Infamous market analyst Jim Cramer thinks Tesla’s (TSLA) current price will be dwarfed in the future, as evidenced by his comments yesterday on a locked-down TheStreet episode.

We’ll be saying, ‘what were we doing? [Tesla’s stock price] was only at $800’

Jim Cramer

Tesla’s price is already trending near its all-time-high at time of writing, which high was set only a couple of months ago in March at about $970. The current trading price is $827.

Cramer’s expectations regarding Tesla are informed by two moves the company is making.

First, there are rumors that Tesla may open a production plant in the US state of Texas, which will produce the company’s new electric truck.

Second, there seems to be a bit of progress on the construction of Tesla’s Giga Factory in Berlin, Germany. This factory is expected to produce the company’s Model Y vehicle.

near the highsTSLA chart by TradingView

CryptoGlobe recently reported that Tesla was planning to send workers back to work at its Fremont, CA plant, in spite of a municipal order that workers be furloughed. Little has changed since then, with only minimal workers allowed at the plant; although Tesla has recently dropped its lawsuit against Fremont county.

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