Bitcoin to Fiat/Stablecoin Volume Fell Significantly in July: CryptoCompare Report

Bitcoin to fiat/stablecoin volumes fell significantly during the month of July, according to the latest edition of CryptoCompare’s exchange review guide.

Zeus Capital Slams Chainlink (LINK) as ‘Pump and Dump’ Scheme

Asset management and research firm Zeus Capital LLP has accused the popular altcoin chainlink of being a pump and dump scheme.

93% of Bitcoin Addresses Profitable After BTC Crossed $11,000: Glassnode

On-chain analytics firm Glassnode reports 93 percent of bitcoin’s circulating supply is in profit following the asset’s move above $11K.

Chainlink Breaks Into Top 10 Cryptos on Liquidity Surge: Report

Chainlink (LINK) has reached multiple all-time highs in the last several weeks on the back of a liquidity surge and wave of exchange deposits. 

Crypto Exchanges Accepted $1.3 Billion From ‘High-Risk Addresses’: Report

According to a new report by Chinese analytics firm Peckshield, cryptocurrency exchanges accepted $1.3 billion in funds from “high-risk” wallet address through the first six months of 2020. 

Crypto Derivatives Hit a 2020 Low in June: CryptoCompare Report

According to the latest edition of CryptoCompare’s 2020 Exchange Review Guide, both derivatives and options trading plummeted during the month of June. 

Bitcoins 90-Day Active Supply Points to Bullish Phase Ahead: Report

Bitcoin’s 90-day active supply underwent a surge during the past quarter, pointing to a bullish phase in the near future according to a new report. 

Boomers, Gen-X Doubled Down on Bitcoin During Lockdown

A new report found American Baby-Boomers and Gen-Xers doubled their investment into bitcoin every month during the lockdown, revealing a shift in the industry’s landscape.

Indicator That Flashed Before Bitcoin’s Rally to Near $20,000 All-Time High Flashed Again: Report

The latest edition of Glassnode’s On-Chain analysis report reveals a potentially bullish indicator for bitcoin, as the amount of BTC last moved 1+ years ago reached an all-time high last week. 

61% of Bitcoin Hasnt Moved in Over a Year: Glassnode

Sixty-one percent of bitcoin’s circulating supply has remained unmoved for at least one year, breaking a previous all-time high established in January 2016. 

Basic Attention Token Whales Soaking Up Total Coin Supply, Report

Basic attention token (BAT) whales have entered an accumulation phase over the past week, adding nearly six percent of the coin’s total supply to their wallets.

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $50,000 With 1% Allocation From Institutions: Messari

Messari research analyst Ryan Watkins has shown that a one percent allocation from institutions such as pensions and endowments would easily take bitcoin’s market capitalization above $1 trillion and the price of BTC over $50k.

Bitcoin Investors Are Treating 2020 as an Accumulation Year: Report

Long-term bitcoin “hodlers” are treating 2020 as an opportunity to accumulate more BTC, according to a report by on-chain analytics firm Glassnode. 

Membership of ’32 ETH Club’ Grows 13% in Anticipation of Ethereum 2.0 Launch

The number of Ethereum wallets containing the minimum amount of Ether required for ETH 2.0 staking has reportedly grown to 120,000 in anticipation of Ethereum’s upcoming network upgrade. 

History Indicates Bitcoin Will Reach $20,000 in 2020: Bloomberg Report

Bloomberg’s lastest Crypto Outlook report claims that history points towards bitcoin reaching its previous all-time high of $20k by the end of the year.