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Strategist Van de Poppe Gives Bitcoin Price Outlook for 2021, Predicts Market Top Years Away

Veteran crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe says bitcoin’s price top is still years away, predicting the asset could reach $200 – $300k from the current cycle in 2022.

Crypto Trader Tyler Swope: Don’t Miss on These Two Small-Cap Altcoins

Popular cryptocurrency trader Tyler Swope pointed to Kleros and OctoFi as two small-cap cryptocurrencies for investors to keep an eye.

Key Bitcoin Miner Metric Points to Potential Price Dip Ahead

Data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode shows bitcoin miner to exchange flow has increased substantially over the past 24 hours, indicating a potential selloff ahead.

Abra’s CEO Calls Cash ‘Worthless,’ Holds 50% of Portfolio in Bitcoin

Abra’s CEO Bill Barhydt says he has increased his position in bitcoin to 50 percent of his portfolio after noting that cash is becoming worthless.

Bitcoin Could Close Month on Second Highest Level in History, Peter Brandt Says

Veteran trader Peter Brandt says bitcoin is on pace to close the month at its second-highest level in history, following the announcement by PayPal to provide support for crypto.

Hedgeye CEO Sells All His Bitcoin, Says Market Decelerating

Risk management firm Hedgeye’s CEO Keith McCullough says he’s sold all of his bitcoin after predicting the crypto markets would enter a period of deceleration.

Global Fiat Failure Will Push Countries into Bitcoin, Says Max Keiser

Bitcoin bull and Keiser Report host Max Keiser says countries and central banks will turn to bitcoin as a hard asset in the even of global fiat failure.

OKB Drifting on High Timeframe, but Performs Well on Low Timeframe

In the last few days we’ve seen the impressive crypto performance from July and August – Bitcoin (BTC) breaking a multi-year barrier and following through on it – take an inevitable correction. This correction has rippled into the altcoin markets as well, and OKEx’s exchange token OKB’s long uptrend looks a bit stalled on the […]

Bitcoin Looking Topheavy at Bottom of Channel, Larger Uptrend Remains Strong — Price Analysis

The leading crypto looks ready for a dip after the important July breakout and steady August hold.

Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Forming ‘Incredibly Bullish’ Patterns

Former Goldman Sachs manager Raoul Pal said bitcoin is forming “incredibly bullish” chart patterns and predicted BTC would outperform all other assets over the next 24 months.

OKB Poised for Next Wave Up If $5.80 Holds; $7 Waiting in Wings — Price Analysis

OKB remains a very well behaved and tradable crypto, as it has been throughout 2019/2020. Uptrends on low- and medium-timeframes currently obtain, with a larger uptrend still needing to break the $7 area. At the moment, things are looking good for this exchange token as the markets jostle in the middle of alt season.

Tone Vays ‘Very Bullish’ On Bitcoin, Predicts Potential All-Time High

Popular crypto analyst Tone Vays is “very bullish” on bitcoin and says the crypto-asset can reach an all-time high if it sustains momentum above its trend line.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Closed Above Multi-Year Resistance, Massive Break Possible

A couple of respectable, but not huge surges have put Bitcoin within striking distance of a massive breakout. Most signs look good that it actually might happen — but it has not quite happened yet. More volume is needed most of all.

Ethereum (ETH) Looking Overbought on Short Timeframe, After Taking $300

Ethereum has been blowing up for a week, and is breaking through important resistance levels. But there is still plenty more progress that needs to be made before we see a real, serious uptrend.

Bitcoin (BTC) Ready To Rocket or Plunge, Indicators Suggest

The culmination of over two months of churning looks like it must arrive soon, as mega Bitcoin moves have often been preceded by periods of calm such as this.

OKEx Token OKB Likely To Continue Uptrending After Bull Signal

OKB remains a quiet but dependable coin. A tiny bull signal is this well behaved market should take OKB a little higher before thoughts of selling come in.

Bitcoin (BTC) Volume Lowest in Months, Poised for Massive Move Soon

Bitcoin is likely about to move, after months of sleeping, as consolidation solidifies around $9400 and volume trickles to nil.

This Indicator Suggests a Mega Bitcoin Breakout Will Arrive Soon

A hidden bull divergence at a very critical period suggests we could see a historic Bitcoin breakout soon.

Mixed Indicators on Bitcoin (BTC) Even As Monster Bull Signal Flashes Green

Signs of weakness are visible as Bitcoin trends within an uber-important resistance zone. But the Puell Multiple indicator is signalling bullish, presenting a mixed picture of the leading crypto.

Cardano (ADA) Explodes to Resistance with Strength After Shelly Reveal

Following the announcement of Cardano’s move to Proof-of-Stake, the altcoin has exploded up toward regional resistance—and the strength of the move is high, suggesting further moves up.

PlanBs S2F Bitcoin (BTC) Indicator Turns Bullish for the Third Time Ever

A widely regarding Bitcoin indicator called the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) indicator just lit up bullish. The last two times that happened, we saw multi-year bull runs.

Tezos (XTZ) Could Be Breaking $4 Soon for New Highs, if This Pattern Is True

Tezos is again looking strong, with an early-month surge toward its highs. It could be sitting within a bullish impulse wave, which would take it to new highs.

Bitcoin Racing for $20,000 Again After Bullish Monthly Close

BTC is, as we speak, challenging a three year old market structure. While the possibility of a fakeout is real, if we see a break here, $14k should come easily, and $20k without much more trouble.

This Hidden Indicator Suggests Bitcoin’s Price Will Rise After Golden Cross

A Hidden Bullish Divergence on the chart is suggesting a continuation in rising Bitcoin price, as an important event looms within the next month.

Bitcoin Currently Over $9600, but This Important Metric Suggests It’s Still Undervalued

The Puelle Multiple, which has accurately forecasted Bitcoin movements in the past, is now signalling a ‘BUY’.

This Serious Chainlink (LINK) Competitor Is Up 400% in 2020

A new oracle altcoin is blowing up, and could directly compete with Chainlink for market share. It is already one of the best performing altcoins so far in 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Quickly Return to $20K After Upcoming ‘Golden Cross’

A bullish Golden Cross could translate into an extremely important breakout, and send Bitcoin back to $20K with ease – with a bit of luck.

Historic Bitcoin Breakout Looms as Powell Issues Warning Price Analysis

Bitcoin still has the potential to execute what would be a historic breakout, paving the way to easily return to all time highs, but it can’t seem to get the extra umph to do so, and we might as well see a breakdown soon.

Bitcoin Forming Alarming Double Top, But Some Analysts Bullish Price Analysis

Bitcoin is showing fatigue, just as it had a chance to break into a new territory. But it’s not out yet.

Bitcoin Back Within Important Striking Distance of Bull Run Price Analysis

Bitcoin has seen another pop back to the top of regional structure, and gives it another chance for a huge break – or a double rejection.

Bitcoin Spends Weekend Falling After Important Rejection Price Analysis

Bitcoin had a chance to break through a very important market structure; the first try was a failure, and we wait to see if more tries will be given by the market.

Bitcoin Grazes $10,000 as Halving Looms Price Analysis

Bitcoin is pushing some very important limits. And while it has not broken them yet, if it does, it could mean big things for the leading crypto in the remainder of 2020.

Bitcoin Begins Important Breakout Out of Bull Flag Formation Price Analysis

A major event could come soon, if Bitcoin breaks out here. Both a regional structure, and a multi-year trend are at risk of being smashed, with little left in the way to $20k from there.

Bitcoin Crossroads Reached at Limit of Market Structure Price Analysis

Bitcoin is sitting on a very important fence as we go to press. It has a chance to bust through the regional trendline. No less than Bitcoin’s direction in 2020 is at stake, and we may see a decision today.

Bitcoin Teases New Bull Run as Top of Market Tested Price Analysis

All of a sudden, Bitcoin is on the verge of breaking a multi-year resistance line – just weeks before the next halving.

Bitcoin’s Price Must Move Past Key Lines Before Moving to Meet $100,000 Prediction, Crypto Analyst Says

Crypto analyst Tone Vays said bitcoin could reach $9K in the short term but expects BTC to meet stiff resistance around the $8000 price point. 

Crypto Analyst PlanB Updates Bitcoin S2F Model; Predicts $288,000 by 2024

Crypto analyst PlanB published an updated bitcoin stock-to-flow model, which predicts the price of BTC reaching $288K by 2024. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Pushing Previous Market Structure, May Break Up Soon Price Analysis

Bitcoin has been soldiering along in the aftermath of the COVID-19-economic-crisis, in a steady and quiet uptrend. Now, it is starting to test the regional limits – things may become less quiet soon.

Bitcoin Ready to Move After Month of Consolidation Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks set to move, and the runway is open for a leg up.

Gold Could Be a Buy After a Pullback to $1,700, Chart Analyst Predicts

Blue Capital Line president Bill Baruch predicts that gold will reach $2000 by the end of the year thanks to the trillions in liquidity being created by the US Fed. 

Bitcoin Looks Ready to Move After Flexing Strong Support Price Analysis

Bitcoin continues to hold some very clear levels, but is not doing much else. But with volume and volatility way down, we can expect stronger moves soon.

Gold Will Rally Above $2,000 Within Next Year, Sprott’s CEO Predicts

Sprott CEO Peter Grosskopf predicts the price of gold rallying above $2000 by early 2021 as a result of the economic fallout from coronavirus. 

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Predicts Bitcoins Price Falling to $3,200

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht predicts the price of bitcoin will fall to $3200 in 2020 as the start of a new bear cycle. 

Chainlink Ready For a Break After Massive Uptrend Price Analysis

After a multi-day breakout with a shocking rebound from the low, Chain has retaken much of its lost ground. But it’s ready to take a breather.

Bitcoin Maintaining Level but Held Down at $7,500 Price Analysis

Bitcoin has held up well in the past two-three days; now, it’s time to capitalize on that support with another leg up soon. If not, we’re going to see a breakdown before long.

Bitcoin Cash Breakout as First Halving Executes Price Analysis

Bitcoin Cash is breaking out hard, as its block reward halving executes for the first time. We need to see how the week progresses, though, to judge if it can continue.

Bitcoin’s Halving Not yet Priced in, Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder Says

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano says bitcoin’s halving is not yet priced into the coin’s value. 

Bitcoin Engaging Significant Level, Volume Still Lacking Price Analysis

Bitcoin has solid indicators and looks healthy, as it engages an important resistance zone. But it needs more buyers to punch through.

Billionaire and Early Bitcoin Investor Thinks BTC’s Price Could Reach Millions

Social Capital CEO and billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya told Anthony Pompliano that bitcoin’s price could reach millions in the coming decade as a result of economic fallout. 

Bitcoin Showing Mixed Signals as Resistance Approaches Price Analysis

Bitcoin looks okay on technical levels but is lacking of momentum and buyers. More will be needed to clear $7.5k

Crypto Whale Predicts ‘Economic Shock’ Ahead Amidst Coronavirus Meltdown

High-profile bitcoin whale Joe007 predicts massive economic turmoil ahead that will have implications for the price of bitcoin and crypto-assets. 

Wall Street’s Top Crypto Bets Outpermed the S&P 500 During Market Crash

Wall Street’s top companies betting on cryptocurrency to succeed vastly outperformed the S&P 500 during March’s market crash. 

Bitcoin Piles Strength Onto Local Uptrend Price Analysis

Bitcoin has put some important paint on the chart, and more upside now seems likely as important levels are secured.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Calls Bitcoin the ‘Peoples Money’

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, called bitcoin the “people’s money” while criticizing the Fed’s response to print trillions in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Bitcoin Not Looking Powerful After Small Surge Price Analysis

A small surge has put Bitcoin within striking distance of the local top — for the third time in the last two weeks. We wait for strength to keep it here.

Small Chainlink Uptrend Possible After Holding Bottoms Price Analysis

Chainlink has held all its really critical levels with aplomb, and we may see a small uptrend in the coming days if the market wants it.

Ethereum Swings Up to Save High-Timeframe Charts Price Analysis

The Ethereum market is very quiet, but there is a tiny uptrend visible. But a lot is needed to repair the higher timeframe market structures after COVID shock to the system.

Crypto Market Heavily Risk-Off as Potential Decoupling Shows Market Analysis

A general fear in the crypto markets is apparent, with weak longs and Bitcoin dominance threatening to regain the important 67% level. Bitcoin is mostly correlated with traditional assets at this point, although there may be some change showing up.

Bitcoin Mulls Next Move, Stuck in Middle of Structure Price Analysis

Bitcoin is not telegraphing anything clear, but some slight strength is building on the daily chart.

Bitcoin Likely Bottom at $3,700, Says Tone Vays

Crypto trading analyst Tone Vays says bitcoin likely found its bottom at $3700 during Mar. 12’s BitMEX crash. 

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