TRON founder Justin Sun has revealed a plan to implement a new staking mechanism for the TRX cryptoasset that will provide users with incentives. 

TRX Staking Mechanism

In a series of tweets published on Sept. 21, Sun outlined the new staking mechanism, which he is characterizing as an “incentive plan” for TRX. Sun says that staking will provide a “fair, decentralized distribution of staking revenues,” while encouraging user participation and engagement. 

TRON’s founder highlighted the need for greater voter turnout and a higher stake ratio across the network in order to invigorate the TRX community, which in turn will lead to what he calls a “more robust network economic system.”

Sun also claimed in the proposal that TRON is in need of more nodes and partners to create greater decentralization, and will target global and community participants.

Delving into the specifics, Sun’s proposal will reward the 127 most voted for nodes (TRON partners) with TRX in proportion to the number of votes they generate. 

Super Representatives for the TRON network will have to vote before implementing Sun’s outline, which means that it will be a while before the updated staking mechanism can go into effect. 

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