$ADA: IOG CEO Hoskinson Predicts Cardano-Powered Nation-States in the Next Decade

Cardano ($ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson predicts that nation-states could adopt the smart contract platform within the next decade if anti-crypto forces do not interfere. In a video update (titled “The Five Pillars of the 21st Century”) on March 30, Hoskinson shares with his 320,000 YouTube subscribers that nation-states may one day rely on the Cardano […]

$ADA: Cardano Foundation CEO on ‘Very Productive Trip to London’ and Meetings With British MPs

Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard recently traveled to London, where he engaged with influential policymakers and stakeholders invested in the UK’s blockchain future. The Cardano Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. Its primary goals are to drive the adoption of the Cardano platform, shape legislation and […]

Cardano’s Stunning Developer Adoption: 1,221 Projects Are Currently Building on the Platform

Input Output Global (IOG), responsible for Cardano’s research and development, has released its Cardano weekly development report for the week ending March 31, 2023. The report highlights the progress made across different aspects of the Cardano ecosystem, demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the blockchain’s functionality and performance. Core Technology Enhancements The core technology teams […]

dcSpark CTO: ‘Cardano Will Be a Top EVM Chain Next Month’

Cardano users are soon expected to be able to access Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts straight from their Cardano (ADA) wallets, increasing the network’s value for users and developers. An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a runtime environment for executing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It functions as a decentralized virtual computer that developers […]

$ADA: Cardano Foundation Explains the Blockchain’s Appeal for Project Creation

The Cardano Foundation recently outlined the numerous benefits of using the Cardano ($ADA) blockchain as a preferred platform for project development. Among the key advantages they mentioned are the following: Enhanced Storage Solutions Superior efficiency in data management: Cardano can accommodate up to 16 KB of data within a single transaction, streamlining the processing of […]

$ADA: Cardano Prepares for Full Decentralization as it Plans to Enter the Voltaire Era

Cardano is laying the groundwork for full decentralization as it plans to enter the Voltaire era later this year. The Voltaire era aims to develop a self-sustaining system by introducing voting and treasury systems, allowing network participants to use their stake and voting rights to influence the network’s future development. The Cardano network currently relies […]

Cardano’s Ouroboros: TapTools Highlights 5 Reasons to Love This Game-Changing PoS Protocol

On Saturday (March 25), the team behind TapTools, the most popular and comprehensive asset tracking platform on Cardano, shared its admiration for the popular blockchain’s groundbreaking proof-of-stake consensus protocol, Ouroboros, hailing it as a significant step forward for the industry. The Cardano Foundation describes Ouroboros as a groundbreaking proof-of-stake protocol that enhances the security of […]

Cardano’s Unstoppable Momentum: 118 Projects Launched, 1215 Building, and Over 63 Million Transactions Processed

Cardano, the groundbreaking blockchain platform developed by IO Global (IOG), has released its latest weekly development report, offering a glimpse into the ongoing advancements and enhancements in the project. The report (which is for the week that ended on March 24) covers various aspects of Cardano’s technology, wallets and services, smart contracts, scaling, and governance. […]

Cardano 101: A Beginner’s Journey into the World of $ADA and Blockchain

This beginner’s guide introduces Cardano, an innovative blockchain platform that boasts a unique architecture, native token $ADA, and a promising future in the realm of blockchain technology. Cardano is a groundbreaking, open-source blockchain platform co-founded by Charles Hoskinson, a former Ethereum co-founder. The platform stands out with its research-oriented approach, prioritizing peer-reviewed academic research to […]

Cardano’s Unique Advantages Lure NFT Collector Away from Ethereum

A prominent NFT collector, known for their early adoption of Ethereum, recently shared on Twitter their decision to transition from Ethereum to Cardano. The collector cited six key reasons for switching to the Cardano blockchain. Cardano’s scalability advantage was highlighted, as Ethereum’s current limitations have led to slow transaction times and high gas fees, rendering […]

$ADA: Over 8 Million Native Assets Have Now Been Minted on Cardano

Over 8 million native assets have been minted on top of the Cardano ($ADA) blockchain, nearly doubling the figure seen in May 2022 when there were 5 million. The Cardano network, it’s worth noting, started accommodating these assets on March 1, 2021. According to data from, there are now 8.03 million native assets on Cardano […]

$ADA: EMURGO and Bitkub Exchange Join Forces to Boost Cardano’s Presence in Thailand

On Thursday (March 23), EMURGO, the official commercial arm and founding member of the Cardano blockchain, announced a strategic partnership with Thailand’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitkub Exchange, and the leading digital asset education hub, Bitkub Academy. According to EMURGO’s blog post, this collaboration aims to expand the Cardano ecosystem’s awareness and adoption in Thailand through […]

$ADA: COTI CEO on Why Cardano-Powered Stablecoin $DJED Did Not Lose Its Peg Last Week

In a recent video, Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of FinTech startup COTI Group, explained why Cardano-powered algorithmic stablecoin Djed ($DJED) maintained its peg last week, despite some other major stablecoins faltering amidst market turbulence. He also explained why Djed has a bright future. Background On 26 September 2021, day two of the two-day Cardano Summit 2021, IO […]

Cardano ($ADA) TVL Up Over 82% Since Start of 2023 As Cardano DeFi Grows in Popularity

On Thursday (March 16), a popular pseudonymous $ADA whale commented on the growing importance and popularity of Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem. Yesterday, the prominent Cardano ($ADA) influencer “ADA whale” (“cardano_whale” on Twitter) tweeted about the rapid growth of Cardano’s TVL (363 million ADA, which is roughly $118.65, as of March 17, according to data from DefiLlama), […]

Cardano’s $ADA Sees Growing Institutional Investor and Whale Interest, on-Chain Data Shows

The Cardano ($ADA) network has been seeing increased interest from institutional investors and whales on its network, with the volume of large transactions exceeding $100,000 recently rising significantly. According to data shared by on-chain cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, the volume of large ADA transactions has been steadily increasing, with a significant surge in the past […]

$ADA: Cardano’s DeFi Total Value Locked Hits New All-Time High

The total value locked on Cardano’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has recently hit a new all-time high of 336.8 million $ADA tokens, worth over $110 million at the time of writing. The total value locked on Cardano surged this year. The largest decentralized finance protocol on the Cardano network is currently Minswap, which has a […]

80% of Cardano ($ADA) Investors Are in the Red, Data Shows

The cryptocurrency bear market that saw the price of most leading digital assets lose most of their value over the past year has seen 80% of Cardano ($ADA) investors feel the sting of losses, with blockchain data showing they’re out-of-the money, or sitting on unrealized losses. According to data from blockchain analytics firm IntoTheBlock, while […]

Cardano ($ADA) Price Analysis

This article looks at the price action of $ADA, the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain. As of 3:50 p.m. UTC on March 6, $ADA is trading around $0.3358 (down 1.3% in the past 24-hour period), making it the 8th most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market cap (i.e., current price * circulating supply) of $11.76 […]

Cryptocurrency Community Expects Upward Cardano ($ADA) Price Movement in March

The cryptocurrency community expects the price of Cardano ($ADA), to experience an upward movement during the month of March, at a time in which the cryptocurrency’s adoption keeps on growing. According to over 1000 users on CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency price estimates, on average, respondents predicted that ADA would end the month of March trading at $0.3971 per […]

Cardano-Powered ‘Clay Nation’ NFTs Coming to Ethereum-Powered Metaverse ‘The Sandbox’

NFT startup Clay Mates says its highly successful Cardano-powered project “Clay Nation” will become the first Cardano project to be integrated into “The Sandbox,” thereby “pushing interoperability even further in Web3.” Clay Mates describes Clay Nation as “a collection of 10,000 characters created from hand-crafted, randomly-assembled clay traits,” with each of these characters being “a […]

$ADA, $SOL, and $MATIC Institutional Investment Products See Inflows Last Week

On Monday (February 27), CoinShares, a leading Europe-based digital asset investment and trading group, reported on last week’s inflows and outflows for digital asset investment products (crypto ETPs and ETFs). According to the latest report from CoinShares, there was a slight outflow of $2 million from digital asset investment products in the week ending on […]

Popular Crypto Analyst Explains His Current Altcoin Investment Strategy Involving $ADA, $DOT, and Others

Popular cryptocurrency analyst and YouTube personality Guy Turner, the host of Coin Bureau, has explained his current altcoin investment strategy in a recently published video, which involves investing in several altcoins, including Polkadot ($DOT), Cardano ($ADA), and others. In the recently shared video, Turner revealed that he plans to add to his portfolio the two […]

SingularityNET ($AGIX) Cardano Staking Portal Beta to Launch on $ADA’s Network Next Month

The developers behind SingularityNET ($AGIX) have recently announced that the project’s Cardano staking portal is set to launch a beta testing version next month, as the team moves on with its plan to launch the staking portal on mainnet in the first quarter of the year. According to a tweet SingularityNet’s team shared with their […]

Polkadot ($DOT) and Cardano ($ADA) Maintain Crypto Development Activity Lead, Data Shows

Polkadot ($DOT), a blockchain network often described as a “blockchain of blockchains,” has maintained its position as the leading cryptocurrency network by development activity. It’s followed by its pre-production network Kusama and smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA). According to data shared by on-chain analytics firm Santiment, Polkadot’s development activity, along with that of its pre-production […]

$ADA: EMURGO Launches Open Beta of Social Platform ‘Cardano Spot’

EMURGO, a global blockchain technology company founded in 2017, has recently launched the open beta of its Cardano-based social platform “Cardano Spot,” which was built to “rectify the fragmentation of the Cardano ecosystem” and help the cryptocurrency’s community. According to a recently published press release EMURGO Media, one of the founding partners of Cardano ($ADA), […]

Crypto Analytics Firm Looks at Recent Whale Interest in $ADA, $HEX, $SAND

On Tuesday (21 February 2023), crypto analytics firm Santiment took at whale activity involving Cardano ($ADA), HEX ($HEX), and The Sandbox ($SAND). Santiment’s blog post highlights the market’s increased volatility this year, with “key stakeholders” seemingly more excited than usual. It points out that some famous investors have said that volatile markets present the perfect […]

Coin Bureau Founder: Cardano ($ADA) Has ‘A Bright Future’

Last week, Guy Turner, founder and host of the highly popular crypto market commentary show Coin Bureau, explained why he is bullish on Cardano ($ADA). According to a report by The Daily Hodl, during an interview on the CryptoBusy podcast, Turner had this to say about Cardano: “I’d go for ADA at the moment. Yeah, […]

Diamond Hands: Cardano ($ADA) Median Hold Time on Coinbase Nears 200 Days

The median hold time that users on the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase hold onto the native token of the smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA), before either selling it or moving it to an external address, is close to 200 days. According to data from Coinbase’s price pages, the typical hold time for its users invested […]

Cardano ($ADA) Records Highest Returns in 18 Months as Its DeFi Sector Grows

The price of Cardano’s native token $ADA has recorded its highest returns in 18 months in January of this year after its price rose 58.9% to $0.39. Its performance was the best it has seen since August 2021, and made it one of the strongest assets by performance among the top digital currencies. According to […]

Cardan ($ADA) Is Unlikely to Be Considered a Security, Says Crypto Capital Venture Founder

Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, has said that he believes Cardano ($ADA) is unlikely to be considered a security in the eyes of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In a tweet Gambardello shared with his over 239K followers on the microblogging platform, he shared that the Cardano initial coin offering […]

$ADA: Crypto Analytics Firm Looks at the ‘Huge Surge in Whale Activity’

On Tuesday (14 February 2023), crypto analytics firm Santiment took a closer look at Cardano ($ADA), currently the 8th most valuable cryptoasset by market cap. Santiment says that the price of ADA dropped significantly in 2022, causing a decrease in optimism among its supporters, but has since seen a 45% increase this year. According to […]

Cardano-Powered Algorithmic Stablecoin $DJED Now Backed by Over 31.5 Million $ADA

The recently launched Cardano-powered algorithmic stablecoin Djed ($DJED) is now backed by over 31.5 million $ADA tokens, as its adoption keeps on growing and its reserve ratio remains high. According to data from the project’s website, DJED’s reserve ratio currently stands at 488%, with 31.6 million $ADA backing a total of 2.27 million $DJED tokens […]

$ADA: Charles Hoskinson Says Cardano’s Staking Model Is Safe From the SEC for Now

Last Friday (10 February 2023), Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO at Input Output Global (“IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano ($ADA), shared his thoughts on the U.S. SEC’s stance on crypto staking and how they might impact $ETH or $ADA. On 9 February 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a press […]

Valentine’s Day Gift for Cardano Community: The Much-Anticipated Upgrade is Almost Here

The Cardano community has a lot to be excited about this Valentine’s Day. The highly anticipated Valentine (SECP) upgrade is set to bring a host of new advancements and improvements to the Cardano network. As one of the leading blockchain platforms in the world, Cardano has always placed a strong emphasis on security and interoperability. […]

$SHIB, $ADA, $DOT, and Others Added As Payment Methods at Dubai University via New Integration

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu ($SHIB), the native token of smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA), and that of the ‘blockchain of blockchains’ Polkadot ($DOT) can now be used as payment method at a popular Dubai University, along with several other digital assets. According to a recently published announcement, prospective and current students at Canadian University […]

Cardano ($ADA) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Whale Transactions Surge in Move ‘Associated With Price Shifts’

Popular smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) and meem-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu ($SHIB) have both seen the number of large whale transactions on their networks surge, in a move that has been “historically associated with price shifts.” According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, both Cardano, Shiba In, and the controversial $HEX token have seen “big spikes […]

$ADA: Digital Bank Revolut Launches Cardano Staking Support for UK and EEA Customers

London-headquartered British FinTech firm Revolut has announced staking support for $ADA and three other cryptoassets. In a blog post published yesterday, Revolut said: “Whether you’ve been holding some crypto for a while or you just got started, there’s still so much potential to unleash – it’s time to put your crypto to work! Staking means […]

‘ADA Whale’ Explains Why Cardano ($ADA) Is ‘The Most Obvious Play of All’

On Tuesday (7 February 2023), highly popular and respected pseudonymous Cardano ($ADA) influencer “ADA whale” (“cardano_whale” on Twitter) explained why he believes that $ADA is the best cryptoasset to invest in for long-term growth. Yesterday, “ADA Whale” told his over 126K Twitter followers that although there are people looking at small-cap altcoins to find “the […]

$ADA: Cardano’s DeFi Total Value Locked More Than Doubled So Far This Year, Data Shows

The total value locked (TVL) on Cardano’s decentralized finance (DeFi) space has more than doubled so far this year, to the point there are now over $100 million worth of $ADA locked on Defi protocols on the network. According to data from DefiLlama, the total value locked on the Cardano network started 2023 at around […]

Cardano Whales Helped Price Surge After Accumulating Over 405 Million $ADA, Data Suggests

Large Cardano ($ADA) token holders have helped the price of the smart contract platform’s native token surge over the past few weeks after they accumulated over 405 million $ADA, adding to the supply under their control. According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, Cardano addresses holding between 100,000 and 100 million $ADA tokens now hold the […]

$ADA: Number of Smart Contracts Deployed on Cardano Surpasses 5,000 As Network Grows

The number of smart contracts deployed on the Cardano ($ADA) network has surpassed the 5,000 mark for the first time as the network keeps growing and the cryptocurrency market recovers. According to data from Cardano Blockchain Insights, as Finbold reports, there were around 4,000 smart contracts on Cardano in early December, and the number has surged to […]

Cardano-Powered Algorithmic Stablecoin Djed Reserve Ratio Hits 630% With 29 Million $ADA Backing

The reserve ratio of the recently launched Cardano-powered algorithmic stablecoin Djed ($DJED) has now surpassed 600% after investors moved over 28.3 million $ADA to its base reserves to mint over 11.4 million DJED. According to data from the project’s website, its reserve ratio is currently sitting at 628%, while its $SHEN reserve coin’s price is […]

Crypto Community Expects Cardano ($ADA) Price Surge by End of February

The cryptocurrency community has set a bullish price target for smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) this month, presumably taking into account the network’s growing adoption. According to estimates made on CoinMarketCap’s pages, the average of nearly 1,800 cryptocurrency community members points to the smart contract platform’s price trading at $0.45 by the end of February, representing […]

$ADA: COTI’s “Overcollateralized” Stablecoin $DJED Goes Live on Mainnet

On Tuesday (31 January 2023), the COTI team made the announcement that many in the Cardano community had long been waiting to hear. Djed ($DJED) is a Cardano-powered stablecoin developed by IOG and issued by FinTech startup COTI Group. On 26 September 2021, day two of the two-day Cardano Summit 2021, IO Global (IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible […]

Cardano Forms ‘Crucial Support Area’ Where 4.4 Billion $ADA Were Purchased

The price of Cardano ($ADA) has “formed a crucial support area” at a price in which nearly 92,000 addresses have purchased around 4.4 billion tokens, at the time of writing worth over $1.6 billion. According to popular cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, the cryptocurrency now has a “crucial” support area between $0.365 and $0.376 over the […]

COTI’s $DJED Stablecoin: What Is $SHEN and How Its Holders Can Earn Delegation Rewards

This article looks at Djed ($DJED), which is an “overcollaterized” Cardano-powered stablecoin developed by IOG and issued by FinTech startup COTI Group, and in particular, how holders of Djed’s reserve coin $SHEN can receive delegation rewards from day one. What Is $DJED? On 26 September 2021, day two of the two-day Cardano Summit 2021, IO Global (IOG), the […]

$ADA: Cardano-Powered Algorithmic Stablecoin Djed to Be Listed on the Network’s Largest DEX

Fintech startup COTI the issuer of the algorithmic stablecoin Djed ($DJED), has recently announced that the Cardano-powered algorithmic stablecoin is set to be listed on the network’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX) MuesliSwap. COTI retweeted an announcement from the team behind MuesliSwap, which revealed it will e listed both $DJED and $SHEN, a reserve token meant […]

Polkadot ($DOT) Becomes Top Crypto by Development Activity After Surpassing Cardano ($ADA)

Polkadot ($DOT), a blockchain network often described as a “blockchain of blockchains,” has recently become the leading cryptocurrency network by development activity after surpassing Cardano ($ADA). According to data shared by on-chain analytics firm Santiment, Polkadot’s development activity, along with that of its pre-production network Kusama, over the last 30 days was superior to that […]

‘ADA Whale’ Says Next Week’s Launch of Liqwid Mainnet Is a Momentous Event for Cardano

On Thursday (26 January 2023), popular and respected pseudonymous Cardano ($ADA) influencer “ADA whale” (“cardano_whale” on Twitter) said that next week’s launch of interest rate protocol Liqwid is a momentous event for Cardano. Liqwid is “an open source, algorithmic and non-custodial interest rate protocol built for lenders, borrowers and developers,” with users able to “securely […]

$ADA: Cardano-Powered Algorithmic Stablecoin Djed to Launch Next Week

Fintech startup COTI the issuer of the algorithmic stablecoin Djed ($DJED) that’s set to be launched on the Cardano network, has announced that the cryptocurrency will go live next week. Djed is a formally verified algorithmic stablecoin for Cardano that is backed by cryptocurrency, IOG, the company behind the development of Cardano, designed the stablecoin, […]

$ADA: IOG Gives an Update on ‘The Health of the Cardano Ecosystem’

Recently, Input Output Global (“IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano ($ADA), provided some interesting information about Cardano’s exciting ecosystem. IOG started by saying that “Cardano projects are increasing” and that “Cardano has become more interoperable.” One example they cited is Milkomeda, which “delivers EVM compatibility to Cardano.” They also mentioned that there […]

$ADA: SundaeSwap CTO on ‘How Impressively Resilient the Cardano Network Is’

On Sunday (22 January 2023), Pi Lanningham, CTO at Cardano-powered decentralized exchange and automated liquidity provision protocol SundaeSwap Labs, commented on the resilience of the Cardano ($ADA) network. SundaeSwap is backed by cFund (“an early-stage sector agnostic venture firm in the Blockchain industry anchored by IOHK and managed by Wave Financial”); Alameda Research (the quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm and […]

$ADA: dcSpark’s Flint Wallet for Cardano Adds Milkomeda C1 Token Support

On Sunday (22 January 2023), blockchain startup dcSpark announced an important update to its lightweight and user-friendly wallet for Cardano. In case you are wondering what dcSpark does, according to its development team, the main goals are to: “Extend Blockchain Protocol Layers” “Implement First-Class Ecosystem Tooling” “Develop and Release User-Facing Apps” The firm was co-founded in April […]

$ADA: Electric Vehicle Maker Is Using Cardano, Aiming to Launch in Sri Lanka

The Cardano ($ADA) network is getting its first automotive project in the near future, with initial operations launching in Sri Lanka. The project was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos and focuses on the use of electric vehicles, eTukTuks. According to CityAM, the project comes after several other attempts to launch two and […]

‘ADA Whale’ on Cardano: ‘An Insane Amount of Cool Stuff Is Coming’

On Wednesday (18 January 2023), popular and respected pseudonymous Cardano ($ADA) influencer “ADA whale” (“cardano_whale” on Twitter) said that there is “an insane amount of cool stuff” coming to Cardano and its ecosystem. And he is not exaggerating. Here are some of the projects — launching this year — that he is excited about: Algorithmic […]

A Cardano FAQ ($ADA) Guide: Things You Might Have Wanted to Know But Were Too Shy To Ask

This is version one of a beginner’s guide to Cardano ($ADA) that consists of answers to a set of common questions about the Cardnao blockchain and the $ADA cryptocurrency. What is Cardano? Cardano is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency that is the result of a scientific philosophy and research-first approach. It is built on a […]

Cardano Surpasses $DOGE’s Market Cap as $ADA Recovers From Its Second-Largest Drawdown

The total market capitalization of smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) has surpassed that of popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE), at a time in which $ADA has been recovering from its second-largest drawdown ever. At the time of writing, Cardano is the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after surpassing the $12.09 billion mark, with its price […]

$ADA: Custom-Built Sidechains Set to Revolutionize the Cardano Ecosystem

Input Output Global (IOG), the company responsible for Cardano’s research and development, has announced the release of a software toolkit later this month that will allow developers to deploy custom-built sidechains on the Cardano ($ADA) network. The move is set to improve the overall ecosystem of the Cardano blockchain, as IOG noted that “purpose-built solutions are crucial […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Lark Davis Delivers a Backhanded Compliment to Cardano

On Friday (13 January 2023), New Zealand based crypto analyst Lark Davis managed to find a fairly unusual way to anger the Cardano ($ADA) community. David told his one million Twittter followers: “#cardano impresses me. It has remained in the top 10 forever in spite of almost no #defi, few working retail dapps, and just […]

Cardano ($ADA) Recorded Second Largest Drawdown in History Last Year

The 2022 bear market has significantly impacted the cryptocurrency space which significantly affected both individual investors and businesses operating in the space, so much so that Cardano ($ADA) recorded the second-largest drawdown in its history. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Asset Report, the smart contract platform’s native token ended the year at around $0.25 after losing […]

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