Ethereum Price

Ethereum (ETH) Looking Overbought on Short Timeframe, After Taking $300

Ethereum has been blowing up for a week, and is breaking through important resistance levels. But there is still plenty more progress that needs to be made before we see a real, serious uptrend.

Ethereum Swings Up to Save High-Timeframe Charts Price Analysis

The Ethereum market is very quiet, but there is a tiny uptrend visible. But a lot is needed to repair the higher timeframe market structures after COVID shock to the system.

ETH Showing Little Signs of Strength Amid Contraction Price Analysis

Ethereum is getting no love, and its relief rally is looking like it may be complete.

Sell Pressure Ebbing but No Bottoms in Sight for ETH Price Analysis

Ethereum’s charts don’t look good, but they could look a bit worse. While there are no clear bottoms to be seen, sell pressure seems to be running out of steam.

Ethereum Unable to Build Strength on Market Surge Price Analysis

Ethereum is getting a little bump, hanging on to Bitcoin’s coattails; but on the ETH/Bitcoin chart, we don’t see any strength to write home about.

ETH Setting Up for Potential Relief Rally Price Analysis

We’re seeing some signs of strength on LTF charts, signaling a possible bump. The dominance charts are also a bit haywire.

Ethereum Loses 44% of Value, Worst Daily Loss Ever Price Analysis

Ethereum logged its greatest ever loss against the US dollar yesterday; but perhaps unhelpfully, it continues to hold some critical levels against Bitcoin.

Some Bullish Signals Grace Ethereum Chart, as Crypto Markets Brace Price Analysis

All things considered, Ethereum is holding up well in the wider market masacre. We are seeing strength on LTF charts that may help ETH stay alive in the long run.

Ethereum Holding Up Well Amid Market Bloodbath Price Analysis

Ethereum has performed significantly better than Bitcoin after this weekend’s market carnage. The ETH/Bitcoin chart in particular is showing resilience, and is a ray of sunshine amid this gloom.

Ethereum Breaks Out of Local Bottom, Into First Resistance Price Analysis

We have a breakout for Ethereum, joining the general market in a small new uptrend. Whether or not it has longer legs is still unknown.

Ethereum Consolidating as Small Uptrend Languishes Price Analysis

Ethereum is having some heavy chop, as it tries to decide if it’s finished with a MTF downtrend-into-consolidation. The consolidation is drawing and should conclude within a week.

Ethereum Retracement Stable Amid Burning Markets Price Analysis

Ethereum is holding up quite well, better than Bitcoin, and looks ready to start a LTF uptrend – and perhaps even a MTF one if we’re lucky.

ETHs Correction May Already Be Over, As Important Levels Held Price Analysis

With global markets – both traditional and crypto – in freefall, Ethereum is hanging on surprisingly well. If it holds out the week like this, it will be the first time holding the 55 EMA for three weeks in years.

Ethereum Holds Critical Level Amid Sea of Red Price Analysis

The market is dumping, but some ETH levels still have a chance to hold … at least at time of writing. We outline them here.

ETH Looks Very Solid Except for One Indicator Price Analysis

A bull flag looks ready to break out soon, and ETH seems bullish except for the weekly histogram.

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