On Wednesday (April 12), Book.io, a groundbreaking Cardano-powered NFT marketplace for e-books, revealed the name of one its world-famous investors, who has been backing the pioneering startup since its early days.

Book.io utilizes its proprietary Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs) technology to ensure the perpetual protection and preservation of various media types on the blockchain. The company’s vision includes creating an e-book and audiobook marketplace, mobile reading apps, and a publishing portal for independent authors.

Ingram Content Group is a company dedicated to connecting people with content in all forms. It provides comprehensive services for publishers, retailers, libraries, and educators, making these services seamless and accessible through technology, innovation, and creativity. With an extensive global network of offices and facilities, Ingram’s services include digital and physical book distribution, print-on-demand, and other services for the publishing industry.

In September 2022, Book.io announced a collaboration with Ingram Content Group, highlighting their joint efforts to pioneer new supply-chain models for e-book delivery. It said that this partnership would leverage blockchain technologies, Web 3.0, and innovative commercialization models based on NFTs. The collaboration’s goal was to put e-books and audiobooks on-chain, enabling readers to truly own the digital books they purchase and fostering a secondary digital market where publishers and authors can earn royalties and directly engage with readers.

On April 12, Book.io confirmed on Twitter that billionaire Mark Cuban is one of their early investors, as had been announced on The Bad Crypto Podcast earlier that day.

With Cuban’s involvement as an early investor, along with the valuable guidance and connections he has provided, Book.io is poised to make a major impact on the e-book industry.