“Rick and Morty” is one of the most popular animated series in the world, and the fans of the show can go to really great lengths to display their admiration for the brilliant Doc Brown-inspired mad scientist. Everyone from McDonald’s (remember the Szechuan sauce fiasco?) to the Redditors has dealt with the unique and passionate fanbase of “Rick and Morty” and the show seems to resonate quite well with depressed millennials who are well-aware that their avocado on toast/gin and tonic habit will lead them to bankruptcy. 

It was only a matter of time until the show would get adaptations, special cuts and re-edits to supply the hungry millennial meme culture, and a cryptocurrency enthusiast named Crypto Breakfast (@CryptoBrekkie on Twitter) has taken on this unique challenge to merge audiences in an efficient compact product. His series, which he calls “Blockchain and Morty” is a voice-over adaptation of “Rick and Morty” which doesn’t feature any visual enhancements except for a changed title which proudly proclaims that the content was created without permission and may infringe copyrights. It’s a very Rick move…

Nevertheless, it’s not the animations that really matter in this context – they only create a degree of familiarity with the popular series and stir enough curiosity to press the “Play” button. What makes this series great and worthy of receiving journalistic coverage is the witty cryptocurrency-related dialogue. Rick Sanchez no longer is a dark nihilist who does reckless actions for the sake of making his life adventurous, but a mad Bitcoin fan who wants to get Lambos and have ‘mad gainz’. Also, he is named “Satoshi Nakamoto” just because the smartest man in the universe must also be the one who created Bitcoin, right? Conversely, Morty is just as dumb and irrational as ever, only that sometimes he makes reasonable points that the original character simply wouldn’t. 

Just like Rick Sanchez is the stereotype of the reckless and self-interested mad scientist, this animated version of Satoshi Nakamoto is a perfect representation of the greedy Bitcoin shiller, perhaps he should be called “John McAfee”. Through his short weekly clips, the Twitter user CryptoBrekkie really brings out the worst of the community but encourages us to make fun of the situation. It’s a humanizing experience that’s meant to achieve that cathartic self-deprecation state we need in order to realize our own flaws and biases. 

Therefore, if you’re a big fan of Bitcoin and happen to be on any Facebook groups that are either called “Schwiftposting” or “Get Schwifty”, then you just have to watch “Blockchain and Morty”. You’ll laugh really hard when you notice how far the series creator and voice-over artist can take it.

For instance, the visit to the micro-universe which Rick has created for the sole purpose of generating electric energy gets turned into an inspection of mining rigs and some witty comments about the discovery of Proof of Stake are embedded with glorious results. Then there’s the sexual dream adaptation where it’s implied that the only currency that’s accepted on the realm is Verge (because, you know, PornHub has partnered with XVG). It’s all really good stuff and I won’t spoil the fun – after all, the clips are usually only one-minute long.

So if you’d like to have a little fun through witty commentary on the current state of crypto and also happen to like “Rick and Morty”, then you just have to check out “Blockchain and Morty”. You can find it on Twitter (@CryptoBrekkie), YouTube and Dtube, and the creator promises to release a new episode every week.