The price of the native token of the smart contract platform Cardan, ADA, has moved up by over 55% this year amid a wider cryptocurrency market rise, and Cardano price predictions for 2025 are now increasingly bullish.

As CryptoGlobe reported, various analysts have made bullish Cardano price predictions for next year, with some analysts pointing to a price target as high as $30, up from its current level near $0.38. Cardano’s all-time high, it’s worth noting, was above the $3 mark back in 2021.

One example of a bullish Cardano price prediction for 2025 and beyond came from pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst Lucid on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter), who noted that he believes ADA could reach $14 a token.

Lucid’s price prediction was based on Cardano’s dominance of the cryptocurrency industry rising from around 1% to 5%, and the total market capitalization of the space reaching $10 trillion in time. If Cardano’s dominance and the market’s growth come to fruition, Cardano would have a $500 billion market capitalization.

Lucid noted that if Cardano kept its 1% dominance of the market, its market capitalization would reach $100 billion, which would see each token jump to the $3 mark.

Another major price prediction came from trader FieryTrading, who suggested that the price of the cryptocurrency could skyrocket by more than 10,000% over the next two years. This prediction is based on the cryptocurrency’s price has been “practically going up in a straight line” after rebounding from a support level within a trading pattern known as a parallel channel.

This channel is defined by a line drawn between two peaks of a bull market, which is then replicated towards the bottom. According to this forecast, the price of Cardano could potentially reach $35 in the future.

Last year, a panel of cryptocurrency experts predicted that Cardano’s price would explode to $2.94 by 2025, and as much as $6.53 by 2030.

Featured image via Unsplash.