Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON Foundation, has posted an update saying the unnamed TRON-based privacy coin is coming soon.

According to a tweet published Jan. 6, Sun teased the TRON user base by announcing that the network’s privacy coin is “on the way,” while asking users to float ideas for its name. 

TRON initially announced its intention to provide private transactions in January 2019, while failing to provide much more of an update for most of the year. In December, Sun provided a series of tweets explaining that the organization was beta-testing “shielded transactions.”

The shielded/private transactions utilize zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARK) to hide transaction data, such as the sender and recipient address. TRON’s version of zero-knowledge proof will rely upon a multi-party computation (MPC) protocol to construct and secure the private transactions. 

Sun called the implementation of shielded transactions “highly scalable,” and opened the door for community input through GitHub. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com