TRON’s founder Justin Sun has used Twitter to tease at a new “secret project” that he believes will bring in “at least 100 million users” to the TRX and BitTorrent ecosystem.

According to Justin Sun’s tweet teasing the project, the 100 million new user number is based on a “conservative forecast” as the project will “create at least multibillion benefits” for both the BTT token and TRX.

The tweet comes shortly after it was announced the cryptocurrency-powered livestreaming platform DLive was set to join the BitTorrent ecosystem, in a move that’ll see its own tokens be replaced with the BTT token to reward content creators.

Justin Sun, who’s also the CEO of the TRON Foundation, is well-known for comments like these on social media. One reply to his recent tweet pointed out that back in October 2019, Sun hinted a new $100 billion partnership was going to be supporting the TRX ecosystem.

Moreover, some users believed not all of Justin Sun’s followers on social media are really, as various reports pointed to the majority of them being bought or automated bots. Others believe his constant announcements are a way to drive engagement, and keep his following growing.

Given his reputation, most users were skeptical of Sun’s announcement. Some pointed out there are other announcements he never really followed up on, including one made last week regarding a soon-to-be-launched privacy cryptocurrency based on the TRON blockchain.

Even though some of Sun’s announcements haven’t been followed-up on, some have. TRON has bought BitTorrent, gaining access to its millions of users, and at least invested in crypto exchange Poloniex last year after it spun out of Circle. Poloniex has since adopted TRON’s decentralized exchange where users can trade TRC20 tokens.

Featured image via Unsplash.