Nike’s NFT Platform .SWOOSH to Integrate with EA Sports Games

Nike, the global sportswear giant, has partnered with EA Sports to integrate its non-fungible token (NFT) platform, “.SWOOSH”, which is still in closed beta, into EA Sports games. This move is expected to bring Nike’s virtual footwear and apparel into the gaming world, potentially reaching millions of players. On November 14, 2022, Nike announced the […]

Crypto Bear Phase Over, ‘Explosive’ Bull Market Ahead, Says Veteran Investor

In a recent conversation with Cointelegraph, veteran macro investor Dan Tapiero shared his insights on navigating the cryptocurrency market during a bear phase. He emphasized the importance of rational judgment and a broader perspective rather than being swayed by fear and negativity. Tapiero is Managing Partner and CEO at 10T Holdings, which is a growth equity […]

Mercedes-Benz NXT’s Innovative Leap into Web3 with Ethereum-Powered NFT Collection ‘Maschine’

Mercedes-Benz NXT, the digital innovation division of the iconic automaker, has recently announced its entry into the non-fungible token (NFT) market with the launch of its inaugural collection, “Maschine“. This collection is a collaborative effort with renowned artist Harm van den Dorpel and Fingerprints DAO, a respected group of art collectors. “Maschine” explores motion, velocity, […]

Blend’s Unprecedented Surge: Dominating 82% of the NFT Lending Market in 22 Days

A recent blog post by DappRadar reported that Blur’s new platform, Blend, has made a meteoric rise in the non-fungible token (NFT) lending market. Blend, a peer-to-peer lending protocol launched by Blur on May 1, 2023, has seen an astonishing 3945% growth in its first weeks of operation. The total loan volume surged from 4,200 […]

NFT Royalties: What They Are and How They Work

NFT royalties refer to a commission or percentage of revenue that a non-fungible token (NFT) creator earns each time their NFT artwork is sold in a secondary market. This allows content creators to earn and maintain a passive income from the initial sale of their original work. A content creator will always receive 100% of […]

Binance NFT Debuts Ethereum Loans Backed by NFT Collateral

Binance NFT, a prominent player in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, has announced the launch of a new feature, Binance NFT Loan. The service, set to go live at 11:00 (UTC) on May 26, 2023, will enable NFT owners to secure Ethereum (ETH) loans using their NFTs as collateral. This new feature is designed to […]

Bitcoin Tower: Merging Real Estate and Crypto in Dubai’s Futuristic Vision

Italian entrepreneur Salvatore Leggiero officially launched his innovative Bitcoin Tower project at an exclusive event in Dubai on May 24, 2023. A collaboration with architect Simone Micheli, this groundbreaking initiative signifies a unique fusion of real estate and blockchain technology with physical and virtual versions of the tower. During an interview with Cointelegraph, Leggiero explained […]

NFT Smart Contracts: What They Are and How They Work

NFT smart contracts are digital agreements that use computer code to enable the creation, ownership, and transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain ecosystem.  Without them, NFTs wouldn’t exist. They are the backbone of an industry that’s worth billions of dollars, and they play a fundamental role in keeping the NFT ecosystem secure and […]

New Patent Application by LG: Blockchain-Powered TVs That Support NFT Trading

LG Electronics, the South Korean tech giant, could be getting ready to introduce a new paradigm in entertainment and blockchain technology. According to a report by Ana Paula Pereira for Cointelegraph published on 12 May 2023, LG has filed a patent for a blockchain-based Smart TV, an innovative design allowing owners to trade nonfungible tokens […]

Andrew Tate’s Brutal Takedown of ‘Crypto Kids’ Generation

In the high-octane, fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, British-American entrepreneur and social media personality Andrew Tate recently called out the so-called “crypto kids” on their façade of success. Tate, an accomplished kickboxer turned businessman, took to his Twitter on 30 April 2023 to share his thoughts with his over 6.5 million followers. He painted a stark […]

$MATIC: Trump’s Latest Polygon-Powered NFT Collection Goes On Sale

A new wave of excitement hits the NFT world as former U.S. President Donald Trump announces “Series 2” of his Trump Digital Trading Cards collection. The original “Trump Digital Trading Cards” NFT collection, which features 45,000 unique images of former U.S. President Donald Trump, was launched in December 2022. Trump talked about these NFTs during […]

Tempting Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts: A Smartphone to Challenge Apple and Samsung?

The worlds of cryptocurrencies and smartphones converge with Solana Mobile’s intriguing new product. According to a report by CoinDesk, Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana Labs, will publicly launch its blockchain-integrated Android smartphone, Saga, on May 8. The phone, which is already shipping to customers who pre-ordered it, is designed to make it easy and […]

Cardano-Powered NFT Marketplace for E-Books Unveils Billionaire Support

On Wednesday (April 12),, a groundbreaking Cardano-powered NFT marketplace for e-books, revealed the name of one its world-famous investors, who has been backing the pioneering startup since its early days. utilizes its proprietary Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs) technology to ensure the perpetual protection and preservation of various media types on the blockchain. The […]

Fidelity International Leaps into the Metaverse with Innovative Decentraland ($MANA) Campus

Fidelity International has announced the launch of the Fidelity International Campus within the metaverse platform, Decentraland ($MANA). According to a press release shared with CryptoGlobe, this innovative project aims to promote financial literacy and educate users on the importance of financial planning, money management, and investing in an immersive virtual environment. As per the press […]

Free NFT Turns Into $190,000 Loss for Unlucky Trader on OpenSea Pro

A free non-fungible token (NFT) has turned into a $190,000 loss for one unlucky trader on the newly opened OpenSea Pro marketplace, which caters to more active and professional NFT traders. According to data from the Ethereum blockchain that was first spotted by users on social media, a trader that had been farming on OpenSea […]

$MATIC: Sales for Polygon-Powered Trump NFTs Skyrockets as News of Indictment Fuels Demand

Following the news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury, NFT sales of his NFT collection — “Trump Digital Trading Cards” — have experienced an impressive surge of over 470% in the last 24 hours. At 9:50 p.m. UTC on March 30, CNN reported that Trump was “indicted by Manhattan grand […]

Bitcoin’s ‘Real Fun’ Awaits in 2024-2025, Crypto Analyst Expects Major Upswing

A highly popular crypto analyst has recently shared some intriguing insights on Bitcoin’s future price action, hinting at potential investor opportunities in the coming years. Earlier today, pseudonymous crypto analyst and influencer “Kaleo” (@CryptoKaleo) told his over 570K Twitter followers about his bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s price, suggesting it could soon surpass $30,000 after a […]

California Embraces Blockchain and NFTs: Pioneering DMV Tokenization Project for Vehicle Titles

In a groundbreaking move, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is set to transform vehicle title management using blockchain technology. California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is looking to revolutionize its vehicle title and transfer management system by tokenizing more than 14 million automobiles registered in the state, according to a research report by Bank […]

$MATIC: Polygon-Powered Trump NFTs Soar Amid Speculation of Possible Indictment and Arrest

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to former U.S. President Donald Trump have experienced a significant price surge, with a 30% increase in ether-denominated value within the past week. According to a CoinDesk report by Shaurya Malwa and Sam Reynolds published earlier today (March 23), this price surge comes amid news of a possible indictment and arrest […]

Microsoft Edge’s Unreleased Surprise: An Integrated Ethereum Wallet in Early Development

Microsoft is reportedly developing a built-in Ethereum crypto wallet for its Edge browser, enabling users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs without additional extensions. Currently, in a limited testing phase, the wallet is a non-custodial solution, giving users complete control over their funds. According to a report by BleepingComputer, this experimental feature of the […]

Cardano-Powered ‘Clay Nation’ NFTs Coming to Ethereum-Powered Metaverse ‘The Sandbox’

NFT startup Clay Mates says its highly successful Cardano-powered project “Clay Nation” will become the first Cardano project to be integrated into “The Sandbox,” thereby “pushing interoperability even further in Web3.” Clay Mates describes Clay Nation as “a collection of 10,000 characters created from hand-crafted, randomly-assembled clay traits,” with each of these characters being “a […]

Bringing NFTs to Bitcoin: The Innovation of Casey Rodarmor’s Ordinals Protocol

In a recent interview, Casey Rodarmor, the creator of the Ordinals project, shared his thoughts about one of the hottest projects in the crypto space. According to a report by George Kaloudis, a senior research analyst and columnist for CoinDesk who recently interviewed Rodarmor, the Bitcoin developer began working on Ordinals in 2022, drawing inspiration […]

The Matrix Star Keanu Reeves Expresses Support for Cryptocurrencies

Keanu Reeves, famous for his role in “The Matrix” media franchise, has called cryptocurrencies “amazing tools for exchanges and distribution of resources.” According to a report by Stephen Graves for Decrypt, in a recent interview with Wired, the actor said he found “amazing” the “ideas behind an independent currency.” Reeves went on to say: “To […]

Buying NFTs: Sources to watch in 2023

Important information: This is a sponsored story. Please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek advice. Tax rules can change and the value of any […]

Polygon-Powered ‘Trump NFTs’ Are ‘$BAYC of the Bull Cycle’, Says Crypto Influencer

One crypto influencer, who claims to have made millions of dollars of profit from crypto, says that the value of the highly successful non-fungible token (NFT) collection “Trump Digital Trading Cards” could go a lot higher in the future. The collection, which features 45,000 unique images of former U.S. President Donald Trump, was launched in […]

Polygon-Powered Trump Digital Trading Card NFT Floor Prices Hit New All-Time High as Sales Rise

The non-fungible token (NFT) digital trading cards launched by former U.S. President Donald Trump have seen their floor price surge to a new all-time high above the $1,000 mark at a time in which sales are growing and trading volume is keeping up. According to data from NFT price floor, Trump’s digital trading cards currently […]

$SAND: Paris Hilton Launching Virtual Dating Show in Ethereum-Powered Metaverse ‘The Sandbox’

Paris Hilton is jumping into the metaverse craze with the launch of “Parisland,” a digital experience focused on dating and users finding love in Ethereum-powered virtual world “The Sandbox” ($SAND). Here is how Binance Research described The Sandbox back in August 2020: “The Sandbox is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can build, […]

Contemporary Art Meets Blockchain in Paris at the Centre Pompidou Museum

Yuga Labs, a web3 company that has made a name for itself with projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Meebits, has added another piece to its Punks Legacy Project. According to a press release issued by Yugo Labs, one of the CryptoPunks, #110, will now be on display at the Centre Pompidou, […]

Bitcoin’s Network Activity Surges to Highest Level Since May 2021, Says CryptoQuant

On Wednesday (8 February 2023), South Korea-based crypto analytics startup CryptoQuant reported that “as NFTs are stored on-chain, Bitcoin network activity surges to two-year highs.” In a “quick take” published yesterday, CryptoQuant said: “Bitcoin’s network activity has recently increased and is now at its highest level since May 2021. The number of daily transactions in […]

Polygon-Powered Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs Enjoy Huge Price Surge As Daily Sales Jump 800%

The non-fungible token (NFT) digital trading cards launched by former U.S. President Donald Trump have seen their price surge as daily sales jumped over 800%. Sales are skyrocketing as it appears Trump is getting ready to be active on major social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. According to data from CryptoSlam, shortly after being launched […]

Polygon-Powered Prize-Winning Trump Trading Cards Now on Sale at NFT Marketplace OpenSea

The wallet that issued the original NFT collection for former U.S. President Donald Trump has minted tokens for sweepstake prize winners. According to a report by CoinDesk, NFTs for Trump’s sweepstakes winners, originally announced as part of his December 2022 collection, are making their way onto the marketplace. Using data from OpenSea, the report claims […]

Former President Trump Says He Launched NFTs For the ‘Cute’ Artwork

Former U.S. President Donald Trump claims he launched his NFT collection due to the art images being “sort of cute.” According to a report by Decrypt, Trump’s NFT collection was not launched in an effort to make money or as an investment, but rather to showcase the artistic creations. Trump made his comments in an […]

Polygon ($MATIC) Partners With Mastercard to Launch Web3-Focused Incubator

On Friday (6 January 2023), payments giant Mastercard announced at CES 2023 that via a partnership with blockchain startup Polygon ($MATIC) it is launching a Web3-focused incubator to help artists. According to a report by TechCrunch published earlier today, Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, told TechCrunch: “The core of this program […]

Fidelity Investments Seems to Have Big Plans for Web3 and the Metaverse

According to three recent filings at the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO), American multinational financial services firm Fidelity Investments seems to have big Web3 plans, including NFT market places and investment services in the metaverse. On 21 April 2022, Fidelity Investments announced the grand opening of its first immersive metaverse experience aimed at offering a new way […]

Pessimistic Donkey College, The First College Themed NFT Project Prepares for Launch

New York, United States, 27th December, 2022, Chainwire With sales of non-fungible tokens falling for the 6th straight month, and falling by 60% in just Q3 to Q4 this year, it’s understandable to say the market is feeling pessimistic. A number of factors contribute to this such as interest rate increases cooling the economy and […]

Cardano ($ADA) Founder Charles Hoskinson on NFTs

Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO at Input Output Global (“IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano ($ADA), recently shared his thoughts on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In a Twitter Space he hosted on 26 December 2022, Hoskinson had this to say about NFTs: “NFTs are useful for anything that you have a collection of or […]

Who Invented NFTs? A Brief History Of Non-Fungible Tokens

A non-fungible token (NFT) refers to a digital asset created through tokenization, which turns a piece of sensitive data (think of your credit card information, for example) into cryptographic data —a string of numbers and letters linked to that original data. As their popularity exploded, so did the search for who invested NFTs. The concept […]

Ripple CTO Uses Ethereum for His New ‘Ugly on the Outside’ NFT Collection

On Tuesday (13 December 2022), David Schwartz, who is Ripple’s Chief Cryptographer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), announced that he had released his new Ethereum-powered NFT collection on NFT marketplace OpenSea. There are 28 NFTs in the “Ugly on the Outside” collection. Here is the description of the collection: “Feel free to name yours after […]

Latest Desktop Version of Media Player ‘Winamp’ Supports Music NFTs

Windows media player “Winamp” has recently “gotten a major web3 upgrade.” According to Winamp’s press release, “this new version reduces Winamp’s memory footprint and upgrades security among many other improvements, but it also includes a new way to listen to the latest music format.” Winamp CEO Alexandre Saboundjian stated: “The genesis of Winamp has always […]

Coinbase: Apple ’Just Made It a Lot Harder ’For iPhone Users To Transfer NFTs

On Thursday (1 December 2022), Coinbase said that it had to disable an important feature in the Coinbase Wallet mobile app for iOS in order to get their last app release approved by Apple’s “App Store”. Earlier today, the Coinbase Wallet team said on Twitter: They went on to say: “Apple’s claim is that the […]

Mastercard CEO on Crypto: We Are ‘Optimistic’ and ‘Investing’

The CEO of Mastercard, which is “the second-largest payment-processing corporation worldwide”, recently shared his thoughts on crypto. On 18 January 2022, Raj Dhamodharan, EVP Blockchain / Digital Asset Products & Digital Partnerships at Mastercard, published a blog post in which he said that Mastercard believes that “buying digital goods should be as simple as buying […]

HUGO BOSS Launches Its First-Ever NFT Collection

German luxury fashion house HUGO BOS AG has entered the world of the Metaverse and NFTs with the launch of a new Web3 experience.  According to the company’s press release, its HUGO division, which focuses on appealing to younger consumers (i.e. it focuses on self expression), has collaborated with Web3 firm Imaginary Ones on “a holistic, […]

NFTs: Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal on the Tokenization of Everything

Recently, former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal explained why he is bullish on the NFT sector. Prior to founding macro economic and investment strategy research service Global Macro Investor (GMI) in 2005, Pal co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for global asset management firm GLG Partners (which is now called “Man GLG”). Before that, Pal worked at Goldman […]

Instagram Allowing Creators To Make and Sell Polygon ($MATIC) Powered NFTs, Adds Support for Solana ($SOL) NFTs

Meta Platforms, Inc. (“Meta”), the American multinational technology conglomerate that owns Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, says that it is “introducing a way for creators to make their own NFTs (or digital collectibles) and sell them to fans and collectors both on and off Instagram.” In a press release issued on 2 November 2022, Meta stated: […]

Crypto Exchange Kraken Launches NFT Marketplace With Whitelisted $ETH and $SOL Collections

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has launched its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with whitelisted collections on the Ethereum ($ETH) and Solana ($SOL) networks. The marketplace is designed to be “the most secure and accessible” in the ecosystem. The marketplace is, for now, only available for those who signed up to Kraken’s waitlist, although it’s set to […]

Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on Crypto: “We’re Excited To Continue To Invest There”

On Wednesday (2 November 2022), Robinhood Markets, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOOD) Co-Founder and CEO Vlad Tenev talked about crypto during his company’s Q3 2022 Earnings Call. Robnhood, which was founded in April 2013, is an American financial services firm headquartered in Menlo Park, California. It is well-known — especially among U.S. millennials — for its mobile […]

Ripple CTO: XRP Ledger Now Efficiently Supports ‘Native NFTs’ Thanks to XLS-20 Standard

On Monday (31 October 2022), days after FinTech firm Ripple celebrated its 10th anniversary, David Schwartz, who is the firm’s Chief Cryptographer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), gave XRP HODLers an even better reason to celebrate. Ripple’s 10th Anniversary On Thursday (October 20), Ripple, the FinTech firm that is using blockchain technology to allow “global […]

Polygon ($MATIC) Co-Founder: Reddit NFTs Are ‘A Huge Win for the Whole Web3’

Polygon Technology Co-Founder Mihailo Bjelic recently commented on how hugely successful Reddit’s Collectible Avatars, which are Polygon-powered NFTs, have been. On 7 July 2022, Reddit announced via a blog post that blockchain-backed Collectible Avatars were coming to Reddit via a new storefront: “In this series, Collectible Avatars are limited-edition avatars made by independent artists, in […]

Vertu Launches ‘World’s First Web3 Phone’ With a Starting Price of $3300

On Monday (October 24), an an event in London, luxury smartphone maker Vertu officially launched its latest phone, METAVERTU, which it claims is “the world’s first Web3 phone”. A press release issued on 11 October 2022 said that METAVERTU was first announced on 28 September 2022. It also mentioned that this phone is “the first […]

‘A Historic Day for Cardano NFTs’, As ‘Decentralized Identities’ Come to NMKR Studio

Pioneering Web3 infrastructure startup NMKR ($NMKR) made an important announcement yesterday, which Tim Harrison, VP of Community & Ecosystem at IOG, called a “groundbreaking innovation” for Cardano NFTs (aka “CNFTs”). What Does NMKR Do? Let’s start with a brief history of NMKR. It all started in April 2021 when Patrick Tobler (@Padierfind on Twitter), a computer science student […]

$ADA: A Closer Look at the Top Cardano NFT Collection by Volume and Floor Price

This article takes a look at The Ape Society ($SOCIETY), which is “a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain.” The Ape Society token, $SOCIETY, can be used for transactions inside the ecosystem. As highly popular and respected Cardano influencer “ADA Whale” (“@cardano_whale” on Twitter) pointed out earlier today, The Ape Society, […]

$ADA: Crypto Analyst Says ‘Cardano NFTs are the best NFTs’, SPO Explains Why There Are So Many NFT Projects

On Friday (October 7), a prominent crypto analyst gave high praise to Cardano-powered NFTs. Yesterday, popular crypto analyst and influencer told his over 893K Twitter followers: Interestingly, one day earlier, Pieter Nierop, the owner/operator of $ADA staking pool “Cardano Fans” explained the popularity of NFT projects on Cardano: On 14 June 2022, Justin Williams, Vice […]

Billionaire ‘Shark’ Mark Cuban Explains Why He Is ‘Still Really Bullish on Crypto’

In a recent interview, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban shared his thoughts about the crypto industry. Cuban is the majority owner of the professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks, as well as one of the “sharks” on the highly popular reality show “Shark Tank” (which is aired on the ABC television network). Cuban’s comments were made during an interview with […]

$SOL: Anatoly Yakovenko on How Solana Became a Leading Blockchain Over Past 18 Months

In a recent interview, Solana Labs Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko talked about how Solana managed — over the past 18 months — to “catapult” itself to the position of one of Ethereum’s major L1 blockchain rivals. His comments were made during a conversation on September 21 with Ryan Selkis, Co-Founder and CEO at Messari, at Messari’s annual conference Mainnet (September […]

Billionaire ‘Shark’ Mark Cuban on Using NFTs in the Book Publishing Industry

In a recent interview, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban talked about how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) could be useful in the book publishing industry (especially for textbooks). Cuban is the majority owner of the professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks, as well as one of the “sharks” on the highly popular reality show “Shark Tank” (which is aired on […]

Tennis Legend Maria Sharapova Explains Why She Is ‘Really Interested in the NFT Space’

Tennis legend Maria Sharapova recently shared her thought about Web3 and NFTs on day two of the Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 conference. These comments during a fireside chat with James Rothwell, VP of Global Marketing at Binance. Sharapova, who retired from professional tennis in February 2020 at the age of 32, was asked by […]

$ADA: Snoop Dogg’s Son Champ Medici Release New Music on Cardano Network

The son of popular American rapper Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, has released new music on the Cardano ($ADA) network in collaboration with popular non-fungible token (NFT) project Clay Nation. In total, three new music tracks were released exclusively to Baked Nation NFT holders. Baked Nation is a virtual land and clay animation collaboration between Clay […]

Ava Labs President John Wu Says ‘Real-World Assets Are Coming to the Blockchain’

John Wu, President of blockchain startup Ava Labs — which develops the software for the Avalanche ($AVAX) blockchain — recently shared his thoughts on asset tokenization. According to a report by The Daily Hodl, during an interview with Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal, Wu explained why he finds the tokenization of real assets using blockchain technology one of the […]

Ford Joining Metaverse With 19 New Patents Featuring NFTs

The American car manufacturer Ford, famous for its Mustang sports car and F-series pick-up trucks, has filed a trademark application to offer digital products in the metaverse.  According to a report by Cointelegraph, Ford Motor Company is preparing for the virtual age and Metaverse by filing 19 trademark applications across its major car brands. The […]

$MATIC: Starbucks Unveils Its Polygon-Powered NFT-Based ‘Starbucks Odyssey’ Experience

On Monday (September 12), Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, introduced “Starbucks Odyssey”, which will give Starbucks Rewards members and Starbucks employees in the U.S. the chance to earn and buy NFTs that will “unlock access to new benefits and immersive coffee experiences.” According to Starbucks’ press release, it is “one of the first companies […]

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