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XRP Retracement Still Safely Within Limits, Possibly Finding Support Price Analysis

Some signs of strength on the low timeframes make this troublesome altcoin worth watching right now.

Strength Building on XRP Chart After Modest Gains Price Analysis

XRP has not been exploding like many other leading and medium-cap altcoins, and is proving to be the runt of the litter. Some strength is building on the charts, though, as XRP waits its turn to leave the downtrend.

XRP Up 12% So Far Today, Breaking Resistance Levels Price Analysis

XRP broke hard up today, after a period of consolidation. Notably, it is outperforming Bitcoin, which is also uptrending and toying with a breakout scenario. A larger reversal is possible if this keeps up.

XRP Holds Up Against Bitcoin Drop Price Analysis

XRP was bought up as Bitcoin was selling off, at least on the XRP/BTC trading pair. This is a dynamic not repeated for Ethereum, and it’s worth noting. But the power of Bitcoin is strong, and outperforming a falling Bitcoin can only be so great.

XRP Squeezed at Critical Resistance Amid Sleepy Market – Price Analysis

XRP is struggling to lurch over some final hurdles, in an attempt to leave behind a very rocky period of downtrending. But the market seems mostly asleep to XRP’s needs, with very little volume in either direction as price is getting squeezed.

XRP is Showing Bullish Indicators, says Renowned Trader Peter Brandt

Renowned crypto trader Peter Brandt says XRP is showing bullish indicators according to trading charts, forming a diamond pattern that could indicate a bottom. 

XRP Uptrend Uncertain As Heavy Resistance Is Encountered – Price Analysis

XRP is engaging a resistance level over a year in the making, and its recent uptrend looks to be losing steam. But a bigger move looks due soon.

XRP Defends Beginnings of an Uptrend as Support Wanes – Price Analysis

XRP has been steaming up for the last month or so, and has just breached an important level on its USD pairing. Some of the indicators are starting to buckle, though, and it’s an open question if XRP can keep it going.

XRP Breaks Out as Altcoins Start to Run – Price Analysis

XRP is definitely breaking out, cracked multiple important resistance levels, just as Bitcoin dominance breaks levels on the way down. This major altcoin was riding the bottom of its chart, but now has a chance to reverse.

XRP Gets Hit Hard Over Weekend, Is the Rally Over? – Price Analysis

XRP has taken a hit after Bitcoin led the markets down, and now stands at a critical point in its local structure. It should reversal here in order to preserve its new uptrend – or fall back into the lows.

XRP Breakout Likely Begun – Price Analysis

XRP’s breakout seems to have got underway, with everything pointing up, including price. Bitcoin dominance is falling and other altcoins are starting to see some decent gains, and one gets the feeling that a general altcoin relief will attend the final leg of Bitcoin’s consolidation.

XRP Reversal Signs Are Mounting – Price Analysis

XRP is sending off a lot of smoke signals these days, along with other top altcoins, that they are ready to retake some of their market share from Bitcoin. Positive crosses on both the BTC and USD pairings, on the 3-day and weekly should arrest our attention.

XRP Looking Like Recovery, But Volume Still Lacking – Price Analysis

Some news-driven XRP carnage seems to have been stymied quickly. Steady if weak growth on both short and long term indicators gives us hope that XRP’s endless decline may end soon – but this is pure speculation until more strength is apparent.

XRP Falls Out of Short Leg Up, Carving A Bottom – Price Analysis

XRP, like many altcoins, is searching for its bottom after death-defying capitulations. It seems to be getting there. Meanwhile, a failed breakout makes XRP a dangerous trade in the short term.

XRP Where-Is-The-Bottom? Edition – Medium Term Price Analysis

XRP heads into some very old price territory on the BTC chart, after level after level has given way during the Bitcoin bull. Where can price be held? We look far into the past to find out.

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