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Francisco is a cryptocurrency writer who's in love with technology and focuses on helping people see the value digital currencies have. His work has been published in numerous reputable industry publications. Francisco holds various cryptocurrencies

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Crypto Influencer Receives $1 Million in $ETH After Simply Asking, Promising Nothing in Return

The cryptocurrency community has recently responded to an unusual request on social media in an unexpected way. After an influencer, Pauly0x, tweeted out his Ethereum ($ETH) wallet address with a promise to followers that they would receive “absolutely nothing” in exchange for sending him ETH, he received over $1 million worth of the cryptocurrency. According […]

Litecoin ($LTC) Network Activity and Price Surge Ahead of Its Halving, Following Historical Pattern

Activity on the Litecoin ($LTC) netowrk has surged as August approached, as the cryptocurrency that’s often referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold is set to undergo its third halving event then. The event will reduce the per-block reward from the current 12.5 Litecoin (LTC) to just 6.25 LTC, a move that history suggests […]

$ETH: Crypto Exchange KuCoin Burned Millions of Ethereum in Mysterious Event

In September 2021, thousands of deposit addresses from popular cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin sent tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Ethereum’s native token $ETH to a burn address, also known as a null address, for unclear reasons. The unusual event, which spanned over three days starting on September 7, involved over 3,500 transactions of Tether’s […]

Cardano-based Decentralized Exchange Minswap Hits New All-Time High Daily Trading Volume

Minswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on the Cardano ($ADA) blockchain has recently experienced a record-breaking day of trading volume, reaching an all-time high volume of 54.98 million ADA, equivalent to approximately $20.93 million. The volume, according to the cryptocurrency exchange, accounted for a little over 90% of all the trading volume among decentralized exchanges […]

Bitcoin Sees Flash Rally to $70,000 on Decentralized Exchange Amid Low Liquidity

The price of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin has recently hit a $70,000 high on the decentralized exchange PulseChain, catapulting from its current price level of around $27,000 in a flash surge. In an electrifying 20 minutes, the price skyrocketed, presenting a stark contrast to the cryptocurrency’s spot value of $27,000. However, the meteoric rise proved […]

Over 70% of Cardano ($ADA) Addresses Are Sitting on Losses, Despite DeFi Growth

A significant 71% of all Cardano (ADA) addresses, or around 3.12 million, are currently underwater on their holdings in the smart contract platform’s native token, meaning the value they acquired the tokens for is above current market prices. According to data from blockchain market intelligence firm IntoTheBlock, with Cardano trading at around $.0379 per token, […]

Dogecoin ($DOGE): Key Indicator Suggests There’s a Looming Price ‘Storm’ Ahead

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) has been noticeably lagging market-leading cryptocurrencies so far this year. A key chart indicator, the Bollinger bands, are now suggesting that there’s a looming price “storm” ahead for the memecoin. According to analysis conducted by popular cryptocurrency analyst Satoshi Club, the bandwidth of the Bollinger bands, which is determined by […]

$XRP Ledger Witnesses Unprecedented Address Activity Spikes as Price Decouples

The $XRP Ledger, the native network of the XRP token, has recently seen its second and third-largest address activity spikes of all time, in the span of just two days. The event could potentially signify upcoming substantial changes in the network’s market position. The number of addresses interacting with the network recently ballooned to an […]

‘Meme Lord’ Trader Makes $450,000 From $30,000 by Investing in Meme Coins $SHIB, $PEPE, and $TSUKA

A “meme lord” trader has managed to turn $30,000 worth of digital assets into about $450,000 in three years by managing to be early in a number of memecoins, including the most popular ones like Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and Pepe Coin ($PEPE). According to digital asset market monitor OnChainDataNerd, the trader managed to identify memecoins […]

Ethereum ICO Participant Resurfaces and Transfers 8,000 $ETH After it Appreciated Nearly 600,000%

A dormant cryptocurrency whale that participated in Ethereum’s initial coin offering (ICO) back in 2015 has sprung back to life. The whale purchased 8,000 $ETH, equivalent to nearly $15 million at the time of writing, during the ICO. According to blockchain monitoring service Lookonchain, the reactivation process started with a cautious initial transaction, involving a […]

Massive Bitcoin Whale Moves Over $800 Million in $BTC Out of Dormant Wallets

A massive Bitcoin whale has moved a staggering 31,000 $BTC that’s, at the time of writing, worth more than $820 million, out of its cold wallets that had been inactive since late 2022 and had received funds from multiple exchanges. According to data unveiled by prominent blockchain intelligence firm Arkham Intelligence, the wallets’ history suggests […]

Dormant Shiba Inu Whale Moves 500 Billion $SHIB to Exchange After Making $70 Million Profit on It

A large Shiba Inu ($SHIB) whale that had been dormant for over seven months has relocated an eye-popping sum of nearly 500 billion $SHIB tokens to the declining cryptocurrency exchange HotBit, presumably to sell the tokens after making a significant profit with them. HotBit has notably announced it’s halting operations earlier this month and asked […]

Mysterious Anonymous Bitcoin Miner Rakes in $1.7 Million in $BTC Rewards in a Day

A mysterious new cryptocurrency miner has managed to, seemingly as a new participant, mine over $1.7 million worth of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) within a single day by managing to find numerous blocks. Each Bitcoin block contains 6.25 BTC, along with the transaction fees paid for the transactions included in that block. The fact […]

Ron DeSantis-Themed Token $RON Surges Over 7,000% After Presidential Campaign Launch

In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency world, often new tokens are immediately launched after notable events occur. Now, a fresh wave of tokens themed around the upcoming U.S. presidential election has started catching the eye of speculative investors, to the point one surged over 7,000% in 24 hours. According to a report, a token bearing the moniker […]

Robinhood Moves 8% of Dogecoin ($DOGE) Supply To New Mysterious Wallet

Popular commission-free trading platform Robinhood has, according to data from the blockchain, moved around 8% of the supply of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) to a new mysterious wallet. The development means that the supply of DOGE Robinhood held in its wallets, which was once holding steady at around 24%, has plunged to 16% following […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Set for ‘Big Move’ as Sell-Side Risk Ratio Hits Record Low

While the price of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) has recently hit a ten-week low, one analyst has recently suggested that the cryptocurrency’s price is set to soon undergo a “big move.” On the microblogging platform Twitter Checkmate, the lead on-chain analyst at Glassnode, has observed a growing sense of “exhaustion” among market participants. He […]

Stablecoins’ Market Capitalization Contracts for 14th Month in a Row

This month the total market capitalization of the stablecoin sector within the cryptocurrency space has reached its lowest level since September 2021, marking its fourteenth consecutive month of decline, as it fell 0.45% to $130 billion as of May 23. According to CCData’s latest Stablecoins & CBDCs report, stablecoin trading volumes fell this month by […]

Refinitiv and CCData Empower Institutional Investors with Granular Digital Asset Data

Bolstering the accessibility of digital asset data for institutional investors CCData, a prominent provider of digital asset data and indices, has unveiled its Level 2 (L2) Order Book data on Refinitiv’s Data Platforms, allowing institutional investors to access high-quality, trust digital asset order book data. The news of the development, which deepens the digital asset […]

Microsoft and Goldman Sachs Join Forces in Effort That Could Help Mainstream Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH)

In a follow-up to their historic rally in 2021, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are presently mired in a lackluster performance, with speculators forecasting a resurgence of the bull run. The value of Bitcoin, despite a near doubling from its lows in late 2022, has found it challenging to rekindle its upward trajectory this year. […]

Upbit Distributes xCORE Airdrop Tokens to $XRP and $SOLO Holders

Major South Korean cryptocurrency trading platform Upbit has started distributing xCORE tokens to holders of $XRP and of $SOLO that held their assets at the time of the airdrop’s snapshot, and plans on supporting withdrawals in the near future. In a recently published announcement, Upbit detailed that the airdrop distribution has now started and is […]

JPMorgan Strategist Urges Investors to Ditch Stocks and Buy Gold Amid Recession Fears

JPMorgan’s chief global markets strategist Marko Kolanovic has suggested investors reevaluate their portfolios amid global recession fears, recommending investors reduce their stock holdings and diversify into cash and gold as a precautionary measure. According to Markets Insider, Kolanovic recently expressed concerns in a memorandum regarding the buoyant rally of stocks this year, which have seen […]

Solana ($SOL) Integrates AI With ChatGPT Plugin to Make Blockchain More ‘Usable and Understandable’

The Solana Foundation, a nonprofit entity dedicated to the maintenance and development of the Solana blockchain, revealed that it has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) using a ChatGPT plugin developed by Solana Labs. The developers of Solana informed that the ChatGPT plugin is readily available on GitHub for download, as Cointelegraph reports, as it aims to […]

$ADA: Memecoin $SNEK Surges 200% in a Week as Cardano’s Transaction Volume Rises

In a dramatic surge over the past week, the price of $SNEK, a meme coin rooted in the Cardano ($ADA) ecosystem, has escalated by more than 200% in a leap that took place predominantly over the weekend, a time generally characterized by reduced trading volume. SNEK is, at the time of writing, trading at $0.00038 […]

Mysterious ‘Super Memecoin Hunter ‘Bags $1 Million in 30 Days Trading 104 Tokens

A mysterious “super” memecoins hunter has managed to trade with gains worthy of Wall Street titans, as the trader has managed to mage an astounding 562.64 ETH, worth more than $1 million, in little over a month trading memecoins. According to popular on-chain analytics resource Lookonchain, the entity behind these trader, which the firm referred […]

Crypto Funds Lose Millions for Fifth Week as $LTC and $XRP Attract Investors

Institutional investors have kept on moving funds out of cryptocurrency investment products over the past week, marking a fifth consecutive week of outflows that has now reached a cumulative $232 million. The outflow represents a 0.7% decrease in total assets under management. According to CoinShares’ latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, the volume of cryptocurrency […]

Cardano’s Transaction Volume Surged 205% Year-to-Date Amid Whale Accumulation

The smart contract platform Cardano ($ADA) has seen significant growth in its transaction volume so far this year, as the network keeps on growing amid what appears to be a resurgent wave of investor interest. In a newly published analysis by data analytics firm IntoTheBlock, Cardano was recognized for its robust on-chain performance in recent […]

Litecoin ($LTC) Futures Open Interest Hits Record High Ahead of Halving

Litecoin ($LTC) futures derivative contracts have seen an open interest exceeding $420 million, marking an impressive 22% growth since the beginning of the year. Growing appetite for Litecoin may be influenced by several factors. According to data from Coin Glass, first reported by The Block, open interest in Litecoin futures has grown to the highest […]

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Burn Rate Skyrockets by 8,000% as Shibarium Unveils Burn Mechanism

The burn rate of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has recently surged by more than 8,000% as millions of tokens are moved to inaccessible wallets and effectively removed from circulation. According to SHIB burn tracking platform Shibburn, over the last 24-hour period a total of 50.18 million tokens were burned. The figure came through […]

Bitcoin Miners Dump $55 Million Worth of $BTC Amid Price Drop to Key Support Level

Bitcoin ($BTC) miners have sold some 2,000 coins worth around $55 million over a single 24-hour period, at a time in which cryptocurrency investors are focusing on a key support level that the cryptocurrency has to bounce back from before dipping further. According to popular cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez, Bitcoin miner reserves have dropped by […]

Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem Hits 400 Million $ADA in TVL as Minswap Leads the Way

The total value locked on Cardano’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has reached a new milestone after surpassing the 400 million $ADA milestone for a brief period, to now stand at around 399 million ADA. According to data from DeFi tracking and analytics service DeFiLlama, the total value locked on Cardano, represented in U.S. dollars, is […]

$XRP Price Surges as SEC Case Against Ripple Turns in Favor of Crypto Firm

The price of $XRP, the native token of the XRP Ledger, has risen nearly 10% over the last few days on reports that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) case against Ripple Labs, a major player in the cryptocurrency’s ecosystem, is now tilting in favor of the fintech firm. According to available market data, […]

Litecoin ($LTC) Price Surges to One-Month High as It Outperforms Other Top Cryptos

The price of Litecoin ($LTC) a digital currency often referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, has seen its price climb more than 15% over the past week to a one-month high of over $95, although the cryptocurrency has since dropped to $92. The price rally has seen LTC outperform most other major cryptocurrencies, […]

Bitcoin Whales Accumulate $2.32 Billion Worth of $BTC in a Month

Data from the Bitcoin ($BTC) blockchain has shown that there has recently been a surge in acquisitions by the so-called “whales” of the cryptocurrency world. These deep-pocketed entities, known for holding between 1,000 and 10,000 Bitcoin, have amassed an additional $2.32 billion worth of the crypto behemoth in a period just over a month. According […]

Ripple Unveils $XRP Ledger-Based Platform for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Fintech firm Ripple is launching a platform tailored for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). This unique platform, which is based on the $XRP Ledger, aims to empower central banks, governments, and financial institutions to create and manage their own digital currencies. Ripple’s novel CBDC platform equips these institutions with the ability to oversee the full […]

Crypto Giant Reawakens: Ethereum ($ETH) ICO Participant Stakes $7.4 Million After Years of Dormancy

In a display of confidence in the long-term prospects of the second-largest digital currency by market capitalization, Ethereum ($ETH), a mysterious cryptocurrency whale has recently sprung back into action after over two years of inertia, staking 4,032 ETH, worth around $7.4 million. According to the popular blockchain analysis service Lookonchain, the investor was an early […]

Mysterious ‘BlackRock Fund’ Crypto Whale Trillions $PEPE After Making 10x Trading it

A mysterious cryptocurrency whale wallet under the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain blackrockfund3.eth has recently caught the attention of the community after trading numerous memecoins, including the recently launched $PEPE token. According to blockchain analysis service Lookonchain, a wallet tied to the cryptocurrency whale recently withdrew 1.27 trillion PEPE tokens, worth around $2 million, from […]

$PEPE’s Memecoin Frenzy Fails to Rival Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Peaks, Santiment Reports

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency Pepe Coin ($PEPE) has seen its trading frenzy fail to rival those of rival memecoins Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and Dogecoin ($DOGE), according to an analysis conducted by popular crypto analytics firm Santiment. According to the firm, PEPE’s trading frenzy saw its daily trading volume reach $2 billion. The figure, when held up […]

Tether Commits to Buying Bitcoin ($BTC) Using 15% of Net Realized Profits

Leading stablecoin issuer Tether, the firm behind the USDT token, has recently revealed that it amassed $2.5 billion in excess reserves, and that it now plans to use 15% of its realized net operating profits to invest in the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC). According to a recent announcement, Tether’s excess reserves currently account for approximately […]

Mysterious Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Whale Accumulate 20 Trillion Tokens to Become Fifth Largest Holder

A newly formed mysterious Shiba Inu ($SHIB) wallet has recently accumulated a whopping 20 trillion tokens for around $176.8 million, making it the fifth-largest holder of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency. The investor now holds around 2% of the cryptocurrency’s supply. The accumulation came through four equal transactions, each contributing 5 trillion SHIB to the investor’s digital […]

Bankrupt Crypto Lender Moves to Recover Nearly $800 Million in Staked Ethereum ($ETH)

Bankrupt cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius has moved to reclaim its Lido staked Ether (stETH) tokens from liquid staking platform Lido after the latter recently enabled withdrawals. These withdrawals came in after Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade allowed investors to unstake their $ETH. Celsius has commenced the process of retrieving its Lido Staked Ether tokens according to blockchain […]

Bitcoin Addresses Holding at Least One Whole $BTC Cross the One Million Mark

Bitcoin ($BTC) adoption has kept on rising over the past few months with the rise of the total number of unique addresses holding at least one BTC reaching a new high above the one million mark. According to blockchain data shared by analysis firm Glassnode, the new record was set on May 12 and shows […]

TechCrunch Founder Criticizes SEC for Disfavoring Ripple’s Democratization of $XRP Trading

Michael Arrington, the founder of the web-based news site TechCrunch and venture capital firm CrunchFund, has recently revealed he believes that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disapproves of Ripple’s democratization of $XRP trading. Arrington’s remarks were aired during a previous episode of The Layah Heilpern Show, a podcast focusing on entrepreneurship. He suggested […]

$XRP Price Could Surge Over 800% by Year End, Crypto Analyst Says

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has recently predicted that the price of $XRP, the native token of the XRP Ledger, could soon see a significant surge that should start in the near future. His projects show the cryptocurrency could trade at $3.82 by the end of the year, a near 880% rise. Pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst Dark […]

Dogecoin ($DOGE) Surpasses Bitcoin and Litecoin in Transaction Volume as DRC20 Tokens Take Off

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin ($DOGE) has seen its daily transaction volume surge to a new all-time high, to the point that it surpassed the transaction volumes of the largest digital currency by market capitalization, Bitcoin ($BTC), and that of a cryptocurrency often seen as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin ($LTC). According to data shared […]

Mysterious Dogecoin Whale Moves $930,000 in $DOGE After Musk Steps Down as Twitter CEO

A mysterious Dogecoin ($DOGE) whale has transferred over 13 million tokens of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency in a series of transactions that came shortly after Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk announced his intention to install a new CEO for the microblogging platform Twitter. The DOGE whale moved the 13 million tokens, worth over $927,000 […]

Ripple Making Waves in Dubai: Gov’t Media Office Hails It as Enterprise Blockchain Leader

The official media office of the Dubai government has recognized leading fintech firm Ripple as a leading provider of enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. The recognition comes on the heels of Ripple’s recent expansion into the bustling city with a brand-new office. Dubai’s forward-thinking stance on emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency has been reiterated […]

Mysterious Crypto Wallet Nets Nearly 1,000% Profit Post-Musk Tweet

A mysterious cryptocurrency wallet that was created right before billionaire Twitter, Tesla, and Space X CEO Elon Musk sent out a non-fungible token (NFT)-related tweet, has made an astounding 2,300% profit on that exact tweet. The immense profit it made followed Musk’s tweet about Milady Meme Coin ($LADYS), a memecoin linked to the Milady Maker […]

Crypto Analyst Says Memecoins Serve Founders, Not Communities as $PEPE Gains Traction

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has recently suggested that popular meme-inspired cryptocurrencies that have been “flooding the market” exist to help enrich their founder and not to create genuine communities looking to help the cryptocurrency ethos of banking the unbanked. Benjamin Cowen, a popular analyst with over 700,000 followers on the microblogging platform Twitter, noted that […]

Binance’s Spot Trading Volume Drops to Second-Lowest Since 2021 as Crypto Market Cools Down

The spot trading volume of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has plummeted by 48% last month, marking the second consecutive month of declines for the cryptocurrency trading platform. According to CCData’s latest Exchange Review report, Binance’s trading volume dropped to $287 billion last month, recording its second-lowest monthly trading volume since 2021. Its market share has […]

Mysterious Ethereum ($ETH) MEV Bot Makes Over $40 Million ‘Attacking’ Crypto Traders

A mysterious entity on the Ethereum ($ETH) blockchain has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community over the last few months after it started making millions of dollars and consuming a large percentage of the network’s gas fees, while operating a Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bot. According to a recently published report by blockchain data […]

BinanceUS Expands Dollar-Cost Averaging Options with Shiba Inu ($SHIB)

BinanceUS, the United States arm of the global crypto titan, Binance, has integrated a dollar-cost averaging feature for the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu ($SHIB), aimed at making it easier for the cryptocurrency’s enthusiasts to keep growing their holdings over time. The cryptocurrency exchange’s dollar-cost averaging feature is also available for numerous other major cryptocurrencies including […]

Crypto Analyst Bullish on $DOGE and $SHIB Rival Memecoin That Made Lucky Traders Fortunes

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has hinted at short-term optimism for a competitor to Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), following a substantial correction in the meme cryptocurrency market after a prolonged rally. The pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst, Kaleo, shared with his over 580,000 followers on the microblogging platform Twitter that he believes the meme-onspired cryptocurrency $PEPE, […]

Bitcoin Will Hit $70,000 by Year-End After Shaking out Weak Hands, Popular Crypto Analyst Suggests

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed that they believe the price of the flagship cryptocurrency could soon move up as it paves the way for an exponential surge in value in the future. The analyst, known as Credible Crypto on the microblogging platform Twitter where they have amassed a sizable following of over 340,000 individuals, […]

Ethereum ($ETH) Validators Earn $46 Million in a Week Thanks to Meme Coin Frenzy

In the first week of May, Ethereum validators saw their earnings surge to $46 million in a significant increase that can largely be attributed to the uptick in the staking rewards rate. The figure represents a 40% rise from the previous week’s earnings of $33 million, when 18,3339 $ETH were distributed in rewards. Over the […]

Bitcoin Supply on Exchanges Hits Lowest Level in Over Five Years

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a significant shift in trading patterns as the amount of Bitcoin on exchanges hits its lowest ratio since December 2017, a five-and-a-half-year low that suggests there’s increased interest in self-custody among traders. A lower supply of the flagship cryptocurrency on trading platforms reduces the amount of Bitcoin potentially at risk […]

$BABYDOGE Proposes Historic Burn of 100 Quadrillion Tokens

The team behind the meme-inspired cryptocurrency $BABYDOGE has, in an ambitious bid to enhance the project’s security, proposed a token burn of up to 100 quadrillion BABYDOGE tokens that have been dormant on the Ethereum network since the project launched. The proposal includes a drastic tax reduction for transactions of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency on Ethereum […]

Crypto Whales Pour Millions to Accumulate 2 Trillion $PEPE Amidst Falling Prices

In a display of high-stakes speculation, three crypto whales have invested nearly $4 million in the meme-based cryptocurrency, $PEPE coin, despite the digital asset’s declining value. Popular blockchain activity tracking service Lookonchain has reported on the microblogging platform Twitter that this substantial PEPE accumulation started after the price of the hot meme-inspired cryptocurrency started dipping. […]

Wealthy Investors Retreating from Crypto, Goldman Sachs Survey Reveals

A survey recently conducted by banking giant Goldman Sachs a marked decline in enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies among wealthy family office investors was observed, an outcome attributed to the tumultuous volatility experienced in the crypto market over the past year. According to the survey, 62% of family offices not already invested in cryptocurrencies expressed disinterest in […]

Crypto Whales Loses Over $500,000 Amid $PEPE Coin Crash

Pepe Coin ($PEPE), a recently launched meme-inspired cryptocurrency that saw its value skyrocket over the last few weeks, has seen its price plunge over the last three days, and with its drop, a cryptocurrency whale lost a whopping $500,000. After making its debut on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance on May 5, 2023, PEPE experienced an […]

Crypto Trader Scores Profitable Deal Despite Paying Whopping $120,000 Ethereum ($ETH) Gas Fee

A trader has seemingly paid nearly $120,000 for a single transaction on the Ethereum ($ETH) network as gas fees surge and memecoin trading keeps on growing on decentralized exchanges on the network. The Ethereum network is no stranger to high gas fees, but such instances have become increasingly rare since the shift from the proof-of-work […]

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