CCData’s April 2024 Exchange Benchmark: Unveiling the Top-Tier Crypto Exchanges

CCData, a leading provider of digital asset market data and analysis, has recently released the latest edition (April 2024) of its highly anticipated Exchange Benchmark report. This comprehensive study, which has become an industry standard for evaluating the risk associated with cryptocurrency exchanges, offers valuable insights into the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape. The Exchange […]

Crypto Trading Volumes on Centralized Exchanges Soar to New All-Time High of Over $9 Trillion in March 2024

Recently, CCData released the latest edition (March 2024) of its Exchange Review research report. CCData is a trusted source for comprehensive data and analytics tailored to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. They go beyond simple data collection, meticulously organizing and analyzing vast datasets to unlock valuable insights for institutions and individuals navigating this space. CCData offers […]

Massive Interest in Spot Bitcoin ETFs Unveiled by CCData’s Latest DAMR Report: BlackRock & Fidelity at the Forefront

CCData serves as a leading provider of digital asset data and indices. They meticulously collect real-time and historical market data from a vast network of global cryptocurrency exchanges. This comprehensive data encompasses prices, trading volumes, order book information, and various other metrics crucial for understanding the ever-changing dynamics of numerous digital assets. CCData prioritizes the […]

Stablecoins’ Total Market Cap Explodes to $138 Billion in 2024, Reveals CCData

CCData stands at the forefront of the digital asset data space, serving as a crucial resource for anyone navigating the cryptocurrency market. Their core focus lies in gathering comprehensive market data from a vast network of global crypto exchanges. This includes real-time pricing, trading volumes, order book information, and other essential metrics for numerous digital […]

SIX Group Subsidiary Ultumus Becomes First Firm to Take Advantage of CCData’s Pioneering ‘Digital Asset Fixings Benchmark Family’

On January 17, CCData, an FCA-authorized benchmark administrator and a leader in digital asset data and index solutions, announced the launch of its Digital Asset (DA) Fixings Benchmark Family. This new offering aims to transform digital asset trading by providing an end-of-day reference price for digital assets, tailored to meet the specific needs of institutional […]

Stablecoin Shake-Up: Binance Drops BUSD as New Contenders Rise, Reveals CCData Research

CCData, a renowned FCA-authorized benchmark administrator and global leader in digital asset data, has unveiled the September 2023 edition of its “Stablecoins & CBDCs Report”. The CCData Stablecoins Report is designed to highlight significant trends and activities in the stablecoins industry. The report centers on evaluations concerning market capitalization and trading volumes of various stablecoins, breaking […]

Bitget Partners With CCData to Enhance Data Solutions for Institutional Investors

Bitget, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, has partnered with one of the most respected names in the crypto space. Founded in 2018, Bitget is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with copy trading services, serving over 20 million users across more than 100 countries. On the other hand, CCData is an FCA-authorized benchmark administrator and […]

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