As Andrew Hayward reported for Decrypt on 29 June 2023, the Trump family is once again making waves in the NFT space.

Per the Decrypt report, following former U.S. President Donald Trump’s release of his second set of NFT trading cards two months ago, Melania Trump, his wife, has now unveiled a new set of NFTs. These digital collectibles, inspired by the upcoming Independence Day holiday, are part of “The 1776 Collection“.

These NFTs, based on the Solana blockchain, feature iconic American imagery, including landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Each NFT is priced at $50, with seven designs making up a total of 3,500 NFTs. The digital collectibles are available for purchase on the USA Memorabilia website.

While the Trump family’s foray into the NFT space began with Melania Trump’s release of her own NFT in December 2021, it was Donald Trump’s digital trading cards collection that caught the public’s attention. Despite initial skepticism, the NFTs sold out within 24 hours and saw a surge in resale value. However, the release of a second collection led to a significant drop in the value of the original NFTs.

The Trumps’ involvement in the NFT market has been a topic of discussion both within the crypto community and among mainstream observers. With the release of “The 1776 Collection”, it’s clear that the Trump family continues to explore the potential of this digital asset class.