Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of its Virtual G-Shock project, a global community platform designed to connect users of its iconic G-Shock line of durable watches. The project will be rolled out in countries including Japan, the USA, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Portugal, Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Casio has a history of innovation, from calculators and timepieces to electronic musical instruments. The G-Shock brand, launched in 1983, is known for its durable and practical watches.

According to Casio’s press release, the community will be hosted on Discord, a U.S.-based voice, video, and text communication service. The project will start with distributing 15,000 limited-edition G-Shock Creator Pass NFTs, starting on September 23, 2023. These NFTs will be minted on the Polygon blockchain and grant holders access to various community events and co-creative projects.

The platform will feature a variety of co-creative projects, including a color design contest for the G-Shock Creator Pass. Community members can submit designs, which will be voted on by other members. The platform also offers special privileges based on user activity levels, such as priority in project participation and NFT purchasing.

According to the Virtual G-Shock website, the project brings together long-time fans and those unfamiliar with the brand. It aims to create a community where everyone is a creator and adventurer. The platform offers new experiences and special privileges based on activity levels. Higher levels come with benefits such as precedence in project participation and NFT purchasing. The community is free to join and aims to provide a sense of accomplishment that can’t be achieved alone.

The Virtual G-Shock project has a detailed roadmap that includes the community launch on Discord on September 5, 2023, followed by the distribution of G-Shock Creator Pass NFTs on September 23, 2023. New experience projects are planned for October 2023, and 3D model G-SHOCK NFTs are projected for release in December 2023. The platform plans to update the community with the latest details continually.

Featured Image Via Casio