Around mid-December 2023, sales of the Solana Mobile Saga smartphone saw a remarkable increase, primarily fueled by the excitement within the cryptocurrency community. This spike in sales was attributed to the realization that owning a Saga phone could be financially advantageous. Each Saga phone purchaser was eligible to receive an airdrop of 30 million Bonk (BONK) tokens. With the token’s recent rise in value, this meant that buyers could potentially gain approximately $1,000 in BONK tokens from an investment of $599 for the phone.

On December 16, 2023, during this intense sales period, Solana Mobile took to social media platform X to announce that the Saga smartphone was entirely out of stock. The company expressed deep appreciation for the community’s support and conveyed their excitement about the future, highlighting this event as a significant milestone.

However, the BONK airdrop, which is currently worth around $463, was not the only valuable gift received by Saga owners. First, we had the 100,000 ACS airdrop by Access Protocol, and most recently, a new NFT project called Saga Monkes launched, which airdropped 8,505 unique NFTs to Solana Saga owners based on a snapshot taken on 2 January 2024. Naturally, those who received and activated their phones are not too happy, but the team behind this project is promising that there will be another airdrop in the future.

The demand for Saga Monkes NFTs surged quickly. By late Tuesday, these Solana NFTs were listed on secondary marketplaces with starting prices of around $1,250 in SOL value. This price point is more than double the Saga smartphone’s last selling price of $599 before selling out in December. At the time of writing, according to data from NFT marketplace Magic Eden, the floor price for Saga Monkes NFTs is 8.119 SOL (i.e. approximately $811).

Source: Magic Eden