Filecoin Founder Accuses TRON Founder Justin Sun of Spreading False Accusations

Filecoin founder Juan Benet has accused Tron’s founder Justin Sun of spreading false accusations about the coin following a 70 percent plummet in price.

96% of Decentralized Finance’s Transactions Are Based on Ethereum

96% of the decentralized finance’s (DeFi) transaction volume is based on the Ethereum network, as the yield farming trend saw movers adopt DeFi at a record pace in the third quarter of this year. According to a report published by DappRadar, first reported on by Decrypt, the total value locked in the decentralized finance space […]

TRON Partners With BitGo to Bring Wrapped BTC, ETH to Its Blockchain

TRON has partnered with cryptocurrency services provider BitGo to create two new tokens on its blockchain, wrapped bitcoin and wrapped ether. These new tokens will reportedly be backed 1:1 by bitcoin in the case of wrapped bitcoin and by ether in the case of wrapped ether, by funds deposited at BitGo Trust, a qualified crypto […]

TRON Apologizes for Erroneous Tweet Claiming Userbase Exceeds 10 Billion

The TRON Foundation has issued an apology for an erroneous tweet published over the weekend claiming the platform had more than ten billion users.

Ethereum Was Behind 85% of Dapps’ $12 Billion Volume in Q2 2020

The total transaction volumes of decentralized applications (dapps) in the cryptocurrency space hit $12 billion in the second quarter of this year, rising by $4.5 billion compared to the first quarter. Etheruem dapps accounted for 85% of the volume.

Samsung Galaxy Store Adds TRON Decentralized Applications

Samsung has added support for TRON-based decentralized applications to its Galaxy Store, allowing users in Europe and the United states with access to its built-in crypto wallet to interact with the TRON blockchain.

Ethereum-Based DeFi Project Reportedly Grew Nearly 780% Last Year

Decentralized finance (DeFi) projects based on the Ethereum blockchain have grown by 778% when compared to the first quarter of 2019, driving growth in the decentralized application space.

TRON Partnering with Refereum to Generate Rewards for Gamers Stuck Indoors

TRON has announced a partnership with gaming rewards platform Refereum to provide users TRX and BTT prizes amidst ongoing stay-at-home orders. 

Binance Apologizes for Its Role in Justin Sun’s Steem Takeover

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has published a letter to the Steem community, apologizing for playing a part in what has been deemed a “hostile takeover” of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. 

Warren Buffett Donated the near $40,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency Justin Sun Gave Him

Earlier CryptoGlobe reported that Warren Buffett doubled down on his anti-bitcoin approach, calling the cryptocurrency “worthless” and bashing it by saying its economic impact was to reduce demand for suitcases.

Steemit Moves to Limit Justin Suns Influence after Its Acquisition

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, has announced he was going to acquire Steemit earlier this month, and shortly after those currently running the Steem blockchain executed a soft fork to limit his voting influence.

Justin Sun Offering FCoin Users 1000 BTT to Join Poloniex

TRON founder Justin Sun has offered 1000 BTT to former users of defunct crypto exchange Fcoin who transition to Poloniex. 

TRON Founder Justin Sun Finally Met With Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, has had dinner with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet, six months after placing his record-breaking $4.5 million bid.

Crypto Community Criticizes Justin Suns Marketing of TRON During Coronavirus Outbreak

TRON founder Justin Sun has been criticized for promoting TRON in a post aimed at providing support for Wuhan citizens amidst the coronavirus outbreak. 

Lawsuit Accuses BitTorrent Owner and TRON Founder Justin Sun of Profiting From Piracy

BitTorrent parent company Rainberry Inc. and TRON founder Justin Sun have been named in an employment dispute lawsuit that accuses the company of profiting from piracy. 

Pornhub Adds USDT to Its Payment Options Using the TRON Blockchain

Adult entertainment website Pornhub has added Tether’s USDT stablecoin to its payout options for models, months after PayPal abruptly cut off the platform’s services.

TRON Founder Justin Sun Teases Secret Project’ Thatll Bring at Least 100 Million Users’ to TRX

TRON’s founder Justin Sun has used Twitter to tease at a new “secret project” that he believes will bring in “at least 100 million users” to the TRX and BitTorrent ecosystem.

TRON Overtakes EOS in Active Decentralized Applications, but ETH Holds the Throne

Tron appears to be prevailing in the decentralized app (Dapp) war as project Boss, Justin Sun, exalts his brainchild platform for outpacing EOS. 

Justin Sun Hints at TRON Privacy Coin Coming Soon

TRON Founder Justin Sun posted an update on Twitter explaining that TRON’s privacy coin is on the way, while aksing community members to float ideas for a name. 

TRON Foundation Won’t Sell Its 33 Billion TRX, Justin Sun Says

The CEO of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, has revealed via a livestream that the organization will not sell the 33 billion TRX tokens, worth over $400 million, on the market and plans to keep them.

USDT on TRON’s Network Reaches 900 Million Tokens, According for 22% of Its Total

TRON-based USDT is over 900 million tokens, accounting for nearly 22 percent of the total supply of Tether. 

Crypto-Powered Livestreaming Platform DLive to Join BitTorrent Ecosystem, Migrate to TRON

The cryptocurrency-powered livestreaming platform DLive is joining the BitTorrent ecosystem, in a move that will see it migrate from the Lino blockchain to TRON.

TRON’s Justin Sun Announces New Acquisition as Rumors Point to Steemit

TRON founder Justin Sun has announced a new acquisition is set to be announced early next year. Details are scarce but Sun’s announcement claimed it was for BitTorrent and its BTT token.

TRON Unlocking 33 Billion TRX On New Years Day

The TRON Foundation has announced unlocking 33 billion TRX on New Year’s Day and asking for feedback from the community on how the funds should be handled. 

Mazer Gaming Feuds With TRON and WINk Over 720,000 TRX Sponsorship Deal

Professional gaming group Mazer Gaming has published a Medium post accusing the Tron Foundation and WINk of failing to fulfill their sponsorship obligations. 

Disney Blocks Tron Foundation From Acquiring Trademark Patent

Disney has blocked a partner for the Tron Foundation from obtaining patents on trademarks related to tron. 

TRON Founder Justin Sun Pledges to Donate $1 Million to Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), has pledged to donate $1 million to climate activist Greta Thunberg, supporting her cause to raise global awareness and impact the climate change initiative.

Poloniex Delists Digibyte (DGB) Hours After Founder Criticizes TRON

DigiByte (DGB), a cryptocurrency whose founder is well-known for criticizing projects like TRON and Binance, has been delisted from Poloniex shortly after a Twitter thread on TRON’s centralization.

TRON’s Justin Sun Invests in Poloniex Giving TRX a Healthy Boost

After initially denying the rumors, Tron’s hypeman and head honcho, Justin Sun,  has finally admitted to being involved in the acquisition of crypto exchange Poloniex. 

TRON’s Total Accounts Surpass 4 Million After Opera and Samsung Add TRX Support

The total number of accounts created on the TRON blockchain has recently surpassed four million, after both South Korean tech giant Samsung and browser operator Opera added support for TRX to their wallets.

TRON Volume Explodes Ahead of Justin Sun’s Samsung Speech

Tron has been trending up since September, and after some decent gains and with a Justin Sun announcement looming, it may be time for Tron to cool off.

Samsung Adds TRON (TRX) Support for Keystore Wallet

Samsung has quietly added support for TRON’s TRX cryptocurrency to their Keystore Wallet, following Justin Sun hinting at the partnership in a tweet last week. 

Updated Chinese Blockchain Rankings: EOS First, TRON Second, Bitcoin Eleventh

The latest update in China’s state-backed blockchain project rankings has moved tron into the second overall spot while bitcoin continues to hold at eleven.

TRON Uptrend Likely, Poised for 50% More Gains Before Resistance – Price Analysis

Tron is starting to break some levels on the way up, and looks to be clearly uptrending after a lengthy consolidation. Volume is breaking out, and the indicators look bullish on long term timeframes — although the crypto may soon get overheated in the short term.

Justin Sun Hints $100 Billion TRON Partnership Coming Next Week

TRON founder Justin Sun has hinted at a new partnership to be announced next week with a $100 billion mega corporation. 

Opera Browser Adds Direct Bitcoin Payment to Its Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet

The popular Opera web browser has added bitcoin e-commerce support and integrated TRON into its built-in cryptocurrency wallet on Android devices.

Research: TRONs Network Flooded With DApp Bots

New research shows that TRON’s network is flooded with blockchain bots using decentralized applications. According to the report by AnChain, 30 percent of the unique accounts on TRON’s top 10 gambling dapps belong to bots, accounting for over 19 percent of transaction volume. 

Netflix is Dominating BitTorrent in Volume But Torrenting Could Make a Return: Report

Netflix is dominating filesharing services like BItTorrent in terms of user volume, leading some ISPs to conclude that the rise of streaming has all but killed the privacy movement prevalent in the earlier days of the internet. 

BitTorrent Launches Mainnet for Decentralized File Sharing Protocol

BitTorrent has announced the mainnet launch for its decentralized filesharing protocol BTFS which seeks to become the world’s largest and first scalable decentralized file storage platform. 

Binance Is Adding TRX Staking Support After Becoming TRON’s Top Super Representative

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has become the top Super Representative on tron’s network, generating more than 12 billion votes. In addition, the exchange has announced support for TRX staking which is set to begin on Oct. 1

TRON Founder Justin Sun to Reschedule $4.57 Million Lunch With Warren Buffet ‘Very Soon’

TRON founder Justin Sun has revealed in a livestream he will be rescheduling his $4.57 million charity lunch with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet “very soon.”

TRON’s TRX Sees Market Cap Drop Below $1 Billion Amid Strong Market Sell-Off

The market cap of TRON (TRX) has dropped by nearly 15% in the last 23 hours, as the cryptocurrency market as a whole has been in the red since Bakkt’s bitcoin futures launched.

Justin Sun Sheds Light on TRONs Plan for New Staking Mechanism

TRON founder Justin Sun has outlined a proposal for a new staking mechanism for TRX which is designed to improve the network’s efficiency while generating greater community engagement. 

TRONs Justin Sun Giving Away $1.2 Million for UBI, 50,000 TRX to Telegram Group

Tron founder Justin Sun has been inspired by Andrew Yang’s universal basic income movement, and has pledged to give $1.2 million to 100 people in 2020. Sun called upon the US presidential candidate to assist in his selection process. 

You Can Soon Start Earning BTT and USDT for Seeing Ads on TRON TV

Tron founder Justin Sun announced that the new streaming platform TRON TV will pay users in BTT and USDT for watching advertisements. 

Uphold Celebrates Trading Milestone by Paying Users to Guess New Coin Listings

Uphold is celebrating achieving $5 billion in trading with 15 new coin additions. Users who are able to correctly guess the new coin being listed each day are eligible for $50 in free crypto. 

TRON Releases the Sun Network, Its Sidechain Scaling Solution

The TRON Foundation, an organization created to support the development of the TRON network, has announced the code for its sidechain scaling solution, the Sun Network, has been released.

TRON’s Sun Network Is Set to Lunch Later This Week

Tron founder Justin Sun has announced that the highly anticipated Sun Network will be launched on Aug. 10. The news follows a tumultuous month for tron, following Sun’s sudden cancellation of a lunch with Warren Buffett. 

TRONs Justin Sun Recommends non-SMS 2FA Security Following Jack Dorsey Hack

TRON founder Justin Sun took to Twitter to recommend users switch to a 2FA security protocol after the high profile hacking of Jack Dorsey’s account. 

Despite Kidney Stones and Warren Buffet Lunch Cancellation, Justin Sun Attends Tron Party

On July 25, the chief executive officer of Tron, Justin Sun, attended a party to celebrate the first anniversary of Tron’s acquisition of file-sharing platform BitTorrent, despite having canceled the highly-hyped lunch meeting between himself and business magnate Warren Buffet that had been scheduled for the same day.

TRON Founder Justin Sun Apologizes for ‘Over-Marketing’ Lunch With Warren Buffett

Chinese crypto-entrepreneur Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON cryptocurrency who won a lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has apologized on social media for ‘over-marketing’ the event and his cryptocurrency.

TRX Tumbles on News of Buffet Lunch Delay – Price Analysis

Already weak looking TRX has taken another kick today on the bad news. The popular altcoin is struggling to find a bottom on the BTC pairing, after taking out historic support levels. A few faint signs of building strength are visible on some charts – but nowhere yet confirmed.

Justin Sun Invites eToro CEO Yoni Assia to His Lunch Meeting With Warren Buffett

Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON Foundation who won an annual auction to have lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has invited the founder and CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia, to the event. Sun has so far invited four individuals to go with him.

The 5 Billion USDT Mistake and How Tether Recovered From It

Tether, the company behind the issuance of USDT tokens, has issued a total of 4 billion in a single day – more than the cryptocurrency’s current circulating supply – in what was seemingly a mistake.

Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin and Tron to its Crypto Wallet

Opera, the Android-based web browser, has added support for Bitcoin and Tron blockchains for its cryptocurrency wallet application, the company announced on its blog on Wednesday.

Tron Surpasses 500 Dapps and 700,000 Active Users, Report Claims

The TRON ecosystem has, according to its weekly decentralized application (dapp) report, surpassed the 500 dapp mark. These are said to be used by over 700,000 active users.

TRON Foundation Announces $20 Million TRX Buyback to Promote Market Stability

The TRON Foundation, an organization created to support the development of the TRON network, has recently announced a $20 million TRX token buyback that’s set to “promote community activity and market stability.”

Microsoft Unveils Solidity Smart Contract Verifier; CME Bitcoin Futures Clock New Record

Today’s top crypto headlines: Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain gets a Solidity smart contract verifier; CME bitcoin futures hit a record amount of open interest; and TRON’s Justin Sun prepares for lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffet.

Justin Sun Announces ‘Big Win’ Announcement, Helping BTT and TRX Surge

BitTorrent’s token (BTT) and TRON’s TRX have both recently seen their prices rise after Justin Sun announced a “big win for the blockchain community” is going to be announced on June 3, likely helping speculators invest in the cryptocurrencies.

Opera Browser to Add Support for TRON, Multiple Other Blockchains Within a Year

The popular Opera browser, which reportedly has over 300 million users, is reportedly soon adding support for TRON’s TRX on its crypto wallet, as part of a plan to support ‘multiple blockchains’ in the next 12 months.

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