Chainlink Whales Move Nearly $80 Million Worth of $LINK Amid Integration Into Coinbase-Backed Base

Chainlink ($LINK) whales have moved tens of millions of dollars worh of the cryptocurrency amid a cryptocurrency market downturn and as the project was integrated into Coinbase’s layer-2 solution Base, in what was the largest on-chain transaction spike for the decentralized oracle project in in the last 90 days. According to on-chain analytics firm Santiment, […]

Coinbase-Backed Ethereum L2 ‘Base’ Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Its Testnet

Chainlink has announced exciting news for its followers: the launch of Chainlink Price Feeds on Base testnet, a new Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase. On 23 February 2023, Coinbase announced the testnet launch of Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) blockchain that provides a cost-effective and developer-friendly platform for building decentralized applications (dApps) on-chain. According […]

Crypto Analyst Explains Why Chainlink ($LINK ‘Has the Potential to 50X to 100X’

On Monday (28 November 2022), crypto analyst Tory Green shard his thoughts on Chainlink, which he called “one of the most important, yet least understood, pillars of the crypto ecosystem.” Green said: “Chainlink is a ‘decentralized oracle network’ that allows blockchains to connect to real-world data (we’ll explain this in a second)… It has a […]

Chainlink ($LINK) on How Its Proof of Reserve Service Provides Transparency Users Demand

Chainlink ($LINK) has taken to Twitter to outline how its “Proof of Reserve” service is providing transparency for users.  In a series of tweets published on 10 November 2022, Chainlink indicated that crypto is at a “crossroads” in terms of following in the footsteps of the traditional financial industry. According to the post, Chainlink’s Proof […]

Chainlink ($LINK) ‘Feels Criminal’ at Current Prices, Says Popular Cryptocurrency Trader

A popular cryptocurrency trader has suggested that ´ oracle network Chainlink ($LINK) is currently significantly undervalued, saying that under the $10 mark the cryptocurrency’s price “feels criminal.” In a series of tweets shared with their over 500,000 followers on the microblogging platform Twitter, pseudonymous analyst Kaleo noted that LINK has been undergoing an accumulation phase […]

Chainlink Labs Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov on Chainlink’s Partnership With SWIFT

In a recent interview, Chainlink Labs Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov shared his latest thoughts on blockchain technology. Nazarov’s comments were made during an appearance on an episode of YouTube series “Real Vision Crypto” that was released four days ago. According to a report by The Daily Hodl, Nazarov had this to about blockchain interoperability: “With the […]

Chainlink ($LINK) Will ‘Move Hard to the Upside’, Says Popular Cryptocurrency Analyst

A popular cryptocurrency analyst has revealed they believe that the price of smart contract oracle platform Chainlink ($LINK) will  “move hard to the upside” in the near future, despite seeing sideways price action over the last few months. According to the pseudonymous analyst Altcoin Sherpa, $LINK has been behaving like a “stablecoin for now,” although […]

Key Indicator for ‘Under the Radar’ Token Hits Levels That Last Time Preceded a 610% Price Rise

A key indicator for a “fairly under the radar” Ethereum-based token, Decentraland ($MANA) has dropped to levels that haven’t been seen over the last three years , and that last time preceded a 610% rise in its price. According to cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment, the non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse cryptocurrency has seen its market […]

Chainlink ($LINK) Could Outperform Bitcoin Even as $BTC Is Expected to Rise, Crypto Analyst Says

Benjamin Cowen, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, has revealed that while he believes that the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin ($BTC) is set to appreciate in the near future, he believes that Chainlink ($LINK) could do even better. In an interview with Altcoin Daily, Cowen laid out his bullish case for the decentralized oracle platform, noting that while […]

$LINK: Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Expresses His Admiration for Chainlink

In a recent fireside chat, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained why he considers Chainlink ($LINK) a “winner”. Schmidt, whom Forbes currently calls the world’s 90th richest person with a net worth of $16.8 billion (as of 3 October 2022), made his comments during a fireside chat with Chainlink Labs Co-Founder and CEO Sergey Nazarov […]

Altcoins Including $SOL, AVAX, and $LINK Could Surge up to 200%, Says Top Crypto Trader

Michaël van de Poppe, a top cryptocurrency trader and a well-known analyst with a large following on social media, has revealed he believes numerous altcoins could soon surge up to 200% as bullish signs point to further upward price movement. In a series of tweets shared with van de Poppe’s over 619,000 followers on the […]

Top Ethereum ($ETH) Whales Bet on $SHIB, $LINK, $FTX, and Others as Crypto Market Rebounds

The top 5,000 whales on the Ethereum ($ETH) blockchain are betting on a number of altcoins aside from ETH itself as the cryptocurrency market rebounds, with their largest non-stablecoin position being in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu ($SHIB). According to data from whale monitoring service WhaleStats, the largest 5,000 whales on the Ethereum network have […]

$SOL Surges 12.5% To Go Above $44, Crypto Analyst Expects It To Rally to $58–$60

On Monday (June 6), the $SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, is trading above the $44, having surged over 12% in the past 24-hour period, and at least one crypto analyst expects it to rally “harder than people think.” As you can see in the five-day SOL-USD price chart below, on Coinbase, $SOL was trading […]

Top Ethereum Whales Load up on Polygon ($MATIC) and Chainlink ($LINK) as Crypto Market Recovers

A whale monitoring resource has found that the richest wallet addresses on the Ethereum network have been loading up on Polygon ($MATIC) and Chainlink ($LINK) as the cryptocurrency market recovers, with only Ethereum’s ETH and stablecoins leading these coins in terms of holdings. According to data from WhaleStats, first spotted by DailyHodl, the 1,000 largest […]

Crypto Analyst Explains Why He Is So Bullish on Chainlink ($LINK) and Tezos ($XTZ)

Popular crypto analyst Aaron Arnold recently looked at two crypto projects with “massive potential” in this month.  In a video released on December 7, Arnold, who is a co-host of the popular Altcoin Daily show, told the YouTube channel’s over 1.16 million subscribers that $LINK, the native token of Ethereum-powered dencentralized oracle network Chainlink, is […]

Chainlink Whales Own Nearly 25% of $LINK’s Supply After Months Accumulating

Whales within the decentralized oracle network Chainlink have been steadily accumulating LINK tokens over the last few months, to the point they now own up to a quarter of the cryptocurrency’s supply. According to data shared by crypto analytics firm Santiment, Chainlink millionaire addresses, holding between 100,000 to 10 million LINK tokens, have been accumulating […]

American News Agency Associated Press Is Partnering With Chainlink ($LINK)

American non-profit news agency Associated Press (AP) has announced that it is partnering with decentralized oracle network Chainlink to “help bring economic, sports and race call data onto blockchains, the decentralized computer networks for recording information in an unalterable way.” AP’s blog post about this announcement, which was published on October 21, featured an interview […]

Chainlink Labs Has ‘A Tremendous Amount of Respect for the Cardano Ecosystem’

Earlier today (September 25), Niki Ariyasinghe, Head of Business Development (Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa) at Chainlink Labs, discussed with Tim Harrison, Marketing & Communications Director at IOHK (aka “IOG”), the technology company that develops the software implementing the Cardano protocol, a new strategic collaboration that will “help developers build smart contracts for Cardano DeFi applications.” […]

Chainlink Price Feeds Coming to Solana in Q4, Osprey’s $SOL Fund for Wealthy Investors

On Wednesday (August 25), the teams behind two of the most crypto projects announced the results of an integration that is “the result of many months of close collaboration.” And on Tuesday (August 24), Osprey Funds signalled its intention to launch a private Solana fund. In a press release issued yesterday, the Chainlink and the […]

Social Sentiment for $XRP, Cardano’s $ADA, and Other Large-Cap Altcoins Flashes Buy Signal

Social sentiment data for XRP, Cardano’s ADA, Ethereum, and Polkadot (DOT) has started flashing a buy signal, according to cryptocurrency insights firm Santiment. In a tweet, the firm revealed that cryptocurrency traders have, on social media, started taking a bearish stance on these four altcoins, at a time in which the price of bitcoin started […]

Crypto Analyst Explains $ADA and $MATIC Could Explode Over Next Few Weeks

The host of popular crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily has named seven cryptoassets he believes could surge in June based on various factors. The host, Aaron Arnold, kicked off the list with Cardano (ADA) ahead of its smart contract functionality deployment. In a video published to the channel’s over 800,000 subscribers, Arnold pointed out that […]

Crypto Analyst Looks at Price Action of $ADA, $ETH, $LINK, $DOT, and $AVAX

Popular crypto trader and analyst Benjamin Cowen has given a prediction for Cardano’s next price movement, in addition to four surging altcoins.

Crypto Analyst Says Chainlink ($LINK) Seems ‘Primed’ to Break Out Against Bitcoin

Earlier this week, crypto analyst/influencer Elliot Wainman, the owner/host of YouTube channel “EllioTrades Crypto”, told his over 300K subscribers that — according to his technical analysis — Chainlink seems set to go much higher against Bitcoin, which could lead to “an explosion of the oracle coins.” On April, Wainman said that the LINK/BTC trading pair looked […]

Chainlink Price Feeds Available as a Substrate Oracle Pallet, $DOT Sets New ATH

On Friday (April 2), the Polkadot ($DOT) team announced that Chainlink had made their price feeds available as a Substrate oracle pallet. Within less than 24 hours, Polkadot’s DOT token had broken through the $46 level, setting a new all-time high. According to Polkadot’s blog post, which was published yesterday (April 2), until now, there […]

Crypto Analyst Has Bullish Predictions For Ethereum, Cardano, and Chainlink

Popular crypto trader and market analyst Michaël van de Poppe has issued bullish price predictions for Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink, and three other altcoins.  In a series of tweets, van de Poppe predicted Ethereum could continue its bullish climb beyond $2,000. He said the second-largest cryptoasset by market capitalization was on pace to reach $5,000 during […]

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