Cryptoallstars Implodes After Founder Fallout

  • Cryptoallstars rapidly climbed to the 4th spot on
  • 'Crypto Randy March' @nondualnelly joined the team to help promote the game
  • The team couldn't agree on how to manage the game, ending up in an unfriendly break up

Comment of the Day @Bitperplexed

Cryptoallstars was an ethereum collectible game much like the popular CryptoKitties that allowed users to trade their favorite crypto Twitter personalities. It burst onto the crypto scene last month and it had pretty immediate success briefly climbing to number four on

Dapp Radar and had over $2 million in ether trading. FYI @Naval Ravikant was the most valuable card before the collapse. However, within a week, it had collapsed from what seems to be a three way falling out between Adam and  Crypto Randy Marsh.

The project was bought by 'MexicanTarget' who then quickly shut the operation down and now the website redirects you to a message from the psuedo annoymous 'MexicanTarget' stating what Cryptoallstars was meant to be - a decentralised game where the Twitter accounts used for the cards get 4% of their trading volumes. However, this beautiful vision was apparently shattered by 'Adam' & 'Billy'.

Wrong! It's a money grabbing ponzi scheme causing innocent members of the twitter crypto community to lose a LOT of money.


MexicanTarget felt so strongly that it was a ponzi he claimed to have spent $30,000 to buy the project just to shut it down. MexicanTarget felt that the system was designed to encourage users to compete against each other for the founders gain and therefore mathmatically unfavourable towards card holders. When the project launched it seemed somewhat egotistical and strange to have crypto Twitter personalities shilling their own cards...

Adam Hadar was one of the founders and claims he has done nothing wrong. However MexicanTarget's message was echoed by 'Crypto Randy Marsh' a popular twitter personality in his own right. In a blog post published on Sunday, co-founder "Crypto Randy Marsh" alleged that the project's creator, Adam Hadar, had gone AWOL and that he was also adding new cards without consent - something that could damage the economics of the gameplay.

Adam Hadar has said he has recordings of phone calls with @nondualnelly and intends to sue. He has also posted a link to a transaction to @nondualnelly refunding the eth he owes him. Adam also refund the 15ETH he recieved in the buyout to the card holders. 

Nondualnelly claims he has been 'dealing with psychotics' and that the project is going to get shutdown, likely by 'Mexicantarget'. At the moment the evidence is 'he said she said' and nothing concretely supports either case but it seems to boil down to poor project management and a difference in opinion over how the game would be run and marketed. 

I guess its not too different from them shilling coins they own or positions they have taken. The collective power the crypto Twitter personalities hold over the market is substantial and they are certainly in part responsible for the ICO bubble we experienced last year with the incessant referral links and affiliate promotions.

This is similar to the @MyCrypto situation in the sense that it exemplifies the troubles of creating and maintaining start ups in this young and decentralized space: