XRP’s Rally Continues, Up by 4.5% Today Despite Sales by Ripple and Jed McCaleb

According to data by CryptoCompare, XRP’s strong rally in the past two-week period has taken it all the way from $0.1986 (10:00 UTC on July 21) to $0.3262 (03:00 UTC on August 2), which is the highest it has been since February 15. Scott Melker, a crypto trader at Texas West Capital, yesterday, called this […]

MoneyGram Received $15.1 Million in XRP Incentives From Ripple in Q2 2020

MoneyGram has received $15.1 million from Ripple in the second quarter of this year for providing liquidity to the company’s XRP cross-border settlement network, the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) platform. According to MoneyGram’s second-quarter results, the Texas-based remittances firm received the funds in what it called “market development fees,” which were offset by transaction expenses of […]

Analysts Say XRP is Pushing Against Significant Resistance After Recent Price Rally

Several crypto analysts are pointing to XRP pushing up against significant resistance after reaching a relative price high.

Popular Crypto Analyst Peter Brandt Says Bitcoin Pointing Towards All-Time High, XRP Could Follow

Veteran crypto analyst Peter Brandt said bitcoin appeared to be setting for a new all-time high before settling at $50,000.

YouTube Denies Liability for Cryptocurrency Scams and Impersonators

YouTube lawyers have countered Ripple and CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s lawsuit by saying the video streaming platform is not liable for cryptocurrency scams and impersonations generated by third parties. 

XRP-Related Tweets Hit New All-Time High After 11% Rally

The number of tweets being published by users on the microblogging platform related to XRP, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has skyrocketed to a new all-time high. According to data from BitInfoCharts, a total of 29,143 tweets related to XRP were published on July 9. The surge saw XRP-related tweets, for the first time ever, […]

Ripples Success as a Payment Company May Not Benefit XRP, Says Pompliano

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano believes that Ripple’s success as a payment protocol company may not benefit XRP in the long run. 

Alleged Crypto Ponzi Scheme Moves Over $100 Million in EOS and XRP

PlusToken, an alleged Chinese cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme, has just moved well over $100 million worth of XRP and EOS, which could threaten a dump on the market according to blockchain sleuths.

Ripple Named One of CNBCs Most Disruptive Companies

Ripple has been named one of the top 50 most disruptive companies, according to a new report by CNBC. 

Survey: Japanese Investors Prefer Bitcoin and XRP Over Ethereum

Japanese investors prefer bitcoin and XRP over ethereum, according to the results of a new survey by BitMax

Ripple Co-Founder Steadily Cashing Out His XRP: Report

A new report on XRP cashflows from flipside has revealed several interesting characteristics about the XRP ecosystem, one of which is Jed McCaleb’s steady liquidation of his assets through Bitstamp.

Ripple Hit With Another Lawsuit Over Alleged XRP Security Laws Violations

Ripple and its CEO Brad Garlinghouse have been hit with another class-action lawsuit alleging securities laws violations regarding the sale and marketing of the XRP token.

YouTube Suspends Ripple CTO’s Channel Days After XRP Scam Lawsuit Was Filed

Google-owned YouTube has suspended the channel of Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz, just days after the firm launched a lawsuit against it over its failure to stop XRP giveaway scams on its platform.

XRP Giveaway Scams May Have Stolen Over $1.5 Million

Researchers from “community-driven” XRP data aggregator xrplorer have claimed on social media that XRP giveaway scams may have stolen over 8.5 million tokens from users, worth over $1.5 million.

XRP Army Slowly Shrinking According to Report

The trend of decreased XRP mentions on Twitter has continued in 2020, with a new Q1 report marking the correlation between XRP’s declining price and social media mentions.

Malaysian Remittance Firm Explains How It Is Benefiting From Ripples Technology

On Wednesday (April 15), Malaysian remittance firm MoneyMatch explained how it has been using Ripple’s technology to “offer cheaper and faster payments to more than 120 countries around the world.”

Bank of America Execs Confirm Partnership with Ripple

Several Bank of America executives discussed the future of digital payments, confirming the bank’s partnership with Ripple after years of speculation. 

Ethereum and XRP Could Power Central Bank Digital Currencies, Bank of France Says

The Bank of France has touted ethereum and xrp as potential cryptocurrencies to power future central bank digital currencies. 

Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen Beats COVID-19, Now Helping Others to Fight It

On Thursday (April 2), Chris Larsen, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Fintech firm Ripple announced that he had “made a full recovery” from COVID-19. 

Ripple-Backed XRP Payment Platform Launches on Google Play and App Store

XRP-powered payment platform XUMM has launched the beta version of the application on Google Play and the iOS App Store. 

Ripple-Powered Santander App for Cross-Border Payments to Expand to Mexico This Year

The Ripple-powered cross-border payments app launched by Spanish banking giant Santander, One Pay FX, is set to expand to Mexico this year.

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Ripple CEO of Liquidating Holdings While Touting XRP

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is being accused of touting XRP to investors while selling his own holdings of the token, according to an updated complaint made to a class-action lawsuit filed in May 2018. 

XRP Surges 8% as it Seems to Be Starting to ‘Retrace Months of Underperformance’

The price of XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has risen over 8% over the last 24 hours as it’s outperforming most other top cryptocurrencies.

$160,000 Worth of XRP Reportedly Stolen via Fake Google Chrome Extension

A total of 1.4 million XRP, worth over $160,000 at press time, have reportedly been stolen from users via a malicious Google Chrome extension.

Remittance Firm Intermex Won’t Use Ripple in Its ‘Core’ Markets, Ceo Says

Remittance firm Intermex, which recently announced a partnership with Ripple, says it will not be using the service in “core” markets like Mexico. 

Thai FinTech Firm Joins RippleNet to Improve Processing of Cross-Border Payments

On Wednesday (March 18), Ripple announced that Thai global remittance firm DeeMoney had become the first non-bank financial institution in Thailand to join RippleNet (Ripple’s global payments network).

Ripple Partner TerraPay Acquired by Investor Group

Ripple payment platform partner TerraPay has been acquired by a consortium investors in addition to receiving $9.6 million in new capital. 

Mexicos Largest Crypto Exchange Talks About Ripple Partnership: ODL Is Amazing

Recently, Bárbara González Briseño, the Head of Finance at Bitso, Mexico’s largest crypto exchange, talked about her company’s partnership with Californian FinTech firm Ripple.

Selling XRP Keeps Ripple Profitable, CEO Brad Garlinghouse Says

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says that the company would not be profitable without selling XRP. 

Ripple CTO David Schwartz Explains Evolution of the XRP Ledger

On Thursday (February 27), David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), spoke about the evolution of the XRP Ledger.

Azimo Using Ripples XRP-Powered ODL Service for Payments to the Philippines

On Wednesday (February 26), European online remittance firm Azimo announced that it had partnered with Californian FinTech firm Ripple.  

MoneyGram Received $11.3 Million From Partnership with Ripple in 2019

A recent earnings report by MoneyGram shows that the remittance company received $11.3 million in benefits from RIpple in 2019. 

Ripples Xpring Building Interoperability Bridges Between XRP and ETH

Ripple’s investment and development arm Xpring is committed to building interoperability bridges between XRP and Ethereum. 

XRP Retracement Still Safely Within Limits, Possibly Finding Support Price Analysis

Some signs of strength on the low timeframes make this troublesome altcoin worth watching right now.

CEO Brad Garlinghouse Envisions Ripple as Amazon in Five Years

Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse appeared in an interview with CNN’s Julia Chatterly, where he compared his company’s growth to Amazon in five years. 

National Bank of Egypt Joining RippleNet for Remittance

Egypt’s largest bank by total assets, the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), has joined the blockchain-based payment network RippleNet for improved remittance. 

Ripple Co-Founder Jed McCaleb XRP Sale Update: 1 Billion Sold, 4.7 Billion to Go

Jeb McCaleb, a Ripple co-founder who served as its CTO until 2013, has reportedly sold over 1 billion XRP so far, and still has 4.7 billion tokens left to sell, according to a report.

Galaxy Digital CEO Novogratz Blames Ripple for XRPs Lackluster Forecast

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz told a room of financial advisers to prepare for another lackluster year for XRP, blaming Ripple as the primary culprit for the coin’s performance. 

Intermex Partners With Ripple to Use RippleNet and ODL, XRP Surges 12%

On Tuesday (February 4), Miami-headquartered money transfer company International Money Express (aka “Intermex”) announced that it had partnered with Californian FinTech company Ripple in order to implement “new solutions on RippleNet and ODL.”

BitMEX Launches New XRP Perpetual Product Despite Its CEO Not Being a Fan of XRP

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges BitMEX is set to debut a new perpetual swap product for XRP- the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, on February 5 at 4:00 UTC.

Financial Services Giant SBI Holdings Offering XRP Benefit to Shareholders

Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings has announced it will be offering XRP as a benefit for shareholders. 

goLance Using Ripples XRP-Powered ODL for Payments to Freelancers on Its Platform

In a recent interview with Ripple, Michael Brooks, the CEO of freelance marketplace goLance, talked about the benefits (for his business and its clients) of using the Californian company’s RippleNet payment network and the XRP-powered On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service.  

Twitter Bans XRPTipBot Over Impersonation Causing User Funds to Freeze

Twitter has banned the XRPTipBot account over claims of “impersonation” causing user funds to be frozen in the process. 

Amount of XRP Sold by Ripple Decreased 80% in Q4 2019

Ripple’s sales of the XRP token have dropped by 80% during the fourth quarter of last year, as them firm sold a total of $13.08 million worth of the third-largest cryptocurrency in Q4.

XRP Squeezing Toward Potential Breakout Price Analysis

XRP is still languishing in a long downtrend, which has not been challenged just yet. Some strength is showing up on its BTC chart, which will be needed to consolidate some support on its USD chart.

You Can Now Buy Amazon Giftcards With XRP Thanks to Bitpay

Bitpay, a bitcoin payments service, enabling businesses to accept and process BTC, has just added XRP to its growing list of supported cryptocurrencies.

Strength Building on XRP Chart After Modest Gains Price Analysis

XRP has not been exploding like many other leading and medium-cap altcoins, and is proving to be the runt of the litter. Some strength is building on the charts, though, as XRP waits its turn to leave the downtrend.

Is XRP a Commodity or a Security? CFTC Chairman Has No Idea

Heath Tarbert, the Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has said it isn’t yet clear whether the XRP token is a security or a commodity.

XRP Trading Pairs to Be Delisted From Japanese Messaging Giant Lines Crypto Exchange

One of the cryptocurrency exchanges operated by Japanese messaging giant LINE, BitBox, is delisting XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, behind only bitcoin and ether.

Ripple ‘Can’t Control the Price of XRP’, Says CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple Labs, the company behind the Ripple payment protocol and exchange network, has said the company can’t influence the price of the XRP token, despite being its biggest holder.

Hackers Are Hijacking Popular Youtubers to Run Cryptocurrency Scams

Hackers are hijacking the channels of popular YouTubers to turn run cryptocurrency scams over the video-sharing platform. In one reported case, they netted over $15,000 worth of XRP.

Ripple-Backed Crypto Rental Startup Omni Ending Operations

Ripple-backed crypto rental startup Omni has announced that it will be ending its operation. 

XRP Up 12% So Far Today, Breaking Resistance Levels Price Analysis

XRP broke hard up today, after a period of consolidation. Notably, it is outperforming Bitcoin, which is also uptrending and toying with a breakout scenario. A larger reversal is possible if this keeps up.

Ripple Eyeing Key Partnerships with Brazilian Banks in 2020

Ripple, the Silicon Valley-based blockchain company behind the XRP token, is targeting partnerships with banks in Brazil for remittance in 2020.  According to a report by Reuters, Ripple’s blockchain platform intends to expand partnerships with banks in Brazil in an effort to grow into the global remittance market in 2020. Luiz Antonio Sacco, Ripple’s CEO […]

Ripple Raises $200 Million in Funding Round Valuing It at $10 Billion

Ripple, the company that helped created the XRP token, has revealed it raised $200 million in a Series C funding round that valued the firm at $10 billion.

RippleNet Member SendFriend Seeing Massive Savings in Remittance Fees by Using XRP

On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), Ripple’s XRP payment solution used by “more than two dozen” of the firm’s customers, reportedly helps save up to 80% in remittance fees, according to money transfer firm SendFriend.

SBI Holdings Considering XRP Shareholder Benefit Program

Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings is considering issuing XRP as a dividend to shareholders following its successful implementation by its subsidiary Morningstar. 

XRP Holds Up Against Bitcoin Drop Price Analysis

XRP was bought up as Bitcoin was selling off, at least on the XRP/BTC trading pair. This is a dynamic not repeated for Ethereum, and it’s worth noting. But the power of Bitcoin is strong, and outperforming a falling Bitcoin can only be so great.

XRP Responsible for 50% of Crypto Transaction Volume Over Last 24 Hours

XRP is responsible for more than 50 percent of total crypto transaction volume over the last 24 hours, as the currency’s usage continues to rise. 

XRP Squeezed at Critical Resistance Amid Sleepy Market – Price Analysis

XRP is struggling to lurch over some final hurdles, in an attempt to leave behind a very rocky period of downtrending. But the market seems mostly asleep to XRP’s needs, with very little volume in either direction as price is getting squeezed.