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Romanian cryptocurrency enthusiast with a degree in political science and a strange habit of dodging 9 to 5. I was assigned a university presentation about Bitcoin when the price was $100, but was too much of a Wall Street Journal-reading fool to buy some. Now that I can't be a millionaire, I'll stick to writing.

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Pied Piper Coin Is The Sheriff In Crypto Town

Pied Piper Coin (PPI) is not by any means affiliated with HBO’s hit show “Silicon Valley”, but the mastermind behind the airdropped ERC20 token is determined to bring justice into the space. When he’s not promising to fork EOS, the memecoin’s creator aims to mock the scams in the space through humor.

Ross Ulbricht Emerges on Twitter, Shares Petition for Clemency

Ross Ulbricht, better known among Silk Road oldtimers as Dread Pirate Roberts, has created a Twitter account from prison. At press time, he only posted two tweets in which he authentificates his identity and promotes his petition for clemency, but big names in crypto like Erik Voorhees and  Charlie Lee already show support.

The Nasty Aftermath of #LookAtMeImNaval

The reaction to #LookAtMeImNaval has been unexpectedly negative, as the space faces another ideological divide between Bitcoin maximalists and advocates of tokenization.

#LookAtMeImNaval – An Utmost Expression of CryptoTwitter

This Friday, AngelList co-founder and blockchain entrepreneur Naval Ravikant has received somewhat humorous criticism from Bitcoin maximalists and free-riding HODLers.

Magical Crypto Friends Episode 8 Coverage

After receiving mixed reactions for their Consensus 2018 live broadcast, the cute anthropomorphic animals return to the original format and get techical with some of the hottest topics in crypto.

Satoshi’s Biographical Book Is A Scam

The entire saga about Satoshi’s true identity is one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century. False prophets claim to be the Bitcoin founder and make hypothetical claims that never get confirmed via official channels. Satoshi owns a bitcointalk.org account and has a private key, why doesn’t Satoshi use that? As such the new book from Satoshi is clearly not from the Bitcoin creator.

On Reserve, Tether and Other Stablecoins

While the cryptocurrency market continues to be volatile and unpredictable, the demand for stable coins appears to increase. And since Coinbase has announced its support for a new project and Tether has basically become an indicator for market sentiments, maybe it would be useful to take a closer look at the phenomenon.

The Future of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and How It’s Different to Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Classic has been getting a lot of exposure lately thanks to its addition to Binance and Coinbase. However, what’s in store for this coin and what makes it different from the forked Ethereum?

Lightning Spin Lets You Gamble Your Satoshis via LN

Lightning Network applications get more complex and interesting by the day, as we quickly move on from dynamic drawing boards to roulette. However, unlike Satoshi Dice, this new game will not clog the blockchain and can actually scale to reach potentially high demands.

The Million Litecoin is LTC’s Own Version of Satoshi’s Place

As Bitcoin’s little brother and the second major cryptocurrency to implement the Lightning Network, it was only a matter of time until Litecoin received its own dynamic drawing board. This Satoshi’s Place clone is called “The Million Litecoin” and it serves the same functions as the original – except that you pay with your Litoshis! This is yet another experiment to demonstrate how fast, reliable, and cheap payments through the Lightning Network are.

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies According to doiownashitcoin.com

A new project by cryptocurrency enthusiasts attempts to inform members of the community whether or not they own a shitcoin. In order to put the system to the test, the top 10 coins from CryptoCompare.com will get picked for a brief analysis.

Why Netflix’s “Explained” Misrepresents Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

While the “Explained” series on Netflix is excellent in terms of compressing large amount of information into a short 15-minute episode, it didn’t do justice to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Seeing as Netflix serves as an entertainment platform for hundreds of millions of viewers Bitcoin deserves better than this FUD.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The 5 Stages of Crypto Involvement

When you first enter the crypto world, you probably follow a friend or co-worker who just wouldn’t stop talking about their crypto portfolio. Your first immersion in the crypto world is usually overwhelming, financially volatile and emotionally draining when you check the price every other minute. But if your journey is long enough, you will constantly find new ideas, influential figures, and means to expand your views on the crypto world. From John McAfee to Nick Szabo, they’re presented here!

On Nick Szabo’s Criticism of EOS’ Governance

Nick Szabo, the Intellectual Father of Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts has expressed his opinions on the EOS constitution in a recent tweet thread. Mr Szabo is an advocate of algorithmic settlements which never require arbitrary and potentially flawed or corrupted human intervention. He believes “the EOS ‘constitution’ is socially unscalable and a security hole”.

The Satoshi God Complex: How a Block Hash Put the Magic Back Into Bitcoin

A mysterious new block appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain, and it bore the hash identifier #00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a. CryptoTwitter has been consumed with the mystery making speculations that Satoshi created the simulation we live in, time travel, quantum computing and the unified theory of everything.

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee: Bithumb Hack Doesnt Change Bitcoins Fundamentals

During the latest edition of CNBC’s “Fast Money”, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee was interviewed in order to provide an explanation for the state of the cryptocurrency market in the aftermath of the Bithumb hack. In spite of the bearish market, his views were bullish and optimistic.

Spreading Real Crypto Adoption at CryptoCompare MJAC Conference

When we’re at coferences, we often ignore those who work at the venue and provide various services. Hownever, these people are often enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and you might just find investors who would gladly take advantage of the situation to learn a little more about digital assets. This article is dedicated to these working class heroes whom Satoshi Nakamoto would definitely want us to integrate in the decentralizing financial revolution..

A Criticism of “Blockchain, Not Bitcoin”

While stating that Bitcoin is an obsolete and inefficient application of the blockchain has been a trend since 2014, there are still aspects that need to be addressed and clarified.

Blockchains Are GDPR’s Kryptonite

As the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation shakes the foundations of many internet businesses, truly decentralized blockchains remain immune to the provisions by allowing information to get stored in multiple sources without ever being removed.

Buying Porn with Crypto Is Satoshi’s Vision

The last couple of months have been quite eventful in terms of bridging cryptocurrencies with the adult industry, and this move has triggered harsh criticism. However, Satoshi did suggest this kind of adoption in a 2010 forum post.

Andreas Antonopoulos Addresses the State of Bitcoin at Fifth Anniversary of “Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast”

The famous Bitcoin advocate, educator and book author went to Chicago in order to hold a speech at the fifth anniversary of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast. He addressed the state of the community in relation to the price and suggested that the speculators should learn a little more about using crypto.

Satoshi’s Place: Draw on a Digital Canvas, Pay with Bitcoin via Lightning

In today’s crypto economy, one Satoshi doesn’t really buy you much. However, a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts have enabled artists from the space to express themselves on an online collaborative artboard, powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

What Does Your Portfolio Say About You? Are You a Crypto Conservative?

As the cryptocurrency market matures, we can distinguish between two distinct approaches to investments: those who bet on the well-established and secure coins, and those who prefer the greater risks of high volatility. Which side are you on?

Can Bitcoin End International Economic Sanctions and Create a Fairer World?

Bitcoin was created to generate more economic freedom for individuals. But what if nation states also use it to avoid international sactions? Can we enter a new world of peaceful negotiation thanks to Satoshi’s invention?

Unusual Verge Mining Data Suggests Third 51% Attack

Bitcointalk.org user ocminer claims that XVG suffered a third 51% attack on May 29th 2018, but the lead developer assures everybody that the mining is within normal parameters.

What Is a Scam?

If you get involved in the crypto space for longer than 5 minutes, you inevitably hear the word “scam” in relation to a project or a coin. But what does the term really mean?

Exclusive Interview with Alex Mashinsky, Celsius CEO and VoIP Innovator

Alex Mashinsky, best known as a VoIP innovator, plans to once again revolutionize the world with a cryptocurrency bank named Celsius. Here you will find an exclusive interview with the entrepreneur.

Consensus 2018 in Review

If Consensus 2018 could be defined in one word, then it would be weltschmerz: physical reality just couldn’t satisfy the expectations of the mind. However, it’s the demands and expectations which require some adjustment. 

The Hidden Messages in Gilfoyle’s Bitcoin Presentation from Silicon Valley

During the seventh episode of Silicon Valley’s season five, Gilfoyle makes a compelling case about cryptocurrencies by explaning why Bitcoin is so great and Pied Piper should raise funds via ICO.

Offline Bitcoin Payments Are the Future of Decentralization

The requirement of an internet connection for every Bitcoin transaction is certainly a vulnerability and a practical breaking point in relation to oppressive governments. Thankfully, we’re beginning to have alternatives.

Magical Crypto Friends Episode 7 Coverage

Charlie Lee (Chikun), Samson Mow, Whale Panda, and Riccardo Spagni (Fluffy Pony) have filmed their latest edition of their all-star podcast in a special room at Consensus 2018. Though the audio quality was poor, we’ve made a summary of the main topics and discussions.

Japanese Financial Group Nomura Partners with Ledger and Global Advisors to Ease Crypto Investments

A partnership between the Japanese multi-billion dollar financial holding company Nomura Holdings, the hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, and the CoinShares mother company General Advisors Holdings Limited had been signed on May 15th 2018, in order to facilitate institutional investments in digital assets.

Roger Ver’s Secret Tactics to Grow Bitcoin Cash

This article deconstructs three of Roger Ver’s main tactics to bring BCH to the top and hinder BTC.

Silicon Valley Season 5 Finale Gets 51% Attacks Wrong

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” doesn’t quite depict 51% attacks the right way, but is still entertaining and good for the crypto industry.

Gemini Becomes the First Licensed Zcash Exchange in the World

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the third coin to get added on the Gemini exchange, and it was revealed today that the Winklevoss twins have obtained all licenses to provide Zcash.

“Blockchain and Morty” Is The Spirit of CryptoTwitter Itself

Twitter user CryptoBrekkie is responsible for one of the most hilarious cartoon adaptations in the crypto space: he takes scenes from Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” and overdubs the dialogues to make them relevant to Bitcoin. CryptoBrekkie really brings out the worst of the community but encourages us to make fun of the situation. It’s a humanizing experience that’s meant to achieve that cathartic self-deprecation state we need in order to realize our own flaws and biases. 

“Cryptocurrencies: Irrational Exuberance or Brave New World?” Milken Debate: Part Two

Between April 29th and May 2nd of 2018, the Milken Institute has held its annual edition of the Global Conference. During the last day of the event, a long-awaited cryptocurrency debate took place. Bill Harhydt (Abra CEO), Nouriel Roubini and Alex Mashinsky (Celsius Network CEO) were among the panelists.

Can Cryptocurrency Bans Cause Migration and Brain Drain?

If the periodic threats from goverments materialize into strict prohibitive policies which turn cryptocurrency holders into criminals, can this phenomenon lead to an entire exile-seeking process?

Lightning Labs Show How Simple Bitcoin Lightning Will Be

Lightning Labs has informed us that making Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network is going to cost a cent and be as easy as installing a phone app and scanning a QR code.

Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper Does An ICO!

In the parallel universe of HBO’s “Silicon Valley”, the new decentralized internet is getting financed through an ICO!

“Cryptocurrencies: Irrational Exuberance or Brave New World?” Milken Debate

Between April 29th and May 2nd of 2018, the Milken Institute has held its annual edition of the Global Conference. During the last day of the event, a long-awaited cryptocurrency debate took place.

Reddit to Support Ethereum, Litecoin Payments and Reaccept Bitcoin

According to Christopher Stowe, CTO of Reddit, the news aggregation and discussion platform is looking into integrating Litecoin and Ethereum payments. It’s also set to bring back Bitcoin as a payment option.

Silicon Valley’s Next Episode To Feature A Pied Piper ICO!

Episode 7 of the current Silicon Valley season is definitely going to be the most interesting for the entire cryptocurrency community, as the entire premise revolves around a planned Pied Piper ICO. Attention, minor spoilers ahead!

Did Milton Friedman Predict Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Milton Friedman is one of the most celebrated and revered economists among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and his thought on economics is definitely very influential in shaping this type of free peer to peer market. But did he also come up with the concept of cryptocurrencies?

Erik Voorhees Doesn’t Think BCH Is Bitcoin

When Roger Ver used a year-old quote of the Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees to justify his ongoing “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” propaganda, it didn’t work so well for him. Erik expressed his disagreement with the fact that an older statement of his was taken out of context. The Shapeshift CEO made it clear which coin is the real Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is More Decentralized Than Ethereum, Common Sense Shows

According to a conference report that Prof. Emin Gun Sirer had recently published, Ethereum (ETH) is more decentralized than Bitcoin (BTC). This article will present the arguments to prove the opposite.

The Battle for the Bitcoin Brand

While to a lot of people it’s really clear which coin is the original Bitcoin and which one is the fork with the increased block size, an ongoing branding battle dims the line and makes the distinction ambiguous for beginners.

Litecoin’s Utopian Decentralized Community Led Governance

Litecoin features a particular mixture of decentralization and a soft central power, and the community reflects this model. Could the governance dissolve into greed fueled disaster or grow into utopian dream?

5 Memorable ICO Scams

From the meme-able Bitconnect X to the penis-wiggling Prodeum, here are some memorable ICOs to remind you about the state of this new Wild West!

Verge & PornHub: Who Pays For Porn?

While PornHub is one of the most accessed websites, one can find a downside in their economic model and really make Verge’s partnership questionable. After all, who really pays for porn?

Magical Crypto Friends: Episode 6 Review!

“Fluffy Pony” Ricardo addresses the issue of Monero’s anti-ASIC fork; Charlie Lee explains what happened to LitePay; remarks are made about “Satoshi’s Vision”; everyone collectively shills “Consensus” and Blockstream’s vision, and much more!

The Brady Tucker v. JP Morgan Chase Case To Set Important Precedent For Crypto!

Brady Tucker has sued Chase Bank USA in order to ask for financial compensations for the unjustified additional charges that he and other cryptocurrency buyers have been arbitrarily subjected to. The case is relevant because it can set a strong precedent in the USA and establish a series of norms for good practice in regards to cryptos.

Scaling Bitcoin Debate – Roger Ver vs. Samson Mow, Deconomy 2018

Deconomy 2018 has featured a long-awaited Bitcoin scaling debate between Roger Ver and Samson Mow (CEO of Blockstream and advocate of SegWit and the Lightning Network).

Happy 43rd Birthday, Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto has listed his/her/their birthday as April 5th 1975. Could this be the real date, or did we stumble upon a meaningful Easter egg?

A Fairer Commentary on Bitcoin Cash

The topic of Bitcoin Cash is very divisive one and we’ve reached the point where itʼs hard to make statements regarding the issue without being labelled as a zealous fanboy of either side. The believers call it the original vision and Satoshiʼs true intent, while the “coreheads” dismiss Roger Verʼs invention for being just another altcoin that isn’t worthy of the Bitcoin brand.

What Would The US Founding Fathers Think About Bitcoin?

What would the US founding fathers – Henry, Franklyn, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Jay, and Washington – think about Bitcoin? A pertinent question as the US government stands at somewhat of a crossroads with Bitcoin regulations.

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