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Upcoming Bitcoin Halving Event Could Drive BTC Price Even Higher, Analyst Explains

Vijay Boyapati, a widely-followed Bitcoin (BTC) analyst, recently published a detailed Twitter thread regarding the potential impact of bitcoin’s block reward halving event – which is now less than a year away.

Dr. Pieter Wuille: Current Bitcoin Protocol Is ‘Not Quantum Secure’

William Casarin, a Haskell and Rush computer programmer, has suggested not using taproot (or at least carefully considering the implications), a recently published Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) that aims to enhance the leading cryptocurrency’s privacy and overall network efficiency.

Buying Bitcoin At All-Time High Was Better Than Keeping Money In Argentinian Bank, Trader Reveals

A new analysis suggests that if resident of Argentina had purchased Bitcoin (BTC) at the “highest point of the ‘biggest bubble in history’” (in 2017), they would have have still “been better off” than leaving their funds in an Argentinian bank.

EOS Updates Have ‘Nearly Tripled Sustained Throughput on Testnets’: Dan Larimer

Daniel Larimer, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at, has revealed that “recent updates” to the EOS network code have “nearly tripled sustained throughput on large testnets.”

Crypto Twitter Reacts to Buffett’s Recent Criticism of Bitcoin

Warren Edward Buffett, an American business tycoon and one of the most successful investors in modern history – with a net worth of approximately $90 billion, has argued that Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency, is a “gambling device.” However, prominent members of the Crypto Twitter community had their own interesting arguments about Bitcoin.    

Bancor Is ‘Transforming’ How ‘Digital Items’ Are Tokenized, ‘Collateral Is Key’

Bancor, a Zug, Switzerland-based company focused on developing a protocol for “the creation of smart tokens” which can be traded on a “decentralized exchange service,” has launched a platform that allows for “built-in convertibility” of cryptocurrencies “directly through” smart contracts issued on the network.  

Ethereum’s Recent Decline in Hashrate ‘Not Surprising’: Cyber Threat Expert Explains

Anthony Sassano, a “cyber threat detection expert” and active contributor to the Ethereum project, observed recently that the ETH price “double bottomed” at around $80 on December 15th 2018.  

Major Cryptos Could Be Worth ‘Close to Zero’ if Quantum Resistant Features Don’t Work Properly: Analyst

Twitter user Noclone3, who has “a passion for quantum physics, cryptocurrencies, and programming,” recently argued that the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms may not be adequately prepared for a time when quantum computers become powerful enough to pose a legitimate threat to the binary blockchains of today.  

Are Crypto Investors ‘Indifferent’ or ‘Insensitive’ Towards Hacks of Exchanges?

Dovey Wan, a prominent crypto investor and analyst, has argued that “the fact … a top exchange was hacked [recently] did not affect the crypto market” could mean that the evolving digital asset ecosystem is now “more robust” than it was during the “Mt. Gox age.”    

Chris Burniske: ‘Spouting Ideologies’ Will ‘Turn Away’ Many Potential Mainstream Crypto Users

Chris Burniske, partner at Placeholder, a “thesis-driven” venture capital firm focused on investing in “decentralized information networks”, has argued that the crypto industry is “not seeing mainstream user traction, but it is seeing mainstream developer.” 

TRON Network’s TronBet App Records $41 Million Weekly Betting Volume

TronBet, a decentralized crypto betting platform built and deployed on the Tron’s (TRX) blockchain network, has recently experienced over $40 million in total volume in the past week. This, according to Twitter user vance (@iam_vance), who pointed out via the microblogging platform that the “top user” on TronBet had “wagered $98 million” and “the top 20 users” had reportedly “wagered $455 million” during the last seven days. 

Coinbase Reportedly Freezes Crypto Entrepeneur’s Funds Over Regular Bitcoin Purchase

Alistair Milne, a prominent cryptocurrency investor and the chief information officer at the Altana Digital Currency Fund, recently revealed that US-based crypto exchange Coinbase had “frozen [his] transfer [of funds] for 72 hours.” Milne, an entrepreneur currently focused on Bitcoin-related startups, pointed out that he has a “fully verified Coinbase account since 2013.” 

Anthony Pompliano: Cryptocurrencies are ‘Being Built for Machines’

Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, a leading crypto investment and advisory firm, recently argued via Twitter that cryptocurrencies are not meant, or not designed, for humans. Pompliano, a former US Army sergeant, told his followers on Twitter that “it is hard for humans to understand cryptoassets because these assets are not for us. They are being built for the machines.” 

EOS’ 4 Terabyte ‘Blockchain Bloat’: Analysts Claim EOS Has Critical Design Flaws

EOS Weekly, a “Crypto Twitter” account supporting the ongoing development of EOS, published a video earlier this week in which it expressed concerns regarding the relatively large size of data stored on the EOS blockchain. In response to various criticisms of the design of the EOS network, Tim Sweeney, the founder of the main company behind Fortnite, remarked (via Twitter): “What’s wrong with 4 terabytes (TB) for a global transaction ledger? That fits on a $200 hard drive.”

Bitcoin Usage is ‘Really High At the Moment’, eToro’s Senior Analyst Reveals

Mati Greenspan, the senior market analyst at eToro, a leading social trading platform, has revealed that Google searches for bitcoin (BTC) have increased due to the current rally which appears to have run out of steam. 

Meltem Demirors: Trillion Dollar Consumer Credit Business is Branching Out Into Crypto

Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at CoinShares, a leading cryptocurrency treasury management firm, recently posted an informative thread on Twitter in which she noted that consumer credit is a “massive business.”

BitTorrent Creator Advises Ethereum Developers to Not Switch to Proof-of-Stake

Bram Cohen, an American computer programmer and the author or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol and software program BitTorrent, has advised Ethereum’s (ETH) developers to not switch to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol. 

Bitcoin Developer Explains Decentralization Using Four Simple Questions

Prominent Bitcoin (BTC) developer Jimmy Song recently explained what he thinks decentralization means. His explanation was in the form of four interesting yes/no questions that he asked his followers. Song’s first question was “did you have an initial coin offering (ICO)?” 

Vitalik Buterin: Proof-of-Stake Blockchains of the Future Will Be ‘Thousands of Times’ More Efficient

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently went over some of the non-financial applications of blockchain technology in a Twitter thread. He also noted that “as blockchain scalability gets better and better, and user interfaces (UX) improve and fees drop as a result, this will become a bigger and bigger part of the story.” 

Ethereum Developer: ‘I’m More Worried About Blockchain Safety Than Scalability’

Prominent Ethereum (ETH) developer, Vlad Zamfir, believes the crypto community should be more concerned about “blockchain safety” than scalability issues. Zamfir, who joined the Ethereum community as a developer in 2014 just two years after earning his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Guelph, remarked (on December 2nd via Twitter): “I am way more worried about blockchain safety than blockchain scalability, use cases, or adoption.”

BitMEX CEO Offers to Host Live Debate Between Vitalik Buterin and Nouriel Roubini

Arthur Hayes, the CEO and co-founder of BitMEX, the leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has offered to “pay all production costs” to host a debate between Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and the internationally renowned economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini.

Ross Ulbricht Emerges on Twitter, Shares Petition for Clemency

Ross Ulbricht, better known among Silk Road oldtimers as Dread Pirate Roberts, has created a Twitter account from prison. At press time, he only posted two tweets in which he authentificates his identity and promotes his petition for clemency, but big names in crypto like Erik Voorhees and  Charlie Lee already show support.

The Nasty Aftermath of #LookAtMeImNaval

The reaction to #LookAtMeImNaval has been unexpectedly negative, as the space faces another ideological divide between Bitcoin maximalists and advocates of tokenization.

#LookAtMeImNaval – An Utmost Expression of CryptoTwitter

This Friday, AngelList co-founder and blockchain entrepreneur Naval Ravikant has received somewhat humorous criticism from Bitcoin maximalists and free-riding HODLers.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The 5 Stages of Crypto Involvement

When you first enter the crypto world, you probably follow a friend or co-worker who just wouldn’t stop talking about their crypto portfolio. Your first immersion in the crypto world is usually overwhelming, financially volatile and emotionally draining when you check the price every other minute. But if your journey is long enough, you will constantly find new ideas, influential figures, and means to expand your views on the crypto world. From John McAfee to Nick Szabo, they’re presented here!

Vitalik Buterin vs. Daniel Larimer on EOS: Is all Centralization the Same?

The extent to which the EOS platform is centralized is causing great debate within the crypto community. Yesterday, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin weighed in on the issue – prompting an interesting response from EOS CTO Daniel Larimer. Their Twitter thread highlights an important question: “How do you define Centralization?”

On Nick Szabo’s Criticism of EOS’ Governance

Nick Szabo, the Intellectual Father of Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts has expressed his opinions on the EOS constitution in a recent tweet thread. Mr Szabo is an advocate of algorithmic settlements which never require arbitrary and potentially flawed or corrupted human intervention. He believes “the EOS ‘constitution’ is socially unscalable and a security hole”.

The Satoshi God Complex: How a Block Hash Put the Magic Back Into Bitcoin

A mysterious new block appeared on the Bitcoin blockchain, and it bore the hash identifier #00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a. CryptoTwitter has been consumed with the mystery making speculations that Satoshi created the simulation we live in, time travel, quantum computing and the unified theory of everything.

Satoshi’s Place: Draw on a Digital Canvas, Pay with Bitcoin via Lightning

In today’s crypto economy, one Satoshi doesn’t really buy you much. However, a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts have enabled artists from the space to express themselves on an online collaborative artboard, powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

“Blockchain and Morty” Is The Spirit of CryptoTwitter Itself

Twitter user CryptoBrekkie is responsible for one of the most hilarious cartoon adaptations in the crypto space: he takes scenes from Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” and overdubs the dialogues to make them relevant to Bitcoin. CryptoBrekkie really brings out the worst of the community but encourages us to make fun of the situation. It’s a humanizing experience that’s meant to achieve that cathartic self-deprecation state we need in order to realize our own flaws and biases. 

Erik Voorhees Doesn’t Think BCH Is Bitcoin

When Roger Ver used a year-old quote of the Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees to justify his ongoing “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” propaganda, it didn’t work so well for him. Erik expressed his disagreement with the fact that an older statement of his was taken out of context. The Shapeshift CEO made it clear which coin is the real Bitcoin.

Bitcoins Lightning Becomes Reality With Funding From Twitter Founder

After years of testing, development and support from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Lightning Labs has launched its new mainnet beta (lnd 0.4) called ‘Lightning Network Daemon (LND).  The long awaited developer-friendly software client has made mainstream use Bitcoin’s lightning network a reality. Reviving the long-lost dream of banking the unbanked and facilitating micro transactions.

@Bitcoin Twitter Account Gets Temporarily Restricted

Amidst the ceaseless twitter scams, one positive has emerged from crypto twitter recently. @Bitcoin has been reported by the bitcoin community so many times the account has been restricted and followers have been lost as a result.

The Battle For Bitcoin’s Brand: We Need To Talk About Roger

I want to preface this CryptoTwitter Blog by saying its not up for debate. Bitcoin is Bitcoin and BCash is BCash (or BitCash…) sorry Roger. Recently the CryptoTwitter Blog covered @rogervers latest antics in his quest to hijack the bitcoin brand, today we delve a little deeper.

Bloomberg: Bitcoin Txs Dropping But Article Ignores Key Facts

Mainstream publications such as Bloomberg and Forbes have recently reported on the drop in Bitcoins daily transaction volumes. The article’s indicated a drop in the popularity of bitcoin and suggested the price has further to fall as usage is still dropping. However, many in the crypto community refuted the analysis caliming that it missed some key points.

Peter Brandt’s Twitter History Is Questioned After CNBC Twitter Fight

CNBC Fast Money recently got into a little Twitter argument with @PeterBrandt after he claimed he cancelled on him last minute for an interview because he was bearish on bitcoin. However, some inconsistencies in Peter’s Twitter account were found after this…

Bitcoin_inc CEO Arrested For Selling Bitcoin

The Bitcoin ATM creator @NODEfather was recently arrested and held in jail for 4 days for selling bitcoin to a Homeland Security agent in return for cash. He has been accused of money laundering and acting as a money service business.

Cryptoallstars Implodes After Founder Fallout

The Cryptoallstars game based on Ethereum collapsed after a wildly successful opening week, rising to the 4th position on However, tensions between the founders and @nondualnelly brought the project to destruction in only a week.

@BitMEXResearch Suggests Tether Has Banking & @Bitfinexed Motivations Are Questioned

The BitMEX research report suggests that Tether could have legitimate banking partners in Puerto Rico as well as a 1 to 1 reserve of USD to USDT. This has led to a growing scrutiny of @Bitfinexed’s identity and motivations for trying to expose Tether and Bitfinex.

@MyEtherWallet Reinstated After ‘Hostile’ Takeover & Ellen DeGeneres Talks Bitcoin

@MyEtherWallet gets its account back from @MyCrypto after a petition was created by @boxmining  secured 570 signatories. Ellen DeGeneres talks about Bitcoin in her latest show. She even explained how to store your bitcoin in a @LedgerHQ ‘Digital Purse’.

Lightning Network Grows To 1,700 Channels!

The lightning network continues to grow on the bitcoin mainnet but is it too early to dare to dream that Satoshis long lost dream of cheap and fast transactions might be revived? Professor Steve Hanke has joined the long list of these high profile remarks slipping right behind Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Jamie Dimon who garnered the most publicity for calling bitcoin ‘a fraud’. 

Roger Ver Relentlessly Shills BCH and McAfee Apologises To Binance

Roger Ver is still trying to convince new market entrants that BCash is the real Bitcoin and his tactics are getting even stranger. McAfee quickly apologies to the Binance team after implying it was scammed. Professor Steve Hanke joins the long list of highly intelligent economics experts to misunderstand bitcoin and crypto-assets.

@MyEtherWallet Suddenly Changes To @MyCrypto Causing Confusion

@MyEtherWallet suddenly changes To @MyCrypto causing confusion. Bitfinex’ed gets suspended from twitter by spammers, back online now posting Tether FUD. Arizona passes a bill to allow taxes to be paid in bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Entering A Multi Year Bear Market?

The CryptoTwitter Blog looks at whether the bubble has popped and if we are entering a multi-year bear market. A closer look at the Tether Report and where the bottom could be.

Competition In The Crypto Space Heats Up

The CryptoTwitter blog looks at Samsung’s entrance to the cryptocurrency mining race and its expectation of profits.  Facebook has banned cryptocurrency ads, who’s in favour say ‘I’!

Bloomberg Article On Tether Spooks Market

The CryptoTwitter blog takes a look at how two month old Subpoena’s caused a tumble in the markets. Lighting is starting to strike bitcoin and changes its charts.

CoinMarketCap Update Causes Panic Selling

In today’s CryptoTwitter Blog we look at how a CoinMarketCap pricing update caused panic, Bitconnect getting served a cease and desist and why you should be suspicious of Tron.

Bitconnect Finally Collapses

In today’s CryptoTwitter Blog we take a look Bitconnects pyramid collapse, SEC ICO guidance and exit scam?

EY Inspects The Risky ICO Market

EY publishes a report on the ICO market that points out the market inefficiencies and problems. Coinbase posts financial reports that reveal $1billion in revenue over 2017. Bitcoins first 2+MB block has been mined!

What’s the outlook for South Korea?

In today’s CryptoTwitter Blog we recap the South Korea drama, look at CNBC’s Crypto-incompetence and why Roger Ver still thinks BCash is Bitcoin.

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