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John has been writing about technology and IT - and a wide range of other subjects - in various publications since around the turn of the millennium. He first started to pay serious attention to cryptocurrency as part of that work in around 2013, and has begun to focus increasingly on the sector in the last year or so.

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ING Economist Predicts Central Bank Digital Currency in Next Few Years.

The chief economist and head of global research for Dutch bank ING has expressed his belief that central bank digital currencies (CBDC) are advancing quickly from the horizon. Mark Cliffe, who leads a worldwide team of economists and strategists for the company, voiced his thoughts on the matter in a video, where he said “central banks […]

Tether Issuance Correlated with Bitcoin Price Surges, Academic Research Finds

Recent work has exposed problems in the relationship between cryptocurrency price data and the models that have attempted to track its price movements and assess risk. The work from the University of Sussex Professor of Finance (Accounting and Finance) Carol Alexander and PhD student Michael Dakos has also exposed further information regarding the much-discussed ‘Tether […]

‘Buy It’: Hedge Fund Veteran Backs Bitcoin Amid Bleak U.S. Economic Forecast

Respected hedge fund veteran Mark Yusko has once again warned investors on the dangers of letting short-term trials and tribulations in Bitcoin’s markets divert their attention from its value as a long-term investment.  Speaking to CNBC Fast Money on Thursday, amid a less than bullish assessment of the state of the stock markets and the […]

Will Bitcoin Drop to $4,000? Goldbug Peter Schiff Thinks So

As the price of bitcoin and other digital assets took a precipitous downturn, noted investor and crypto-skeptic Peter Schiff took to social media to fire several salvos at embattled investors.  On a day when the price of BTC dipped as low as $8,100 on CryptoCompare's aggregate price charts, Schiff was not in the mood to offer […]

People’s Bank of China Head Says There’s ‘No Timetable’ for Digital Currency Launch

The Governor of the People’s Bank of China, Yi Gang, has moved to dampen down expectations regarding the country’s launch of a digital currency. In a press conference yesterday, he refuted recent rumors of an imminent launch for the 'Libra-style' cryptocurrency, and even questioned whether the plan would rely on blockchain technology at all.  Yi’s time in front of […]

One Exchange Racked Up 50% of all Tether Volume in August

Just one exchange, Singapore-based BitMax, accounted for over 50% of all volume of trade in Tether (USDT) during August.

LocalBitcoins Claims Tor Browser Leaves Users Vulnerable to Crypto Theft

Peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange LocalBitcoins has called into question the efficacy of traders using its services relying on the Tor browser to ensure anonymity. The Tor Network, long-considered the bane of those wishing to track nefarious activity on the dark web, was the subject of a security advisory by the company earlier in week that clearly stated […]

Tether Prints $20 Million Worth of USDT as Bitcoin’s Price Struggles

The team behind cryptocurrency’s prevalent stablecoin, Tether, have been rolling their printers again, minting $20 million worth of the controversial trading coin.  The transaction was noted by the Whale Alert Twitter account in the following tweet:   💵 💵 💵 20,000,000 #USDT (20,148,434 USD) minted at Tether Treasury Tx: — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) September […]

Powerful New Ethash Miner Could up-End Mining Economics for Ethereum

A new range high-performance Ethereum mining equipment is apparently in the pipeline, and – should its ambitions be realised – is expected to upset the status quo in the sector.  Shenzen-based Manufacturer Linzhi has reported that it has finally made a positive move on its $4 million investment in Ethash mining technology, having placed its first bulk order […]

Incoming ECB Head Lagarde Says Crypto Needs Regulation to Thrive

MF’s Lagarde tells Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament that digital currencies and assets need “appropriate regulation” in order “to steer technology towards the public good.” 

Elliptic Take VC From SBI and Santander to Expand In Asia

Crypto-asset forensics, compliance and investigations firm, Elliptic, has announced an impressive round of Series B venture capital funding. Goes Head-to-Head With Exchange Giants

As the major changes behind the scenes of begin to filter through to its users, the Bitcoin Cash-backing site has announced that its own crypto exchange is now live for traders. 

ZCash Community Greets Proof of Stake Proposal with Skepticism

In the last few days, a proposal from a member the ZCash community has sparked debate among users, developers and parties interested in the fortunes of the privacy centric cryptocurrency.

Dusk Network’s Security Token Platform Explained

Since Binance announced the listing of Dusk Network (DUSK) on July 21, the value of the token has risen in value from around under USDT 0.10 on August 5, to a peak of over USDT 0.27 on August 17. So what is Dusk, and why was has it proved so attractive to investors in the last month? 

Burn Satoshi’s Bitcoin, Suggests Paxful CEO in Thought Experiment

One member of the global cryptocurrency community has come up with what can best be described as a scorched earth policy for settling the debate over who is Satoshi Nakamoto once and for all.

These AA-graded Exchanges Gained 29% in Volume in July

Find out which AA-graded Exchanges added nearly 30% to their trading volumes during July.

Erik Voorhees: “Unethical” KYC Has “Gutted” ShapeShift Customer Base

Marking its 300th episode, long-running crypto podcast Epicenter welcomed Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift onto the show. With ShapeShift itself celebrating its own fifth anniversary late in July, and coming off the back of major changes to its platform and core business model, he had plenty to say on the matters of regulation and the […]

China’s Shenzen Zone Opens Doors to Digital Currency Research

In a move that perfectly encapsulates the Chinese authorities’ somewhat conflicted relationship with digital assets, it’s been revealed that the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will look to open its doors to crypto companies and aid their research.  The ‘One Country, Two Systems’ concept that will drive the zone’s mission to serve as an example of […]

Samson Mow: Lightning Network ‘Changes the Whole Dynamic’of Bitcoin

As part of a wide-ranging discussion with SFOX, founder of BTCC and current CSO of Blockstream, has given his opinion on the status of Bitcoin and the advantages of its nascent Lightning Network. 

Ever Bullish: Analyst Tom Lee Agrees Bitcoin Is Now a Safe Haven

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee echoes growing opinion that Bitcoin is becoming a Safe Haven against local turmoil 

Santander Says Accusations of Coinbase Block are False

Allegations in Reddit thread that Santander was blocking payments to Coinbase in the UK have been swiftly denied by the Spanish bank.  

Cardano Updates, as Bigger Advances Rumble Closer

The latest version of the Cardano (ADA) protocol, version 1.6, will bring with a new version of the Daudalus wallet with updated UI features making it easier to use and more attractive. 

Bitcoin Price Predicted Hong Kong Turmoil, Used as Safe Haven, Analyst Says

Nicholas Colas, a 30-year Wall Street analyst and  the co-founder of DataTrek Research, has reported to CNBC his observations on Bitcoin’s nascent role as a safe haven asset. In line with several other observers on the Financial Sector, Colas sites several reasons for his assessment of the asset’s new role. 

XRP Class Action turns new SEC directives on Ripple and Brad Garlinghouse

Since June last year, Ripple has been under the shadow of a California-based Class Action lawsuit alleging that its own cryptocurrency, XRP, was sold as an unregistered security. Now, an update to the case invoke new directives from the SEC to further the case against it. 

Bitfinexs Decentralized Token Exchange Splits and Rebrands as DeversiFi

Bitfinex’s decentralized ERC20 token spin-off, Ethfinex has announced a “management buyout” that will see it re-brand and split from the troubled exchange.

Binance Booted From Top Exchange Spot During January Lull

As total cryptocurrency trading volumes declined during January, Binance, Huobi and Bitfinex suffered another significant month-on-month decline, with moving into the top spot in terms of volume.

BitMEX Takes Big Hit as Bitcoin Futures Volume Drops

New data provided by cryptocurrency market data aggregator CryptoCompare, as part of its latest monthly Exchange Review, reveals that a January decline in Bitcoin Futures trading saw BitMEX’s daily volumes decline heavily. 

Coinbase Wallet: Cloud Keys Raise Questions About The Soul of Crypto

The decision by Coinbase, announced last week, to offer users the facility to store private cryptocurrency keys within a cloud-based file service has drawn ire among the cryptocurrency community. However, it is an argument that appears to cut to the heart of the drive to fuel wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Researcher Releases Data Driving Their QuadrigaCX Suspicions

One researcher has made public her blockchain-based analysis of the QuadrigaCX’s transactions following the death of its founder Gerald Cotton.

Massive Dubai Resort Rolls out Blockchain-based Staff Solution

The Dubai Caesars Bluewaters hotel is the second in the UAE city to turn to the Lucid Pay digital wallet for a blockchain-driven solution to payments and incentives – in this case to manage its staff discounts and allowances provision. 

Bitcoin Trading Volume in Venezuela Explodes to All-time High

The amount of Bitcoin traded by Venezuelans via the LocalBitcoins exchange exploded by 30% to reach an all-time high last week to approximately $8.9 million.

Classic Trojan Gets Monero Mining Twist for New Hack Attacks

A classic Trojan program from the noughties has recently re-emerged with an all-new crypto add-on dedicated to mining Monero. 

Operas Android Browser Moves to Make Crypto Purchases Easier

Users of the newly Web 3-enabled Opera browser for Android, are now able to buy cryptocurrency directly and easily from their mobile phones to top up its native crypto wallet. 

Crypto-Fund Assets at All-Time High Despite Bear Market

New research shows a record number of crypto funds opened up in 2017, pushing the assets under management in the crypto industry to an all-time high, despite many funds closing in 2018.

60% of Exchange Hacks the Work of Two Major Players

A new report from Chainalysis alleges that 60% of cryptocurrency exchange hacks are the work of two groups operating with very different motives. 

BitMEX Futures Trading Up as Overall Volume Falls

According to new data provided by CryptoCompare, while the general volume of BTC trading was down during December, the amount of perpetual swap Futures traded by BitMEX and BitFlyer increased. This saw the sector take a bigger share of total volume, and the unregulated crypto exchanges eclipse regulated offerings from CBoE and CME.

Tether Still Dominates Stablecoin Sector, Despite Doubts

Despite a six month period punctuated by bad publicity, worries regarding its stability, and increasing competition, new research by CryptoCompare has revealed that Tether (USDT) has maintained an almost complete grip on the Bitcoin-to-Stablecoin market. 

Breaking: Binances Changpeng Zhao Pledges to Freeze Cryptopia Hack Funds

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao – perhaps better known as CZ – has responded to calls from Twitter users to block funds identified as coming from the recent hack of New Zealand crypto-asset exchange, Cryptopia. 

Chain-Watchers Track Cryptopia Hack Tokens, Highlight Possibility of Inside Job

Following the announcement of a hack on New Zealand-based exchange Cryptopia early yesterday morning, one Reddit user reckons they have eyes on the wallets moving the stolen Ethereum-based funds. However, their observations throw up some interesting questions regarding the timeline of events.

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