TRON founder Justin Sun has hinted at an upcoming partnership with a $100 billion “megacorporation” to be announced next week. 

Sun, who teased the news in a tweet published Oct. 25, has a long history of making ‘pre-announcements.’ This time the TRON Foundation CEO has asked community members to attempt a guess at the potential partnership, calling it a megacorporation that will be capable of distributing tron-based Dapps and tokens to “billions” of customers. 

Users were quick to speculate that smartphone and mobile operator Samsung would fit the description. Sun previously tweeted that he would be a guest speaker on blockchain at the Samsung Developer Conference being held next week Oct. 29 – 30 at the San Jose Convention Center. 

Samsung has generated an active presence in the industry of crypto and blockchain this year, with the launch of its Galaxy S10 smartphone including bitcoin wallet support. 

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