The cryptocurrency-powered livestreaming platform DLive is joining the BitTorrent ecosystem, in a move that will see it migrate from the Lino blockchain to TRON.

According to an announcement post on BitTorrent’s Medium blog, both DLive and BitTorrent will be “working together to bring blockchain-based peer-to-peer content sharing, including live streaming, to everyone.”

To expand, DLive will be advertising its products and services on BitTorrent, and will integrate the team BitTorrent had working on BLive, a live streaming project it announced earlier this year. IT will also be using the BitTorrent File-Sharing System (BTFS), a distributed file sharing and storage system that’ll allow it to further move towards decentralization.

The announcement further notes DLive will merge its account systems with those of BitTorrent, which means its 100 million monthly active users will be able to easily access DLive’s offerings.

DLive’s CEO, Charles Wayn, was quoted as saying:

We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to be part of the BitTorrent ecosystem.  I’ve watched them pioneer the digital peer-to-peer space. DLive’s goal of empowering creators and rewarding communities is one step closer with the amplification of this new venture.

DLive was launched two years ago and has over five million monthly active users. Its popularity surged after it signed a deal with YouTube star PewDiePie, for him to exclusively start streaming on the cryptocurrency-powered platform. Since then, PewDiePie brought in various internet celebrities to his streams in DLive, including Ninja, James Charles, and Jack Black.

DLive currently runs on the Lino blockchain, and will continue to support it until its transition to the TRON blockchain is complete. The Lino blockchain’s infrastructure will be integrated into BitTorrent, but the LINO token that’s currently used to reward creators will be replaced with BitTorrent’s BTT.

To facilitate its integration, the announcement reads, DLive is expecting offer “various benefits and rewards to existing users.”

Featured image by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash.