The cryptocurrency and blockchain platform TRON is set to launch the Sun Network later this week, after undergoing a tumultuous month in pricing for TRX. 

Sun Network Launching August 10

After kidney stones allegedly forced Justin Sun to miss lunch with the esteemed Warren Buffett, TRON’s founder announced that the Sun Network would be launched on Aug. 10. According to the tweet, TRON will release version 1.0 of the project this week, which includes the increased scalability solution for the platform. In addition, version 1.0 will allow for decentralized application developers to build sidechains for TRON as well as the creation of dapp chains. 

The official website for the Sun Network includes more information about the project. It is being designed as a “highly customized” solution for TRON’s scalability, including reducing the amount of resource expenditure for network functions. 

The update is also supposed to introduce a multi-Oracle DPOS consensus and signature validation mechanism for sidechains, which will allow users to perform “asset chain migration without perception.” In effect, smart contracts on the main TRON blockchain and sidehcains will allow users to enact deposits and withdrawals between the two. 

Improving TRON’s Functions

In addition to improving scalability, the emphasis with Sun Network has been on improving operability with Dapps and sidechains. 

According to the prospectus, 

“Sun Network Plan is an expansion plan for TRON main network ecosystem, including smart contract application-oriented side chain (DAppChain), cross-chain communication and other expansion projects.:

The report continues, 

“DAppChain is a customizable side chain expansion project related to TRON smart contracts which allow DApps to run with extremely low energy consumption, high security, and high-efficiency online operation.”

The update also claims that DAppChain smart contracts will be able to increase the execution time of transactions significantly, which allows for the support of “complex intelligent contract transactions.”

TRON and its outspoken founder have undergone a series of trials in 2019. In May, the project’s Chief Technology Officer abruptly left the team, citing a growing rift with Sun and concerns over the cryptocurrency’s level of decentralization. More recently Sun was forced to cancel a highliy anticipated lunch with Warren Buffett, which led to the circulation of rumors that TRON’s founder was being investigated for illegal activity.