Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform. Developers using ETH are able to deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications on it, which function without the involvement of intermediaries or central servers.

Ethereum itself was launched in mid-2015. Ether, the cryptocurrency that fuels the Ethereum ecosystem, has since become the second-largest by market cap. Since ETH’s inception thousands of ERC-20 tokens have been launched on it, as well as a few popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the near future ETH is set to move from a Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm to a Proof-of-Stake one. On this page you’ll find the latest Ethereum-related news.

Fidelity’s Chris Kuiper on Why Ethereum May Be More Palatable for Institutional Investors Than Bitcoin

Chris Kuiper, the Director of Research at Fidelity, recently shared his insights on why Ethereum (ETH) could be a more appealing investment option for institutional investors than Bitcoin (BTC). In an interview on the Bankless YouTube channel, Kuiper suggested that Ethereum’s investment framework might be easier for traditional financial firms to comprehend. Kuiper pointed out […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Reaches $10 Billion in Revenue, Outshining Track Records of Tech Giants Like Microsoft and Adobe

The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH) has seen its protocol revenue surpass the $10 billion mark after significant growth that has seen it overtake tech titans like Microsoft and Adobe in reaching the milestone. According to a report from cryptocurrency brokerage firm Caleb & Brown, it took Ethereum around 7.5 years to reach […]

Ethereum Struggles to Meet Expectations After Shanghai Upgrade, Says J.P. Morgan Report

The Shanghai upgrade for Ethereum was anticipated to significantly attract institutional interest by enabling the withdrawal of staked Ether. However, a recent analysis by JJ.P. Morgan, as covered by Kitco, reveals that the blockchain network has failed to meet these expectations. Key performance indicators such as daily transactions, active user addresses, and the total value […]

$ETH: Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum’s Challenges, Future, and Regulatory Landscape

In a recent interview with CNBC’s MacKenzie Sigalos in Prague, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared his thoughts on a range of topics, from the platform’s future to the regulatory landscape affecting the crypto industry. Buterin began by discussing his nomadic lifestyle, stating that he avoids certain countries, including his native Russia, due to the risks […]

Binance Moves $840,000 of $ETH in 24 Hours, Spiking Ethereum Gas Fees by 1,900%

A sudden burst of transactions from a wallet associated with leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has inadvertently led to a massive 1,900% hike in Ethereum ($ETH) transaction fees after the wallet moved over $840,000 of ETH in just 24 hours. Etherscan, an Ethereum blockchain explorer, shows that a wallet called “Binance 14” got ETH from wallets […]

Incoming Sell-Off? Ethereum ICO Participant Moves $10 Million Worth of $ETH to Kraken After Appreciating 500,000%

An early Ethereum ($ETH) investor has moved a whopping 6,000 ETH, worth nearly %10 million, to popular cryptocurrency trading platform Kraken in a move that could lead to a significant sale of tokens on the market. According to popular cryptocurrency analysis service Lookonchain, the whale participated in Ethereum’s initial coin offering, where they purchased 254,908 […]

Former Goldman Sachs Exec Makes Bullish Case for Solana ($SOL), Highlights Its Potential as an Ethereum Rival

In a recent interview with Altcoin Daily, Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision and a former Goldman Sachs executive, expressed his bullish stance on Solana (SOL), describing it as one of the most promising projects outside of Ethereum (ETH). According to a report by The Daily Hodl, Pal praised Solana’s co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko and […]

Ethereum’s Staking Boom Risks Network Overload, Prompting Developer Interventions: Bloomberg

According to a recent report by Olga Kharif for Bloomberg, one year after Ethereum’s significant software upgrade known as the Merge, the network is now facing challenges arising from its own success. The upgrade was a smooth transition to a more energy-efficient system, but the burgeoning popularity of its staking feature is raising concerns about […]

Ethereum Marks One Year of PoS Transition: $1.5 Billion ETH Burned and Other Key Changes

The Ethereum ($ETH) network has transitioned from a Proof-of-Work into a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm one year ago, in a move that has helped the network’s circulating supply start dropping and significantly reduced its environmental impact. Ethereum transactions started burning ETH after the London hard fork, which included the implementation of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559. The […]

Crypto Market Faces $3 Billion Shockwave as FTX Plans to Sell Off Its Tokens

The cryptocurrency market may be facing an impending tremor, as an analytics firm has recently suggested that a potential 3 billion sell-off is looming, rooted in the potential liquidations of FTX’s massive cryptocurrency stack to repay creditors. A recent court filing has recently revealed that the estate of the once-giant cryptocurrency exchange, which filed for […]

Crypto Analyst Benjamin Cowen Warns of Potential Upcoming Price Crashes for Ethereum and Cardano

In a recent YouTube video, Benjamin Cowen, a well-known crypto analyst, shared his thoughts on the future price movements of Ethereum. Cowen suggested that the cryptocurrency might not only experience a lower low but could potentially see its price fall below $800. He mentioned that while the decline might not be drastic, Ethereum could even […]

$4.5 Trillion Asset Manager Suggests Ethereum ($ETH) is Undervalued at Current Levels

The cryptocurrency-focused arm of the renowned investment titan Fidelity Investments, which has over $4.5 trillion in assets under management, has recently suggested the second-largest digital asset by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH) is trading at a discount. According to a new report titled “Ethereum Investment Thesis,” Fidelity Digital Assets has noted that Ethereum’s current circulating supply […]

Ethereum Whales Buy Over $400 Million Worth of $ETH in One Day as Crypto Market Dips

Large cryptocurrency holders on the Ethereum ($ETH) network have bought over $400 million worth of the second-largest digital asset by market capitalization over just 24 hours as their accumulation of ETH is seemingly picking up steam. According to data from Santiment shared by popular cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, Ethereum whales purchased around 260,000 ETH tokens, […]

Crypto Analyst James Mullarney Highlights Solana’s Institutional Appeal Over Ethereum

James Mullarney, the host of the very popular YouTube channel “InvestAnswers,” recently spotlighted the increasing institutional focus on Solana (SOL), a blockchain network that rivals Ethereum (ETH). Mullarney underscored that Solana possesses multiple attributes that could drive its price higher. According to a report by The Daily Hodl, Mullarney showcased a chart that compared Solana […]

K33 Research: Bitcoin Price Not Reflecting Increased Chances of Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval and Its Potential Impact

According to a Cointelegraph article, which cites a report by K33 Research published yesterday, analysts Vetle Lunde and Anders Helseth say the crypto market is dramatically underestimating the potential impact of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval. The K33 report highlights that the past three months have seen a favorable shift in the likelihood of a spot […]

$ETH: Crypto Influencer Heidi Chakos on ‘New Threat to Ethereum That No One is Talking About’

In a recent video on her highly popular YouTube channel “Crypto Tips,” Heidi Chakos, a well-known crypto educator and influencer, discussed the increasing influence of Lido, a liquid staking platform, on the Ethereum network. According to Heidi, Lido currently controls 29% of the staking power on the Ethereum network. She pointed out that Ethereum has […]

$ADA: IOG CEO Says ‘Cardano Is Probably Going To Become the Biggest Cryptocurrency in the World’

During his speech at the Rare Evo 2023 convention, Charles Hoskinson, the Co-Founder and CEO of IOG (Input Output Global), the company behind Cardano’s research and development, made a bold prediction. Hoskinson said: “So, that is our challenge, and this is why I think that Cardano is probably going to become the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. […]

Coinbase’s David Duong Analyzes the $BTC and $ETH Futures Market

In a recently published post on LinkedIn, David Duong, CFA, Head of Institutional Research at Coinbase, provided a detailed analysis of the crypto futures market, focusing on perpetual futures contracts (perps), trading volumes, and open interest across various exchanges. Perpetual Futures Contracts on Coinbase: Volume Normalization: Duong notes that the volumes in perps on Coinbase’s […]

Ethereum on the Edge: Analyst Foresees Potential Plunge Below $1,000

Prominent cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten recently expressed concerns about the future trajectory of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Sharing his insights with the 511K subscribers of his YouTube channel, Merten highlighted the absence of bullish momentum for both assets, suggesting that further market dips might be on the […]

Crypto Whale Sells $41 Million of Ethereum ($ETH) Ahead of Market Crash

A large cryptocurrency whale has liquidated over $41 million worth of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH) shortly before the cryptocurrency market crashed and lost over 6% of its value in just 24 hours. According to on-chain analysis service Lookonchain, the whale dumped 22,341 ETH then valued at $41 million in a move […]

Bloomberg’s McGlone Foresees Diminished Bitcoin Price Surges

Mike McGlone, Senior Macro Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, recently shared insights on X, the platform once known as Twitter, suggesting that the era of substantial Bitcoin price surges might be drawing to a close. McGlone points to a trend of decreasing volatility in Bitcoin in 2023, a pattern that seems to be prevalent across many […]

Ethereum Has Big Plans for the Future. Here’s What Lies Ahead

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Always do your own research before making any financial decisions. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CryptoGlobe. Stagnation means death, in life and in crypto. A […]

Coinbase Gains Regulatory Approval to Offer Bitcoin and Ether Futures Trading to U.S. Customers

Coinbase has achieved a significant milestone in its quest to offer a broader spectrum of financial products to its U.S. clientele. The company has announced that its subsidiary, Coinbase Financial Markets Inc., has been approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to function as a Fully Registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). Coinbase’s foray into […]

Donald Trump’s Ethereum Holdings Surge to $2.8 Million Amidst NFT Licensing Profits

Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s Ethereum wallet now holds assets worth over $2.8 million, a significant increase from the previously disclosed amount of between $250,000 and $500,000 in April. According to an article by Cointelgraph published earlier today, this revelation came to light in a press release shared on 14 August 2023 by the nonprofit […]

Bankrupt Crypto Lender Liquidates Billions of $SHIB and Other Tokens on Coinbase

Bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Voyager Digital has reportedly been offloading a hefty amount of cryptocurrency on Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, with over 1.4 trillion Shiba Inu ($SHIB), 781 BTC, and 9,570 ETH being burned on the platform. According to data from on-chain analysis service Lookonchain, Voyager has been selling assets on Coinbase over the last few […]

$RPL: Coinbase Ventures Shows Faith in Ethereum’s Liquid Staking Network Rocket Pool by Buying RPL Tokens

Rocket Pool stands as a decentralized Ethereum staking protocol, aiming to democratize the Ethereum staking landscape. At its core, Rocket Pool allows individuals, regardless of their technical expertise or financial capacity, to stake ETH through a decentralized network of node operators. This is all underpinned by the RPL token collateral, adding an extra layer of […]

Potential Ramifications of PayPal’s Stablecoin for Ethereum Are ‘Massive’, Says Bloomberg Analyst

Last week, digital payments giant PayPal Holdings, Inc. unveiled its U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin, PayPal USD (PYUSD), marking a strategic pivot into the Web3 and digital payment sectors. A blend of U.S. dollar deposits and short-term U.S. Treasuries anchors PYUSD. Paxos Trust Company, the entity issuing the stablecoin, guarantees its 1:1 parity with the U.S. dollar. […]

Mysterious Crypto Whale Burns $4.6 Million in ETH and Rare NFTs, Puzzling the Community

A mysterious cryptocurrency whale has recently sent tremors through the digital assets community after transferring 2,500 Ether ($ETH), equivalent to $4.6 million, into an address that no one controls, meaning the funds were burned. This was notably not the only eyebrow-raising move from the mysterious cryptocurrency wallet, identified by its Ethereum name service (ENS) address […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Addresses With a Balance Hit New Record High Above 100 Million

The number of addresses on the Ethereum ($ETH) network with a balance has recently hit a new all-time high of 104,076,868, meaning that these addresses now hold at least one wei, the smallest unit of ETH, in a figure that represents a significant rise from figures in previous years. The data comes from cryptocurrency analytics […]

Crypto Trader Makes $1.5 Million in $ETH by Outsmarting a Bot on an NFT Marketplace

In a sophisticated maneuver in the volatile world of digital assets, a trader known by the pseudonym Hanwe Chang has reportedly managed to make over $1.5 million in the second-largest digital asset by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH) by outmaneuvering a bot on a popular marketplace. According to reports from various trader, backed by on-chain data, […]

Crypto Community Reacts to PayPal’s Ethereum-Powered Stablecoin Launch

PayPal’s Groundbreaking Announcement Yesterday, PayPal Holdings, Inc., a dominant force in the digital payments realm, unveiled its Ethereum-based stablecoin, PayPal USD (PYUSD). This strategic move is a testament to PayPal’s ambition to further penetrate the burgeoning world of Web3 and digital-centric payments. According to the details shared by PayPal, PYUSD is anchored by a mix […]

Crypto Analyst Benjamin Cowen Predicts Potential 50% Drop in Ethereum Relative to Bitcoin

Prominent crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen has recently suggested that a single event could trigger a significant drop in Ethereum’s (ETH) value relative to Bitcoin (BTC). According to a report by The Daily Hodl published earlier today, in a recent discussion with Crypto Banter host Ran Neuner, Cowen speculated that the ETH/BTC pair could experience a […]

Is an XRP ETF on the Horizon?

On 13 July 2023, a significant ruling was delivered in the ongoing SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had accused Ripple Labs and its two senior executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen, of unlawfully offering and selling securities. The case was presided over by Hon. Analisa Torres, a district judge […]

Direxion Files for BTC and ETH Futures ETF in a Sign of Traditional Financial Giants’ Growing Interest in Crypto

Direxion is a financial services company that specializes in creating investment products for investors seeking more than the conventional offerings. Their products are index-based and provide investors with directional options, magnified exposure, and long-term, rules-based strategies. Founded in 1997, Direxion has grown significantly, and as of March 31, 2023, it manages approximately $27.5 billion in […]

$ETH: Crypto Analyst Benjamin Cowen on Ethereum’s Average Return on Investment

In a video update for the “Into The Cryptoverse” YouTube channel, Benjamin Cowen, a seasoned expert in Engineering with a background in Computational Mathematics and Programming, starts by discussing the concept of seasonality in the context of Ethereum. He explains that Ethereum tends to perform best in the first and second quarters of the year […]

Ethereum ($ETH), $XRP, and Solana ($SOL) Lead the Way as Altcoin Season Looms

At a time in which the flagship cryptocurrency’s dominance of the market appears to be dwindling, several altcoins have been showing signs of progress, with Ethereum ($ETH), $XRP, and Solana ($SOL) all moving upward over the last few days. Such a shift in the crypto landscape suggests that a new altcoin season could be on […]

Bitcoin Investment Products See Outflows as $ETH and $XRP Funds Attract Capital

In a surprising shift, Bitcoin (BTC) investment products saw $13 million of outflows over the past week, while investment products offering investors exposure to Ethereum ($ETH) and $XRP have both seen significant inflows. According to CoinShares’ Digital Asset Fund Flows report,  cryptocurrency investment products saw a net outflow of $6.5 million in a week, an […]

Ethereum’s Stealthy Ascent May Signal Bullish Breakout, Says Crypto Analytics Firm

According to a recent analysis by blockchain analytics firm Santiment, Ethereum has been quietly gaining traction since its correction from the $2,132 peak it reached on April 16, 2023, a little over three months ago. In a blog post published earlier today, Santiment notes that the psychological support level of $2,000 is a significant marker, […]

Ethereum ICO Participant Reawakens With 619,000% Gains 8-Year Holding Period

A massive Ethereum ($ETH) initial coin offering (ICO) participant has recently shaken up the cryptosphere after transferring a staggering $116 million in the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization to cryptocurrency Kraken after being dormant for eight years. The dormant cryptocurrency behemoth received 62,216.5 ETH tokens, now worth roughly $116 million, back in 2015 during Ethereum’s […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Burns Since London Hard Fork Top $6.5 Billion

After the launch of the London hard fork on the mainnet of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH), an astonishing 3.46 million ETH tokens valued at well over $6.5 billion, have so far been burned. According to available data, the Ethereum blockchain sees around 146,000 ETH tokens get burned every month, further helping […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Price Could Rise Nearly 60% to Hit $3,000, Crypto Analyst Predicts

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has recently revealed he has optimistic predictions for the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH), pointing to a potential upside of nearly 60%. In a series of tweets shared with their nearly 200,000 followers on the microblogging platform analyst Altcoin Sherpa outlined a potential 59% rise for […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Tops Crypto ESG Ranking, Ahead of Solana ($SOL), Cardano ($ADA), and $XRP

The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum ($ETH) has topped the first institutional grade cryptocurrency ESG ranking, in which it was followed by rival smart contract platforms Solana ($SOL) and Cardano ($ADA). According to CCData’s ESG Benchmark report, which notes Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mandates are “increasingly prevalent amongst institutional investors and funds,” with […]

Crypto Investment Products See Massive Institutional Inflows as $BTC, $ETH, and $XRP Products Lead

Institutional investors are seemingly increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies, as crypto investment products have recently seen a significant influx of funds, with products focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP leading the pack. According to CoinShares’ latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, last week saw $136 million flow into cryptocurrency investment products, marking a robust period of […]

Why Doesn’t Ethereum’s Co-Founder Stake All His ETH? The Answer May Surprise You!

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently shared some intriguing insights into his personal staking strategy for Ethereum (ETH). As Cointelegraph reported, during a June 29 episode of the Bankless podcast, Buterin revealed that he only stakes a “small portion” of his ETH. The reason? The complexities of multisignature wallets, or multisigs. Unraveling the Multisig Mystery Multisigs […]

Coin Bureau Host Foresees Two Major Catalysts for Potential Ethereum Surge

In a recent video from YouTube-based crypto market commentary show Coin Bureau, host Guy Turner discusses the potential for an Ethereum (ETH) surge due to two significant forthcoming events. The information, presented to Coin Bureau’s 2.28 million subscribers, reveals the two catalysts that could potentially inflate ETH’s value. First on Turner’s list is the anticipated […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Whales Move $140 Million to Crypto Exchanges

In a recent flurry of significant digital asset transfers, Ethereum (ETH) investors with considerable financial reserves, colloquially known as whales, have moved approximately $140 million of the cryptocurrency into leading exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and OKX. According to data from the Ethereum blockchain, first reported n by whale monitoring service Whale Alert, underscores a […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) Could See Massive Gains in Period of ‘Absolute Pleasure’, Popular Analyst Says

The anonymous host of the popular YouTube channel InvestAnswers, who has in the past said he expects Bitcoin’s price to hit $1.5 million by 2030, is forecasting bullish price tracjetories for both Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) in the near future. In a recent video shared with the host’s dedicated following of 445,000 subscribers, he […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Rival That Surge Over 100% YTD May be Losing Momentum, Analytics Firm Reveals

The price of Ethereum ($ETH) rival Solana ($SOL), a high-performance blockchain using what’s known as Proof-of-History (PoH), the Solana blockchain is able to handle thousands of transactions per second, is up over 100% so far this year, but a leading analytics firm has warned it may be losing momentum. Solana’s recent price surge, according to Santiment, was […]

Coinbase Product Head Finds $320,000 in Forgotten Crypto for Hacked User

Conor Grogan, the Head of Product at the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, has recenty through an investigation uncovered a sizable stash of idle cryptocurrencies wirth over $320,000. And subsequently traced their owner to warn them of the funds. According to a Twitter thread Grogan shared with his followers on the microblogging platform Twitter, he managed […]

Etheruem (ETH/USD) Price Analysis Report – 4 July 2023

Introduction This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Ethereum (ETH) for 4 July 2023. The data includes real-time price, volume, bid/ask, day’s range, technical indicators, and moving averages. Price and Volume Overview As of 8:06 a.m. UTC on 4 July 2023, on Binance, Ethereum is trading at $1,951.19, down by $15.64 (-0.80%) from its previous […]

Solana Labs Co-Founder Explores Ethereum as a Layer 2 Solution for Solana

On 2 July 203, Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana Labs, delved into the intriguing possibility of Ethereum functioning as a Layer 2 (L2) solution for Solana. Layer 2 solutions are bridge protocols that provide one-way security, and Yakovenko believes that Ethereum could potentially offer this for Solana. Yakovenko outlined — via a series of […]

Ethereum’s Secret Weapon: The Rise and Dominance of Arbitrum

In a recent interview with Forbes, Steven Goldfeder, CEO and Co-Founder of Offchain Labs, discussed the growing trend of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and their role in boosting the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain, thereby complementing rather than competing with it. According to Goldfeder, Ethereum stands out among Layer 1 platforms due to […]

Vitalik Buterin Feels Sorry for Ethereum Rival Solana Amidst SEC Crypto Crackdown

In a recent exchange with Matt Huang, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Paradigm, a crypto-focused venture capital firm, Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin expressed his concerns over the U.S. policy approach to cryptocurrency. His comments came in the wake of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, two of the world’s […]

French Luxury Fashion House Dior’s Limited Edition Ethereum-Powered Sneakers

Dior, the renowned French luxury fashion house, has announced its foray into blockchain. The brand is introducing a new men’s footwear line that incorporates a unique, encrypted online authentication system and corresponding “digital twin” Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This innovative approach is set to revolutionize the luxury fashion industry, offering its customers a new level of […]

Coinbase’s Ethereum L2 Blockchain, Base, Gears Up for Mainnet Launch

In a block post, published on 29th June 2023, the team behind Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) blockchain incubated by Coinbase, outlined their robust security measures in preparation for their upcoming mainnet launch. The platform aims to onboard the next million developers and billion users onchain, and security is a crucial part of this […]

CME Group Announces Ether/Bitcoin Ratio Futures

On June 29, 2023, CME Group announced the upcoming launch of Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures, set to be available starting July 31. This new offering comes in the wake of increased correlation between Bitcoin and Ether, the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. As per the announcement, the Ether/Bitcoin Ratio futures (EBR) will allow market participants […]

ETH: Ether’s Market Performance Hampered by US Regulatory Ambiguity

According to a Bloomberg article published on June 26, Ether (ETH), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, is experiencing a downturn in its market performance due to regulatory uncertainty in the United States. The ambiguity stems from the question of whether the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will categorize Ether as an unregistered security, a designation […]

Crypto Trader Capo Predicts Doom and Gloom for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins

A popular cryptocurrency trader known only by his nom de guerre Capo, which has been bearish on the cryptocurrency market for months, has issued a stark warning to the community, predicting doom and gloom for leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins. Capo, who is known as a crypto pessimist on social media, shared with his […]

HSBC Breaks New Ground with Cryptocurrency Services in Hong Kong

HSBC, the largest bank in Hong Kong, has reportedly rolled out its inaugural cryptocurrency services. According to a report published earlier today by Cointelegraph, local journalist Colin Wu says that HSBC, which is Hong Kong’s largest bank, has now opened the doors for its customers to engage in buying and selling of Bitcoin and Ethereum […]

Altcoin Daily on Recent and Upcoming Changes to Ethereum, Cardano, and Polygon You Should Know About

In a recent video from the YouTube series “Altcoin Daily,”  upgrades to Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and Polygon (MATIC) were discussed, providing valuable insights for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. The video begins by highlighting the growing confidence in Bitcoin and Ethereum, as evidenced by net outflows from exchanges. This trend indicates that more of these […]

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