DappReview, a platform that provides performance and activity data for decentralized applications (dApps), has revealed that approximately “70,600 users spent” a total of “more than $11.1 million” (appr. 471.6 million TRX) on TRON network based dApps in the past 24 hours.

The top three TRON-based apps, in terms of total amount spent during a 24-hour period, are as follows:

  • TRONbet: $5,452,777 (2,670 users)
  • TronBank: $1,644,923 (5,576 users)
  • TRONRAIDER1: $766,379 (643 users)

Ethereum-based CDP Portal, MyCryptoHeroes Also Have Relatively High Usage

According to DappReview’s official website, which updates dApp stats in real-time, Ethereum (ETH)-based “MyCryptoHeroes,” an “HTML5 [compatible] game for smartphones and PC featuring blockchain technology,” managed to attract 2,118 users in the last 24 hours with a transaction volume of around $365,700.

CDP Portal, an Ethereum-powered dApp which “allows users to interact with the permissionless smart contracts that fuel the Dai Credit System,” saw 862 users participate on its platform in the past 24 hours – while registering 1,697 transactions worth an estimated $1.3 million.

EOS-based App WhaleEX Registers Nearly 100,000 TXs In 24 Hours

DappReview, which also tracks EOS-based dApps, has reported that WhaleEX, one of the most active EOS network dApps and a decentralized exchange (DEX), saw about 14,465 users on its platform during the last 24-hour period. WhaleEX also managed to register nearly 100,000 transactions on its network in the past 24 hours – with a TX volume of over 250,000 EOS (appr. $1,167,500).

Inconsistencies In Dapp Data

However, data from dAppRadar shows that WhaleEX only attracted 1,000 users during the last 24 hours (compared to over 14,000 reported by DappReview). Meanwhile, StateOfTheDApps, another leading website for dApp statistics has reportedly not updated its stats for WhaleEX since December 21st, 2018.

It appears that there are significant inconsistencies in data being reported by different dApp stats sites. Despite the seemingly inaccurate data, actual dApp usage compared to their respective valuations suggest that users and investors may have overestimated their usefulness.

Not Enough Practical Use Cases

Augur, a decentralized prediction market network and also one of the most popular dApps, was recently exploited by malicious actors. The hackers were able to place huge bets on essentially impossible outcomes – while also being able to equally distribute payouts among all users (regardless of whether they won or lost).

Moreover, it seems that only gaming and gambling-related dApps are managing to attract the most users. This suggests that more practical use cases for dApps have not yet been widely adopted.