@MyEtherWallet Suddenly Changes To @MyCrypto Causing Confusion

  • @MyEtherWallet suddenly changes To @MyCrypto causing confusion
  • Bitfinex'ed gets suspended from twitter by spammers, back online now posting Tether FUD
  • Arizona passes a bill to allow taxes to be paid in bitcoin

Comment of the Day @Bitperplexed


A twitter takeover (or fork...) of the @MyEtherWallet account has caused controversy within the crypto twitter community. On February 9th the @MyEtherWallet twitter account was changed to @MyCrypto by Taylor Monahan (@tayvano_). Taylor Monohan is the founder and CEO of the new MyCrypto website, however she claims to have personally grown and managed the @myEtherWallet twitter account and as a result felt she could retain it after her split from @MyEtherWallet.

Despite taking many of the @MyEtherWallet team to @MyCrypto and single-handedly growing the @MyEtherWallet twitter account the decision has caused controversy. A petition with over 520 signatories has been created by youtube commentator 'Boxmining' to return the account to @MyEtherWallet.

@MyEtherWallet have said that the twitter handle was changed without knowledge or permission of MEW's founder. Despite Tallor creating and managing the twitter account it should belong to the company that created it and is essentially IP that belongs to the original company.

The community pointed out that the switch which came out of the blue was confusing and suspicious, for some users it was an unethical and untrustworthy move:

It would not be out of the question for Twitter to intervene and forcibly hand back the handle to @MyEtherWallet. This wouldn't be the best start to @MyCrypto's new venture.

@Bitfinex'ed Account Gets Suspended

The most vocal critic of Bitfinex and Tether @Bitfinex'ed who has been posting evidence and opinions claiming that the company's operations are fraudulent and that there is not a 1 to 1 reserve of USD had his twitter account suspended. The pseudonymous online critic claims that his account was spammed with hundreds of thousands of fake followers. These spam accounts were used to mass report his tweets. It was mentioned on a whalespeak session that they were reporting his tweets and they endorsed it.

The situation regarding Tether and Bitfinex is certainly shady but there is no concrete evidence of fraud or that there isn’t a 1 to 1 USD to USDT reserve. Bitfinex’ed has certainly been doing the space a service by bringing attention to the situation and as a result Tether and Bitfinex were served subpoenas on December 6th.

Bitfinex’ed raised bitcoin donations in the anticipation that Bitfinex would follow through with their threat of legal action for slander. However since no suit has been filed people are questioning what @Bitfinex’ed is doing with the money. @Bitfinex’ed claims that the donations will go to Institute for Justice once it becomes clear Bitfinex won’t file suit, no donations have been made to date.

You can always trust the parody account @Bitperlex’ed for a funny take on the situation:

Arizona Senate Votes To Accept BTC

The Arizona Senate passed a bill on Thursday that would allow residents to pay their income taxes using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Which is probably the most positive acceptance of bitcoin in terms of American regulation over 2018. 

The news has gone down well on twitter, however, its important to point out that the law must still be considered by the state’s House of Representatives. As is too often the case with crypto news ‘might’ and ‘maybe’ turn into ‘are’ and ‘definately’ when discussing positive news.