The Impact of the Recently Approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs on the Cryptocurrency Market

The recent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency market. These ETFs provide an easy and accessible way for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin, and offer a range of benefits that could help drive adoption and growth in the market. In this article, we’ll explore some […]

Could $XRP Become a Reserve Asset? Revisiting ‘The Chad Steingraber Theory’

In a Twitter thread dated 18 August 2022, Chad Steingraber, a known figure in the XRP community, presented an intriguing thought experiment about the future of XRP. His theory explores the idea of XRP becoming a reserve asset, similar to gold, for banks and institutional liquidity providers. On 25 July 2023, Steingraber encouraged his followers […]

Binance’s Bullish Implication: Interpreting their Bitcoin-Centric Tweet

With a simple tweet about Bitcoin, Binance may have provided insight into their beliefs regarding the future direction of the digital asset. When the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world speaks, or in this case, tweets, the crypto community takes notice. In a recent tweet, Binance shared three distinct numbers: 8 billion (the world’s population), […]

Is Dogecoin Dead? Analyzing the Future of the Popular Meme Cryptocurrency

Is Dogecoin dead? This question has been circulating in the cryptocurrency community as investors and enthusiasts try to determine the future of this hugely popular meme coin. In this blog post, we will explore the factors influencing Dogecoin’s rise and fall, its current state, and the potential for future growth. By the end, you should […]

Bitcoin and Financial Inclusion: A Potential Solution for Global Poverty?

As the digital era continues to evolve, Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, is presenting itself as a potentially transformative solution to a pervasive problem: global poverty. With its decentralized nature, Bitcoin opens up opportunities for financial inclusion, remittance efficiency, and accessibility to international markets, all of which could potentially serve as powerful tools in combating […]

The Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy: Is It Always the Best Choice for Bitcoin Trading?

Are you looking for the best way to trade Bitcoin? Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is a popular method, but is it always the right choice? Let’s explore the pros and cons of DCA for Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin is a notoriously volatile asset, fluctuating rapidly and often unpredictably. As a result, many investors are hesitant to jump […]

Harnessing the Power of XRP: Unveiling the Benefits of Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity

Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service may not be a newcomer to the FinTech landscape, but it continues to solidify its position as an innovative game-changer in the realm of cross-border transactions. This compelling solution, powered by the digital asset XRP, holds the potential to redefine traditional financial paradigms, particularly when it comes to cost efficiency […]

Cardano (ADA) and DApps: A Match Made in Blockchain Heaven?

Cardano (ADA) offers several compelling advantages for developers seeking a robust platform for their DApps. First, Cardano’s proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, Ouroboros, distinguishes it from its peers. This protocol enables secure and efficient transaction processing, addressing the scalability issues that often plague blockchain networks. Cardano’s capability to handle a high volume of transactions simultaneously without compromising […]

2022 In Review: The Media’s Stigma Around Cryptocurrency Persists

Written by: Bridgit Murphy, a blockchain technology engineer specializing in integrated online services, smart contracts, fork development, and quality assurance. An open-source enthusiast, Murphy recently relocated from her hometown of Dublin to Hong Kong. Let’s not beat around the bush. The cryptocurrency industry has had its back against the wall ever since it emerged on […]

NFTs: The Next Musical Revolution

Article by Aaron Vick & Taeghan Rice Music is the next artistic medium to embrace the use of NFTs.  I’m sure you’ve heard the stories and seen the behind-the-scenes documentaries showing us the sweat and tears that went into any musical artist trying to get signed to a label.  The struggles endured by artists on […]

Britcoin: a Booster for the UK’s Economy?

Written by: Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director at CEX.IO  Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) have become the center of focus for many governments, seeing as how their integration can fundamentally change existing payments ecosystems worldwide.  CBDCs are operated by respective federal banks and only five countries have deployed their versions of these digital currencies so far […]

Why a Bitcoin Breakout Within the Next Few Weeks Is Looking Increasingly Likely

Investors in Bitcoin and other cryptoassets have good reason to feel more bullish after recent developments in the U.S. relating to negotiations over the next COVID-19 fiscal stimulus package. But why would a deal on the next COVID-19 relief package affect the crypto market? Well, if the White House and the U.S. Congress manage to […]

Beyond Cryptocurrencies: Why Blockchain Will Be One of Historys Key Technologies

Key stages in history are defined by mankind’s great technological leaps that touch all aspects of the way we live. These technologies, such as steam, electricity and computers, are often classed as a general-purpose technology (GPT) because of their profound impact on economy and society.  

One Exchange Racked Up 50% of all Tether Volume in August

Just one exchange, Singapore-based BitMax, accounted for over 50% of all volume of trade in Tether (USDT) during August.

Justin Sun Postpones $4.6m Lunch and Long Island Blockchain Turns Sour

We take a look at the top crypto stories in the last week.  

Bogota Welcomes Satoshi Nakamoto in the Guise of Craig Wright

It’s official: Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. In Bogota, at least. He even allowed his Colombian hosts at the Expo-Bitcoin International conference this weekend to introduce him as Satoshi, the enigmatic inventor of Bitcoin. 

Libra Protocol Technical Paper Analyzed By Prominent Bitcoin Developer

Chief Technical Officer at CasaHODL, Jameson Lopp, analyzes Facebook’s cryptocurrency and stablecoin project – Libra Coin. Project appears to have striking similarities with proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains.

Facebook Co-founder Says Regulatory Scrutiny of Libra Must be ‘Exhaustive’

Chris Hughes, one of the original five Harvard friends and roommates who co-founded Facebook, has weighed in on the controversial Libra cryptocurrency debate with a scathing critique on corporate ethics

Distributed Versus Decentralized Tech and Why You Should Care About the Difference

Distributed ledgers – digital records stored on many computers at the same time – are everywhere. As is decentralized technology but how are they different and why should you care?

Choosing a Crypto Hardware Wallet: A Review of the BC Vault

In a market where crypto theft and hacks are all too common, securely storing your cryptoassets is a high priority. In this review, we take a look at the BC Vault, a new crypto hardware wallet.

Thinking of Bitcoin as Money is ‘Absurd’, Here’s Why

Twitter user Beautyon and widely-followed crypto blogger on Hackernoon has published a blog post in which he has argued that it would be “absurd” to think of Bitcoin (BTC) as money. 

Do Digital Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) Have a Unique Value Proposition?

Non fungible tokens (NFTs), which are cryptographic digital assets representing unique and non-interchangeable entities, appeared to attract a large number of users towards the end of 2017.  

Inconsistencies in dApp Data Reflects Immature State of Decentralized Networks

DappReview, a platform that provides performance and activity data for decentralized applications (dApps), has revealed that approximately “70,600 users spent” a total of “more than $11.1 million” (appr. 471.6 million TRX) on TRON network based dApps in the past 24 hours. However, a closer look and review of other dApp data sites suggests that usage statistics being reported may not be completely accurate. 

Do Blockchain-based Tokens Really Offer Anything New?

Galia Benartzi, the co-founder at Bancor, the developer of a protocol which specifies “a standard for the creation of intrinsically tradable tokens,” has said that the initial coin offering (ICO) “phase … has shown us that people can [easily] create tokens.” 

Why Most Educated People Fail to Understand Bitcoin

Misir Mahmudov, a widely-followed and respected bitcoin (BTC) analyst, has argued that “most educated people fail to appreciate bitcoin because they only specialize in one field.”

Where Is the Bitcoin Price Heading? A Long-Term Summary

In this roundup of Bitcoin price predictions from recent weeks and months, we canvass the community to try and glean if Bitcoin has found a bottom, how long this market cycle will last, and when the market will return to growth. Some of the best theories and methods will be reviewed.

5 Aspects of City Life Set to be Changed by Blockchain-powered Robots

Tokenization of assets is expected to be one of the main trends in 2019. Anything from a pizza delivery service to an artwork can be subjected to tokenization.

Who Will Win the Race to be the Crypto Valley of Asia?

Operators within Asian crypto-economies are at a crossroads. It’s a time where some firms are largely staying away from the cryptocurrency sector, which they perceive lacks investor protections, while others are pumping investment into blockchain hubs, with the hopes of becoming the “Crypto Valley of Asia.”

How Strong Communities Make for Successful Blockchain Projects

Almost by definition, decentralization depends on communities. Whereas centralized systems hinge upon the actions and decisions of a select few people, decentralized systems delegate power across a far more dispersed group.

Sneak Peek: Is Mastering Ethereum By Andreas Antonopoulos Worth Pre-Ordering?

Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known and respected Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist, has authored a new book titled: “Mastering Ethereum.” Although the book will not be released until January 10th, 2019, Antonopoulos does explain in detail what readers can expect to learn from reading Mastering Ethereum.    

Western Union CEO Says Company is Prepared to Add Cryptocurrencies When It’s Necessary

Western Union, the leading international money transfer service provider, recently released a video in which it noted that the company is “uniquely positioned to connect the cash and digital world.” Western Union’s video explained that the giant money transfer service currently has access to “billions of bank accounts” and the company will be ready to add cryptocurrencies if and when they’re needed.  

No, Bitcoin is not Entering a ‘Death Spiral’

A professor of finance at Santa Clara University has claimed that Bitcoin is entering a ‘death spiral,’ although he is not the first person in history to proclaim thus. He points to underwater miners as the culprits in the demise of the preeminent crypto.

Bitcoin Can Be a Means of Resistance, Longtime BTC Pillar Jameson Lopp

Jameson Lopp, infrastructure manager at Casa, discussed a nearly-exhaustive range of topics in a recent interview with Vlad Costea, including Ethereum’s progress, exchange centralization, and government intrusion, among many others.

Common Misconception: Smart Contracts can Reduce Costs, Eliminate Intermediaries

Yoav Vilner, a tech startup mentor and Forbes contributor, recently published a post in which he recommends utilizing blockchain technology to help improve the growing freelance economy. Companies now increasingly prefer hiring freelance workers because it’s more affordable, or economical, compared to employing full-time staff.

Does Crypto Really Need Wall Street?

Crypto was designed to as an anti institutional form of value exchange, does it really need Goldman Sachs?

Pied Piper Coin Is The Sheriff In Crypto Town

Pied Piper Coin (PPI) is not by any means affiliated with HBO’s hit show “Silicon Valley”, but the mastermind behind the airdropped ERC20 token is determined to bring justice into the space. When he’s not promising to fork EOS, the memecoin’s creator aims to mock the scams in the space through humor.

Bitcoins (BTC) Lightning Network Impractical Even For Highly Technical Users

Bitcoin (BTC) may be the most dominant cryptocurrency, but its network has been experiencing scalability issues. Block confirmation times on the Bitcoin network – how long it takes to process a set of transactions – has increased significantly.

Magical Crypto Friends Episode 8 Coverage

After receiving mixed reactions for their Consensus 2018 live broadcast, the cute anthropomorphic animals return to the original format and get techical with some of the hottest topics in crypto.

Satoshi’s Biographical Book Is A Scam

The entire saga about Satoshi’s true identity is one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century. False prophets claim to be the Bitcoin founder and make hypothetical claims that never get confirmed via official channels. Satoshi owns a bitcointalk.org account and has a private key, why doesn’t Satoshi use that? As such the new book from Satoshi is clearly not from the Bitcoin creator.

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies According to doiownashitcoin.com

A new project by cryptocurrency enthusiasts attempts to inform members of the community whether or not they own a shitcoin. In order to put the system to the test, the top 10 coins from CryptoCompare.com will get picked for a brief analysis.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The 5 Stages of Crypto Involvement

When you first enter the crypto world, you probably follow a friend or co-worker who just wouldn’t stop talking about their crypto portfolio. Your first immersion in the crypto world is usually overwhelming, financially volatile and emotionally draining when you check the price every other minute. But if your journey is long enough, you will constantly find new ideas, influential figures, and means to expand your views on the crypto world. From John McAfee to Nick Szabo, they’re presented here!

The Satoshi God Complex: How a Block Hash Put the Magic Back Into Bitcoin

A mysterious new block appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain, and it bore the hash identifier #00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a. CryptoTwitter has been consumed with the mystery making speculations that Satoshi created the simulation we live in, time travel, quantum computing and the unified theory of everything.

Spreading Real Crypto Adoption at CryptoCompare MJAC Conference

When we’re at coferences, we often ignore those who work at the venue and provide various services. Hownever, these people are often enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and you might just find investors who would gladly take advantage of the situation to learn a little more about digital assets. This article is dedicated to these working class heroes whom Satoshi Nakamoto would definitely want us to integrate in the decentralizing financial revolution..

What Does Your Portfolio Say About You? Are You a Crypto Conservative?

As the cryptocurrency market matures, we can distinguish between two distinct approaches to investments: those who bet on the well-established and secure coins, and those who prefer the greater risks of high volatility. Which side are you on?

DASH and NEM’s Masternode Systems Cause Unequal Distribution Curves

While the creation of blockchain technology allowed us to disrupt the way we transact with money, the uneven distribution of cryptocurrency is still an issue preventing Satoshi’s vision of a more inclusive financial system from being realized entirely.

What Is a Scam?

If you get involved in the crypto space for longer than 5 minutes, you inevitably hear the word “scam” in relation to a project or a coin. But what does the term really mean?

Exclusive Interview with Alex Mashinsky, Celsius CEO and VoIP Innovator

Alex Mashinsky, best known as a VoIP innovator, plans to once again revolutionize the world with a cryptocurrency bank named Celsius. Here you will find an exclusive interview with the entrepreneur.

Consensus 2018 in Review

If Consensus 2018 could be defined in one word, then it would be weltschmerz: physical reality just couldn’t satisfy the expectations of the mind. However, it’s the demands and expectations which require some adjustment. 

Roger Ver’s Secret Tactics to Grow Bitcoin Cash

This article deconstructs three of Roger Ver’s main tactics to bring BCH to the top and hinder BTC.

Silicon Valley Season 5 Finale Gets 51% Attacks Wrong

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” doesn’t quite depict 51% attacks the right way, but is still entertaining and good for the crypto industry.

Can Cryptocurrency Bans Cause Migration and Brain Drain?

If the periodic threats from goverments materialize into strict prohibitive policies which turn cryptocurrency holders into criminals, can this phenomenon lead to an entire exile-seeking process?

Tyler Winklevoss Tells Bitcoin Critic Bill Gates To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have criticized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for many years now. Recently Bill Gates – who previously said Bitcoin is used to buy drugs – now says there’s no easy way to short Bitcoin. His comments however, reflect his ignorance of the crypto market.

Lightning Labs Show How Simple Bitcoin Lightning Will Be

Lightning Labs has informed us that making Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network is going to cost a cent and be as easy as installing a phone app and scanning a QR code.

Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper Does An ICO!

In the parallel universe of HBO’s “Silicon Valley”, the new decentralized internet is getting financed through an ICO!

The Battle for the Bitcoin Brand

While to a lot of people it’s really clear which coin is the original Bitcoin and which one is the fork with the increased block size, an ongoing branding battle dims the line and makes the distinction ambiguous for beginners.

5 Memorable ICO Scams

From the meme-able Bitconnect X to the penis-wiggling Prodeum, here are some memorable ICOs to remind you about the state of this new Wild West!

Magical Crypto Friends: Episode 6 Review!

“Fluffy Pony” Ricardo addresses the issue of Monero’s anti-ASIC fork; Charlie Lee explains what happened to LitePay; remarks are made about “Satoshi’s Vision”; everyone collectively shills “Consensus” and Blockstream’s vision, and much more!

The Brady Tucker v. JP Morgan Chase Case To Set Important Precedent For Crypto!

Brady Tucker has sued Chase Bank USA in order to ask for financial compensations for the unjustified additional charges that he and other cryptocurrency buyers have been arbitrarily subjected to. The case is relevant because it can set a strong precedent in the USA and establish a series of norms for good practice in regards to cryptos.

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