing Parallels to Ethereum’s Growth

Yesterday, Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, shared his insights on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), focusing on the potential for a historic bull run in the Cardano ecosystem. His analysis draws a parallel between Cardano’s current state and Ethereum’s position before its significant bull run, suggesting a similar trajectory […]

Cardano’s Robust Growth: Pioneering Update, Over 79 Million Transactions Processed, and Over 1,300 Projects Underway

IOG’s latest development report (as of 1 December 2013) for Cardano (ADA) presents a flourishing blockchain ecosystem with significant strides in technology and community engagement. Here’s a breakdown of the report: Core Technology: The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team has improved Cardano’s environment and maintenance, including updating the Cardano node for better peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity. […]

Cardano Price Predictions For 2025 Point to a Surge of As Much as 10,000%

The price of the native token of the smart contract platform Cardan, ADA, has moved up by over 55% this year amid a wider cryptocurrency market rise, and Cardano price predictions for 2025 are now increasingly bullish. As CryptoGlobe reported, various analysts have made bullish Cardano price predictions for next year, with some analysts pointing […]

Cardano Founder Accuses SEC of Favoritism Toward Bitcoin, Blockstream CEO Defends the SEC

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, recently criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its apparent leniency towards Bitcoin. In a livestream, he accused the SEC of giving Bitcoin a “complete pass” over its decentralization status, which exempts it from being considered a security. Hoskinson argued that Bitcoin is not as decentralized as […]

$ADA: What Are Midnight Smart Contracts and Why They Could Be a Game-Changer in Terms of Increasing Cardano’s Adoption

In a recent blog post, Mauricio Magaldi, Head of Product at Midnight, took a close look at how smart contracts in Midnight — which is a data protection-based sidechain solution for Cardano — work. Midnight’s smart contracts are designed to address a critical challenge in blockchain technology: ensuring data protection while maintaining the decentralized ethos […]

$ADA: Cardano SPO Rick McCracken on ‘Potential Applications of Midnight Across Diverse Global Industries’

Midnight represents an emerging initiative in the blockchain space, positioned to address critical data protection needs in sectors like finance, insurance, and e-commerce. As a platform still in development, it promises to introduce selective data disclosure for Decentralized Applications (DApps), a significant departure from the traditional public ledger model prevalent in blockchain technology. A notable […]

Midnight: Cardano’s Trailblazing Sidechain Enhancing Privacy in Blockchain

Introduction The blockchain ecosystem is set to witness a transformative leap in privacy and enterprise adoption with the introduction of Midnight, a privacy-centric sidechain developed under the Cardano banner. Announced at ScotFest 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland, this project represents a significant stride in Cardano’s ongoing commitment to innovation. The Genesis of Midnight Midnight’s journey began […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Dan Gambardello Explains Why He Is Bullish on Cardano

In a video released earlier today, Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, provided a detailed analysis of Cardano (ADA), focusing on its resilience and potential for growth despite recent market challenges. He delved into technical analysis, historical comparisons, and market trends to explain his bullish outlook on ADA. At the time of writing, […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Mitchell Bouchard Predicts Cardano’s Bull Runs to Peak at $9.24, Reveals Strategy

Mitchell Bouchard, known as “Crypto Moose,” shared his insights and predictions for Cardano (ADA) in a recent YouTube video, focusing on future bull runs in 2024 and 2025. Cardano Price Prediction: Bouchard predicts that Cardano could experience significant growth in the upcoming bull runs. He anticipates Cardano’s market cap might reach levels similar to Ethereum’s […]

Cardano’s ADA Could See a Massive 2,800% Increase to $11 After Bitcoin Halving, Says Crypto Analyst

The price of Cardano’s native token ADA could surge to a new all-time high of around $11 after Bitcoin’s upcoming halving event – which will cut in half the supply of BTC miners receive per block – to hit a $400 billion market capitalization in 2025. In a recently published video the founder of Crypto […]

Cardano’s ADA Follows a Similar Trend as 2018-2020, Could Hit $0.75 Soon

After the price of Cardano’s ADA moved up over 49% over the last 30 days, a popular cryptocurrency analyst has noted that it’s current consolidation trend “eerily mirrors” that of 2018-2020, without the COVID-19 crash. According to popular cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, if the trend is to repeat itself the price of ADA could break […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Predicts a 142% Surge in Cardano Price Within the Next Six Months

In a recent video, Crypto Jebb, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency analysis sphere, presented an optimistic forecast for Cardano’s ADA token. He predicts a substantial surge in ADA’s value, expecting it to reach $0.90 within the next six months, a 142% increase from its current price as of 17 November 2023. ADA, which is […]

$ADA: IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson on Cardano’s New Voting Tool and Other Advances Within the Ecosystem

In a recent broadcast from his home in Colorado, Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder and CEO of IOG, provided an in-depth update on Cardano’s governance journey, highlighting the introduction of a new voting tool and outlining the roadmap for future developments. Hoskinson began by discussing the Cardano ballot tool, which was developed by the Cardano Foundation […]

Cardano’s Near 60% Price Surge in a Month Raises Number of Profitable ADA Token Holders

The price of Cardano’s native token ADA has surged more than 10% over the past week, bringing its 30-day performance to around 60% as the cryptocurrency’s adoption grows. The surge led to 38% of ADA holders sitting on unrealized gains. According to data from IntoTheBlock, 38% of ADA holders are currently up on their investment […]

Cardano’s Remarkable 461% YTD Stablecoin Growth: Insights from Messari’s Q3 2023 Report

According to Messari’s report, Cardano demonstrated substantial progress in Q3 2023. A standout highlight was the 461% year-to-date increase in stablecoin value. The period also marked the completion of Project Catalyst Fund10 and continued development in the Voltaire governance phase. Messari highlights the launch of Mithril as a significant technological advancement, enhancing node syncing efficiency. […]

Cardano Price Predictions for 2024: Can ADA Reach $10 or Even $30?

So far this year the price of the native token of the smart contract platform Cardano, ADA, has moved up around 50% amid increasing adoption and as the total value locked (TVL) on its decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms surges. Price predictions for 2024, however, are increasingly bullish. ADA is currently trading at $0.368 after rising […]

Institutional Investors Pour $293 Million into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano Products

Over the past week cryptocurrency investment products saw a total of $293 million in inflows, bringing their 7-week inflows over the $1 billion mark. Beyond BTC and ETH, investment products focusing on Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) saw significant inflows, while other altcoins saw outflows. According to CoinShares’ latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, Bitcoin-focused […]

Cardano (ADA) Price Will Explode by Over 10,000% by 2025, Crypto Analayst’s Prediction Suggests

The price of Cardano’s ADA token has surged by more than 45% so far this month as it outperformed a number of other digital assets amid growing adoption. A new price prediction now suggests the cryptocurrency could see a rise of over 10,000% over the next two years. According to a trader using the handle […]

Could Cardano (ADA) Explode Soon? Data Suggests Adoption is Growing

Various investors often wonder whether the price of a cryptocurrency will explode soon, and while it’s impossible to tell what will happen in any market, Cardano (ADA) has been seeing its adoption grow steadily so far this year, suggesting that an increase in demand could lead to a price rise. The price of Cardano’s native […]

Solana Breaks $54, Cardano Sees Whale Activity Surge, and Other Highlights From Current Crypto Market Rally

According to crypto analytics firm Santiment, Solana (SOL) has achieved a notable milestone by surpassing $54 for the first time since May 2022. This price surge has been accompanied by a spike in discussion rates, suggesting increased mainstream attention. Santiment notes that Solana is showing signs of decoupling from other assets, with funding rates being […]

Cardano Price Predictions for November Suggest ADA Could Endure Short Decline

The price of the smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) has risen significantly so far this year, as it’s up 53% year-to-date. Most of those gains came over the past month, with ADA moving up 49.7% in the last 30-day period and Cardano price predictions suggesting moderate growth for the rest of the month. Cardano is […]

Founder of Crypto Capital Venture: $ADA and $XRP ‘Are Goldmine for the Crypto Bull Market’

Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, recently shared his insights on why he is optimistic about the prospects of $XRP and $ADA in the forthcoming cryptocurrency bull cycle. In a video that spans over 15 minutes, Gambardello discusses his portfolio strategy, his approach to profit-taking, and why he believes these two cryptocurrencies stand […]

Cardano’s Steady Progress: Foundation CEO Frederick Gregaard Emphasizes Strength in Stability

Cardano has been subject to criticism for its perceived slow pace in rolling out new features and updates. Frederick Gregaard, the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, recently addressed these concerns, framing the network’s meticulous progress as a virtue during an interview with Cointelegraph at the recent Cardano Summit in Dubai. According to a report by […]

Cardano ($ADA) Maintains Lead in Crypto Development Activity, Outperforms Polkadot ($DOT) and Ethereum ($ETH)

The popular smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) has maintained its top stop in cryptocurrency development activity after surpassing the “blockchain of blockchains” Polkadot ($DOT) and its public pre-production environment Kusama ($KSM). According to data from on-chain analytics firm Santiment, Cardano saw its development activity tower over other major cryptocurrencies, with Hedera ($HBAR) following Polkadot and […]

Bloomberg Analyst Points to Solana ($SOL) User Growth Outpacing That of Cardano ($ADA)

Jamie Coutts, a prominent crypto market analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, has cast a spotlight on the comparative market capitalization and user engagement levels between two major blockchain platforms, Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA). In a post on social media platform X, Coutts analyzed the current standings of SOL and ADA, which are ranked 7th and […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Says ‘Cardano Bulls Ignited the Fuse!’

Dan Gambardello, the Founder of Crypto Capital Venture, has provided an insightful analysis of Cardano’s (ADA) recent price movements. He begins by acknowledging the excitement around ADA’s surge, posing the critical question of whether this uptrend can persist, especially in the short term, and if ADA can hit the 40-cent mark or is due for […]

Crypto Analyst Worried About Potential Crash For Cardano’s $ADA Token Amid Market Volatility

A popular crypto analyst recently offered a comprehensive review of Cardano’s ADA token to his 152K YouTube subscribers. As he geared up for the Cardano Summit in Dubai, he shared critical insights into ADA’s current price trends and the broader market’s influence on its future trajectory. The analyst, who uses the pseudonym “Cheeky Crypto,” expressed […]

ADA Price Rose 36.5% in Two Weeks as Cardano Sees Increased Whale Transactions and Address Activity

The price of the native token of smart contract platform Cardano, ADA, has been steadily rising over the past week to outperform a number of major cryptocurrencies, with the rise being accompanied by growing whale transactions and ADA address activity. According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, Cardano’s prices have risen 36.5% over the past two […]

New Cardano Price Prediction Suggests ADA Could Skyrocket 9,900% to $30

A popular cryptocurrency influencer has recently suggested that the price of smart contract platform Cardano (ADA) could soon surge to the $30 mark, which would represent a surge of around 9,900% from its current level around $0.303. According to the pseudonymous analyst Lucid, who shared on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter) his […]

Cardano’s ADA Could See Price Surge as Much as 43.5% in November, Historical Data Suggests

The price of the native token of the smart contract platform Cardano, ADA, moved up nearly 20% over last 30 days and is up 26.4% so far this year, with historical data suggesting that November could see the cryptocurrency’s price go up by a whopping 43.5%. According to historical ADA price data from CryptoRank, ADA […]

IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson Tells Cardano ($ADA) Community: ‘We Need To Stop Being Drama Queens’

In a recent exchange that highlights the internal dynamics of the Cardano community, a user on social media platform X expressed a sentiment that has been simmering within the group: a perceived aversion to growth. The user’s post, which questioned the community’s critical stance towards developmental strides in the ecosystem, caught the attention of Charles […]

Cardano ($ADA) Ignites On-Chain Frenzy as Long-Term Holders Spring into Action, Says Santiment Research

Market intelligence firm Santiment has reported that Cardano (ADA), a notable competitor to Ethereum (ETH), has reached an important milestone in on-chain activity. According to a recent update on social media, Santiment observed that long-term ADA holders have begun to transfer a significant volume of tokens, marking the most substantial movement in over a year. […]

Cardano-Based Memecoin SNEK Outperforms Crypto Market With 56% Weekly Rise After Launching Energy Drink and Preparing Web3 Game

The price of $SNEK, a popular memecoin based on the Cardano ($ADA) ecosystem, has seen its price rise by more than 56% over the past week, and over 16% over the last 24-hour period to outperform the wider cryptocurrency market. According to available market data, SNEK’s trading volume over the last 24-hour period was of […]

Coin Bureau: $BTC, $ETH, and $ADA Could Go As High as $120K, $15K, and $24 Respectively in Next Bull Cycle

In a recent video, Guy Turner, the host of CoinBureau, delves into the complexities of investing in altcoins, particularly focusing on the right time for accumulation. He begins by emphasizing that the video is not financial advice but aims to educate viewers on the intricacies of the crypto market cycle. Understanding the Crypto Market Cycle […]

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