Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform. Developers using ETH are able to deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications on it, which function without the involvement of intermediaries or central servers.

Ethereum itself was launched in mid-2015. Ether, the cryptocurrency that fuels the Ethereum ecosystem, has since become the second-largest by market cap. Since ETH’s inception thousands of ERC-20 tokens have been launched on it, as well as a few popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the near future ETH is set to move from a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm to a Proof-of-Stake one. On this page you’ll find the latest Ethereum-related news.

Ethereum Transaction Fees Plummeted 92% Since Mid-September as DeFi Interest Wanes

The average transaction fee paid to transact on the Ethereum network has been steadily dropping since mid-September, as interest in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has stalled. According to data from BitInfoCharts, the average transaction fee on Ethereum hit a new all-time high near $15 earlier this year in September, when interest in DeFi protocols […]

Luxury Watchmaker Breitling Partnering to Offer Digital Certificates on Ethereum

Luxury watchmaker Breitling is partnering with blockchain solutions company Arianee to issue digital certificates for its timepieces.

Ethereum DEX Volumes Plummet Following Drop in DeFi Incentives

Decentralized exchange (DEX) volume on ethereum’s network has plummeted over the last month, coinciding with a decline in incentives for DeFi products.

Villanova Sending Ethereum into Space to Test Sattelite Communication

Villanova University’s College of Engineering is sending a private ethereum blockchain into space to test its impact on inter-satellite communication.

KuCoin Hackers Move $1.26 Million in Ether to Coin Mixer

The hackers who back in September stole an estimated $200 million from Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin have started moving stolen funds to a coin mixer, a service that hides the origins of funds. Larry Cermak, Director of Research at The Block, spotted the move and wrote about it on microblogging platform Twitter. In batches of […]

DTC Capital’s Spencer Noon Predicts $30 Billion BTC Migration to Ethereum in 2021

The head of crypto investment fund DTC Capital predicts the amount of bitcoin on ethereum’s blockchain will rise to $30 billion by the end of 2021.

Grayscale Ethereum Trust Holds 2% of All Circulating ETH, Says DCG CEO

The Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) reportedly holds 2% of all ET in circulation according to Barry Silbert, co-founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group. On social media, Silbert pointed out that while most people are focusing on institutional investments into bitcoin, the Ethereum Trust has been slowly adding ETH thanks to investors, to the […]

Tether’s Market Cap to Rival Ethereum in 2021: Report

Bloomberg’s Crypto Outlook report predicts Tether rivaling ethereum’s market capitalization by the end of 2021, while saying the price of BTC could rise to $100K by 2025.

96% of Decentralized Finance’s Transactions Are Based on Ethereum

96% of the decentralized finance’s (DeFi) transaction volume is based on the Ethereum network, as the yield farming trend saw movers adopt DeFi at a record pace in the third quarter of this year. According to a report published by DappRadar, first reported on by Decrypt, the total value locked in the decentralized finance space […]

Ethereum Fees Eclipse Bitcoin For Record Straight Two Months

Ethereum fees have eclipsed bitcoin’s for a record straight two months, after the surge in DeFi popularity led to a spike in transaction costs through August and September.

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Surpasses $1 Billion After Growing 860% in 90 days

The amount of bitcoin (BTC tokenized on the Ethereum network via the wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) protocol has now surpassed $1 billion, after growing by over 860% in the last 90 days, from little over $200 million. The milestone comes weeks after the total value of all the bitcoin tokenized on the ETH network via various […]

Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Adds Token Swap Functionality

The popular Ethereum wallet and explorer MetaMask has added a new feature that brings it into the decentralized exchange aggregator business: token swaps. According to CoinDesk, the wholly-owned product of Ethereum software firm ConsenSys is one of the most popular methods users have to access the Ethereum blockchain and its decentralized applications. It’s an ether […]

MetaMask Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Active Users Amid DeFi Surge

Ethereum browser wallet MetaMask has surpassed one million monthly active users (MAU) amid an ongoing surge in the total value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. In a Medium post, MetaMask pointed out that after revealing it hit over 260,000 monthly active users in May of last year, it has grown over 400% since then […]

Ethereum Transaction Fees Plummet as Network Congestion Eases

Ethereum transactions have fallen 85 percent over the last three weeks as users move towards centralized exchanges for DeFi access.

Romanian Authorities Holding First Auction Involving Seized Bitcoin and Ether

Romania is set to launch the country’s first auction involving bitcoin and ethereum confiscated from a criminal case involving fraud.

Venezuela Trials Ethereum-based Decentralized Stock Exchange

Venezuela’s National Securities Superintendence has reportedly given a cryptocurrency-powered “decentralized stock exchange” the go-ahead for a 90-day trial. According to CoinTelegraph Español, the “decentralized stock exchange” is known as BVDE” and its website claims the platform is the first decentralized stock exchange in the world. It highlights users will be able to access the trading […]

Cumulative Ethereum Transaction Fees More Than Double Those of Bitcoin so Far This Year

Ethereum’s cumulative transaction fees so far this year are now over $350 million, more than double the aggregated total of the fees paid to transact on the Bitcoin blockchain. According to a report published by Coin Metrics researchers and Nate Maddrey on how decentralized finance is fuelling Ethereum’s growth, new demand for Ethereum has seen […]

Ethereum Researcher Danny Ryan Explains What Went Wrong with Spadina Testnet

Danny Ryan, a core researcher at Ethereum Foundation, has given an account of the sequence of events that lead to the launch of the Spadina testnet, and explained why at least one more “dress rehearsal” will be needed before genesis. On August 4, Ethereum Foundation announced that ETH 2.0’s Medalla testnet had gone live. Here […]

Surge in Ether Gas Prices Slowing Demand for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Cargo start-up founder Sean Papanikolas says surging ethereum gas prices are limiting the growth of non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces.

Whitehat Hacker Prevents $10 Million Ethereum Theft

Whitehat hacker samczsun discovered a vulnerability in an ethereum smart contract putting nearly $10 million ETH at risk of theft.

Majority of Yield Farmers Don’t Understand Smart Contracts or Risks: Report

A survey conducted by CoinGecko found the majority of yield farmers had no understanding of smart contracts or the risks involved in DeFi protocols, despite reaping enormous profits.

Ethereum Miner Revenues Hit 5-Year High Over 2,275 ETH

Ethereum miners have been seeing their revenues surge so far this month, with the one-day moving average hitting 2,275 ETH thanks to the recent airdrop of Uniswap’s UNI tokens to users who interacted with the protocol. As CryptoGlobe reported, pending transactions on the Ethereum network surged after Uniswap launched its UNI governance token, and airdropped […]

Binance Smart Chain Network Gaining Ground on Ethereum Transaction Volume

Binance Smart Chain accounts for 14 percent of the transaction volume of rival ethereum, as the native BNB exchange token seeks to make headway in the DeFi marketplace.

Alleged ETH Pyramid Scheme Forsage Continues to Attract Investors Despite Warnings

Ethereum-based protocol Forsage continues to gain investment despite regulators warning that the project is a Ponzi scheme.

ETH Exchange Balances Hit 6-Month Low While Over 1,000 ETH Wallets Plummet: Research

The amount of ethereum being held on exchanges has hit a six-month low amidst a general decline in wallets holding more than 1000 ETH.

Ethereum Transaction Fees Plummet After Hitting New All-Time High

The average fee paid to transact on the Ethereum network has plummeted this week, after it hit a new all-time high of $14.5. The average transaction fee started dropping along with the price of the cryptocurrency. According to data from BitInfoCharts, on September 2 the average transaction fee to move funds on the Ethereum network […]

Block.One CEO Criticizes Ethereum for ‘Slow, Costly’ Transactions

Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer blasted ethereum for high transaction fees and network congestion, while praising EOS for being a substantial improvement.

Uniswap Daily Volume Over $1 Billion as Yield Farming Craze Continues

Decentralized exchange Uniswap has become the first DEX to generate more than $1 billion in daily volume amidst the ongoing craze for yield farming.

Monthly Ethereum Transaction Volumes Surpass $24 Billion

Rising transaction fees on the Ethereum network have reportedly caused a drastic decline in user activity last month, but transaction volumes on the ETH network were nevertheless above $24 billion. According to decentralized applications tracker DappRadar, the high gas prices being paid to move funds on Ethereum have not affected the decentralized finance ecosystem or […]

Ethereum Transaction Fees Hit Record High as DEX Craze Continues

Ethereum transaction fees hit another all-time high on September 1, coinciding with a surge in volume for decentralized finance products.

Swiss Canton of Zug to Accept Bitcoin and Ethereum for Tax Payments

Switzerland’s canton of Zug, home to the so-called “Crypto Valley,” will start accepting bitcoin and ether for tax payments, as the popularity of cryptoassets keeps on rising. According to Bloomberg, in a statement, the canton revealed residents will be able to use the top two cryptocurrencies for tax payments in February 2021, with a trial […]

Year Finance Vaults Could Push Ethereum into a New Bull Run, Analyst Says

Yearn Finance’s new yETH product, which will automatically find the highest yielding decentralized finance protocol, could launch the price of ethereum into a new bull run.

Ethereum Miner Revenues Hit Two-Year High as Eth’s Price Keeps Surging

Ethereum miner revenues have hit a two-year high of $602,139 as the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has risen over 27% in the last 30 days, and 260% year-to-date. According to cryptocurrency data source Glassnode, Ethereum miner revenues’ one-day moving average hit a two-year high above $600,000 at a time in which […]

Singapore Exchange and CryptoCompare Launch Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices

Asia’s leading multi-asset exchange, Singapore Exchange (SGX) has started collaborating with UK-based cryptocurrency market data provider CryptoCompare to launch two cryptocurrencies indices, for bitcoin and ether. According to a press release,  the indices will be under the SGX iEdge index suite and will only use transaction data from top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges. Both the iEdge Bitcoin […]

Ethereum Inventor Vitalik Buterin Is Worried About Yield Farming

On Monday (August 31), Vitalik Buterin, the author of the original Ethereum white paper (published in 2013) and a co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation, expressed his concern about the sustainability of the current state of the yield farming space. Here is how Binance Academy explains yield farming, one of the newest concepts in decentralized finance […]

Uniswap Overtakes Tether as Ethereum’s Largest Gas Spender

Decentralized exchange Uniswap overtook Tether’s USDT as the largest gas consumer on ethereum’s network.

0x Hits Two-Year Price High Amidst Falling Ethereum Fees

Decentralized exchange protocol 0x underwent a surge in price on Friday as investors hope falling ethereum congestion will lead to greater DEX usage.

Options Traders Betting on Ethereum Reaching $500 Within Next Two Month

Options data suggests that traders are turning bullish on ethereum and are betting the price will reach $500 within the next 40 days.

Total Value Locked in Decentralized Finance Surpasses $6 Billion

There are now over $6 billion worth of bitcoin and ether locked in the decentralized finance space, as more and more protocols cross the one billion dollar mark, and make progress on their roadmaps. According to data from DeFiPulse, there are now over $6.3 billion locked in the decentralized finance space, and three projects have […]

$1.5 Billion: Open Interest in Ethereum Futures Hits New All-Time High

The total value of contracts that have not yet been settled on Ethereum futures has hit a new all-time high above $1.5 billion as interest for the second-largest crypto by market cap keeps growing. According to data from market analytics firm Skew, the aggregate open interest on Ethereum futures surpassed $750 million earlier this year […]

Ethereum (ETH) Surges Past $430 for First Time Since 1 August 2018

At 19:30 UTC (or 15:30 Eastern Time) on Thursday (August 13), Dave Portnoy, the founder and president of Barstool Sports, sent out a tweet with an attached video that showed him buying Bitcoin (BTC) and Chainlink (LINK) with the help of the Winklevoss twins—the co-founders of crypto exchange Gemini—who had accepted Portnoy’s invitation and come to his […]

Ethereum Network Hashrate Hits 20-Month High as Transaction Fees Surge

The Ethereum network’s hashrate has hit a 20-month high amid a growing decentralized finance trend that clogged the cryptocurrency network to the post fees have surged over 3,500% year-to-date. According to data from Etherscan, at press time the hashrate on the Ethereum network is hovering above 200,000,000 GH/s, a level that has not been seen […]

Ethereum Transaction Fees are Up Over 3,500% YTD as DeFi Interest Booms

The cost of transacting on the Ethereum network has gone up by 3,500% on average, making it more expensive to send and receive transactions and use decentralized applications and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. According to BitInfoCharts, at the beginning of the year, the average transaction fee paid to move ether on the blockchain was $0.084, […]

Ethereum and DeFi Are ‘Going Mainstream’ Says Former Wall Street Trader

A former Wall Street bond trader at Citi and the head of research at TradeBlock, John Todaro, has revealed he believes the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and Ethereum are “going mainstream.” In a tweet published in response to ZeroHedge pointing out Chainlink’s price performance as more and more traders start paying attention to DeFi, Todaro […]

Grayscale Ethereum Trust Files to Status of Reporting Company With SEC

Grayscale Investments has voluntarily publicly filed a Registration Statement on Form 10 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its Ethereum Trust (ETHE) to obtain reporting status. If the filing is approved by the SEC, the Ethereum Trust will be the second cryptoasset investment vehicle ever to obtain the status of a reporting […]

MVIS and CryptoCompare Launch Institutional Ethereum and Bitcoin WVAP Index

MVIS and digital asset data aggregator CryptoCompare have announced the launch of two new professional grade indices, including an institutional index for ethereum investors.

90% of Ethereum’s Supply Is in a State of Profit, Which Could Mean a Big Move Is Near

Over 90% of Ethereum’s circulating supply is now in a state of profit, which could mean a significant bearish move is coming in the near future, as the last time this happened the price of ETH dropped from $925 to $380 in 2018. According to research and analytics firm Glassnode, the percentage of the second-largest […]

Ethereum 2.0: Medalla, the Final Public Testnet, Goes Live

At 15:34 UTC (i.e. 11:34 Eastern Time) on Tuesday (August 4), the Ethereum Foundation announced that ETH 2.0’s Medalla testnet had gone live: Although Medall’s launch had originally been scheduled for 13:00 UTC, initially, the participation rate was only 57% while it had been estimated that it would be at least 80%. Here is how […]

Chainlink (LINK) Sets New All-Time High, Next Stop $10?

According to data from CryptoCompare, around 08:45 UTC on Tuesday (August 4), Chainlink (LINK) surged past the $9.60 level to reach the intraday high of $9.62, which is a new all-time high (ATH). Currently (as of 08:50 UTC on August 4), LINK is trading at $9.60, up 13.8% against USD in the past 24-hour period. […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Ethereum!

Today, Ethereum is celebrating its fifth birthday (since the mainnet went live on 30 July 2015). The original Ethereum white paper (titled: “Ethereum White Paper: A next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform”) was written by Russian-Canadian programmer Vitaly Dmitriyevich Buterin (better known as “Vitalik Buterin”), and published on his blog in December 2013. Here […]

Open Interest in Ether Futures Hits $1 Billion All-Time High

The total value of contracts that have not yet been settled on Ethereum futures has now surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time. According to data from market analytics firm Skew, first reported on by Decrypt, the aggregated open interest on ETH futures surpassed the $750 million mark earlier this year ahead of […]

Ethereum (ETH) Looking Overbought on Short Timeframe, After Taking $300

Ethereum has been blowing up for a week, and is breaking through important resistance levels. But there is still plenty more progress that needs to be made before we see a real, serious uptrend.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Surge to New Highs, Gold Almost at All-Time High

Around 20:20 UTC on Saturday (July 25), Bitcoin went above $9,700 for the first time since June 11 and Ethereum (ETH) surged past $300, a level last seen in July 2019. Meanwhile, gold ended the week above $1900, close to its 2011 all-time high.

Is the Decentralized Finance Space in a Bubble? What to Consider

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space has been trending in the cryptocurrency industry so far this year thanks to various developments and trends seen in it, including the introduction of governance tokens and yield farming.

Crypto Asset Manager Grayscale Adds $905 Million in Record Quarter

Multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale Investment has reported its largest quarterly inflows to date, as in Q2 2020 it brought in $905.8 million, nearly doubling its previous record high of $503.7 million in the first quarter of the year.

Active Ethereum Addresses Grew OVer 170% so Far This Year

The number of active addresses on the Ethereum network has been growing exponentially this year, and is already up by over 170%. ETH’s growth is beating that of Bitcoin, as BTC’s active addresses are up by about 70% YTD.

Former Goldman Sachs Manager Raoul Pal Teases Potential Breakout for Ethereum

Former Goldman Sachs manager Raoul Pal published a series of tweets showing that cryptocurrency is on the verge of a rally and may be led by an ethereum breakout. 

Tether Has Backlisted a Total of 39 Ethereum Addresses Holding USDt

Ther, the issuer of the leading stablecoin USDt, has already blacklisted 39 Ethereum addresses holding the stablecoin since November 2017.

Arca Launches SEC-Approved Digital Securities Fund on Ethereum

Los Angeles-based investment firm Arca is launching the “Arca U.S. Treasury Fund,” a digital securities fund registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Elon Musk Rejects Rumors on Plans to Use the Ethereum Blockchain

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has recently revealed he isn’t using the Ethereum blockchain to build anything, and addressed his stance on the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.