Vodafone Germany has revealed plans to release an NFT collection on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. This news was shared by Patrick Tobler, the Founder and CEO of NMKR, a leading NFT creation, minting, and trading infrastructure provider on the Cardano blockchain. Tobler shared the announcement made by a Vodafone Germany employee (“Luca”) on the company’s Discord server.

A Warm Welcome to the Cardano Community

The Vodafone Germany representative began by expressing excitement and gratitude towards the growing Cardano community. The company has been overwhelmed by the positive response and enthusiasm from the community members. The representative also acknowledged the curiosity surrounding the project, with many members asking about the timeline and specifics of the NFT collection.

Why Cardano?

Vodafone Germany has chosen the Cardano blockchain for its NFT project due to its strong community, sustainability, and cross-chain possibilities. The company is still in the early stages of this project, and those already involved are considered super early supporters.

A Focus on Utility

Vodafone Germany is committed to creating NFTs that provide real utility and benefits to its customers. While the direct benefits will be available to German customers, the company is exploring ways to include its international community members. The company aims to be transparent in its intentions and capabilities.


The announcement also addressed some frequently asked questions:

  • When will the NFTs be minted? The company is still determining the utility to attach to the NFTs. Given the size of Vodafone, decisions like these involve many departments and take time to finalize.
  • Will there be any special roles for early joiners? Vodafone Germany does not plan on giving out roles for early joiners. However, they do plan to reward their first 1000 Discord members.
  • Will there be a whitelist? The company wants the project to be as inclusive as possible, so there will be no whitelist.
  • What utility will the NFTs provide? The company is still finalizing this aspect. They are open to suggestions from the community and encourage members to share their ideas.

NMKR’s Role

In addition to the announcement, Tobler disclosed that Vodafone Germany would use NMKR’s NFT tools for this project. This partnership underscores NMKR’s reputation as a leading provider of NFT infrastructure on the Cardano blockchain.


Vodafone Germany’s venture into NFTs on the Cardano blockchain marks a significant step in major corporations’ adoption of blockchain technology. The company’s focus on creating NFTs with real utility is a promising development in the NFT space. As we await more details about the project, the anticipation within the Cardano community continues to grow. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture.

Featured Image Credit: Photo / illustration by Traxer via Unsplash