Ripple Ecosystem Expands: BCB Group Chooses Metaco for Secure Crypto Custody

On April 9, BCB Group announced that it had transitioned its digital asset custody operations to Metaco’s custody orchestration platform. BCB Group is a London-based financial services company specializing in the digital asset sector. They are Europe’s top provider of business accounts and trading services for companies that operate with cryptocurrencies. Some of their major […]

Prominent Analyst on Ripple’s Upcoming XRPL-Powered USD-Backed Stablecoin: ‘This Changes Everything for Ripple’

Last Friday, Kevin Paffrath, on his highly popular YouTube channel Meet Kevin, kicked off the discussion by highlighting Ripple’s landmark victory in July 2023, when the SEC declared that the XRP token is not inherently a security. Paffrath pointed out how this regulatory win was a pivotal moment for Ripple, setting a precedent for the […]

Ripple Plans to Launch USD-Backed Stablecoin on Ethereum and XRP Ledger

Ripple, a leading provider of enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, announced its plans to launch a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar (USD) on April 4, 2024. The stablecoin will be fully backed by a reserve of US dollar deposits, short-term US government treasuries, and other cash equivalents, with monthly attestations published by a […]

U.S. SEC Asking the Court To Hit Ripple With ‘$2B in Fines and Penalties’ in XRP-Related Lawsuit, Reveals Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer

On July 13, 2023, in the case of SEC v. Ripple Labs, Inc., document number 2023 WL 4507900 in the Southern District of New York, Judge Analisa Torres ruled in a summary judgment that while Ripple’s direct sales of XRP to institutional buyers were considered securities transactions, its sales on secondary trading platforms were not. […]

Ripple CEO: U.S. SEC ‘Will Lose the War Against ETH Just As They Lost Against XRP’

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has once again taken aim at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), asserting that the regulator is destined to fail in its attempts to classify Ethereum (ETH) as a security, just as it did with Ripple’s XRP token. Garlinghouse’s comments come on the heels of a heated debate sparked by […]

With XRP Soaring During Crypto Market Rally, Ripple CEO Stresses Importance of ‘Real-World Utility’

Yesterday, in a post on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, shared his thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Garlinghouse, who has experienced multiple cycles of “crypto is back,” emphasized the importance of real-world utility accompanying the current bullish sentiment. Garlinghouse’s comments come amidst […]

XRP: Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments? Exploring the Potential and Challenges

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need for efficient, secure, and cost-effective cross-border payment solutions has never been more pressing. Central banks around the globe are exploring the potential of digital currencies to transform the international financial landscape, and XRP, the native cryptocurrency of the XRP Ledger, has features that could make it a […]

Why Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto Found FinTech Firm Ripple ‘Interesting’

In a fascinating revelation from the early days of cryptocurrency, an email exchange from 2009 has surfaced, showcasing Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s praise for the Ripple project. This exchange allegedly involves Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi, an active Bitcoin developer from 2009 to 2011, who played a crucial role in the initial development and growth of Bitcoin, […]

XRP Use Case? Ripple Inks Major Partnership In Egypt for Cross-Border Payments

The Commercial International Bank (CIB), one of Egypt’s largest banks, has partnered with fintech firm Ripple to incorporate blockchain technology into its operations, aiming to enhance the efficiency of cross-border payments. CIB is also venturing into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by enabling customers to create unique and collectible digital tokens in an initiative […]

The SEC Has ‘Lost Consistently’: Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple’s Fight for Crypto Clarity

Yesterday, during an interview on Bloomberg TV’s “Bloomberg Crypto,” Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his perspectives on the need for clearer cryptocurrency regulations, the future of spot crypto ETFs, and the potential impact of the 2024 elections on the crypto industry. Here’s a detailed exploration of the key points discussed: The Quest for Regulatory Clarity […]

Ripple Exec Teases Major XRP-Powered Updates for Ripple’s U.S. Market Expansion

Oliver Segovia, a Senior Director and the head of Product Market for payments at Ripple, has recently hinted at a major announcement for the company’s customers and users in the US. Segovia revealed, as first reported by CryptoPotato that Ripple is set to launch new product updates in the U.S., leveraging its money transmitter licenses […]

Binance Freezes $4.2 Million in XRP Following Major Hack on Ripple Co-Founder’s Wallets

As CryptoGlobe reported, on January 31, the cryptocurrency world was shaken by the news of a massive hack targeting Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen’s personal wallet, resulting in the theft of $112 million worth of XRP. This incident has been marked as the largest hack of 2024 to date. Larsen, who is the executive chairman of […]

Ripple CEO: There Will Be Spot ETFs for Other Cryptocurrencies ‘for Sure’, SEC Chair Gary Gensler Is ‘a Political Liability’

On January 16, day two of Davos 2024, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of US crypto company Ripple, engaged in a conversation with CNBC Senior Tech Correspondent Arjun Kharpal, discussing various aspects of Ripple’s future, blockchain technology, and the crypto industry’s progression. SEC’s Stance and Gary Gensler’s Role Garlinghouse expressed his views on the U.S. SEC and […]

Ripple CEO and Ripple CLO Explain Why the U.S. SEC ‘Should Be Investigating Itself’

Background of the Incident The SEC’s official X (formerly known as Twitter) account erroneously stated on 9 January 2024 that the commission had approved all spot Bitcoin ETF applications. This announcement led to a significant reaction in the Bitcoin market, with the BTC price momentarily surging from around $46,605 to $47,886. SEC’s Clarification and Market […]

Can XRP Reach $1, $3, or Even $5? Google Bard Analyzes the Potential Path

Navigating the Currents As XRP sails through choppy waters of legal battles and market fluctuations, its future trajectory in 2024 and beyond remains an intriguing mystery. Analysts, like oracles whispering possibilities, propose captivating price points – $1, $3, even $5 – but the path to these horizons shimmers with uncertainty. This report uses Bard, Google’s […]

Ripple’s CLO Reflects on His Firm’s Victory Over the U.S. SEC With Regard to Establishing XRP’s Status

In December 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiated a significant lawsuit against Ripple Labs, including its executives Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen. The case, centered around allegations that Ripple conducted an unregistered securities offering through its sale of XRP, has been a focal point in the crypto industry, particularly concerning the […]

Ripple CTO Predicts 2024 Surge in Real World Asset Tokenization on XRP Ledger

On December 20, 2023, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, shared his predictions for the year 2024 on social media platform X, focusing on the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and its intersection with other sectors. His insights cover a range of topics from AI integration to the rise of stablecoins. 1. AI and Blockchain […]

Ripple President Monica Long Forecasts a Transformative 2024 for Crypto

On 19 December 2023, Monica Long, the President of Ripple, shared her predictions for the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024 on social media platform X. Her insights reflect a vision of significant evolution and maturation in the crypto industry. Here’s a detailed breakdown of her key predictions and statements: Breaking the Speculative Hype Cycle: Long anticipates […]

Ripple VP Foresees 2024 Surge in Crypto Adoption by Financial Institutions

Introduction Fiona Murray, Managing Director of APAC at Ripple, has shared insightful predictions for the cryptocurrency landscape in 2024. Her projections, particularly focusing on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, suggest a pivotal year ahead for institutional adoption and blockchain integration in financial services. Murray, currently serving as the Managing Director at Ripple since November 2023, has […]

XRP: Law Professor Critiques SEC’s Approach to Crypto Regulation, Highlights Ripple Case as a Regulatory Roadmap

Introduction In a thought-provoking piece for InsideSources, Professor J.W. Verret from George Mason University scrutinizes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) current regulatory approach towards the cryptocurrency industry. He particularly focuses on the SEC’s interactions with major industry players and the implications of key legal battles, such as SEC v. Ripple. J.W. Verret is […]

Ripple Unveils In-Depth Report on the Global Rise of CBDCs and Their Impact

On 14 December 2023, Ripple released a 23-page report titled “CBDCs: The Digital Evolution of Money,” which provides a comprehensive analysis of the evolving role of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins in the modern financial ecosystem. The report offers an insightful perspective on how these digital currencies are set to digitize economies and […]

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer Makes Three Predictions About Crypto Regulation in the U.S. in 2024

In December 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiated a lawsuit against Ripple Labs (and two of its executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen), which centered around the allegation that Ripple conducted an unregistered securities offering through its sale of XRP, a digital asset. This case has been a significant point of […]

Ripple Looks Back at the Highlights From the Recent Swell 2023 Conference in Dubai

Ripple’s annual Swell conference, which was held this year in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai (November 8-9, 2023), was a convergence point for over 600 leaders from the payments, financial services, and blockchain sectors. In a blog post dated 8 December 2023, Ripple shared detailed insights from the event, focusing on the evolving business landscape of crypto […]

Ripple CTO David Schwartz on the ‘Absolutely Shocking Behavior’ of the SEC

U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby, serving in the District Court of Utah, issued an order on 30 November 2023, raising the possibility of sanctions against SEC attorneys. These potential sanctions stem from making “misleading” claims about Debt Box, a crypto firm, allegedly moving assets and investor funds overseas, resulting in a court-ordered freeze of […]

XRP: Ripple Targets Africa’s $2.7 Trillion Market with Revenue-Boosting Payment Solutions

Africa’s Financial Landscape and Market Potential According to a recently published guide by Ripple (titled “Faster Payments into Africa”), Africa presents a substantial market opportunity, valued at $2.7 trillion, set to become a key driver in global business. Ripple says the continent has witnessed a remarkable increase in fintechs, especially in the payments sector, responding […]

Pro-XRP Lawyer John Deaton Reveals Being Invested 10x More Heavily in Bitcoin than XRP

Introduction to Key Industry Figures and Their Interactions In a series of engaging discussions on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), several prominent figures in the crypto space shared insights and opinions that shed light on personal investment strategies, legal battles, and the impact on the broader crypto industry. Caitlin Long’s Praise for John […]

Ripple’s VP of Central Bank Engagements on CBDCs: Paving the Way for Global Financial Inclusion

In a recent episode of Ripple’s YouTube series “Crypto in One Minute,” James Wallis, VP of Central Bank Engagements, shared his expertise on how Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) could be instrumental in fostering financial inclusion across the globe. CBDCs, or Central Bank Digital Currencies, are a digital form of a country’s fiat currency, issued […]

$XRP: Legal Expert Rebukes Fox Business Correspondent’s Critique of Judge Torres’ Landmark Ruling

Bill Morgan, an Australia-based lawyer, has openly criticized Charles Gasparino, a Senior Correspondent at Fox Business, for his negative remarks about the price performance of XRP and the legal outcomes of the Ripple v. SEC case. Gasparino joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in 2010 as a Senior Correspondent. According to his bio on the Fox Business website, […]

Ripple CEO on US SEC’s Approach to Crypto: ‘One of the Definitions of Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again’

During the Ripple Swell 2023 conference in Dubai (Nov 8-9, 2023), Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse engaged in a candid conversation with CNBC’s Dan Murphy. He expressed strong opinions about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the broader landscape of cryptocurrency regulation. Garlinghouse questioned the SEC’s commitment to its mission of protecting investors, suggesting […]

Ripple CEO Eager for Supreme Court Showdown in SEC Legal Battle

As reported by Bloomberg, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, has indicated the company’s readiness to take its legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the XRP cryptocurrency to the Supreme Court. This statement emerged during Garlinghouse’s interview with Bloomberg Television’s Kailey Leinz at the DC Fintech Week event (November 6-8, […]

Ripple’s Blockchain Technology Adopted by Global Payments Processing Company RocketFuel

Global payments processing company RocketFuel, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with blockchain solutions provider Ripple. This move is aimed at incorporating Ripple’s payment technology to modernize RocketFuel’s transactional infrastructure, particularly for fiat currency transfers to global merchants and partners. The platform provided by RocketFuel delivers a one-click checkout system that caters to a […]

Georgia’s Central Bank Chooses Ripple for Digital Currency Pilot Project

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) has embarked on a pioneering journey into the digital currency space by selecting Ripple, a prominent enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions provider, as its partner for the Digital Lari pilot project. This collaboration is set to explore the capabilities of Ripple’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) platform, assessing its […]

Ripple Announces Partnership with Uphold to Strengthen Crypto Liquidity and Cross-Border Payments

On 24 October 2023, Ripple, a FinTech company specializing in enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, announced a partnership with Uphold, a global Web3 financial platform. The partnership is designed to improve Ripple’s cross-border payment infrastructure by utilizing Uphold’s crypto liquidity capabilities. Ripple’s existing services focus on facilitating international payments by eliminating the need for pre-funded […]

XRP Programmatic Sales: Lawyer Jeremy Hogan Predicts Very Tough Road Ahead for SEC’s Planned Appeal

On 13 July 2023, Honorable Analisa Torres, a district judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, delivered a nuanced ruling in the protracted legal feud between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs Inc. The lawsuit, initiated in December 2020, accused Ripple and its senior […]

Ripple CEO: ‘XRP Is Extremely Efficient for Many Use Cases’

In a recent episode of the podcast “Metaco Talks,” Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, clarified the company’s position and future direction. Garlinghouse stated that Ripple does not control the validator network for XRP, although the company is certainly interested in its success. He acknowledged that Ripple owns a significant amount of XRP and believes […]

Ripple CTO Foresees XRPL as the Go-To Platform for Tokenizing Real-World Assets in Less Than Two Years

David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, recently shared his optimistic outlook on the XRP Ledger’s (XRPL) role in tokenizing real-world assets. The comments were made during an interview that followed his presentation at the Apex 2023 developer summit. According to a report by The Crypto Basic published earlier today, Schwartz highlighted several advantages that make […]

Ripple SVP Eric van Miltenburg on Singapore Expansion, U.S. Regulation, and Blockchain Education

On 10 October 2023, Eric van Miltenburg, the Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Ripple, appeared on CoinDesk TV to discuss a range of topics, including Ripple’s recent license acquisition in Singapore, the state of U.S. crypto regulations, and the future of blockchain research. Singapore as a Crypto Hub Van Miltenburg highlighted that Ripple […]

Sologenic and Ripple Forge Ahead in Middle East and North Africa Despite Regulatory Uncertainties

Introduction Sologenic, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a leader in global tokenization solutions. Known for its SOLONEX development and Custom-Built CBDC Tokenization Solution, the company is facilitating a digital transformation in the financial sector. Sologenic operates through two distinct platforms:, developed by Core Tech Lab, specializes in asset tokenization, while is […]

Crypto Influencer Lists 20 Reasons to Be Optimistic About XRP, From Legal Clarity to Strong Community Support

Introduction On 10 October 2023, well-known crypto influencer “Crypto Assets Guy” took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a comprehensive list of 20 reasons why he is extremely optimistic about XRP, the digital asset associated with Ripple. His arguments range from the asset’s legal standing in the United States to […]

$XRP: Jeremy Hogan’s Analysis Reveals SEC’s Limited Options and Long Road Ahead in Ripple Lawsuit

Introduction On 13 July 2023, Hon. Analisa Torres, a district judge at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, issued a pivotal ruling in the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit, which has been ongoing since December 2020. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had accused Ripple Labs Inc. and […]

$XRP: Former SEC Lawyer Says Judge Torres’ Summary Judgement Decision Does Not Set a Precedent

John Reed Stark, a regulatory compliance expert in the digital space with a 15-year tenure as an SEC enforcement attorney, took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) on 6 October 2023 to share his insights on Judge Torres’ recent order concerning the SEC and XRP. Stark emphasized that the judge’s decision to […]

Ripple CTO Unveils Father’s Million-Token XRP Buy at Historical Low, Stirring Waves in Crypto Community

The $XRP community has been abuzz with a recent revelation from Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz, who responded to a question from popular cryptocurrency influencer Alex Cobb on the lowest price ever paid for a single XRP token. Among the flurry of responses, a figure well-versed in the XRP community, Schwartz noted that his late father […]

Ripple VP James Wallis on How CBDCs Could Reshape Global Payments

Introduction James Wallis, Vice President of Central Bank Engagement at Ripple, recently spoke to PYMNTS about the transformative potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in global payments. Prior to his current role at Ripple, he was the Vice President of Global Sales Strategy & Operations at Ripple from May 2019 to January 2021. In […]

Ripple Secures Full License for Digital Payment Token Services in Singapore

Ripple Announces Full Licensing in Singapore On October 3, Ripple announced that its Singapore-based subsidiary, Ripple Markets APAC Pte Ltd, has obtained a full Major Payments Institution (MPI) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This comes four months after the company received preliminary approval for the same license, allowing it to offer digital […]

Ripple CEO’s Rousing Speech at ‘The Proper Party’ in NYC: ‘This Village Beat the Bully’

Last night, in front of a packed, jubilant crowd consisting of Ripple employees and members of the XRP Army, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse gave a rousing speech in which he gave a special shoutout to several people who had provided invaluable help/support to Ripple, himself, and the XRP community. It all started on August 28 […]

Blockchain Expert Explains Why He Holds XRP

On September 29, Panos Mekras, a well-known blockchain consultant and financial technology expert, explained why has invested in $XRP. Mekras is the Founder of DigitalGen Financial Services, Co-Founder of Anodos Finance, and the author of “Understanding the Crypto Economy: A Full Guide for Beginners.” Mekras says he holds XRP due to its promising potential, rooted […]

Ripple on How Businesses Can Unlock Growth with Crypto-Enabled Payments

In a recent blog post, Ripple, a prominent figure in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, discussed the challenges that global businesses are grappling with due to rising interest rates. According to Ripple’s 2023 New Value Report, almost half of the enterprises surveyed identified high interest rates as a significant hurdle for cross-border payments. Ripple pinpoints […]

Former Obama Staffer Lauren Belive Joins Ripple to Navigate U.S. Regulatory Waters

Recently, Lauren Belive announced her appointment as the new Head of U.S. Public Policy and Government at FinTech firm Ripple, a key player in modernizing international payment systems. Belive emphasized the importance of active involvement in policy discussions in Washington D.C. and the United States. She aims to not just participate in these dialogues but […]

XRP: SEC Appeals Ripple Case to Safeguard Its Wider Crypto Regulatory Agenda, Says Former Official

On 21 September 2023, On 16 July 2023, Marc Fagel, a Lecturer at Stanford Law School and a former Regional Director (San Francisco Regional Office) at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), talked about the primary reason behind the SEC’s decision to seek permission for an interlocutory appeal in the Ripple lawsuit (which was initiated […]

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Accuses SEC Chair Gary Gensler of Bullying Tactics

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of FinTech firm Ripple Labs, has openly criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its Chairman, Gary Gensler. While speaking at Messari’s Mainnet 2023 event (September 20 – 22, 2023, New York City), Garlinghouse labeled Gensler as a bully, accusing him of prioritizing power and politics over effective regulation. […]

Ripple on the Steady Rise of CBDCs in Global Financial Systems

According to Ripple, the convergence of blockchain technology and the decline in global cash usage have accelerated the research and development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). In a blog post published on 19 September 2023, Ripple cites that nine out of ten central banks are currently investigating the potential of CBDCs. Furthermore, Juniper Research […]

Ripple Partner Registers 1,700% Volume Increase in $XRP-Powered Cross-Border Payments Solution Use

Ripple partner Tranglo has reported an impressive trajectory in its service metrics from 2021 to 2023, registering a net rise in the usage of the $XRP-powered solution On-Demand Liquidity (ODL). According to Singaporean news outlet The Edge, Tranglo saw its net ODL transaction volume surge from a modest $53 million in 2021 to a staggering […]

Ripple’s Bradley Chase on the Transformative Power of Crypto in eCommerce

Bradley Chase, the Head of Liquidity Products at Ripple, recently spoke with PYMNTS about the transformative role of cryptocurrencies in today’s digital-first world. According to Chase, the digital landscape has shifted, and merchants must adapt to stay competitive. He emphasized that cryptocurrencies are not just a trend but a “digitally native global asset” that appeals […]

Torres Ruling Is Good News for XRP but Doesn’t Mean Everything Ripple Does With XRP Has ‘Final Clarity’, Says Bill Morgan

On July 13, 2023, District Judge Analisa Torres of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a complex ruling in the SEC vs Ripple Labs lawsuit. Initiated in December 2020, the SEC accused Ripple Labs and its top executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen, of allegedly unlawful offering […]

Blockchain Expert Explains Why XRP “Has Much Bigger Expected Returns” Than Ripple Stock

Panos Mekras, a well-known blockchain consultant and financial technology expert, recently engaged with his social media followers on X to discuss the following investment question: Should one invest in Ripple’s potential IPO or buy XRP tokens? Mekras is the Founder of DigitalGen Financial Services, Co-Founder of Anodos Finance, and the author of “Understanding the Crypto […]

Ripple Labs and SBI Remit Team Up to Extend XRP-Powered Remittance Services to Southeast Asia

Ripple Labs, a leading player in the cryptocurrency industry, is broadening its reach in Southeast Asia through a strategic alliance with SBI Remit, a subsidiary of the Japanese financial behemoth SBI Group. This collaboration aims to facilitate international money transfers to three Southeast Asian countries: the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, utilizing digital asset XRP. The […]

Ripple Expands Liquidity Hub: New Features, Assets, and Global Reach Unveiled

As Ripple explained in a blog post published on 13 April 2023, Liquidity Hub was created to address the inefficiencies in bridging the crypto and fiat world. Apparently, it can function as a standalone solution or as an extension of Ripple’s cross-border payments solution, leveraging its global network to provide partners access to payout rails […]

Ripple CEO Says ‘Gary Gensler Is a Hammer and Everything Looks Like a Nail’

During his visit to Singapore for TOKEN2049, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse sat down with Bloomberg reporter Annabelle Droulers to discuss a range of topics, including Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company’s international expansion, and the broader state of the cryptocurrency industry. Garlinghouse expressed frustration with the SEC’s […]

$XRP Price Could Hit $500, Predicts Popular Analyst Citing Ripple’s $250 Trillion Cross-Border Report

 Shannon Thorpe, a Business Support Manager at Wells Fargo and a popular financial expert, has recently revealed she believes that price of the native token of the XRP Ledger, $XRP, could be trading at $500 in the future. Thorpe’s prediction is based on Ripple managing to take over cross-border payments using its XRP-powered solutions, which, […]

Ripple Acquiring Fortress Trust to Bolster Web3 Infrastructure and Expand Regulatory Licenses

FinTech firm Ripple, a leading entity in the blockchain and digital asset arena, has announced its intention to acquire Fortress Trust, a financial institution that specializes in Web3 technology. This move aims to fortify the technological foundation for businesses and financial organizations entering the Web3 ecosystem. According to a blog post published by Ripple yesterday, […]

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