Twitter CEO Says His Other Company Is Considering Building an Open Bitcoin Mining System

Jack Dorsey, the American billionaire who is the co-founder and CEO of microblogging platform Twitter and the CEO of payments solutions provider Square, says the latter is “considering” building an “open” Bitcoin mining system. Square was founded in February 2009, or just one month after Bitcoin’s initial release. The three co-founders are Jack Dorsey, Jim McKelvey, and Tristan […]

Some of North America’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Firms Reportedly HODLing Over 20,000 BTC

According to a recent research report, several publicly listed Bitcoin mining companies are holding more than 20,000 BTC (currently worth around $1.15 billion). According to The Block’s report, “based on their latest monthly production data released recently, Riot, Marathon, Bitfarms, Hut8, Greenidge, Argo, and HIVE have mined a total of 6,463 BTC in Q3, which […]

$411 Billion Financial Services Firm Partners With Blockstream To Get Into Green Bitcoin Mining

On Wednesday, Blockstream, a firm focused on building “crypto-financial infrastructure based on Bitcoin” announced a partnership with financial services group Macquarie to “develop and manage best-in-class, zero-emission Bitcoin mining facilities.” Blockstream offers three types of Bitcoin mining services: Colocation: You use one of their mining facilities in North America, where you can get access to […]

Two Enterprising Kids Mine $35K a Month in $ETH Out of Their Garage

Two enterprising American boys managed to generate $35,000 a month via an Ethereum ($ETH) mining operation they set up in their garage.  According to a report by Westport News (first reported by The Dallas Morning News), American brothers Ishaan and Aanysa Thakur, aged 14 and 9 respectively, who live in Frisco, Texas, have generated $35K […]

President of Belarus: “Start Mining Cryptocurrencies or Whatever It’s Called”

The President of Belarus has recommended the government begin mining cryptoassets with spare electricity.  As Cointelegraph reported yesterday, using Russian news agency RBC as their source, President Alexander Lukashenko spoke at the opening of the Petrikovksky mining and processing plant on August 27, proposing that the state get involved with mining crypto. Lukashenko advised workers […]

Bitcoiner Uses Portable Mini Rig to Mine BTC at Starbucks

Recently, Idan Abada, the owner of an online store (“Bitcoin Merch“) that specializes in crypto mining equipment, shared on TikTok a video of him using “free” electricity at a Starbucks cafe to mine Bitcoin on his laptop via a custom mini mining rig. In this TikTok video, we see Abada, who lives in Los Angeles, […]

Cambridge University: Bitcoin Mining Is Now More Environmentally Friendly

A new study from Cambridge University shows that the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment is not nearly as bad as previously believed.  According to a report by CNBC, data published from Cambridge University shows that the geography of Bitcoin mining has evolved over the past six months, leading to an improvement in the […]

1897-Built New York Power Plant Turns to Bitcoin Mining for Better Profitability

A historic power plant in Mechanicville, New York has decided to switch to mining Bitcoin as a more profitable pursuit in addition to generating electricity.  According to a report by The Albany Times Union, a hydroelectric plant built in 1897 and operated by Albany Engineering Corp., is using a portion of the power it produces […]

Bitcoin Update: Hash Rate, Mining Difficulty, Accumulation Addresses, $BTC vs Gold

This article looks at what analysts and influencers are currently (as of June 28) saying about Bitcoin’s hash rate, mining difficulty, BTC accumulation addresses, and the Bitcoin vs gold debate. On June 26, crypto analyst Lex Moskovski, CIO at Moskovski Capital, used Glassnode data to show that the number of unique accumulation address (or effectively […]

Bitcoin Mining Crackdown in China: Fake News or Something To Be Concerned About?

This article takes a closer look at recent reports coming out of China about potential upcoming regulations that could result in a a partial or total ban on Bitcoin mining in that country. Tuesday’s Announcement by Three Chinese Self-Regulatory Organizations Last Tuesday (May 18), Shanghai Securities News (SSN), “China’s leading financial newspaper and the China […]

If You Want a Cheap Bitcoin Mining Rig, You Could Use a Commodore 64

A Polish computer programmer Maciej Witkowiak has reportedly created open source software for mining Bitcoin on a Commodore 64, a computer that was first released in 1982.  In a post published to GitHub, Witkowiak shared the code he created for users interested in mining BTC via the Commodore 64. According to Witkowiak, his Bitcoin mining […]

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Won’t Buy Bitcoin Mined in China

Celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”) says he will only buy Bitcoin mined sustainably in countries that use clean energy.  Speaking in an interview with CNBC, O’Leary said he would not buy “blood coin” mined in China, and would focus his investments on BTC mined sustainably using clean energy:  “I see over the next […]

Hardware Hacker Modifies Old School Game Boy To Mine Bitcoin

An enterprising hardware hacker has modified an original Nintendo Game Boy in order to mine bitcoin. In a YouTube video published by Stacksmashing, the modder was able to hack an original Game Boy in order to mine Bitcoin.  The modder’s primary challenge was getting the Game Boy, released two full decades before the creation of […]

Tesla Helps Bitcoin Surge Above $57K, Analysts Say $BTC Miners Have Paused Selling

On Wednesday (March 24), within roughly five hours of Elon Musk announcing on Twitter that Tesla is now accepting (in the U.S.) Bitcoin as a means of payment, the Bitcoin price had surged from $54,785 (at 7:01 UTC) $57,044 (at 12.11 UTC), which is currently its intraday high. Currently (i.e. as of 12:58 UTC on […]

Gold Firm CEO Says Bullion May Act As a Hedge Against Cryptocurrency

Newcrest Mining Ltd. CEO Sandeep Biswas told Bloomberg the rising tides of crypto-assets would drive more investor interest to gold due to its price stability.

Ethereum User Accidentally Pays $9,500 Transaction Fee to Send $120

An ethereum user accidentally paid $9,500 in transaction fees to send just $120.  According to a Reddit post published last week, an ethereum user mistakenly typed the wrong transaction fee when attempting to transfer $120, resulting in a payment that cost seventy-nine times as much. Reddit user ProudBitcoiner shared their story of accidentally paying 23.5127 […]

Italian Airport Employee Accused of Using Airport’s Computers to Mine Ethereum

An Italian airport worker has been caught allegedly using the facility’s computer systems to mine Ethereum.  According to a report by Italian media outlet Rai News, a 41-year old technician in the city of Lamezia Terme was caught allegedly putting mining malware on the airport’s computer systems. The report claims the staffer put the security […]

Mining Profitability Drops as Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Hits New All-Time High

Bitcoin miners have struggled to remain profitable following May’s block reward halving as BTC’s hash rate hit another all-time high earlier in the week.

New Mining Entity Controlling One-Fourth of BCH’s Hashrate Draws Attention Over Empty Blocks

A new mining entity reportedly partly responsible for mining empty blocks on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain has drawn the community’s attention, as it quickly captured one-fourth of the network’s hashrate. Members of the cryptocurrency’s community recently noticed that a mining operation called HathorMM managed to get up to one-third of the network’s hashrate at […]

Venezuela’s President Introduces Cryptocurrency Bill to Avoid Economic Sanctions

Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro has introduced a new bill that will explore crypto-assets as an avenue for avoiding economic sanctions.

Iran to Use Electricity From Three Power Plants to Mine Bitcoin

Iran is set to use the energy of three power plants exclusively to mine bitcoin, according to an announcement from the country’s Thermal Power Plant Holding Company (TPPH).” According to local news outlet Tehran Times, power plants in Iran receive benefits and subsidies from the government on their fuel supplies, but were barred from using […]

Venezuela Legalizes Crypto Mining, Forces Miners to Use National Mining Pool

The Venezuelan government has published a new decree in the Official Gazette legalizing cryptocurrency mining, but with a catch: crypto miners have to use a national mining pool. According to local news website CriptoNoticias, the new decree was authorized by Joselit Ramirez, head of Venezuela’s National Superintendency of Crypto Assets and Related Activities (SUNACRIP). It […]

Multinational Energy Company Equinor Entering Partnership to Mine Bitcoin

Multinational energy company Equinor intends to use byproduct flaring from oil extraction to generate electricity for bitcoin mining.

Former Contractor Avoids Jail Time After Mining Crypto on Government Supercomputers

A former government contractor in Sydney avoided jail time after hijacking processing power from state-owned supercomputers for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Miner Revenues Hit 5-Year High Over 2,275 ETH

Ethereum miners have been seeing their revenues surge so far this month, with the one-day moving average hitting 2,275 ETH thanks to the recent airdrop of Uniswap’s UNI tokens to users who interacted with the protocol. As CryptoGlobe reported, pending transactions on the Ethereum network surged after Uniswap launched its UNI governance token, and airdropped […]

NiceHash Denies It Enabled 51% Attacks on Ethereum Classic

Hashing brokerage giant NiceHash has denied its involvement in a 51 percent attack on ethereum classic’s blockchain at the end of July.

World’s Largest Asset Manager in Crypto Space to Invest $100M Into Bitcoin Mining Subsidiary

On Thursday (August 27),  Digital Currency Group, Inc. (“DCG”), the world’s largest asset manager in the blockchain/crypto space, announced that it plans to invest “through to 2021” $100 million in Foundry, its wholly-owned Bitcoin mining subsidiary. DCG, which was founded in 2015 by Barry Silbert, is an investor in some of the best-known businesses in the crypto […]

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Hits New All-Time High as BTC’s Price Remains Above $11,000

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has hit a new all-time high of 17.3 trillion after a new increase that was likely sustained thanks to its price remaining above the $11,000 mark since the beginning of the month. According to CryptoCompare data, BTC’s mining difficulty has been steadily moving up for the last three years, but faced short […]

Iran Shuts Down 1,100 Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining Farms

Iran’s Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company (Tavanir) has reportedly shut down 1,100 unlicensed cryptocurrency mining farms in the country after being tipped off by whistleblowers. According to a report by the Financial Tribune, the firm is planning to reward whistleblowers with 100 million rials ($480) for cooperating with energy officials in identifying illegal cryptocurrency […]

Cybersecurity Firm Issues Warning Over Hidden Monero Malware on AWS Marketplace

Cyber security firm Mitiga has issued a warning to AWS clients after discovering a hidden Monero mining malware in a AWI product.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Plummet as Network Congestion Eases

The cost of transacting on the Bitcoin network has fallen sharply last week, as bitcoin-related activity started to slow down after BTC’s price managed to remain above the $11,000 mark. According to data from, first spotted by CoinDesk, the average transaction fee paid to transact on the Bitcoin network fell by 58% since last […]

Microsoft: In 2019, Cryptojacking Attacks Decreased 40% From 2018

A recently-released security report by Microsoft—titled “Microsoft Security Endpoint Threat Summary 2019″—says that “cryptocurrency mining encounters are down 40% from 2018.” Microsoft points out that “as the value of cryptocurrency rises and falls, so does the mining encounter rate.” It then explains how cryptojacking attacks work: “Attackers inject mining software into an unsuspecting user or […]

Bitcoin’s Surge Past $10,000 Increases Number of Millionaires Addresses to 18,000

Bitcoin’s recent price increase above the $10,000 mark has helped the number of bitcoin millionaire addresses – those with at least $1 million worth of BTC in them – rise to over 18,000. According to analytics firm Glassnode, the number of millionaire addresses rose to 18,000 thanks to a 38% surge supported by the cryptocurrency’s […]

10,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines ‘Illegally Moved’ From Bitmain Mining Farm

The ongoing power struggle between the co-founders of cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain, Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu,  has allegedly seen 10,000 Bitcoin mining rigs be “illegally moved” from a company-owned facility in Mongolia.

Georgia: Mine Crypto While the Sun Shines

In this article, Solomon Brown, Head of PR at Freewallet, explains how Georgia has become a prominent crypto miner and if it really has become the next country to affirm its Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies status. 

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits New All-Time High as Price Remains Range-Bound

Data from Bitcoin mining pool shows that Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has increased by nearly 10% over the last two weeks to hit a new all-time high of 17.35 trillion (T).

Ebang Plans Offshore Exchange as NASDAQ Share Prices Falter

Chinese crypto mining manufacturer Ebang has announced plans to launch an offshore exchange following the firm’s stock listing on NASDAQ last week. 

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases to Highest Level Since January 2018

According to data from Bitcoin mining pool, yesterday (June 16), Bitcoin’s mining difficulty took a 14.95% jump, as the result of which it reached its highest level since January 2018.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Bounces Back as Price Flirts With $10,000 Mark

Bitcoin’s hashrate is seemingly recovering and moving towards new all-.time highs, after enduring an initial 40% drop after the block reward halving, that saw rewards on the BTC blockchain drop from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 per block.

Chinese Authorities Discover Illegal Bitcoin Mining Operation Beneath Cemetery

Chinese authorities claim to have uncovered an illegal bitcoin mining operation beneath the cemetery of a local village. 

Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Launches Sale of the 84 TH/s Antminer T19

On Monday (June 1), Chinese crypto mining giant Bitmain launched the sale of its latest ASIC-based SHA-256 miner, the Antminer T19.

Bitcoins Network Slows, Causing Spike in Unconfirmed Transactions and Fees

Bitcoin’s network has slowed down following the block reward halving, leading to a backlog in unconfirmed transactions and spike in fees. 

Blockchain Analysis Says Extremely Unlikely That Satoshi Moved His Bitcoin on May 20

The Bitcoin first mined in February 2009 that was moved on May 20 did not belong to BTC’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, according to an analysis of the network’s blockchain. 

Bitcoin Currently Over $9600, but This Important Metric Suggests It’s Still Undervalued

The Puelle Multiple, which has accurately forecasted Bitcoin movements in the past, is now signalling a ‘BUY’.

Bitcoin Gets Mentioned in Another Episode of American TV Drama Series ‘Billions’

Bitcoin made another appearance on SHOWTIME’s hit series ‘Billions’ in a plot involving an unauthorized mining farm. 

Bitcoins Hashrate Has Plummeted Following Block Reward Halving

Bitcoin’s hashrate has fallen nearly 20 percent following the block reward halving alongside miner revenues. 

New Bitcoin Mining Pool Comes out of Nowhere, Already 5th Largest

A new mining pool has made a splash out of nowhere, jumping onto the scene with its own hardware and funding and directly to the #5 spot. A spartan website leaves little clues as to provenance.

Up To 30% of Bitcoin Miners Outdated After Halving: Report

A report from Poolin’s VP says that as many as 30% of Bitcoin miners are sub-25 terahash/second machines, which will no longer be competitive post-halving.

Bitcoins Average Block Size Reaches All-Time High Ahead of Halving

Bitcoin’s average block size reached an all-time high ahead of the mining reward reduction set to take place on May 11. 

London-based Bitcoin Miner Argo Blockchain Announces 1,000% Revenue Increase

London-based bitcoin miner Argo Blockchain has announced a revenue increase of over 1000 percent in 2019 after transitioning away from a mining-as-a-service business model. 

Crypto Mining Hardware Maker Ebang Files for $100 Million U.S. IPO

Cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Ebang International Holdings is looking to raise up to $100 million from an initial public offering (IPO), according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $300,000 Post-Halving, Expert on Warren Buffet Predicts

Preston Pysh, an expert on Warren Buffett, predicts the price of bitcoin will reach $200K – $300K several months after May’s halving, citing adoption and increased mining costs as drivers for the price. 

PlanB Still Betting on 10x in Bitcoin Price Within Two Years

PlanB leans on his Stock-to-Flow model, which according to him has remained valid since its inception. The models project anywhere from $30k-100k, but always a new all-time-high.

HTCs Exodus Smartphone Will Allow Users to Mine Monero (XMR)

Smartphone manufacturer HTC will allow users to mine Monero through their upcoming DeMiner application. 

Bitcoins Hashrate Bounces Back One Month Ahead of its Halving

Bitcoin’s hashrate has started to recover, moving toward its all-time high seen before the March 12-13 crypto market crash that saw BTC lose about 50% of its value.

Binance to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Mining Pool

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance is set to launch its own mining pool in the near future.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Keeps Dropping, Now 45% Below Its All-Time High

Bitcoin’s hashrate has dropped significantly from its all-time high as miners are seemingly turning off older mining machines because of the cryptocurrency’s price drop.

Unknown Miners Start Mining Nearly Empty BSV Blocks After Controlling 51% of Its Hashrate

Unknown miners have managed to capture most of the hashrate on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) network, and have been mining nearly empty blocks after managing to do so.

Bitmains Antminer S19 Sells Out on First Day

Cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturer Bitmain sold out its first round of Antminer S19 units within the first 24 hours. 

Bitcoins Hashrate Plummets After Crypto Market Crash

Bitcoin’s hashrate has dropped more than 25% shortly after the flagship cryptocurrency’s price plummeted to a $4,000 low before recovering.

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