We don’t know who is behind the entire Pied Piper Coin (PPI, because PPC was already taken by Peercoin) movement, but we can definitely have some good laughs reading the tweets coming from the @piedpipercoin dash. Much like the case of Satoshi Nakamoto, the identity is pseudonymous and we have pretty solid reasons not to care about the real person behind the name or mask.

The mystery of the creator creates a Messianic aura which attracts people and enforces the idea of true decentralization. In the second one, the memes and jokes are so much more fun if we focus on the character and forget all about the human posting them. 

However, our crypto joker has far greater plans which exceed the aspirations of an airdropped ERC20 token. On July 18th 2018, a Guy Fawkes-masked man with a sheriff hat and a police vest publically announced via YouTube that he would launch a new show that’s all about exposing scams in the space.

At this point, anybody can stop and point the finger at Pied Piper Coin for being a joke and meme token with questionable intentions. But in the creator’s defense, the project has never had an ICO, the tokens had been distributed according to the promises, and at the peak of the bull runs we’ve even seen one PPI get evaluated at $1 (thus proving that there’s some genuine interest in the project). It’s just like Dogecoin, except that it’s less cute and doesn’t have its own blockchain (not until it finally forks EOS, that is).

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 04.41.35.pngWhen the roadmap looks like this, how can you not fill your bags? Image Credit: PaperChain.io

Pied Piper Coin Distances Itself From HBO’s Show, But Promises To Expose Scams In Crypto

The @piedpipedcoin Twitter account emerged the next day after HBO’s hit TV show featured a controversial decision in its main plot: the finctional company Pied Piper would do an ICO instead of searching for a VC to fund their decentralized internet project. At first, everybody thought that the posts were an official way to advertise the season finale and a way for the producers to dive into the depths of Crypto Twitter. And it all looked so legit that Tyler Winklevoss himself has become a Twitter follower, while Charlie Lee interacted with the page.

We soon found out that the plan is to actually do an airdrop which launches a token with no plan or whitepaper whatsoever, and this is when the account started to receive less attention from Silicon Valley fans. But this was nevertheless a great opportunity for the person behind the project to gain some individuality and establish himself in the space for something that’s unique and memorable. And if there’s Dogecoin and crypto fans still think it’s “much wow”, then we might have some room for a Pied Piper token too!

First of all, the Pied Piper Coin Twitter account stands out for its constant mockery of Craig S. Wright. When the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor threatened to unleash “Billionaire Mode”, the meme account embraced it. When several people contacted the page and asked for details in regards to the identity, some of them received an answer which can be abbreviated as CSW. 

Secondly, the frequent references to Gilfoyle’s satanism and his on-screen Bitcoin maximalism are in tune with the account’s frequent criticism of Bitcoin Cash. The administrator of the page never misses the chance to mock the presumed true vision of Satoshi and point out that it’s a scam.

So we have a scammy project with a questionable future which aims to expose all the other scams in the space. But how will this guy do it?

According to his claims from the first PPI video (called “#Cryptocops: Purpose & Format”), we will have a weekly or monthly (or as frequent as spare time allows) YouTube show which talks about all the scams and big issues which compromise the credibility of cryptocurrencies. There are definitely thousands of bad projects around, and sometimes even the most trusted have their own degree of shadiness. However, there hasn’t been a follow up video about crypto scams yet.

But unlike other similar projects which analyze and unmask crypto frauds, the guy behind the Guy Fawkes mask promises he would always present solid evidence and research. Bad rumors spread about the competition and FUD are common in every competitive industry, but this person claims he would take the time to be a bona fide law enforcer in a decentralized town which has no sheriff.