Majority of Yield Farmers Don’t Understand Smart Contracts or Risks: Report

A survey conducted by CoinGecko found the majority of yield farmers had no understanding of smart contracts or the risks involved in DeFi protocols, despite reaping enormous profits.

ETH Exchange Balances Hit 6-Month Low While Over 1,000 ETH Wallets Plummet: Research

The amount of ethereum being held on exchanges has hit a six-month low amidst a general decline in wallets holding more than 1000 ETH.

New Malware Uses Tor and Bittorrent to Mine Crypto and Steal Funds

ESET researchers claim a previously undocumented malware family is using the Tor network and Bittorrent protocol to infect user computers, mine crypto and steal funds.

Singaporean Banking Giant DBS Lauds Crypto, Says Industry is Charting ‘Brave New Frontiers’

Singaporean-based financial services giant DBS has released a report lauding cryptocurrency and saying the industry is providing investors a convenient and secure alternative to fiat.

Bitcoin to Fiat/Stablecoin Volume Fell Significantly in July: CryptoCompare Report

Bitcoin to fiat/stablecoin volumes fell significantly during the month of July, according to the latest edition of CryptoCompare’s exchange review guide.

Zeus Capital Slams Chainlink (LINK) as ‘Pump and Dump’ Scheme

Asset management and research firm Zeus Capital LLP has accused the popular altcoin chainlink of being a pump and dump scheme.

93% of Bitcoin Addresses Profitable After BTC Crossed $11,000: Glassnode

On-chain analytics firm Glassnode reports 93 percent of bitcoin’s circulating supply is in profit following the asset’s move above $11K.

Chainlink Breaks Into Top 10 Cryptos on Liquidity Surge: Report

Chainlink (LINK) has reached multiple all-time highs in the last several weeks on the back of a liquidity surge and wave of exchange deposits. 

Crypto Exchanges Accepted $1.3 Billion From ‘High-Risk Addresses’: Report

According to a new report by Chinese analytics firm Peckshield, cryptocurrency exchanges accepted $1.3 billion in funds from “high-risk” wallet address through the first six months of 2020. 

Crypto Derivatives Hit a 2020 Low in June: CryptoCompare Report

According to the latest edition of CryptoCompare’s 2020 Exchange Review Guide, both derivatives and options trading plummeted during the month of June. 

Bitcoins 90-Day Active Supply Points to Bullish Phase Ahead: Report

Bitcoin’s 90-day active supply underwent a surge during the past quarter, pointing to a bullish phase in the near future according to a new report. 

Boomers, Gen-X Doubled Down on Bitcoin During Lockdown

A new report found American Baby-Boomers and Gen-Xers doubled their investment into bitcoin every month during the lockdown, revealing a shift in the industry’s landscape.

Indicator That Flashed Before Bitcoin’s Rally to Near $20,000 All-Time High Flashed Again: Report

The latest edition of Glassnode’s On-Chain analysis report reveals a potentially bullish indicator for bitcoin, as the amount of BTC last moved 1+ years ago reached an all-time high last week. 

61% of Bitcoin Hasnt Moved in Over a Year: Glassnode

Sixty-one percent of bitcoin’s circulating supply has remained unmoved for at least one year, breaking a previous all-time high established in January 2016. 

Basic Attention Token Whales Soaking Up Total Coin Supply, Report

Basic attention token (BAT) whales have entered an accumulation phase over the past week, adding nearly six percent of the coin’s total supply to their wallets.

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $50,000 With 1% Allocation From Institutions: Messari

Messari research analyst Ryan Watkins has shown that a one percent allocation from institutions such as pensions and endowments would easily take bitcoin’s market capitalization above $1 trillion and the price of BTC over $50k.

Bitcoin Investors Are Treating 2020 as an Accumulation Year: Report

Long-term bitcoin “hodlers” are treating 2020 as an opportunity to accumulate more BTC, according to a report by on-chain analytics firm Glassnode. 

Membership of ’32 ETH Club’ Grows 13% in Anticipation of Ethereum 2.0 Launch

The number of Ethereum wallets containing the minimum amount of Ether required for ETH 2.0 staking has reportedly grown to 120,000 in anticipation of Ethereum’s upcoming network upgrade. 

History Indicates Bitcoin Will Reach $20,000 in 2020: Bloomberg Report

Bloomberg’s lastest Crypto Outlook report claims that history points towards bitcoin reaching its previous all-time high of $20k by the end of the year. 

Electric Capital: ‘Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus Is Hastening’ Crypto Adoption

Government monetary and fiscal policies are speeding up mainstream adoption of crypto, according to an investor update by early stage venture firm Electric Capital. 

Most of Tether is Used on Centralized Exchanges for Arbitrage, Report

Blockchain analytics firm Flipside Crypto claims the majority of Tether is used for arbitrage on centralized exchanges. 

Bitcoins Declining Investor Sentiment and Liquidity Points Towards Bearish Downturn, Report

Crypto analytics firm Glassnode says a decline in bitcoin liquidity and investor sentiment points towards a bearish downturn. 

JPMorgan: Surging Gold Prices Reflect Lack of Confidence in Central Bank Currencies

JPMorgan analysts released a report claiming the surge in gold prices since the start of the COVID-19 economic crisis indicates a lack of investor confidence in central bank-backed currencies. 

Top-Tier Crypto Exchanges Experience Historic Volume Ahead of Bitcoin’s Halving

Top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges experienced a historic day of trading on April 30th, according to new insights compiled by CryptoCompare. 

Bitcoin Whales Started Accumulating Ahead of the Halving, Report Claims

Crypto analytics platform Santiment claims bitcoin whales and dormant addresses have begun moving BTC again, potentially signaling a sell-off after next week’s halving. 

Binance Was the Only Platform to See Derivatives Grow in April, CryptoCompare Reveals

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance was the only trading platform in the space to see its derivatives trading volumes grow last month, to a total of $108 billion.

Two-Thirds of Europeans Believe Cryptocurrencies Will Be Around in 10 Years, Survey Shows

Two-thirds (66%) of Europeans believe cryptocurrencies will still exist in 10 years, according to a poll conducted by the European arm of cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer.

Long-Term Bitcoin Holders Unfazed by Market Volatility: Report

Long-term bitcoin holders remained unfazed through March’s crypto market meltdown and capitalized on the discounted prices to increase their positions. 

Majority of Crypto Spending Is on Food and Clothing, Not Drugs: Survey

A new survey found that the majority of crypto spending is made on day-to-day purchases such as food and clothing, rather than illicit items such as drugs and weapons. 

Bitcoin Trading Into USDt Nearly Tripled in March, CryptoCompare Data Shows

Bitcoin trading into USDT nearly tripled in March as the crypto markets underwent a large amount of volatility.

Institutional Derivatives Volumes Went Cold After Crypto Market Crash: CryptoCompare

Institutional derivatives trading plummeted following March’s crypto market crash, despite the industry experiencing its single largest day of volume trading. 

Bitcoin Moderately Correlated With S&P 500 in Q1–Report

A new report from Binance Research shows bitcoin held a moderately positive correlation with the S&P 500 during the first quarter of the year and null relationship with gold. 

Bitcoin Will Be More Attractive as Coronavirus Crisis Unfolds: CryptoCompare Report

A new report by crypto analytics platform CryptoCompare claims that bitcoin will be a more attractive asset as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, particularly in light of governments implementing inflation-generating policies. 

MIT Researchers Discover Counterattacks Prevented Bitcoin Gold Doublespend

MIT researchers discovered that miner “counterattacks” were able to prevent doublespends during the recent 51 percent attacks on bitcoin gold’s blockchain. 

Research Shows Ethereum Whales Moved Millions of Ether in Recent Dip

Ethereum whales moved millions of ether in the lead up and immediate aftermath of the dip on Mar. 8.

Better Business Bureau Ranks Cryptocurrency as Second Riskiest Scam

The Better Business Bureau’s 2019 Scam Tracker Report ranks cryptocurrency as the second riskiest scam on the market. 

Binance Research Suggests Altcoin Season is About to Start

A new report by Binance Research cites an uptick in altcoin trading volume and fluctuations in bitcoin’s dominance as evidence for a new altcoin season. 

JP Morgan Report: Mainstream Adoption for Blockchain Still Years Away

A recent Prospectives report by JPMorgan claims that blockchain is still years away from mainstream adoption despite making large strides in certain sectors. 

Half of U.S. Organizations Compromised by Ransomware and Phishing Attacks, Report

A new report by cybersecurity firm Proofpoint found that half of US organizations were compromised by a phishing attack or ransomware in 2019. 

Cryptocurrency Hackers Were More Active in 2019, but Were Less Successful

The total monetary value of crypto theft declined in 2019 despite the overall activity of hackers increasing. 

Monero Cryptominers Exploit Windows 7 EternalBlue Vulnerability

Monero crypto miners have exploited a Windows 7 security flaw to infect a network with malware.

Fundstrats Tom Lee: Bitcoin Can Gain 100% in 2020

Tom Lee provided an excerpt from Fundstrat’s forthcoming 2020 Crypto Outlook report, and says that the price of bitcoin could increase more than 100 percent in 2020. 

BitMEX Report: Almost All IEOs Down 80% or More

A new BitMEX report found that the majority of the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) followed since May have declined more than 80 percent in value, despite bitcoin undergoing a price resurgence. 

Turning $10 to $90,000: Bitcoin Was the Best Investment of the Decade

A new report by Bank of America claims bitcoin was the best investment of the decade, with one dollar invested at the beginning of 2010 being worth more than $90,000 today.

Crypto Mining Attacks Dropped in 2019 but Ransomware on the Rise: Kaspersky

A new security report by Kaspersky found that crypto-mining attacks fell sharply during 2019 but that crypto-based ransomware is on the rise. 

Grayscale Study: 43% of Investors Interested in Bitcoin are Women

A new study by Grayscale found that 43 percent of investors interested in bitcoin are female and that men and women share similar perceptions on crypto assets. 

CipherTrace AML Report: 65% of Top 120 Crypto Exchanges Lack ‘Strong’KYC

Crypto intelligence firm CipherTrace says in its Q3 Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report that “vast majority of popular exchanges have poor or porous KYC.”

Low-Tier Exchanges Still Dominate Cryptoasset Industry Report

After another exhaustive rating of more than 100 cryptoasset exchanges, CryptoCompare have found that lower-quality exchanges carry most of the trading volume within the industry. This number has increased during 2019, and market quality serves as a broad reflection of an exchange’s overall quality.

Data Analytics Firm LongHash Refutes Tether Manipulation Causing Bitcoin’s 2017 Bull Run

Crypto data analytics firm LongHash has published a report refuting Tether’s manipulation of the market and influencing bitcoin’s price during the late-2017 BTC bull rally.

Half of Financial Pros Think Bitcoin Will Outperform S&P 500 in 2020

A new survey by Chainalysis found that half of financial professionals believe that bitcoin will be the top-performing asset in 2020.

Over 5% of UK Citizens Own Bitcoin, With More Planning to Invest

A new survey of 2500 UK citizens aged 18 to 65+ reveals that 5.3% have already invested in bitcoin with an additional 6.8 percent of those polled saying they intend to buy BTC in the future. 

Ethereum 2.0 Staking Expected to Double Economic Activity to $16 Billion

A new Binance Research report claims that Ethereum 2.0 staking will double the economic activity of the network to more than $16 billion. 

Trans-Fee-Mining Exchanges’ Market Share in Decline – Report

CryptoCompare’s monthly exchange review has found that exchanges employing the so-called “trans-fee-mining,” or Transaction Fee Mining (TFM) model have taken a huge hit in their collective market share of cryptoasset trading volume. Together they processed less than half the volume this month versus last month, while traditional exchanges barely moved at all.

Only 8% of Chinese College Students Own Crypto, Survey Finds

A new survey shows that eight percent of Chinese college students have invested in crypto-assets and more than one-quarter would choose to work in the industry of blockchain after graduation. 

Netflix is Dominating BitTorrent in Volume But Torrenting Could Make a Return: Report

Netflix is dominating filesharing services like BItTorrent in terms of user volume, leading some ISPs to conclude that the rise of streaming has all but killed the privacy movement prevalent in the earlier days of the internet. 

Institutional and Retail Interest in Cryptoassets is Waning, New Report Shows

A new report shows that institutional interest in bitcoin and crypto-assets is on the decline, in addition to market sentiment from retail investors. 

Brave Proposes Crypto-Fueled Fully Decentralized VPN

Brave Browser, the group behind the BAT token, has announced a proposal to create a fully decentralized virtual private network. However, some community members are concerned that too much anonymity may lead to illicit web hosting.

Binance Research Says Bakkt Contributed to Bitcoins Price in September

The research division of leading crypto exchange BInance published a new report attributing bitcoin’s falling price in September to the lackluster start for futures contract trading platform Bakkt. 

Tether Issuance Correlated with Bitcoin Price Surges, Academic Research Finds

Recent work has exposed problems in the relationship between cryptocurrency price data and the models that have attempted to track its price movements and assess risk. The work from the University of Sussex Professor of Finance (Accounting and Finance) Carol Alexander and PhD student Michael Dakos has also exposed further information regarding the much-discussed ‘Tether […]

One Exchange Racked Up 50% of all Tether Volume in August

Just one exchange, Singapore-based BitMax, accounted for over 50% of all volume of trade in Tether (USDT) during August.