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Colin studied history and political economy at some pretty good universities. He also did other things. He thinks changing the nature of money will change the nature of humanity.

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OKB Compressed Into Decision Area – Price Analysis

Like the general crypto market, OKEx’s exchange token OKB has been drifting sideways inevitably, toward must be the looming end of a large consolidation. OKB is still visibly in an uptrend, but that trend is faint and could quickly collapse without a further leg up to refresh momentum. We start on the daily, and see […]

OKB Breaks Important Level, Holding Potential Uptrend

In our last foray into the market for OKEx’s exchange token OKB, we noted the importance of the area around $5.80. A few days ago, this level was taken on force, and it is now serving as support on the pullback. These are the signs of a steady uptrend that could soon see OKB breaking […]

OKB Drifting on High Timeframe, but Performs Well on Low Timeframe

In the last few days we’ve seen the impressive crypto performance from July and August – Bitcoin (BTC) breaking a multi-year barrier and following through on it – take an inevitable correction. This correction has rippled into the altcoin markets as well, and OKEx’s exchange token OKB’s long uptrend looks a bit stalled on the […]

Bitcoin Looking Topheavy at Bottom of Channel, Larger Uptrend Remains Strong — Price Analysis

The leading crypto looks ready for a dip after the important July breakout and steady August hold.

OKB Poised for Next Wave Up If $5.80 Holds; $7 Waiting in Wings — Price Analysis

OKB remains a very well behaved and tradable crypto, as it has been throughout 2019/2020. Uptrends on low- and medium-timeframes currently obtain, with a larger uptrend still needing to break the $7 area. At the moment, things are looking good for this exchange token as the markets jostle in the middle of alt season.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Closed Above Multi-Year Resistance, Massive Break Possible

A couple of respectable, but not huge surges have put Bitcoin within striking distance of a massive breakout. Most signs look good that it actually might happen — but it has not quite happened yet. More volume is needed most of all.

Ethereum (ETH) Looking Overbought on Short Timeframe, After Taking $300

Ethereum has been blowing up for a week, and is breaking through important resistance levels. But there is still plenty more progress that needs to be made before we see a real, serious uptrend.

OKB Continues Making Progress, Set Up For Breakout

OKB has continued to gather strength and looks promising on high and medium timeframes. On the shorter charts, there is a bit of worry to be had.

Bitcoin (BTC) Ready To Rocket or Plunge, Indicators Suggest

The culmination of over two months of churning looks like it must arrive soon, as mega Bitcoin moves have often been preceded by periods of calm such as this.

After Monster Rally, Dogecoin (DOGE) Pushing Multi-Year Resistance

A bell-wether signal for the altcoin market, Dogecoin is again making moves.

OKEx Token (OKB) Could See $5.50 Soon After Strong Rebound

OKB has reached the top of its post-March recovery, and while it’s been holding on well at the regional limits, we still could see a breakdown back down to $4 if the general markets go that way. But in the shorter term, a small run could continue.

OKEx Token OKB Likely To Continue Uptrending After Bull Signal

OKB remains a quiet but dependable coin. A tiny bull signal is this well behaved market should take OKB a little higher before thoughts of selling come in.

Bitcoin (BTC) Volume Lowest in Months, Poised for Massive Move Soon

Bitcoin is likely about to move, after months of sleeping, as consolidation solidifies around $9400 and volume trickles to nil.

OKB About to Test Important Level to Preserve Uptrend Price Analysis

OKB’s market has been quiet, but we are seeing a semi-important inflection level being challenged now. This quiet market could be a good one to trade, as it is likely to be cooperative.

This Indicator Suggests a Mega Bitcoin Breakout Will Arrive Soon

A hidden bull divergence at a very critical period suggests we could see a historic Bitcoin breakout soon.

First: MakerDAO Community Voting on Real-World Assets on Platform

A vote currently up on the MakerDAO platform is currently highly leaning towards a “yes”, to allow shipping contracts to be used as collateral for the DAI stablecoin.

Mixed Indicators on Bitcoin (BTC) Even As Monster Bull Signal Flashes Green

Signs of weakness are visible as Bitcoin trends within an uber-important resistance zone. But the Puell Multiple indicator is signalling bullish, presenting a mixed picture of the leading crypto.

Cardano (ADA) Explodes to Resistance with Strength After Shelly Reveal

Following the announcement of Cardano’s move to Proof-of-Stake, the altcoin has exploded up toward regional resistance—and the strength of the move is high, suggesting further moves up.

PlanBs S2F Bitcoin (BTC) Indicator Turns Bullish for the Third Time Ever

A widely regarding Bitcoin indicator called the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) indicator just lit up bullish. The last two times that happened, we saw multi-year bull runs.

Bitcoin to Rise 30,000% Within Five Years: Original Developer Adam Back

Original Bitcoin contributor Adam Back things retail investors, and mega money printing will send Bitcoin to $300k within five years.

Venezuela Suspends Free Fuel Amid Shortages, Petro (PTR) an Option for Payment

Free unlimited fuel is over in Venezuela, and one of the approved payment options for the new market is the Petro cryptocurrency.

Tezos (XTZ) Could Be Breaking $4 Soon for New Highs, if This Pattern Is True

Tezos is again looking strong, with an early-month surge toward its highs. It could be sitting within a bullish impulse wave, which would take it to new highs.

Bitcoin Racing for $20,000 Again After Bullish Monthly Close

BTC is, as we speak, challenging a three year old market structure. While the possibility of a fakeout is real, if we see a break here, $14k should come easily, and $20k without much more trouble.

Gold Has Entered All-Time High Territory, Goldman Sachs Still Hates It

Gold as back at its general ATH levels, but Goldman Sachs has looked at its data to determine that, most of the time, there are much better bets than gold. Most of the time.

Coinbase Delivers Raft of Improvements, Including ETA On Crypto Transfers

Coinbase adds some innovations to its service, with instant top-up function and dynamic ETA on crypto transfers.

Bitcoin Is Correctly Valued According to JPMorgans Intrinsic Value Calculation

Bitcoin is right where it should be, says JPM, factoring in marginal cost of production, network hashrate, difficulty, and block reward.

This Hidden Indicator Suggests Bitcoin’s Price Will Rise After Golden Cross

A Hidden Bullish Divergence on the chart is suggesting a continuation in rising Bitcoin price, as an important event looms within the next month.

Notable Bitcoin Trader and Whale Not Bullish on the Hyperinflation Narrative

If Alhambra Investments is to be believed, the demand for US dollars is not going anywhere, and is not going to hyperinflate. This spells trouble for the popular Bitcoin bull narrative.

Wrapped Bitcoin Has Exploded Since Entering MakerDAO’s System

Wrapped Bitcoin is going through the roof, and the likely explanation is its new utility on the MakerDAO platform. WBTC can now be used to mint DAI, the decentralized stablecoin.

Little-Known Cryptocurrency Pumps 500x in Four Days. Are Altcoins Back?

Opyn yCurve Insurance has had a monster pump the likes of which crypto has not seen in years. Is this a return to the bad old times?

Wall Street Cheat Sheet: Understanding Crypto Market Cycles

A couple of years ago, in 2017, the crypto markets went on an epic bull run. Between January and December 2017, we saw a 20x rise in the price of Bitcoin – and then the market crashed. Then, people shared a Wall Street Cheat Sheet chart.

OMG: ‘Coinbase Effect’ Appears to Return as Crypto’s Price Jumps 150%

The once-powerful “Coinbase effect” may be back, but it’s too soon to tell with Omise Go. Will we see the pump continue post-listing?

Jim Cramer Super Bullish on Tesla Stock, Expects Price to Go Much Higher

Veteran investor and popular analyst Jim Cramer is still super bullish on Tesla, despite worries that the stock is overheated. He thinks we will look back on its current high with bemusement.

Binance CEO CZ Thinks Bitcoin Traders Making a Big Deal Out of Nothing

Earlier today (May 21), Binance Co-Founder and CEO CZ weighed in on yesterday’s Bitcoin flash crash.

Bitcoin Currently Over $9600, but This Important Metric Suggests It’s Still Undervalued

The Puelle Multiple, which has accurately forecasted Bitcoin movements in the past, is now signalling a ‘BUY’.

This Serious Chainlink (LINK) Competitor Is Up 400% in 2020

A new oracle altcoin is blowing up, and could directly compete with Chainlink for market share. It is already one of the best performing altcoins so far in 2020.

Silver (XAG) Should Be At $62 (+260%!) According to This Analyst

Citing both historical and physical ratio levels between gold and silver, plus gold’s current price of $1750, Dumb Wealth considers silver’s current value to be about $62.

Coronavirus-Fighting Supercomputers Cryptojacked to Mine Privacy Coin Monero (XMR)

A comprehensive cryptojacking attack, perhaps performed by a single group, has hit several arrays of supercomputers housed in universities across Europe. Some of these arrays had been earmarked to perform research on COVID-19.

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Quickly Return to $20K After Upcoming ‘Golden Cross’

A bullish Golden Cross could translate into an extremely important breakout, and send Bitcoin back to $20K with ease – with a bit of luck.

Cash App’s New Bitcoin Purchase Feature Encourages Mainstream to Stack Satoshis

The new auto-buy feature on Square’s Cash App allows users to cost-average into Bitcoin, and the new display feature, shown off by Jack Dorsey, will show the user’s balance in satoshis.

‘Perfect Storm’ of Silver Demand Could Easily Send Price to $50

One prominent analyst says silver is massively undervalued, pointing to higher demand for precious metals amid a supply squeeze. This could send gold’s little brother soaring to $50 easily, which is silver’s old all-time-high.

Once Called ‘Bitcoin 2.0’, Mimblewimble-based Privacy Coin GRIN Falls Into Obscurity

Grin (GRIN) seems to have fallen by the wayside, after a highly lauded launch a year and a half ago. Many metrics seem to tell the tale of a dead altcoin project. But a closer look reveals that the privacy coin is still kicking.

Gold Testing All-Time-High as the Fed Signals Much More Pain Price Analysis

Gold, loved and hated in equal measure, has become a hot topic again as storm clouds continue building on the economic horizon.

Historic Bitcoin Breakout Looms as Powell Issues Warning Price Analysis

Bitcoin still has the potential to execute what would be a historic breakout, paving the way to easily return to all time highs, but it can’t seem to get the extra umph to do so, and we might as well see a breakdown soon.

Bitcoin Forming Alarming Double Top, But Some Analysts Bullish Price Analysis

Bitcoin is showing fatigue, just as it had a chance to break into a new territory. But it’s not out yet.

Only 24% of Crypto Investors Faithful to Bitcoin, Altcoin Trading Rising

Bitcoin is a gateway (drug) into altcoin trading, as Coinbase have found that altcoin trading represents an outsized proportion of trading per market capitalizations of all main cryptos.

Bitcoin Back Within Important Striking Distance of Bull Run Price Analysis

Bitcoin has seen another pop back to the top of regional structure, and gives it another chance for a huge break – or a double rejection.

New Bitcoin Mining Pool Comes out of Nowhere, Already 5th Largest

A new mining pool has made a splash out of nowhere, jumping onto the scene with its own hardware and funding and directly to the #5 spot. A spartan website leaves little clues as to provenance.

Monero Network Usage Back at All-Time-Highs From Phantom Usage

XMR’s network is busy, back at all time high levels. There is no apparent reason for this, although this is a testament to the crypto’s privacy features. 

JPMorgan Chase Positively Wades Into Crypto After Years of Hate

JPMorgan Chase & Co, the financial services giant, will begin providing banking services to the two biggest American crypto exchanges: Gemini and Coinbase.

Up To 30% of Bitcoin Miners Outdated After Halving: Report

A report from Poolin’s VP says that as many as 30% of Bitcoin miners are sub-25 terahash/second machines, which will no longer be competitive post-halving.

The Truth Behind the Explosive P2P Bitcoin Trading Growth in Argentina

Argentina is in the throes of yet another sovereign debt crisis, and Bitcoin trading volume in the Latin American country is soaring on the popular P2P exchanges LocalBitcoins and Paxful.

Bitcoin Spends Weekend Falling After Important Rejection Price Analysis

Bitcoin had a chance to break through a very important market structure; the first try was a failure, and we wait to see if more tries will be given by the market.

UFC Champ Eddie Alvarez Plugs Bitcoin as Tweets and Usage Climb

People are talking about Bitcoin, with Twitter mentions up; usage is also growing, all while Eddie Alvarez plugs the leading crypto with a public buy.

Ripple Co-Founder Steadily Cashing Out His XRP: Report

A new report on XRP cashflows from flipside has revealed several interesting characteristics about the XRP ecosystem, one of which is Jed McCaleb’s steady liquidation of his assets through Bitstamp.

Tesla (TSLA) Price Sees Slight Gain as Fremont Workers Set to Return

Tesla issues order for 30% of Fremont, CA workers to return to work, after California governor issues Phase II guidelines. Tesla stock is responding positively.

Lower-Tier Exchanges See Second Highest Volume Ever in April: Report

As Bitcoin and the crypo industry recovers from its death-defying drop in March, we’ve seen a new #2 peak in total volume derived mostly from activity on lower-tier exchanges.

Square Bitcoin Profits Grow More Than 700% Year-On-Year: Earnings Report

Bitcoin profits for Square were up more than 700% in Q1 2020 versus Q1 2019, and Bitcoin revenue was higher than subscription and service-based revenue for the quarter.

Bitcoin Grazes $10,000 as Halving Looms Price Analysis

Bitcoin is pushing some very important limits. And while it has not broken them yet, if it does, it could mean big things for the leading crypto in the remainder of 2020.

Justin Suns Stablecoin-Governance Coin JST Sells Out In Minutes

A new stablecoin system built on the TRON blockchain is gearing up to launch, and Justin Sun has completed both seed and public sales of the new JST CDP token. Spoiler: it’s a lot like MakerDAO.

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