The TRON Foundation, an organization created to support the development of the TRON network, has announced the code for its sidechain scaling solution, the Sun Network, has been released.

Through a Medium blog post, the TRON Foundation revealed the first version of the scaling solution’s code is designed to help the TRX blockchain scale, to the point it’ll provide the TRON network with “unlimited scalability.” The post reads:

The overall solution of the Sun Network will provide unlimited scalability to the Tron MainNet, allowing for more possibilities to the development of Tron DApps and the entire ecosystem. The solution also strives to bring positive impacts to the whole blockchain industry while flourishing the Tron network.

The Sun Network, the TRON Foundation notes, will achieve this by incorporating an umber of scaling projects. An example given is that of DAppChain, a side chain “enabling DApps to run with lower Energy consumption, higher security and efficiency” on TRX’s mainnet.

The post adds that compared to other scaling solutions the Sun Network has distinctive features, including its support for smart contract transactions and for customizable requirements “such as setting side chain incentives, transaction rates, transaction confirmation speed and other parameters, catering to the needs of different developer groups.”

Per the blog post TRON’s total account number is now above the three million mark, and since its mainnet was launched a total of 410 million transactions took place. It adds that moving on “the energy-saving, highly secure and efficient Sun Network will contribute to a more active ecosystem of TRON.”

TRON launched its Sun Network’s testnet in May, and announced earlier this month its release was coming soon. In late June, the TRON Foundation announced a $20 million TRX buyback to promote market stability.