In the latest Cardano weekly development report released on 8 December 2023, IOG shared a comprehensive overview of its recent advancements and ongoing projects, reflecting a robust and dynamic growth trajectory. The report encapsulates both key highlights and cumulative statistics to date, illustrating the significant strides made by the blockchain platform.

The development team successfully implemented the initial version of Conway conformance testing, marking a milestone in the platform’s commitment to robust and reliable system performance. In preparation for future upgrades, the team is gearing up for the Lace 1.8 release, indicating a continued evolution of the network’s capabilities.

Significant progress was also noted in the realm of decentralized applications (DApps), with the beta release of the Marlowe TS-SDK and the subsequent publication of a prototype overview for payouts DApp. These developments underscore Cardano’s focus on enhancing the development framework for smart contracts and expanding the utility of its blockchain.

The report also includes insights into the monthly review meeting for Hydra, a layer two scaling solution for Cardano, and the publication of its November report. This reflects Cardano’s proactive approach to addressing scalability and improving transaction throughput.

Moreover, the Intersect committees have been active in forging a secure and collaborative ecosystem, reinforcing Cardano’s vision for a decentralized and user-centric blockchain platform. The registration phase for the Catalyst community reviewers has commenced, which invites members of the community to contribute to the platform’s growth by reviewing and providing feedback on various projects.

Looking ahead, plans are underway for a Haskell course in 2024, aiming to foster a knowledgeable community around Cardano’s core programming language. This educational initiative is indicative of Cardano’s commitment to building a strong foundation of skilled developers and enthusiasts.

IOG proudly announced the launch of 152 projects and the ongoing building of 1,307 projects, reflecting a vibrant and expanding ecosystem. The platform has facilitated 79.7 million transactions, demonstrating the increasing adoption and utilization of the Cardano network.

Regarding token metrics, the report revealed that 9.1 million native tokens are circulating within the ecosystem, governed by 81,621 token policies. Additionally, the deployment of Plutus scripts—a set of tools for smart contract development—has reached 6,260 for version 1 and 4,981 for version 2, showcasing Cardano’s steady progress in smart contract deployment and execution.

Featured Image via Unsplash