Filecoin founder Juan Benet has accused Tron’s Justin Sun of spreading false accusations about the movement of FIL tokens with the intention of bringing financial harm to the project.

According to a series of tweets made October 19, Benet responded to Justin Sun’s accusation that members of the FIL team had inappropriately sold their tokens, causing the price to collapse more than 70%. 

Benet called the allegations “completely false” and said no team members had sold their tokens after Sun tagged the Securities & Exchange Commission’s official Twitter account to investigate the project. 

Benet continued, flipping the accusation and implying Sun had dumped TRX in the past. Filecoin’s founder also linked to a recent report by The Verge claiming Sun was using decentralization in an effort to escape accountability with US and Chinese regulators. 

In a subsequent tweet, Benet said Tron’s founder was attempting to bring financial harm to Filecoin for his own benefit, with the ultimate goal of eventually creating a hostile hard-fork of  FIL. 

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