Amidst renewed criticism directed towards Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, who is Co-Founder and CEO of IOG, took to social media platform X on April 7 to express his unwavering confidence in the project’s future. While acknowledging the current chatter around Cardano, Hoskinson remains unfazed, highlighting several aspects he believes will secure the network’s long-term success.

Hoskinson emphasizes Cardano’s advantages, noting its emphasis on scalability, governance, and innovation. He underscores their unique path in each of these areas and expresses confidence in the superiority of their solutions. Furthermore, he singles out Cardano’s dedicated community as a key driver of success, an asset he believes is unmatched in the industry.

Hoskinson hints at the upcoming Chang hard fork, highlighting its significance in establishing on-chain governance and moving closer to true decentralization via community empowerment.

He ties this into Cardano’s ongoing research efforts with the upcoming Ouroboros Leios upgrade, which he considers a major breakthrough in tackling the blockchain trilemma (scalability, security, decentralization). Hoskinson also emphasizes the expanding research initiatives within Cardano, with published papers and increased focus on swift implementation of new developments.

Hoskinson argues that Cardano’s multi-year track record of reliability, combined with its emphasis on community, and its potential for global engagement through initiatives like sovereign wealth funds, positions it for continued success. He sees Cardano’s methodical approach and community strength as essential ingredients for sustainable growth in the crowded cryptocurrency space.

In essence, Charles Hoskinson’s recent remarks are a rallying cry, reminding both critics and supporters that Cardano is committed to long-term, research-backed growth. He challenges the industry’s tendency to get caught up in short-term narratives and hype, emphasizing the importance of steady development and community support for enduring success.

Chang is a significant hard fork scheduled for the Cardano blockchain that marks the beginning of the Voltaire era in its roadmap. This phase is focused on establishing a fully decentralized governance system for the network.

Chang will introduce the tools and structures that allow Cardano’s ADA holders to use their tokens to vote on proposals that directly shape the project’s future. These decisions made through community voting will become permanently etched into the blockchain, ensuring verifiable and transparent governance. Chang is expected to hit the Cardano mainnet in Q2 2024.

Chang matters because it’s a crucial step towards Cardano achieving its vision of becoming a fully decentralized and community-led blockchain. It empowers ADA holders to actively participate in the development process, giving them a strong sense of ownership and engagement in the network’s future. This community-driven governance model promises to help Cardano continually evolve, adapt to challenges, and better serve its users.