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Roger Ver Insists BCH Is Bitcoin

Despite the Bitcoin mempool and average cost of transaction fees reaching 4 month lows due to SegWit adoption and lower spam attacks, Roger Ver is still insisting that Bitcoin Cash and its bigger blocks are essential for the survival of the currency. He recently tweeted a photo of a T-Rex holding a Bitcoin whilst a meteour with ‘TX Fees’ blasts to earth.

Bitcoin Mempool at 4 month low

The BTC and BCH charts on were recently changed to turn the BCH houses into skyscrapers just like the Bitcoin ones. Which is a little desperate in my opinion. 

His most recent tactic was to buy 50 BCH for $500,000 from an ATM provider in an agreement for the ATM provider to list BCH across all their ATMs. However customer support has been swamped with requests asking for help because they bought BCH instead of BTC and lost coins by sending them to the Bitcoin addresses. I’m all for a free market and Roger can waste his bitcoins pumping BCash, but when it comes at the expense of new crypto participants, it should be stopped.

Roger has drawn a lot of flak from Twitter since the John Carvalho viral interview with Roger Ver where he rage quit and gave the middle finger. He also drew a lot of hate for going after Andreas Antanopolous. The non stop BCash shilling hasn’t drawn much support from the community either. For the man that no longer lives in the US because he sold explosives on eBay and resides in Japan, the quest for Bitcoin dominance appears doomed. He may yet become the first crypto celebrity to go off the rails…

Roger Ver BCash Breakdown

John McAfee Apologises To Binance

There were scares that Binance exchange got hacked after Binance tweeted they were experiencing issues on their replica database cluster. This required a full resync from the master server which took a day and a half. During that time withdrawals, deposits and trading were halted which caused panic, even John McAfee joined in pushing the rumor mill.

After it became apparent that there was no hack, John McAfee tweeted an apology saying he was sorry for his part in spreading the FUD and that his cyber security ‘professionalism’ took over. Ironic that professionalism took over when the man that is accused of murder and loves drugs

Regardless, the apology went down very well and the Binance CEO even wants to get him a drink.