On 10 October 2023, well-known crypto influencer “Crypto Assets Guy” took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a comprehensive list of 20 reasons why he is extremely optimistic about XRP, the digital asset associated with Ripple. His arguments range from the asset’s legal standing in the United States to its technical advantages over other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Legal Clarity in the United States

According to Crypto Assets Guy, XRP is the only digital asset in the U.S. that has legal clarity. He also emphasized that it is the only digital asset that has been officially declared not to be a security.

Technical Advantages

The influencer pointed out that XRP transactions are faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly compared to BTC and ETH. He also mentioned the absence of gas fees and delays, stating that XRP offers a hassle-free experience.

Security and Usability

Crypto Assets Guy lauded the XRP ledger for being the most secure blockchain, claiming it has never been compromised. He also praised the user-friendliness of XRP, specifically mentioning that the XUMM wallet outperforms MetaMask in every aspect.

Cross-Border Payments and Partnerships

He argued that XRP is the most effective digital asset for cross-border payments. Additionally, he highlighted that XRP has formed partnerships with some of the most influential banks and corporations globally.

Unique Use Case and Adoption

Crypto Assets Guy stated that XRP has a unique use case that sets it apart from other digital assets, predicting that this will lead to significant adoption.

Ripple’s Team and Transparency

He commended Ripple’s team for their exceptional skills, noting that they have defeated the SEC twice—a feat never before seen. He also claimed that Ripple is the most transparent digital asset company.

Market Trends and Liquidity

The influencer mentioned that XRP has not yet reached its old all-time high of $3.70, suggesting room for growth. He also indicated that significant liquidity is incoming, with numerous big players ready to invest in XRP.

Upcoming Bull Run and ETH Whales

Crypto Assets Guy predicted that the next crypto bull run is imminent, usually starting months or weeks before Bitcoin’s halving event, scheduled for 25 April 2024. He also noted that many Ethereum whales are shifting to XRP due to corruption issues in the Ethereum network, referred to as “ETHGate.”

Stock Market Decline and ETF Approval

He observed that the stock market is currently declining due to global conflicts, causing people to move from stocks to crypto as a safer investment. He also anticipated that Bitcoin spot ETFs would be approved within the next five months, which would be bullish for the entire crypto space.

Legal Settlement and Community Support

Crypto Assets Guy mentioned the possibility of a complete settlement between Ripple and the SEC before 19 April 2024, as stated by Judge Torres. Lastly, he praised the XRP community for being the most loyal, vocal, and strong among all crypto communities.

Featured Image via Midjourney