On June 29, crypto influencer “MartyParty” took to the social media platform X to explain why Ethereum (ETH) HODLers should consider swapping their holdings for Solana (SOL).

MartyParty’s Personal Experience

Marty began by sharing his personal experience. He held Ethereum from the beginning and found it difficult and frightening to swap it for Solana in August 2023. Despite his initial nervousness and pride challenge, since making the switch, Solana has outperformed Ethereum by 8.9 times. He urged his followers not to make the same mistake and to swap at least 50% of their ETH to SOL before Solana breaks out over the $200 to $400 range.

Practical Advice for HODLers

Marty advised that swapping crypto is easy and should not be feared. He suggested starting small by swapping 1 ETH to SOL on any service and then swapping back, noting that the only cost would be the Ethereum gas fees, which he highlighted as a problem to be avoided.

Market Comparisons

Marty emphasized that Ethereum, with a total value locked (TVL) of $400 billion, is “doing nothing,” whereas Solana, with a TVL of $65 billion, is doing $2.5 billion in volume per day and “reinventing the internet.” He predicted that Solana would reach a market cap of $250 billion, equating to a 3x to 8x increase according to its biggest market maker, while doubting that Ethereum would reach a $1 trillion market cap due to its user experience and utility issues.

Final Thoughts and Urgency

Marty concluded by stressing the urgency of swapping from Ethereum to Solana while Solana is still under $150. He framed this advice as both financial and mental health guidance, encouraging his followers to be brave and proactive in their investment decisions. He emphasized that Ethereum’s EVM is not an execution layer but a store of value that is not better than Bitcoin. He suggested holding Bitcoin if the goal is to store value without using it for passive income or DeFi participation.

Featured Image via Pixabay